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  1. After being inspired by a pattern on a shirt I saw online, I thought it would be cool on a hockey jersey. It definitely wouldn't work in the NHL, but could work for a Swedish or Finnish team. After doing some research, I decided to make this pattern into a set for the Växjö Lakers, who play in the Swedish Hockey League. The Pattern is a side panel with a half-chest stripe and a full hem stripe coming from it. Since the Lakers have used chest stripes very effectively, I thought it would look cool in their colours. Do you think it would work? Or should it be burned? C&C appreciated!
  2. I have been on the boards since 2005, and I've noticed, as time goes on, that I'm more in the minority every year. I've never considered myself that old fashioned until now, and I wonder if my age has anything to do with my uniform preferences. I'm curious to see if there's a correlation between age, music preference, overall demographic, and choice of uniforms. Just a little experiment. Here's my basic info, and let's see if you put yours down too, we can compare info. Age: 33 Music Preferences: Rock (Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen, etc.), 90s hip hop, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, Carlos Vives (my girlfriend is Colombian so I listen to some of that music), Eminem, U2, etc. Music Dislikes: EDM (Electronic Dance Music), don't really dislike country but not a big fan either, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc. Clothing Preferences: Classic (T-shirt and jeans, polo and shorts with boat shoes, or suit if needed) Sports Uniform Preferences: Classic (Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Florida Gators, Wisconsin Badgers, Seattle Mariners, Montreal Canadiens, Miami Heat, Dallas Cowboys, etc.) Sports Uniform Dislikes: Wild (Miami Marlins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Oregon Ducks, etc.)
  3. So my high school happens to play in the same section as these two teams so it's pretty cool to me. But forget about all of that, this might be the craziest basketball play I've ever seen at any level. The rest will go unsaid for now, just watch: