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  1. The news that the MLS is adding Minnesota United FC to the league effective 2018 made me very excited. I am assuming that they will use the same name and logo package that they are currently using in the NASL, and I really like that logo, but for the purposes of this concept I am giving them a new name. So here is Minnesota Gemini FC! Some things to note here: -We've got the constellation Gemini appearing with a soccer ball within the state of Minnesota. I like the usage of the constellation in this instance because it ties into another sports team in the area. -The star dotting the 'i' in 'Minnesota', appearing in the far northern part of the state, is meant to evoke Minnesota's status as the northernmost contiguous state in the US as well as its nickname of the North Star State. The constellation imagery is a continuation of this star theme. As of right now, this is a pretty rough sketch of what I have in mind; this is also my first concept wherein I create a logo from scratch so I would love to hear some C&C on this logo. Thanks in advance!
  2. OK - so word came down from the NFL meetings today that expansion of the playoffs for 2014 was tabled for more discussion. That most likely means it will be here in 2015. So, that being said, we all know that if teams want to improve (i.e., and win the Super Bowl), they go out there and change either their logo, or color scheme, or uniforms, etc. So, other than the rumored changes already coming for the Browns and Rams, does anyone else know of anything on tap? More Rams info: and
  3. I have trolling forums here and in general a my luck and have thought long and hard about this one. Its simple design and to be honest a little lazy with number because my luck I would screw up. Either way I like how it came out. The colors are red black and green yes those are the old colors for the Devils but they can also represent the desert that surrounds Las Vegas. I decided to you a symbol of the desert and what I though was a Scorpion. So with out further a due I present to you the Las Vegas Scorpions(Note: I will be editing the ice with ads soon): Home: Away: Home Ice(Note I decided to not put advertisement on the ice because I am doing some ad research for it):
  4. Hello again everyone. I've decided to revisit my expansion project and New Orleans Idea. Using a suggestion another user in my last attempt gave me I decided to go with the New Orleans Krewe. The logo I came up with was a jesters hat. The far left part of the hat is shape as a crescent for New Orleans nickname being the Crescent City. I also used home plates as the design for the crown of the hat and clearly baseballs for the bells. Since this is baseball I also wanted to add a Roundel logo in the set as an alt. I was going to due a Fluer-de-Bat idea but I didnt realize The New Orleans Zephyrs use one as their primary. Next is the Workmark. All the text is custom I believe I used impact bold as the font, then added the spikes on the side. Next are the home uniforms. I wanted to do I couple of options here. First is the standard home uniform. Next is the Home alt. and the last is a Fauxback using a pullover and "stretchy" pants with an "older" version of the hat logo which I will post further down in the post. And also the last jersey shown is the Batting practice for both home and away. The hats go in order along with the jersey. The next set is the Away jerseys. First is just the standard greys. The alt away jersey is my favorite in the set. I wanted to do a home version of it but since the blue was a more dominate color than the gold. I thought it would look better with the grey pants. there is not alt hat. C&C is appreciated. and lastly like I said here is the fauxback logo. It's a little rough but that was my intention.
  5. I came up with this idea for a Seattle based NHL team named the Stealth. The name ties into their history of aviation (like the Seattle Pilots and Supersonics) and also incorporates some green since Seattle is nicknamed the Emerald City. I also found out after I had finished this concept that there was a Washington Stealth Lacrosse team, but the colors are way different and it doesn't have any similarities style wise. The logo is an F117 stealth fighter. I took a photo of one and outlined the angles and lines in green, making the outline and the cockpit window thicker than the rest. I chose this color green since it reminds me of the green of nightvision goggles and it goes well with the Stealth name. I kept the stripes on the jersey thin, basically making them outlines of stripes so that they are visible but not too much, playing into the stealth name.
  6. What if the Colts never left Baltimore? I was thinking about this alternate reality and how that decision could have changed the make up of the NFL forever. The most obvious effect of the Colts remaining in Baltimore is the fact that the Ravens do not exist in this NFL and the Cleveland Browns are the real Cleveland Browns. Just for kicks I also decided that the Cardinals never left St Louis in 1988 and had a new outdoor stadium built to remain in the city, so the Rams remained in Los Angeles and built a new stadium with the the LA Raiders, which brings us to 1995. In 1995 the NFL expanded from 28 to 30 teams. In the real world, we all know that Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville, Fl were chosen to host the two new teams, the Panthers and Jaguars respectively. In this alternate timeline, Indianapolis, Vancouver, Phoenix, Nashville, and Charlotte were chosen as the finalists for the rights to two expansion franchises. Two cities stood out from the pack to the NFL. Charlotte, NC was an up and coming city in 1995 and Indianapolis was without an NFL franchise and campaigned very strongly to be granted one of the two proposed franchises. Ultimately Charlotte and Indianapolis were granted the two expansion franchises, and the NFL unveiled the new division formats for each conference. Now, for the fun part, naming the new teams. Indianapolis looked at at least four different identities, including, Racers, Mastodons, Kings, Defenders, and Guardians. Ultimately, Guardians was decided upon and the ownership unveiled the new team's helmet and logo The colors were inspired by the city's flag and the logo is a depiction of the statue of Nike, Greek goddess of victory who watches over the city from her perch atop the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which stands in Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. Charlotte's ownership group had decided to name the team Carolina, instead of Charlotte to appeal to citizens of both North and South Carolina. The ownership group chose the moniker of Panthers and a color scheme that consisted of silver, black and "Carolina" blue. The nickname and logo were inspired by the local Native American art and legends regarding the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. The team colors of teal, copper and black were based colors of the region's forests and wildlife. Finally, both teams unveiled their uniforms on the day before training camp: So, this is it for now. What does everybody think? Is this too far fetched? and are the uniform, sufficiently 90's enough? I'm still working on team histories and future uniform updates. Please let me know what you guys think. Any suggestions for the 2002 expansion? Anyway, Thanks for taking a look at incredibly long and explanation of an unlikely scenario. C&C is definitely appreciated. EDIT: Vancouver was replaced with the real world Carolina Panthers, who now exist in this alternate reality.
  7. A couple years ago in the "Unpopular Opinions" thread, I mentioned that this is my favorite Sonics logo: I don't know what it is about it that I love so much. I like the fact that it actually represents the team's namesake (Supersonic jets developed by Boeing), the 60's simplicity of the design, and its sweeping motion of the jetstream. Of course, it has its problems, like the lack of yellow, the non-matching lettering font, and the over-simplicity of the jet and Space Needle (itself a landmark of the "Zeerust" aesthetic). So, I have updated it. I've shortened the jet stream to give the logo a more manageable size, switched the font to better reflect the two-color system, replaced all of the white with yellow, modified the Seattle Sounders' Space Needle graphic to provide better perspective to the building and give it more overall weight in the composition, and switched the dark green to kelly green (the color scheme used during the Sonics' most successful period of the late 70's through the 90's). The jet is based on the conceptual Boeing 2707. Here it is, in comparison to an SRGB-enhanced version of the original logo. It's only meant as a proof-of-concept, as it has yet to be properly polished. Also, I have updated the classic skyline logo to fit in with the new primary and reflect some of the buildings built after the original's debut: C+C is appreciated.
  8. Greetings everyone, This is my first post, so I apologize if I don't have all the bases covered. This is a concept for an NHL expansion/relocation to Seattle. I chose the name Lumberjacks for two reasons: 1) to pay tribute to the region's first major industry (logging) and 2) I wanted to stay away from the Metropolitans/Metros name, as I've already seen some great concepts for that nickname and wanted to try something different. I would love to add an alternate jersey to the mix at some point. Let me know what you think! Special Thanks: jersey template from Hockey Jersey Concepts: Inspiration for presentation of concept: the_dragon ( Artwork created using Adobe Illustrator Presentation image created using Adobe Photoshop
  9. Imagine this if you will. It's 2020. The CFL is becoming more and more popular all over Canada, and numbers of fans are increasing. Nike takes over the uniform and apparel contracts from Reebok, and each team gets redesigns. In addition, riding a high Canadian dollar and the building of more high-quality stadia all over Canada, the CFL expands dramatically; from 9 teams to a whopping 16 teams. 7 teams will play in the West, and 9 will play in the East. Here are the first two teams to be redesigned by Nike for the 2020 season; the BC Lions and the expansion Victoria Lumberjacks.
  10. I have a list of cities that I will use but if there is another city that you want me to add I will do it, or if you want me to take any out. The list of cities as of now: Richmond Rebels Chicago Wind Los Angles Fame Atlanta Toronto Seattle Killer Whales Dallas Rough riders Houston Phoenix Pumas Detroit Philadelphia Founders San Francisco Pittsburgh Maulers Salt Lake City/Utah Minneapolis Portland Indianapolis Louisville Louisiana Gators Milwaukee Hogs Cincinnati Rivermen Omaha Rio Grande Valley St.Louis That is all i have right now. I know my concepts will suck so I want feedback on how i can make them better. Also give Ideas for mascot names
  11. Wayne Gretzky has joined a group of investors hoping to bring a National Hockey League team to Seattle, The Post has learned. The Gretzky group is one of three looking to bring an NHL franchise to the home of Starbucks, sources said — but each faces an uphill battle in that league Commissioner Gary Bettman has not said the league is ready to expand. Things could get interesting...
  12. Interesting 5 on 5 discussion along these line on the other day: LINK I am of the opinion that Seattle and either Las Vegas or San Jose would be good additions (32 teams should be the cap in the NBA). If these teams would come into the league then obviously the Western Con. would be too large; solution - move Minnesota and Memphis to the Eastern Con. They would add some beef to the weaker half of the league and the expantion teams would dilute the stronger, possibly evenening out the league a little. Another idea floating around is adding teams in Europe to the NBA. I feel like this would be a failure... a costly failure. One way that it may work though is if they made a kind of mirror league with 2 conferences that operates in Europe only, except for a few games a year where the "EBA" teams play an NBA team and after the champions are crowned in their respective leagues they play a series to determine the true "World Champions." For this to work the NBA and FIBA would likely need to intermix rules for truely global gameplay.
  13. Hi guys, been a while. I'm working on a project for a London NFL team. Decided on the name Archers (wanted to go different than lions/royals/kings/etc). I've got some preliminary logos done, but they don't look right Hoping you guys could give me some constructive criticism on 'em, tell me how to make them better! Bit tough cause there are no current archer logos really to reference. Cheers
  14. Hey guys, right now I plan on working on a two part NHL expansion series including Hamilton, and Quebec. So, I'm stumped on the Hamilton team name. I'd like it to have something to do with steel, considering the fact that Hamilton is the "Steel City". Also, sorry I'm not taking the Tigers name. All suggestions welcome
  15. I know this only a proposal, but there has to be more behind this, right? Why would a huge project (1 Billion dollars) like this include a stadium without there at least being some logical reasoning.
  16. http://s1102.photobu...09983.jpeg.html Blue: AFC East Green: AFC North Orange: AFC South Red: AFC West As you can see (or not cause this is pretty :censored:ty haha), I relocated the Bills to Toronto, the Dolphins to South Beach, The Chargers to Portland, Oregon, and the Jaguars to Los Angeles. I think those cities are more deserving than the ones that have their teams currently and make the divisions make more sense. Update: Here is what I have so far for the Los Angeles Grizzlies! Logo Home