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  1. A continuation of teams from a minor league or semi-pro league the Great Lakes Hockey Assoc. Following the Marathon Argos and the Chicago Huskies. These are the Ann Arbor Blues. Not like the music blues but the color after the Michigan Wolverines. The the oak tree and the three stripes on the roundel and throughout the design comes from the flag of Ann Arbor. The shield logo is to have a university look to it with the Latin phrase "Fortes Fortuna Iuvat" meaning "Fortune Favors the Brave" I have some ideas for teams but any ideas for teams would be welcomed. Teams do not need to be on the lake just in states and provinces surrounding them. Next possible team is the Mackinac Islanders or another name, maybe a team in Green Bay or somewhere in Wisconsin. Any comments welcomed and appreciated. This will be sent to HJC later on
  2. dallasstar03


    Hello everyone. With the NIHA pretty much in the toilet, I want to start something new. Its called FIHO, or Fédération Internationale de Hockey. If you guessed that it was a fictional governing body for hockey, you are correct. It will feature teams, confederations, a World Cup-esque tournament, jersey concepts, and even fictional players. First I'll talk about the organization of the federation. Like FIBA, the continents are divided into five zones: the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The countries are further divided into subzones, where the teams will play in order to qualify for the yearly confederation tournaments. (More on that when I talk about the big tournament.) As for what teams are in what zone, it's roughly based on continent. For example, because Mexico is clearly part of North America, it is in the Americas zone. But, for a team like Russia, which spans two continents, it will be in Europe because most of its largest cities are in European Russia. Full member lists and logos for the confederations will be up later, but for now, that's all Im saying. Hope you all like the new topic! -dallasstar03
  3. PREFACE I had so much fun with my U ES M concept that I decided I'd do a series... at my own pace, with knowledge of my own lack of skill. THE LEAGUE So here it is, the Premeira Liga dos Açores, a 10, 12, or 14 team league (depending on my willpower) based on the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The Secret of the Atlantic has it's own rich history and unique culture separate from that of it's parent which I hope to showcase here. I will try to represent each ilha (island), concelho (municipality) or freguesia (parish) as best as I can, using etymology, history, and industry and will describe it in each post. I will try to represent each of the nine islands in this series to the best of my ability. This is all a slow work in progress but the end goal for me is eventually turning this into a small media guide. U ES Micaelense, Sao Miguel Rabo de Peixe FC, Sao Miguel CF Madalena, Pico CD Horta, Faial SC Mariense, Santa Maria FC Corvense, Corvo
  4. I had this concept pop into my mind when I was thinking of making a logo for my younger brother based on his old nickname Argo. Initially I was going to call them Jason's Argos but it evolved into the semi-pro Marathon Argos in Marathon, Ontario in the fictious GLHA (Great Lakes Hockey Association). I do plan on submitting this to the Hockeyjerseyconcepts. I created the main crest from a sketch i made of a ship based on pics I found online of ancient Greek bireme and trireme ships and artist's renderings of the Argo itself. The Spartan style helmet I had a more MSU style helmet, but I found this and used it to create my own. Spartan warrior helmet.The pants and shoulder patch logo is my design with M for Marathon the striping pattern from the jerseys which is taken from ancient Greek patterns. The midnight blue and aqua tones I used from colors that may have been prominent in ancient Greece I came across while looking online. The gold color to tie in with the story of Jason and the Argonauts with the search for the golden fleece. Sponsor logo is from Shaw telecommunications from that area of Ontario. The GLHA logo is my own design I did use the shield and the wave like design on the Maritime Junior Hockey League logo as a basis for that league logo. Any comments and critiques welcome.
  5. Hello everyone! This will be my first foray into the world of CCSLC, so please, add some constructive criticism if you like. As you may have already seen, I am creating a fictional hockey league known as the NIHA (National Ice Hockey Association). I will explain the entire history of the league, from its founding to now. And unfortunately, because my art skills are equivalent to a (insert random self-insult about why I can't draw here), so if you all can suggest graphic design programs to create logos, it would be an excellent help. But without further ado, we jump back to a cold winter day in Montreal, Quebec, in November 1920... Prologue: In A Deep, Deep Hole Aging retired entrepreneur and former hockey player, William Dubois, was in a true low point in his lifetime. His independent hockey team, the Montreal Royals, had disbanded in September of that year due to Dubois (who was their starting right winger and financial moderator) wanting to place the club into a startup league. Dubois was able to afford the required fee to transfer the club to the league, but the league ran into financial problems and was forced to disband, taking all of the Royals' funds with it. His entrepreneur career was not working as well, as he sold hockey equipment. The hockey scene, while popular with adults taking on professional careers, junior teams were much less common in the late 1910s and early 1920s. This caused his business to be shut down. As Dubois was trying to forget all of these unpleasant memories, he figured that a trip to see his American acquaintance Edward "Eddie" Marshall would allow him to put all of his problems behind him. So he scraped together his little remaining cash, and boarded one of the first commercial flights in history. Little did he know that what he did after that trip would make history. Okay, then! Let me know what you think. Like I said before, constructive criticism is welcomed. Grammar mistakes, misspelled words, errors with my facts-if it's a mistake, tell me! Cheers! -dallasstar03
  6. Hello everyone. I've been working on a fictional league for quite some time, and I was looking for some feedback on this particular set of uniforms. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that this is a recolored San Jose State logo, I am in the midst of learning to draw my own logos to replace them. Also, the number font is Conrad's "Golden Bear".
  7. Hey guys! Over the past week or so I have been making a fictional hockey league. I was inspired by Veras' football league, but I decided to try it with hockey. I also realize that hawkfan89 has started one too, but I didn't know about it until today (You should check it out). Anyways, let's get started here... The Canadian Proffesional Hockey League was founded on March 8th, 1932 by Ralph Walter .The league was established as a professional league designed to compete withthe NHL. The league started with 4 teams: The Toronto Snappers, Halifax Harbourmen,Kingston Fire, and the Montreal Saints. Halifax was named after the large harbourin the city, Toronto was named for their cold snaps (Hence the name Snappers),Kingston was named after a large fire that happened in 1840 in Kingston, andMontreal was named the Saints because of the city's nickname 'The City Of Saints'.The Harbourmen and the Fire faced-off on November 14th, 1938 for the CPHL's first ever game. The final score was 6-2 in favor of Halifax. As the season progressed,it was clear that the Harbourmen were special. They won their first 4 games until Kingston deafeated them 7-5, but they bounced back to win 11 in a row. The team wouldlose only 3 more times and add 17 wins for a league best record of 22-4. Toronto would finish with a solid record of 15-11. Kingston was 12-14, and Montreal came in lastwith a horrid record of 6-20. The top 2 teams would battle for the CPHL Champions Trophy,awarded to the champion of the CPHL. Toronto opened the scoring just :44 in and would add another goal just 2:27 later. Halifax finally scored with 3:18 left in the 1st period.The Harbourmen then scored 3 goals just 1:49 apart from each other to take a 4-2 lead. Toronto added a goal 4:59 into the 3rd period, but Halifax went on to score twice moreand added an empty-netter to win the CPHL Champions Trophy by a score of 7-3. The MVP of thechampionship was Right Wing, Lester Wallman. He lead the league in goals,assists,and points with 59 goals, 94 assists and 153 points. 1932-1933 Standings1. Halifax2. Toronto3. Kingston4. Montreal Champion: Halifax (1) MVP: RW, Lester Wallman 1932-1933 Uniforms A few notes: This will be made in, so quality will be a little rough. I have uniforms completed for the next 3 years, and results until 1945, so I may post the standings first and the uniforms a bit later. Don't expect new stuff every day. Yes, these uniforms suck, but that's how they were back then. Trust me, they will get a lot better. C&C is encouraged! If you have any suggestions for teams or uniforms I'll take them, but they may have to wait because I have results done until 1945. Thank you very much for checking out my league, it really means a lot! - Dolphins91
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first topic, so might as well make it my baseball league I made a year or 2 ago.I'm going to start in 2015, showcase the divisions and the team's history, then go back to the start of the league/leagues in 1937 and work my way up to 2015 again. There are 3 main leagues in my baseball universe.The Rocky Mountain League (Est.1963) the Mississippi League (Est.1937), which comprise the 2 leagues of a total of 32 teams, and the Baseball in Canada Association (Est.1939) which has in total 12 teams.In 1983,the Mississippi League and the Rocky Mountain League (Frontier League at the time) combined with each other making the Baseball in America Association or the BAA. As for the Baseball in Canada Association,not a whole lot of history is there.The BCA was bought by the BAA in the 1990's but have yet to make a merger between the 2. At the end of each season,the best teams from the RML and the ML take each other on in a 7 game series for the prized Barron Bowl,Named after the first commissioner Reginald (Ray) Barron.After his death in 1994,his son was elected new commissioner of the league.The latest expansion happened this year.The logo of the league is in the link. There are pry more leagues the world, like Japan,Italy,Etc., I've just focused on the North American part of my baseball world.Also the MLB and its minor leagues have never existed in this world.So, I am happy to start this league up and share it with all of y'all.
  9. Hello there, this is gonna be my first endeavor into the world of making concepts, so I've been inspired to make my own Fictional League so I can learn how to use some programs. I'll will be simulating the seasons and keeping a narrative going but I'll be posting the League shield and the Intro right So C&C are appreciated so that I can improve myself. It was the end of World War Two, the United States and Canada were recovering from the aftermath of the war. Many turned to sports to uplift their spirits and look to the future. There wasn’t any unified league for hockey before the war, it was all semi-pro leagues stuck in a region until 1948 where eight owners of these semi-pro teams wanted hockey to be spread across their nations as they began to draw up the first draft of the North American Hockey Alliance. The owners of these eight clubs varied in fortune and means of acquiring said wealth pooled their resources together to form the league. The first head of the league was Liam O'Brian, a Lawyer from New York who helped draw up the first draft of the league's rules. The cities of Boston, Halifax, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Hamilton and Detroit were awarded teams. They were deemed the Early Eight as they would soon start planning out their seasons and the identities of their teams. The Championship trophy was made by Seamus McDonald, the 88 year old owner of the Maritime Commodores as he was going to be passing ownership to his son Nathan upon his passing and wanted to donate something to the fledgling league, his item was the United Dominion Cup which would be awarded to the winner of the championship of the NAHA.
  10. So I decided to create a fictional country and soccer league as my new project. This is the 2nd fictional league that I have done, the first was a TX Super League which went well, so hopefully I get the same result with this concept. So the country is The Republic of Gedland, if you look at my profile name its not hard to figure out how I created the name for the country, and so the top league is the Gedlandian Premier League. So the country is an island with 18 cities/towns spread throughout the land. Each city has at least 1 team with two cities having two giving the league 20 teams. I went about names and locations based on my ancestry and background. So here is a map of the country along with state lines, and city locations/names. It also includes names for all the teams and their location. The league crest is a shield broken into three parts: the sky, the dog, and the ground. the league crest color changes with each team, and the dog is pointing ahead with a soccer ball at its feet The entire leagues kits are made by nike
  11. Hey guys! I think I have a great idea, and i want all of you to be apart of it. I want this to be fun and enjoyable for everyone who participates. I have come up with a fictional basketball league called the "United States Premier Basketball League" or "USPBL" for short. Yes i know there are a lot of these but i wanted to try my hand at it with suggestions from all of you.There are 12 cities, 6 teams, 2 conferences and i want you guys to submit nicknames for these cities. I'm still working on the backstory for this league but i want to start getting you guy's suggestions ASAP. The 12 cities i chose were (I have already chosen their conferences) ; Albuquerque, New Mexico- WESTNorfolk, Virgina - EASTBoise, Idaho - WESTTucson, Arizona - WESTEl Paso, Texas - WESTOmaha, Nebraska - WESTAustin, Texas - EASTBirmingham, Alabama - EASTLas Vegas, Nevada - WESTLouisville, Kentucky - EASTLittle Rock, Arkansas - EASTDaytona Beach, Florida - EAST The logo for the league is pictured below. The first thing that will probably be noticed is the obvious nod to the United States with the (Red, White, Blue) color scheme. The next thing is the 6 stars in the Blue "U" and 6 stripes in the Red "S", those represent the 6 teams in each conference and there respective color (NBA esque) and last would be the black background it just made it pop for me. I kept it simple and didn't want to over do it. I'm looking forward to everyone's participation and input.Thanks for looking (Borrowed a basketball design just as a test) Edit: i do plan to make logos and uniforms EDIT 2: Voting closed: thanks to everyone who participated your choices for these teams after voting are as followed; Albuquerque - Desert Dogs Norfolk- Captains Boise- Thunderbirds Tucson- Saguaros El Paso- Stars Omaha- Stampede Austin- Outlaws Birmingham- Vipers Las Vegas- Aces (changed to "Silver Aces" because "Aces" was too plain) Louisville- Riders and of course i chose the Little Rock and Daytona team names again a big thanks for your votes these concepts will be a lot of fun (Moved From page 3)
  12. Hi all, This is a fictional sport that I created a few years back. It is called Wall-Ball. There are 8 teams spread across the world in the premier league, the WBA (Wall-Ball Association). The field looks like this: The positions are Left Forward, Right Forward, Left Outer Mid, Left Inner Mid, Right Inner Mid, Right Outer Mid, Left Back and Right Back. As well as this, there are 3 Interchange players. a match has a cap of 50 interchanges. This team is playing an attacking format, as evidenced by the Midfielder standing slightly towards the wall. The wall looks like this: The wall is 6 metres tall and has two even sections. If you kick it in the yellow section, the other team gets a free kick. To score 2 points you must kick it against the wall (provided it is in the blue section) and catch it. To score one point you must catch an opposition kick against the wall (provided it is in the blue section).
  13. Notice: the CHF's graphical design is done by Kevin Harper/HarperK. All credit goes to him. Ideas and backstories are mine. ---------- NEW JERSEY NITRO Established: 2002-03 Season Stadium: Johnny Rocket's Arena at Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson Township, NJ (18,542 capacity) Garand Cups: 0 The Continental Hockey Federation (CHF) most recently expanded in 2002. At the time, most people thought the two new expansion teams would be located in the Southwest for the Western Conference and the Mid-Atlantic region for the Eastern Conference. While the former guess was correct, as a franchise was awarded to Albuquerque, New Mexico, the other was wrong. With many expecting a team in Baltimore, the league announced the second new franchise had been awarded to... the state of New Jersey. No city was specified. This led to head-scratching galore. The market was already dominated by the New York Emperors and Philadelphia Talons. Newark was a craphole with no stadium, and Camden... well, the less said about Camden, the better. Most guessed the team would be given to Jersey City or East Rutherford; instead, the team ended up in 42,000-populated Jackson. While confusing, most (correctly) assumed the team would have some connection to Six Flags Great Adventure, which was located in the township as well. Sure enough, Six Flags owners Premier Parks announced they would run the team, and would name it after the then-new Nitro hypercoaster. Clad in the B&M thrill machine's blue, pink, and yellow, New Jersey first took the ice at the then-named Great American Hockey Stadium, a state-of-the-art venue named after the park's Great American Scream Machine coaster (and still considered one of the best sports venues in North America). Their first game was an embarrassing 8-1 loss to the Charleston Aviators, who would go on to win the Garand Cup that season. Things didn't get much better in that first season, as the team only won four away games and finished with a 20-52-10 record, the worst in the league. Fortunately, the team managed to attract rabidly loyal fans for an expansion team, and managed to improve drastically in their second season, finishing 39-34-9 and squeezing into the playoffs as the East's final seed; unfortunately, they were swept by the Can-Am Trophy-winning Cleveland Shredders in the first round. The team stayed in the middle of the pack for a few years after that, making the playoffs two more times but only winning two combined games. The team's ownership took a nosedive in 2008 when Six Flags entered bankruptcy. Suffering from managerial issues as the parent company struggled to keep its parks afloat, as well as an injury-ridden roster (including goaltender Rick DiPietro missing the entire season), New Jersey instantly dropped to the bottom of the league. Fortunately, they ended up winning the draft lottery, and used the first overall pick to select center John Tavares. The team was on the upswing from the immediate start of the season, going 8-1-1 in their first ten games, with Tavares scoring nine goals and four assists. The team floated around the top of the Potvin Division for the entire season, and on the very last game, they exacted their revenge on Charleston by beating them 5-2 at home to capture their first division title in the team's young history, as well as having Tavares win Rookie of the Year. Entering the playoffs as the second seed, they took out the Virginia Admirals in the first round four to one, winning their first-ever playoff series. In the second, they faced another Can-Am Trophy winner in the Montreal Guerriers. In a physical, low-scoring series, the Nitro beat Montreal in seven games, with the final game at home (a 3-2 win in which Tavares got his first hat trick) going into quintuple-overtime, the first and last time this has ever happened in league history. Tired from that series, Jersey finally fell in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Memphis Pharaohs in five games. Since then, thanks to Six Flags emerging from bankruptcy and a wildly-deep farm system, the Nitro haven't missed the playoffs, and made it back to the ECF in the 2013-14 season, once again falling (this time to Charleston). With newly-acquired goaltender Mike Smith and Tavares leading the charge, Jersey's future looks bright. Random Notes: Captain: John Tavares Goal Song: "We Like To Party" - Vengaboys Mascot: Mr. Six ---------- Feedback is greatly appreciated in both the designs and backstories!
  14. So, I'm a long time lurker here and decided to have my hand at creating a few fictional teams. I tend to gravitate towards football concepts, but had the idea of creating my teams in a video game, and with there being no recent football PC game, I turned to basketball. I want to create 30 teams to replace the NBA teams in-game, but I know I probably won't get that far. Nonetheless I have concept locations and team names for most of the 30. A few things first, the uniforms will be a bit rough as it's my first time doing this, and also my first time using GIMP, meaning the logos won't be great either. I'm also using and Microsoft Photo Essentials 2006 (something like that). Also I'm taking a bit of inspiration from the influx of circular logos for NBA teams, and will be making all of the logos circular. (1. Because I like the design. 2. I'm lazy and it makes it a bit easier.) First team! So, at the moment I only have the primary aways finished. But I hope/imagine that creating the homes won't be too much more difficult than a color change, and that a yellow alternate wouldn't be too difficult either. Thanks for any thoughts/criticism! (PS, also I'm very sorry about the horrible color match-up of the Tridents vs the Clippers there, I was testing the color blue I was using.)
  15. I realized that we didn't have a basketball league a couple days ago to match with Veras' AFA, dsaline97's USBL and Dolphins91's NAPHL, to name some popular ones, so why not start one? So, here goes nothing. The North American Association of Basketball was founded in 1948 by James McGraw when the New England Basketball Federation and Midwest Basketball Association merged. These were both poor leagues and barely had enough money to operate. When this new league was formed, many of the other teams from the two leagues had to fold as there was not enough money left for them. The 4 remaining owners of the teams, the New York Federals, the Boston Bulldogs, the Chicago Smokies and the Philadelphia Hawks, met in the newly founded skyscraper 15th-floor offices in Hartford, Connecticut, to discuss everything about this new league. They decided to have a 40-game schedule and the playoffs would be determined on the standings. Every team would make it, no matter if you were 40-0 or 0-40. When the season rolled around, Boston had just signed the contract of the amazing rookie Ernie 'Spanky' McDougal out of DePaul University. Being a tall center, that's just what they needed, the only position they lacked at, with Art Castleton only getting 12 blocks last year in the NEBF. And win they did. McDougal not only blocked shots that year, he made them too. He was the first NAAB player to score 25 and 50 points in a game that year. And keep in mind that he is a rookie. Despite the Bulldogs finishing third, they took the NAAB world by storm in the playoffs and won the whole thing, upsetting the top-ranked Chicago Smokies in the finals. The MVP? None other than Ernie McDougal, with a career high 68 points in the finals to blow Chicago out of the water 104-69 to win the first ever McGraw Trophy. All the logos of the teams are in here I also have the logos and uniforms for the New York Federals, here they arePrimary Logo Home Uniform Road Uniform
  16. INDEX Completed Stadiums Archive of Stadium Progress Shots Jerseys Batting Practice Jerseys Throwback Jerseys Divisional Pictures Other ---------------------- ORIGINAL POST A stadium I recently finished, a stadium for my purely fictional Rattick City Rebels. Here I present New Colony Park... The uniforms for the Rattick City Rebels: For the baseball league, here's the map of my fictional country, Los Altos, with the locations of all the teams in the Alton Baseball League (ABL): Here are the teams and their colors, first the Alton League (AL): United League (UL): As you can tell, there are empty space in the color slots. They're there because I've needed suggestions on the colors. Name changes are also appreciated! (I have writer's block quite a lot...) Now for my works in progress. One is the uniform set for the Los Altos Capitals: And the Capitals' stadium, Altos Airlines Park (Altos Park for short): So that wraps up my introductory post for this series. All feedback is appreciated and feel free to give suggestions! ~ Daryl
  17. Flickr Album With All Teams Well, it has been at least a year (maybe two) since I last posted a concept. I haven't been all that active on the boards, but lately I've found myself lurking the concepts section. I have to say that I was impressed at the quality of a lot of concepts. The boards are starting to resemble what they looked like when I first joined this site. Now, I'm no logo master, but I do like to make concepts every once in awhile. I was feeling creative recently, so I've decided to take on a project... a big one. I'm going to create an entire 30 team hockey league. Each team will eventually have a primary logo, secondary logo, third logo (some teams), script logo, home jersey, away jersey, alternate jersey, and rink design. For now, I'm just making sure the teams I release have two logos and two jerseys, the other stuff will be released later. I hope to learn from this series and become a better designer. I am also using Microsoft Paint to create everything. I hope to prove to those who blame their programs for poor designs that the program is not an excuse. I will be releasing everything at my own pace, so don't expect concepts every day or week, and please don't ask when the next teams will be out. This is a hobby for me, and I have about a million real life responsibilities that take priority over this. Also if you have city or team name suggestions, I welcome them, but PLEASE PM ME. I really don't want the thread flooded with name ideas, so message them to me and I will defiantly consider them. Now without further adieu, the league logo. The league will be known as the North American Hockey Federation. The logo is very simple, but this is by design. Does the logo sort of look like a hockey puck? That's because the logo will appear on the tops of all NAHF pucks. The logo's colors are also just a filler. Each team will have their own custom colored league logo with their team colors on it. Ready for the first team? Here's a teaser for you, have a look at their league logo... First team coming VERY soon...
  18. As some of you know, I've posted many fictional baseball teams over the years. Last year I had a league made with a history, but never got the C&C I needed. My other newest thread was the final teams hand drawn logos. I'm ready to fully resurrect my project now that it is complete. ORIGINAL ABL: Standings (1936) The American Baseball League est. 1936 Formed in 1936, the ABL has established itself as one of the prime leagues in the nation, and even overseas (In a universe with no MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA). Since it's inception in 1936 by Patrick Armstrong, the ABL has continued on it's path to treat fans to the all around best baseball entertainment. The League is split in two conferences- The Armstrong Division, and The Gary Division. The two conferences are named after ABL legends Patrick Armstrong and Kevin Gary. Patrick Armstrong came to America in 1911 at the age of 9. An Irish immigrant, he became infatuated with the sport of baseball. He began playing for the ABL's first team the Chicago Clippers in the inaugural season of 1936. Playing into old age as a player manager, he is considered the most decorated player in ABL history, and a shining example of what is possible to young players. Armstrong was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1944. Kevin Gary was a quiet Southern man, living in Boston. In the year 1927, he scrapped together a semi pro baseball team with 2 friends. Together they put a team in Boston, Massachusetts. After becoming majority owner in 1936, at the age of 47, he was invited to join the ABL. Baseball Renaissance came about. Winning 10 championships in 12 years, he began taking his team around the world so spectators could see the "Greatest Team on Earth" play exhibition games vs local teams. This is one of the many reasons the ABL thrived during the Depression and World War II. CHICAGO CLIPPERS The 1st team in the ABL was the Chicago Clippers. The Clippers were established in 1928 as an exhibition team, but when Armstrong and 4 other owners joined together to make an official league, he was voted ABL commissioner. Chicago takes its name from Navy Pier. At the time Navy Pier was a harbor for naval ships. Armstrong was a navy man himself, so he kept a nautical theme. The team played home games at Chicago's legendary Chicago Field. BOSTON AMERICANS​Owned by co-commissioner Kevin Gary. Like all the other original teams, they were an exhibition squad prior to the ABL. Boston kept a patriotic theme due to the city's rich history involving the American Revolution.
  19. I've had a recent ambition to start a fictional football (soccer) league. This league is in Diomede, a country I made up. Intro Teams
  20. Alright, this is my first topic in a long time and I wanted to do something I've been putting off for a while until I could find I decent jersey template. I decided to create a European Basketball League with some inspiration for the uniforms coming from soccer kits. An example of this is the team crest above the chest. Below is a list of cities and color schemes I'm considering for the league, if you have any suggestions for the locations and colors please leave them. As always CC is appreciated on the concepts. Moscow - Maroon & Metallic Gold Barcelona - Gold & Red London - Red & Silver Dublin - Green & Grey Paris - Metallic Gold & Light Blue Istanbul - Red & Blue St. Petersburg - White, Blue, & Red Berlin - Red, Black, & Yellow Munich - Black & Yellow Rome - Red, Gold, & Silver Madrid - Red, Blue, & Gold Milan - ? Belgrade - Blue & ? Zagreb - ? Amsterdam - Blue & Orange Lisbon - Green & Red Athens - Blue & White First up, Moscow The uniform has Moscow written in Russian on both jerseys. On the back just above the player name is the league logo with the Russian flag on it (each team will have the league logo on the back with the nation in which the city is located). The Moscow coat of arms was the inspiration for the crest. The crest features St. George fighting a dragon with St. Basils' Cathedral in the background.
  21. Alright, so I've had this idea for a while now. This is a fictional baseball league that I developed and I will be posting these team's uniforms shortly. Most of the names have some historical/geographical relevance. I used paint to make all of the uniforms, so they are not as detailed as I would like them to be. Without further ado, here is a map of the league. I have all of the uniform sets ready to post, so i'll post 1-3 new teams on here daily. *I don't know what level of baseball this would be, the towns are too small for it to be a minor league, so maybe a summer collegiate league?
  22. North American Football Association I am re-launching my North American Football Association project. I finished a number of teams some time ago, and I am now revisiting a few of them and transferring my uniforms to a new template. I have almost all of the teams designed by this point, and I will try to post teams regularly. The NAFA is my fictitious league. My sister came up with the original names years ago, but none of these names still exist in the league. Only one team remains in its original location, but its name has changed since its founding. I have been creating football leagues for a long time now. One of my earliest was my USFL. Click here to see some of my first attempts at logos for the Minnesota Aliens USFL franchise. My design skills have improved greatly since then, and my fictitious football world has developed into what it is today. I have tweaked my template since my last attempt. All of the uniforms are manufactured by Delta Athletics (a fictitious company). And now here is my backstory for my alternate football universe: Football was brought to America in the early 1920s by immigrants. It was played at sand-lots and became very popular, with informal exhibition games played regularly. It became an official collegiate sport in 1927. At this point, it roughly resembled a game of rugby. In 1935, oil baron and businessman Red Nash sought to capitalize on the sport's popularity. He founded the ten-team American Football League and made modifications to the rules, including the addition of the forward pass. [NOTE: The AFL is a separate league from the NAFA and may be further explained in a future series.] Red Nash’s team, the Barons, still exists today. The sport was wildly successful in its earliest years, and the league continued to expand, reaching 14 teams by 1938. However, World War II hit the league hard, and by 1943 all but six teams had folded. Following World War II, the league rebounded with two expansion teams in 1947. The league continued to expand through the 1950s and early 1960s, reaching 16 teams in 1962. The membership would remain stable for nearly four decades, as the league instead focused on expanding its television presence. In the late 1990s, following the example of other major sports, the AFL decided to expand once again. They added eight teams in 2000 in what was known as the “Millennium Expansion.” Only four of the eight Millennium Expansion teams remain in their original location today. In the aftermath of the Millennium Expansion, Eugene Lambert decided to found the NAFA after realizing that there were still several large markets without football teams. In 2005, after nearly four years of work, Lambert had the backing he needed. He planned to begin play in Fall 2006 with ten teams, but after one team withdrew and three more experienced financial issues, the inaugural season was pushed back to 2007. The league played its first games on August 12, 2007. The Washington Cardinals compiled a 6-1 regular-season record and went on to win the championship. The league had a team fold after the 2008 season, and the Colorado Rockies folded the following year after posting a horrific combined 1-20 record over three years and seeing sparse crowds with a low of 1,016 at their penultimate home game. Both times, a new expansion team entered the league the following year. Following the 2010 season, the league saw major changes as a new commissioner was hired. Washington and New Jersey (two of the league’s most successful teams) did not return for 2011. This controversial move was seen as an attempt to avoid the fate that had doomed previous leagues: one or two teams enjoying immense success while the rest of the teams floundered. Meanwhile, there were several relocations and re-brandings. Finally, three new expansion franchises were added. The expansion DC Eagles went on to win the 2011 title. The league added three more expansion teams in 2012, and the Texas Thunderbirds went on to win the title. The NAFA had planned to expand to three cities in 2013, but expansion was put on hold, and they currently plan to expand to four as-of-yet-unannounced cities in 2014. Here is the league logo:
  23. I created a fictional baseball team for OOTP and started making uniforms and such! I started making the whole uniform history going back to the team's beginnings so maybe I'll post those later but first, here's what I came up with.... P.S. the coloring on the hats is supposed to be stitching, not extra piping
  24. I have had his fictional concept league for about two years. I will be posting photobucket files of my teams' jerseys and logos. Right now there are 24 teams, and there is a possible expansion at the end of the 2014 season to 30 teams. This is the Rylandian Baseball League! The NL- Bree Shockwave, Orland Orions, Salvatore City Spartans, Jecoaca Justice, Coldwater Cannonballs, Sanjangle Swordfighters, Rajcek Royals, Koya Kryptonite, San Niño Slashers, Skyblue MetroTigers, St. Sean Slammers, Phosphorus Valley Cherries The RL- Azure City Armada, Lavlavil Lava, Shefford Sheriffs, Lemoncoppy Lightning, Glymack Glory, Tarnik Torpedoes, Finitopia Flames, Earthmont Epicools, Great Towers Gremlins, San Pablo Pueblo, Trio City TriplePlays, DelCarmen Diablos I will be posting the league set-up, team colors, and backstory sometime this week. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the team names. I will also be posting player names with the teams, I need a little help on that.