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  1. Hello. This is my first thread and I am Redesigning logos and Creating new logos for fictitious teams. As soon as I have one done I will post it. NOTE: I am only doing logos. If you want to design a uniform to go with it that's OK with me. P.S.: I am not a very good artist
  2. Hy all I'm an NBA2K video game series patcher and this forum is my favorite place where i get ideas and inspirations for fictional floors. So I'm decided to show U guys how I can implement your concept logos and ideas to this beautifull game ( I mean almost supersimulator ). I repeat!!! the logos are not mine are Yours, are collected from this forum. The court editing is my job. So if U guys like my works u can share NBA concept logos here at this topic and i will made a floor with them. Feel free to rate and comment my works, any suggestions are wellcomed and taked as a positive critic So here is a fictional floor for Los Angeles Clippers (the logo was made in 2005, I realy dont remember whos logo is this, anyway credits to him for this great center logo).
  3. So after having done a logo for the defunct Federal League and uniform designs for the fictional teams The New York Knights from the movie the Natural and The Mudville Nine from the poem Casey at the bat, I've decided that I'm going to continue making uniform designs for fictional Baseball teams as if they were all members of my new Federal League. (whoa, sorry for the run-on sentence.) Some teams I'm thinking about doing: The Hackensack Bulls (Brewster's Millions) The House of David (Not a fictional team but still and interesting one to try) The Oklahoma Dusters (Just made this one up) If you have any suggestions for teams, please send them my way. This new uniform design comes from an episode of The Twilight Zone called The Mighty Casey. The Zephyrs are a down on their luck team that just happens to have a robot for a pitcher. Anyway, I used that episode and those tacky uni designs from the late 70's and early 80's as inspiration.
  4. Here is a design for the fictional team the Oklahoma Dusters of the Federal League. Obviously I wanted to name the team something that would make sense regionally. My first choice was to go the Native American/Indian route but considering the current climate in sports regarding Native cultures as mascots I decided against it. Plus, I thought that was just too easy. I eventually decided on the Dusters for two reasons. One, this is Oklahoma after all and one thing Oklahoma is known for is the Dust Bowl during the Depression. The other reason is because my dad played on a team called the Dusters when he was in little league and I've always liked that name.