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  1. First of all, this is the 2nd concept I have posted but the first one posted was anonymous in the "Phoenix: Russell Athletic Competition Phase 3" (I was Iowa State). Clearly I wasn't the best in that competition but I got a few votes so that lead me to believe I was ready to start my own concept threads. Secondly, I didn't know what to call these so if you can think of anything else feel free to share. Lastly, thanks to Brandon Moore for showing me how to make the players like this in my request for how to make the ESPN College Football ads. On to the concept... I wanted to make something like these for the upcoming NFL draft to post on on social media as each pick was being made. So I made some of previous players drafted in the last few years to get some C&C. I'm not sure if I should add the player's position or draft year or something else. EDIT: These players listed below are all posted. 2015 Draft picks start on page 4 AJ Green (Georgia To Cincinnati) Alfred Morris (FAU To Washington) Allen Robinson (Penn St To Jacksonville) Andrew Luck (Stanford To Indianapolis) Anthony Barr (UCLA To Minnesota) Antonio Brown (Central Michigan To Pittsburgh) Bishop Sankey (Washington To Tennessee) Blake Bortles (Central Florida To Jacksonville) Bradley Roby (Ohio St To Denver) Brandin Cooks (Oregon St To New Orleans) Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech To Detroit) Calvin Pryor (Louisville To New York[A]) Cam Newton (Auburn To Carolina) Chris Borland (Wisconsin To San Francisco) CJ Mosley (Alabama To Baltimore) Colin Kaepernick (Nevada To San Francisco) Connor Shaw (South Carolina To Cleveland [undrafted]) De’Antnony Thomas (Oregon To Kansas City) Demarco Murray (Oklahoma To Dallas) Eddie Lacy (Alabama To Green Bay) Giovani Bernard (North Carolina To Cincinnati) Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (Alabama To Green Bay) Jake Matthews (Texas A&M To Atlanta) Janoris Jenkins (Florida/North Alabama To St Louis) Jared Abbrederis (Wisconsin To Green Bay) Jarvis Landry (LSU To Miami) JJ Watt (Wisconsin To Houston) Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M To Cleveland) Jordan Matthews (Vanderbilt To Philadelphia) Julio Jones (Alabama To Atlanta) Keenan Allen (California To San Diego) Kelvin Benjamin (Florida St To Carolina) Khalil Mack (Buffalo To Oakland) Kyle Fuller (Virginia Tech To Chicago) Luke Kuechly (Boston College To Carolina) Manti Te’o (Notre Dame To San Diego) Marquise Lee (USC To Jacksonville) Mike Evans (Texas A&M To Tampa Bay) Montee Ball (Wisconsin To Denver) Nick Toon (Wisconsin To New Orleans) Odell Beckham Jr (LSU To New York[N]) Patrick Peterson (LSU To Arizona) Randall Cobb (Kentucky To Green Bay) Robert Griffin III (Baylor To Washington) Rob Gronkowski (Arizona To New England) Russell Wilson (Wisconsin To Seattle) Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M To Miami) Sammy Watkins (Clemson To Buffalo) Seantrel Henderson (Miami To Buffalo) Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville To Minnesota) Tre Mason (Auburn To St Louis)
  2. Hey everyone, long time to see. I still lurk here from time to time; I had an NFL redesign going a while back but I got burnt out on it. This thread came about a few months ago when I was modding an indie football game to see how the concepts I made would look in-game. After I was finished, I figured “why not?” and mocked up concepts for every team. There are a few minor changes to the ‘rules’ for the uniforms: Uniforms are still one helmet only, up to three jerseys, pants, and socks. No throwbacks. Every team has an alt uniform, this is usually a third jersey but some teams will opt to wear a specific combo with their primary jersey as an alt, usually monochrome. The alts would also double as the Color Rush uniforms (not every alt will be mono). Socks no longer have to be white on the bottom; not a fan of players wearing the white bottoms at different lengths so let’s get rid of that. You may have seen some of these before, that’s because I wasn’t originally planning on sharing them, but I did try to make changes here and there. All 32 teams are finished so I’m just gonna upload em all at once. Here we go: San Francisco 49ers: Minimal changes to their current look: Red facemask Sleeve stripes have been moved so that all three fit, and have shiny gold accents. Socks are also striped. Gold numbers on all three jerseys. White pants and socks are an option Black alt jersey stays, but paired with gold pants and black socks Chicago Bears: Sort of a combination of their current set and their throwbacks: Matte navy helmet All three jerseys have the same striping pattern: solid orange stripes on a navy sleeve. Thinner pant stripes to give them an ‘old school’ look Orange pants become an option for the road Orange alt jersey Cincinnati Bengals: Their current look is a mess, I tried to simplify it but also add some modern touches: Orange jersey becomes the primary. Orange to white gradient helmet Orange sleeve caps on all three jerseys; no more shoulder yokes or side panels Numbers have a sublimated tiger stripe design Pants now have a full pant stripe; orange pants added Blackout alt Buffalo Bills: I really like their current look; my original design for them was basically their current look with minor changes. But after looking at it for a while I got really bored with it, so I decided to switch it up: Royal blue and red, no more navy. Return of the red helmet. The facemask is also red to give them a unique look in the league. Stripes on the helmet, sleeves, and pants fan out to mimic the stripe in the logo. Mono red alt Denver Broncos: Not much has changed here from my last design: Royal blue returns as an accent Navy to royal gradient helmet and sleeves Orange pants added Colorblocked socks to mimic the striped socks of their current set Navy alt Cleveland Browns: You know, I don’t hate their new uniforms. I love the new shade of orange. They have a lot of unnecessary elements to them but with a few tweaks it’d be a really nice look: No more contrasting stitching. Or maybe it’s still there? Who cares, I can never see it. Wordmark is shrunk down. White numbers on the brown jersey, brown on the white. Lift shadow stays. Striping pattern on the white jersey and pants is reversed. Pant stripe has the same notched design as the jersey, extends down most of the leg. No more wordmark on the pants. Striped socks Orange alt Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Number font aside, their look has grown on me. They have way too many colors, though. You don’t need black and that dark shade of pewter. I really liked their Color Rush jerseys, so I combined them with my previous design. New color scheme: Red, pewter, silver/chrome. Orange and black remain only in the logos. New number font Dropped the pewter yoke for pewter sleeve caps. Pirate ship logo is on both sides, wordmark is in the center of the jersey. The orange accents have been replaced with shiny chrome accents throughout the uniforms. Mono red alt (paired with pewter socks) Arizona Cardinals Not a fan of the shoulder yoke, side panel pipe fest that is their current set, so I gave them a Vikings-esque redesign by simplifying their look. Dropped black and replaced it with gray. Sublimated flag design on the sleeves and pants. I know this has been done to death for the Cardinals, but for a team that has had simple uniforms for most of their history, this is something I could see them doing. Gray pants added Gray alt. Don’t worry, this won’t get confused with the Seahawks, because they won’t have one anymore.
  3. Messin' around with some secondary logo concepts for Newcastle United. FYI, the blue color variations translated a little weird for the preview image. The full-sized image is more accurate to the concept vision.
  4. These concepts are for an upcoming fantasy football league, as always created using MS Paint. C&C is welcomed. The first team is the Mutineers. Primary Secondary Uniforms Let me know what you think!
  5. I took a break from my main series, MLB Organizational Tweaks, create a quick concept for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They currently have some problems with their set that I wanted to address. First off their number font is horrendous, so I used a modified block font similar to their super bowl winning look. I also lightened the shade of pewter because their darker shade is really drab and doesn't mix well with their bright red and orange. Their is only one logo used for the shoulder patch to remain consistent. Also the buccaneers wordmark is added above the front numbers. C&C is appreciated.
  6. I am suffering from off-season blues and I have made some NCAA bowl game logos and put them on a field. I pretty much based most of them off real bowl game logos. The Red Bull Bowl one I got kinda lazy and just used the Red Bull "Can You Make It?" logo Please feel free share any of your bowl game concepts! Bleacher Report Ann Arbor Bowl (Ann Arbor, MI) Coca Cola Toronto Bowl (Toronto, Canada) Dick's Sporting Goods Bowl (Iowa City, IA) Napa Auto Parts Bowl (Atlanta, GA) Red Bull Bowl (Houston, TX)
  7. Hey guys, im bored again so here is what I envision the NFL looking like in the near future....we'll go with 2050. Each division has 1 additional team with some realignments, relocations, and renames. I tried to make it as realistic and not-too-far-out-there as possible. I also list each team in its predicted standings. AFCN -Cleveland Browns -Pittsburgh Steelers -Chicago Wolves -Cincinnati Bengals -Baltimore Ravens AFCS -San Antonio Texans -Houston Oilers -Tennessee Titans -Indianapolis Colts -Jacksonville Jaguars AFCE -London Monarchs -New York Jets -Miami Dolphins -Buffalo Bills -New England Patriots AFCE -Los Angeles Raiders -Kansas City Chiefs -Denver Broncos -San Diego Sharks -Oakland Outlaws NFCN -Minnesota Vikings -Toronto Thunderbirds -Detroit Lions -Chicago Bears -Green Bay Packers NFCS -Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Atlanta Falcons -New Orleans Saints -St Louis Stallions -Carolina Panthers NFCE -Philadelphia Eagles -Washington Redskins -New York Giants -Oklahoma City Storm -Dallas Cowboys NFCW -Los Angeles Rams -San Francisco 49ers -Las Vegas Devils -Arizona Cardinals -Seattle Seahawks Tell me what yall think of the names, cities, standings, etc.
  8. Long time lurker here and finally decided to join so I could start posting stuff I work on to get some CC. This thread will basically just be slight tweaks to current NFL uniforms based off my still pretty novice Illustrator skills. Uniform template taken from template thread - Thanks to OP who made it Fonts - Many fonts and just about all the ones used in my mock-ups are from Conrad. Thanks to Conrad. Disclaimer on this thread so that nobody will be misled: these mock-ups posted will just be slight tweaks to uniforms a la the title of the thread so there won't be any mind-blowing original concepts or original drawn from scratch team logos in these mock-ups. This is more a cross-over of my vision of how certain teams would look in my "perfect world" along with looking for CC on my Illustrator skills and hopefully get some helpful tips. As of now, not every team has or will be mocked up as some teams I think are currently pretty dang close to perfect: Packers, Bears, to name a couple. Some of these mock-ups are ones we've already seen before so I'm giving disclaimer beforehand that I'm not taking credit for coming up with these; and if posted, they've been posted to get feedback on the execution of the design and tips to better it. I'm going to start posting multiple teams at a time from one division if applicable and will wait for CC and try to answer/explain/reply to any comments afterward. Let's start off: NFC West: Arizona Cardinals: For me personally, the Cardinals are the poster child for a team needing a new uniform set ASAP. Living in Arizona, I can't stand the sight of these uniforms since they scream mid-2000's Reebok era with the piping disaster. I'll admit when I was 15-16 years old when these first dropped; I thought they were "kewl" since the previous set was rather bland but this current set has not aged well at all in my opinion. I've seen lot of Cardinals concepts mocked up taking them back to a very traditional retro look and while I agree that it would be 100x better than the current set; I feel like a team such as the Cardinals (despite being one of the oldest franchises) needs to have a more modern set since they honestly (and no offense to any Cards fans) don't have much "history". I think they got to go to a similar route as the Seahawks in being contemporary and not so much straight retro old school traditional style. So my mock-ups of the Cardinals is somewhat simple in general but I've given them a monochrome look to wear at home sorta how the Seahawks are and I think it kind of ties in since they've been a tough home team the last year or two since Arians took over and with the whole "Red Sea" nickname they use. My own CC right off the bat on these: I think the pants stripe design may be too "random" but I was playing around making arcs and didn't want to make every single team have traditional 2 stripe lines. It doesn't match with the traditional striping on the helmet. Edit: Here's my revised Cardinals w/ Icgreiog03's suggested changes. Took off the helmet stripes and changed the pants side pattern to something that fits better w/ the uniform and team. Pants side design taken from "feather" parts on the "crown" of the Cardinals head logo. Latest Edit: Took off the Cardinal head logo off the sleeves and used an Arizona state flag design to replace it. Also, I did my best to fix the whole perspective angle issues on the front and back view of the sleeves that davidmiller5 pointed out. Not perfect which you will notice if you look a lot closer but I did it to best of my capabilities right now. I didn't want to use the official state flag colors on these uniforms even though it's been done before in real life. Just seemed like it'd be forcing it and the dark royal blue from the official flag would clash w/ the Cardinal red and black colors. So to counter this, I did the flag sleeve designs in a tonal color-up that matches the home/road jerseys so it's not so blatant in your face. For the black alt, I did full Cardinals team colored AZ state flag for the color-up. Have 2 diff versions for each home/road/alt set that I tinkered with. Decided to go with the ones posted below where the home and roads have a tonal color effect to blend in w/ each jersey and then the black alt has a full team colored flag sleeve design. The thinking for the black alt was that this set in this universe would be worn for marquee games (prime time, playoff/standing implications, rivalry game, etc) and this is where Cards fans would love to show off their Arizona pride even more than they already do. In the spoilers, I have the flag sleeve designs for the roads that would match the color-up of the flag sleeve design in the home posted above while the black alt's have a blacked out gradient tonal effect. And I do realize how I chose which black alt to use for my "final" set doesn't match how the home/roads are tonal color gradients on the flag design but like I mentioned above, my thinking was to have the "prime time" black alt have a flag design that's more showy and not as subtle as the home/road.
  9. Hello, this is my second thread that I have started. I have an international kit thread going as well if you want to check it out. This thread will be my design concepts for the teams in MLS, this include all 20 current teams plus Atlanta United, Minnesota United, and LAFC All concepts have a Home, Away, and Third kit C&C is welcome
  10. Hey guys, after I just finished my Premier League Project I already mentioned that I have another one in the pipeline. It will be very similar to my former projects, but this time I'm going international. I will design 32 teams of a future UEFA Champions League competition. I will just place it in the year 2023, so it's a year before my PL was timed. And sorry, but there will only be three PL teams included, so let's just say City screwed the playoffs. The teams I chose are mainly even title contenders in their contries today, so there won't be as many surprises than in my PL. BUT I chose a tad more teams from smaller footballing countries to make the competition more colourful and interesting. I only chose around 4 clubs that most likely will not reach the CL spots in their leagues this 2016 season. Here is the number of teams I chose respectively for any country: Spain, Germany: 4 England, Italy: 3 France, Portugal, Belgium: 2 Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Scotland, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Romania: 1 ??, ??: 1 I won't reveal the two questionmarked countries yet. So let's start filling the map. The first team from Italy will be posted tomorrow.
  11. All in all I was impressed with the Nike uniforms with the Jumpman logo on it that Michigan rolled out. And this is coming from a Michigan State fan. However I felt there were a couple things that could be tweaked and so I tweaked them. -kept the helmet as they released it. The satin update was a nice touch. -added the double stripes to the blue uniform and moved the numbers to the shoulder accordingly -added the M to the base of the collar. -added the M to the hip, and also added stripes. -the white uniform remains mostly unchanged. -the only issue with adding the stripes to the maize pants is will it look consistent enough between the white jersey and the pant stripes. -white socks, navy shoes. C & C welcome.
  12. So I've been playing around with the minimalist football idea for a bit now and I've decided to make it for everyone! Yes, I know this has already been a topic but that one was stopped, so I can say thanks to @baylorfan for the idea. So, to start, here are a few examples: Sig: Profile Pic: How to Request: Team Sig or Profile Pic The helmet you want like the team's primary or an alternate (If it's a team that isn't commonly known, ex. high school, foreign team, please provide an image or good description) Background and Font Color (Sig Only) What you want it to say (Sig Only) BTW, you don't have to choose NFL or NCAA teams, you can do high school or foreign teams, just provide an image or good description for the helmet you want
  13. Got into a discussion at work about various sports and their standard or non-standard playing surfaces. Specifically, in North American sports football, basketball and hockey all have identical measurements from one field/court to another. Soccer and baseball do not. Yes, I realize there's a difference between leagues (see: NFL vs CFL) but there is not a difference between teams in those leagues. The field measurements for the Cowboys and Steelers are identical. Or the Tiger Cats and Bombers. But they are very much NOT the same for the Yankees and Red Sox. Why is that? Does it offer more/better home field advantages in the sports where teams get to pick their own field size? Just interested to hash it out and get some folks' opinions.
  14. Hello everyone! I will be redesigning the NFL - but hand-drawn. Unfortunately, this means my MLS series is done, as I just can't think of ideas for it. RULES: There will be 5 jerseys in the rotation: home, away, alternate, throwback, and color rush. For you traditionalists out there, look away, as many of these designs will be very modern (but others will be going back to classics - I'm looking at you, Lions). Also, I am ditching the one-helmet rule, and giving teams a minimum of 2 helmets, and a maximum of 5. TEAM COMPLETION ORDER (Bold means completed) NFC South Falcons Panthers Buccaneers Saints NFC East Cowboys Eagles Giants Redskins NFC North Packers Vikings Bears Lions NFC West Cardinals 49ers Rams Seahawks AFC South Texans Jaguars Colts Titans AFC East Dolphins Patriots Bills Jets AFC West Broncos Raiders Chargers Chiefs AFC North Steelers Bengals Browns Ravens GENERIC Pro Bowl (in ORLANDO )
  15. This is, I believe, my third go-around on redesigning uniforms for the NFL, and I'd say it's my best one yet. Just a few ground rules to kick things off: - I'll begrudgingly be abiding by by the league's one-helmet rule. - All teams will have the Nike Vapor Speed uniform system. - Socks are now one-piece, similar to last year's Color Rush, allowing for more flexibility in design. AFC East | AFC North | AFC South | AFC West NFC East | NFC North | NFC South | NFC West
  16. Hello all. These are concept designs for national soccer/football teams. I have made a home, away and third for each country. I will post one each day. I will try to make revisions when I can and where I see necessary. C&C is welcome, please keep comments relevant to the thread. Eager to hear what y'all think. Thanks First up is Algeria Algeria Home kit- all white kit with green accents, the top features a split tonal design that mimics the Algerian flag showing the two halves with the crescent moon and star. Away kit- all green kit with white accents, the top features a rhombus green gradient that is more noticeable as you move down the shirt. The rhombus is a common element in Arabic architecture and design. Third kit- all black design with green accents, the top features dark diagonal pinstripes
  17. So, most of my concepts have a cool OP intro, but I couldn't really think of anything good to write, so basically, these are concepts for sports teams from famous movies. This is pretty much a topic to have a topic open and post some concepts while I'm finishing up some details on a REALLY big project I'm gonna overtake soon, so they won't be that good. So now the concepts. Team 1: The Bad News Bears Everyone on here has probably seen the movie enough to know that it is a great pinnacle in sports movies, and should be recognized. These are going to be concepts if these were real teams in their sports (for this team it's LL baseball). C&C Encouraged
  18. The current Iceland football logo really doesn't represent Iceland to me. It looks generic and uninspiring to me: And watching them during the EURO this year was really special. It was just an amazing underdog story, and seeing the team be so close to their fans was also very remarkable. Now pretty much everyone knows about the 'Viking Clap", and how much Iceland is associated with vikings. So I tried to make a badge that fitted such a theme. Basically, I used a traditional viking combat shield as a base and slapped some elements of the current logo on it. Comments and critique appreciated.
  19. Making concepts for a made up International American Football League(IAFL). There will be divisions of countries with four, five, or six countries each. Map: Teams By Divition (click on helmet for uniform) British Isles England Ireland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales North America Canada Greenland Mexico USA Caribbean I Cuba Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico Europe West Austria Belgium France Germany Nederlands Switzerland Here is the first division: British Isles. It Contains England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. First team is Scotland Home Away Alternate Leave feedback and requests for countries and divisions.
  20. For about the past month, I have been developing a new type of sport. I wanted this sport to still have the feel of standardized football, but with interesting twists. I having a good understanding of American Football, and after watching Canadian Football, I looked at and liked the differences between the two. The idea of creating a third separate, but similar type of football popped into my head. Thus, I created Independent Football. I originally was going to use Rogue Football as the sport name, but I felt as though it was too cheesy and fell on the same level as the XFL. Now for the overview of Independent Football: My vision of Independent Football is for it to be a "Run First" Priority sport. Sure everyone gets a burst of excitement when an 80 yard rainbow throw is tossed down the field, but the real excitement happens in the trenches. Tough, hard nosed, downhill running is essential to football's success. In short, there is a high emphasis on "Small Ball" In this new sport, a player can still throw a pass, but the limit per throw is 20 yards at the Point-of-Catch (POC). For example, if a player catches a pass 21 yards from the line of scrimmage, it is considered illegal and results in a 5 yard penalty. However, if a player catches a pass 10 yards from the line of scrimmage and continues 11 yards before being tackled, that is considered legal. Typically, a lot of direct hand-offs, pitches, and reverse plays are present in playbooks. For passing plays, once a player hits 20 yards downfield, they must cut back towards the play to be eligible. If a receiver does not return to the play within the 20 yards, a 10 yard penalty will be enforced at the spot of the foul. On, the defensive side of the ball, 46, 4-4, 5-2, 5-3, and heavy blitz schemes are usually heavily implemented. Basic Game Play: - Played on a 120 yd x 55 yd (360 ft x 165 ft) field - Three 18 Minute Periods (3 minute warning before end of each period) - Each team is granted 2 timeouts (1 minute each) & 1 challenge per period - 4 downs to advance ball (beginning with 1st & 15) - One 6 minute overtime period in event of a regulation tie Each team is given 3 minutes to score and win the game. If a team only uses 2:00 to attempt to score and elects to punt with 1:00 remaining, said team can use the leftover time to score if the other team is unable to score within 3 minutes. There are no timeouts given to teams in overtime. Personnel: - 22 players on-field (11 offense 11 defense) -Significant Players- - 2 Slotbacks (Offense) - 1 Superback (Offense) - 4 Rovers (Defense) Player Definitions: Slotback- Designated "Angle" or "L" formation restriction. - Point "A" Line of scrimmage between TE & WR - Point "B" Between TE & WR 5 yards behind line of scrimmage parallel to Superback - Point "C" Backfield. Positioning in backfield changes per offensive formation. Superback- Used to (in no particular order of importance), run the ball, throw the ball, receiving (wildcat formation), blocking (receiver reverses). Rover- Name given to Outside Linebackers and Safeties who can be swapped interchangeably to promote hybrid players Scoring: - 6 points via touchdown - 1 point via PAT - 2 points via 2 pt conversion - 3 points via field goal - 4 points via conversion inside 15 yard line 4th Downs inside the 15 yard line will be limited to either a Field Goal or 4-pt conversion. Whichever the offense elects is necessary. Any score achieved from the offense's own goal line to the defense's 16 yard line regardless of down will be considered a Touchdown (6 Points) or Field Goal (3 Points). Realistically, inside the 15 yard line, the offense only has 3 downs to score a TD. It may seem odd that a team can only opt for a max of 4 points on 4th Down inside the 15 yard line, but it puts a sense of urgency into the offense to score a touchdown in 3 downs. Suggestions and questions are always welcome. The first league to be created after adopting the rules of this new sport- The Independent Football Alliance The new league will consist of 12 teams. 4 East 4 Central 4 West. 9 cities granted franchises in the United States and 3 cities granted franchises in Canada. I have already given 6 American cities franchises. They are as followed: Florida Travelers (Tampa Bay, Florida) Reasoning behind name: Florida is a huge tourist destination. Colorado Snow-Caps (Denver, Colorado) Reasoning behind name: A reference to both the Rocky Mountains and The United States Air Force influence in the state. Maryland Oaks (Baltimore, Maryland) Reasoning behind name: The White Oak is the state tree. Kansas City Flames (Kansas City, Missouri) Reasoning behind name: A reference to the famous "Kansas City Barbecue" Utah Gray-Cats (Salt Lake City, Utah) Reasoning behind name: Utah is home to the Lynx/Bobcat Dallas-Fort Worth Americans (Dallas, Texas) Reasoning behind name: Texas is commonly referred to as "The Most American State" Newly Granted Franchises via Voting: American Franchises (Conference Alignment): Minnesota Pauls (Central) Chicago 66ers (East) Sacramento Rush (West) Canadian Franchises (Conference Alignment): Winnipeg Lakers (Central) Toronto, Ontario (Name Pending)(East) Vancouver Spirits (West) Team logo sets will consist of a Primary/Helmet Logo, Secondary, and a Crest logo to be worn on left chest of uniforms.
  21. Back in October, I started my "Yet Another" series of concepts by doing a crossover thread in which I made football team out of current MLB teams. It was fun and probably my most successful thread on these boards with the NHL Crossover and NFL Series threads right behind. Fast forward almost nine months and I've decided to update each and every one of the concepts. Instead of adding on to the old thread and having you all dig through almost 7 pages of now-broken links, I will re-post them using my new Nike Vapor Untouchable template, featuring pants options and more-detailed helmets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Without further ado, the first team "up to bat" is the... ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS: Home: Away: Alternate: Blackout: Throwback: Suggestions: Outline helmet logo in turquoise on primaries, use proper throwback font. NOTES I decided to start with Arizona because Anaheim is just a simple template change and the D-Backs had more to work with. I wasn't able to recreate the actual diamond/gradient pattern that the team uses, so I settled for a basic gradient. The helmet, jerseys, and pants all feature a gradient. The D-Snake logo appears on the helmet and the pants options feature the thin cut-off stripe. The Throwback was obvious as it's based on their inaugural set. This time I made the pants and helmet shiny & copper. C&C is appreciated. Anaheim is on deck!
  22. Just in time for the Euro i managed to get this template out would love to hear your feedback!, the template is Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated, for Total Control over the final look of the Design.. DOWNLOAD PSD TEMPLATE
  23. NFL has set up a new experimental league in Europe. Many of the major soccer clubs got in on the action and bought an NFL team... these are there uniforms! In this fictional and experimental league the NFL has started to test out the idea of ads on the uniforms as well as different uniform suppliers (if I can find the templates), as well as adding more colored uniforms for more color vs color matchups. PSG HomeAway Manchester City Home Away Barcelona Home Away ADDITIONS ROMA REAL MADRID BAYERN MUNICH MANCHESTER UNITED TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR WEST HAM UNITED INTER MILAN ARSENAL ATLETICO MADRID
  24. As most of you know America became independent in 1776, but what if they had never became independent? This concept series will take place in college football, REAL college football, meaning that because of the USA's British rule the tradition of football (soccer) carried over and is the dominant college sport in America. So here's the first one, university of Georgia FC (sponsored by local Georgia company Aflac) I will be doing requests for specific D-1 colleges of the concept gets rolling
  25. Playing around with the USA National Soccer Kit. I can't stand what Nike has done the last few design cycles. The best kit they ever did was the centennial design. It was simple, clean, and actually used our colors! I took the current redesigned logo and integrated it into a similar design to the centennial look. To distinguish us from everyone else I went with the striped socks to reflect "Old Glory". No neon color accents, no Popsicle stripes, and no black.