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  1. My first project of the summer - for the Brookwood Warriors of Thomasville, GA - for use across the entire athletic program:
  2. Im new here and I'm trying to find this Georgia Bulldog Vector Template. I am trying to help my 13 year old son with a project for 4-H. I am not sure if I'm even in the right place, but thank you so much
  3. Hey everyone! Since the Euros are underway, I decided to get in the spirit and create some artistic posters for some of the teams, kinda how ESPN did. Here's my one for France, the team I'm supporting, and the hosts. If you want to see a certain team just ask.
  4. Hey guys! Been awhile since I posted a concept. I've been busy finishing up college and while I was there, I was inspired to go back to my roots. I attended York College of Pennsylvania and they have never had a football team. During my time at YCP, I often herd students ask "What if our school had football?" This project took that question and gave York the full Nike treatment with custom uniforms and helmets. Each set has interchangeable pants with three jersey options. The green jersey is the main home, the white is the away, and the black is the alternate. Each jersey includes a patch with the Capital Athletic Conference logo as well as the pants. The "P" shaped logo is for my graphic design identity, Pigmentum. You can check it out here. Let me know what you think! It may be a little while before I can make any adjustments but I'm happy to hear what everyone has to say. HOME ROAD ALTERNATE
  5. As some of you may know, the Iowa Barnstormers are an arena football team that plays in the Indoor Football League after playing in the Arena Football League & AF2 since 2001. Before that was a separate franchise by the same name that played from 1995 to 2000 with some dude named Kurt Warner at the helm before relocating to New York and becoming the Dragons. During the original team's run from 1995-2000, the Barnstormers used the following logo as an alternate mark representing, well, a Barnstormer, or a Baron, if you will: While making concepts for an alternate history series based on the Arena Football League (which, like the AFL, seems to be a lost cause), I reached the Barnstormers and thought that their current primary featuring the winged roundel and the biplane seemed a little dated. So I decided to update "Mr. Iowa" up there^^, and the result was this: So let me know what you guys think. While a full Arena series may not get off the ground, I had a lot of fun updating this guy and thought that it was too good not to share it. So let me know what you guys think!
  6. Whoops. My bad. Nothing to see here
  7. What's up with metallic colors being dull the past few years, especially in football? Also, what's up with regular colors (purple, black, yellow, blue) being given matte finishes in football helmets? Are the two trends really one and the same? Personally I don't much care for either.
  8. here is the logo thanks to @JPDesign for digitalizing it and here is the home uni the away uni and the helmet
  9. This has been a long time in the making and when I started this project there hadn't been an NFL redo on here for a while, so I thought what the heck, I'll give this a shot after I went back and took a look at some of my previous NFL concepts and saw how boring and honestly sloppy most of them were. With this concept I challenged myself to think outside the box and go farther that either throwing back to a previous look or just a simple uniform recolor. The most challenging part of this project was working with the handful of team logos that I completely redesigned. I also did some color changes and updates as well. With the logos, I was going for something that was bold, instantly recognizable and captured the essence of the team well. The Logos: Click for Full Size The Uniforms: The uniforms will be presented one at a time in alphabetical order every other day or so. I created my own jersey and pant template. I also tweaked the template as needed to fit the design of any one particular team. I did not want the design of the uniform to be hindered by the template. Each team will be presented in what I have designated as their primary home and away uniforms. I opted to go without alternates because I believe that if each uniform is going to be worn a maximum of 8 times throughout the season, it should be your best look that doesn't need to "supplemented" by a third jersey or multiple helmets. Okay, well thanks for taking a look at this and I would love to hear what you think about the new logos. The Arizona Cardinals' uniforms will be up tomorrow and feel free to offer any C&C because I would love to hear what everyone thinks but I can't promise I will change anything before every team is out there. Thanks a lot for taking the time to take a look. I really appreciate it.
  10. This is take 2 for my fictional soccer league. My country is called Dannia, has a population of 18 million, and is around the size of Finland. The League's 10 teams will be based in 5 main cities, with Kabana, the capital, being the home of 6 clubs. League Logo: (this means 'super league'' in Dannian) The first team will be up soon!
  11. The 2016/17 season is almost upon us, thought I'd make this thread now. Mods, feel free to lock this thread until the major international tournaments (e.g. Euro 2016 and Copa America) are finished.
  12. Hello everyone I have been working on a little project lately on turning NBA uniforms into football uniforms, using the Nike Match Speed template and A Riddell Speedflex template. I will try to complete all 30 NBA teams + the Sonics. I will use monochrome for each uniform, just like the NBA should be. (Atlanta) I also will go in alphabetical order by team name (not location), like NBA2K does. My first transforation is for the Philadelphia 76ers. Their uniforms are fantastic, and I tried to keep a lot of the elements from the basketball uniforms onto the football uniforms.
  13. Hey guys, I have put together a master calendar of every single Copa America and UEFA Euro match in order by date with all times and American TV channels listed. Please feel free to check it out and download! Will be a great pal to have this summer to take you through the month and a half of great soccer! Personally, I'm getting this puppy printed up and laminated. Cheers! (external download) SummerSoccerCover.pdf (locally uploaded to CCSLC)
  14. Well I'm back. I've been away from this site for about two months and I've kinda just been looking at other fictional soccer leagues that I thought looked great. So I decided to try one out my self. Instead of last project being based off of Florida, this one is based entirely off of a completely made up country, Fortlaudia (named after my hometown Fort Lauderdale). I feel as I've failed to finish previous concepts because I was focusing more on the backstory instead of the actual design. So I decided to make something a little smaller than previous concepts so I can actually finish something for once. I apologize that the first set isn't using the new Nike template, but I finished that team before I saw Raysox release his NuSoccer template, so props to him for creating this beauty of a template. Without further adieu I present to you the Fortlaudian Premier League! So I've decided to do this league in pairs of fours, so since there's 16 clubs, I'll be posting new teams 3 other times. But I won't just post teams however. I plan on posting league tables (standings) every now and then, and toward the end of the project I'll post scores and a bracket for the Chevrolet FF Cup (League Cup). And once the winner of the league is announced at the very VERY end, I might make some "League Champions" designs and banners. Enough of the technical details, let me explain the backstory of the country and the league. Fortlaudia used to be a part of the empires France, Germany, and Spain, but a treaty had to be signed that the country's respective parts of Fortlaudia had to become part of that country. But in the 16th century, Fortlaudia managed to gain independence from all those countries, with the aid of England. At that point all the parts of the Fortlaudian area united and it became one large country. Many of the English who helped Fortlaudia gain freedom settled there and formed the province known as Bradford (named after the war commander who gave Fortlaudia independence, Charles Bradford). The French, German, and Spanish portions of Italy all picked up culture and language from their former rulers. The Spanish land became known as Costero which means coastal in Spanish. The German land became known as Flachland meaning flatland in German. And the French land became known as Lancier meaning Lancer in French, which is named after the English ruler who signed the treaty that brought the area to Fortlaudia, named Alexander Lancer. The Fortlaudian Premier League was formed in 1898 with only two clubs, who were both in Bradford known as AFC Bradford and Harold City. The two clubs eventually turned into two clubs that currently play in the league today, and by the 1900's four more clubs were added. Five clubs were based in Bradford and one based in Flachland. The league didn't add teams from Lancier or Costero until the 1940's, but they couldn't play due to World War II. The league went on hiatus for about 8 years until 1949, when it started to add many more teams. By the 60's there were 16 clubs in the league. By this time the UEFA Champions League had started, UEFA granted clubs from Fortlaudia entrance to it, and the top 3 finishers would qualify. by the early 70's the Europe League had started as well and the 4th and 5th place finishers would qualify for it. Despite being part of European competition and now having 16 clubs, the league lacked something: a league cup. So in 1978, the FF Cup (later sponsored by Chevrolet) was founded. Several clubs immediately came out as favorites to win it with strong performances in that each year, even if some failed to win the league (*cough cough* Arsenal). By the 90's world class players were brought to the clubs and the FPL became recognized as the 6th largest league in Europe behind the BPl, Bundesliga, Liga BBVA, Serie A, and Ligue 1. Well that's everything folks, hope you enjoy my new series as I know I will. COUNTRY MAP
  15. I decided I wanted to do a MLB helmets concept. Here is the AL and NL East divisions. Notes: If the logo or helmet is half and half, there are two helmets/decals. Not following NFL helmet rule
  16. So we'd already had a glimpse of the new Premier League champions patch: But the league just confirmed it, as well as the patch the other nineteen clubs will be wearing: And yes, that background texture is baked in. Not a big fan. I don't mind the new lion head, but everything about this (except for the basic circular patch shape) is a downgrade. Even black would have been an improvement over the purple. I know that one of the points of the new branding is their ability to constantly re-color, so maybe the purple will be temporary.
  17. This is what I think the Alouettes need, considering their jerseys. The current ones are a mess and I really don't wanna rant about how sth that messy and unprofessional can be assigned and left for years untouched, to a great big team like the Montreal Alouettes. The design is simple, I kept the current team's colors, knocked out the silver from the pants, and only left it on the helmet. I was inspired by their 1974 unis, that they rocked for 6-7 years, seen here as a throwback: Anyway, this is the concept, tell me what you think. Home: Away:
  18. Hi guys sorry to be a burden and ask for one more thing but im looking for template for the sports i listed in the tags thanks!
  19. BACKSTORY: This is something that was originally for my NHL-to-Football crossover series. It's a throwback for the Pittsburgh Penguins to their inaugural season. Since this is for a football concept, I needed to change up the team's original primary logo from a hockey-playing penguin to a football-playing penguin. So that lead to me creating this: With this being a throwback, I needed to create a uniform, which lead to me making this, based on their inaugural uniform set: I had so much fun with this, I created a corresponding white jersey: Hope you all enjoy it! C+C is appreciated, as always.
  20. This thread is for any suggestions, ideas, or recommendations, you have for a new NCAA Football game. This includes any game features you'd like to see added, changed, or deleted.
  21. Hey Everybody i was watching a Texas a&m baseball game and we where wearing these jerseys Well it reminded me of the Aggie's Uniforms in the 1980's for football and thought wouldn't it look good if they went back to that. Then i realized that Adidas would likely f that up so i thought maybe A&M should just switch so here is my final product
  22. TJSC

    LA Rams Wallpapers

    Decided to make some LA Rams wallpapers for fun. Constructive criticism is welcome, and you may use them for your phones, computers, etc. If you wish to use these in public works (articles, videos, websites,) please give me credit.
  23. Hola everyone! I've been roaming around the Creamer boards for a little bit to see all the great concepts that everyone is putting out. I thought I'd get in on the action around here and post my first ever concept here on the Creamer boards. I decided to update the Portland Steel AFL team brand and overall design aesthetic. I wasn't too keen on the logo they unveiled a few months ago and thought that it could use some work. I ditched the knight icon for something a bit more appropriate, using instead an actual steel working illustration. I did however like the original colors so I didn't deviate far from that combo. Anywho, comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you'd like to see more goodies from this project, check out the full presentation HERE
  24. I am trying out a new concept for fantasy football league and need your CC on this new idea that combines Pop Warner football with Warner Bros. Entertainment in a hybrid league that I call the "Pop Warner Bros. FFL" or the PWBFFL. I will start with the league logo. I took the following two logos and came up with this for the league logo/shield. Let me know what you think of this concept. One thing that I might tweak is the top of the shield. Do you think the tiered look on the top of the Warner Bros. logo is a better choice than the one I have now? I like the format on ESPN that is called the League Manager edition. It allows me to do some nice graphic work for LM Notes League Standings, Owner Profiles, and League Trophies. If all goes well I can have the 12 team league up an going this fall. If you are a fantasy football fanatic and are familiar with ESPN let me know if you want in. It will be for fun only no money involved. I just have to have you PM me your email address and team choice. There will be no duplicates and Team Tazz is already taken. First responses will have the best chance of getting their choice of team (Must be a Looney Tune character) Here is the avatar that I will use for my team. I will use this same format with a Looney Tunes background on all helmet avatars. Hope to hear from you soon because I would like to do a live draft around the 3rd week of the preseason. If I don't hear from you I guess I will put this on the back burner for a different time. Thanks for the extra set of eyes.
  25. If you weren't at East Carolina's Purple-Gold Spring game (with free barbecue before the game) about midway through halftime, or don't regularly look at their website, you may have missed a very important announcement in the world of stadium designs. East Carolina is renovating the Southside (original) part of Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium and it will be done by the time we play North Carolina A&T on Sep.1 2018. Watch the video: Read the article