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  1. New England a while back was going to get a LFL team called the new england euphoria, A team was also assembled and ready to go but then it got axed. The way the league us now is better and I would love to see a LFL team here in NE in the future. Here's a concept I came up... The New England Glory. I hate how the eyes look and I know it needs some touching up but I want some feedback if im headed in the right direction and what should be improved. Keep in mind this is just a WORK IN PROGRESS.
  2. Recently it was announced that the Arena Football League will be expanding to Washington DC for the 2017 season and I thought it could be fun to get some ideas flowing on what this team could eventually be called and what potential logos could look like. The team owners are the same group that own the Wizards, Mystics, and Capitals so that might be something to keep in mind about them. The two names I've heard/thought of that I like the best for the team are the Washington Maul, which I read in a Washington newspaper article online, and one I thought of that seems perfect for Arena Football; the Washington Insiders. While I really like both names I had some issues thinking of good logos, but I thought I'd share what I thought of and see if anyone has any ideas for improvements. Feel free to share your ideas on these or post your own names/logos! This was my first thought for the Washington Maul; it's based off a commemorative Centennial Ax that was made in honor of George Washington's election as President (he's known chopping down a cherry tree as a kid). The axe-head shape is based off a pentagon, and the obelisk in the oval is in honor of the Washington Monument in the National Mall at Washington. Here's my first thought for the Insiders. I've found that many 'insider' logos usually have 'In' inside of some sort of box or thought cloud or something so I decided to go along those same lines for this. I chose a pentagon as the outer shape in reference to Washington's Pentagon. It creates a cleaner, more simplistic logo that I think would actually stand out pretty well among other AFL logos.
  3. fouhy12

    LA Rams Concept

    This is my concept for the newly-moved LA Rams. I brightened up the team's identity by going back to a traditional yellow instead of gold, and I made this the primary color. The uniform design is a modern take on the throwbacks that are so loved.
  4. The bigs European soccer clubs sometimes talk about to play an European soccer league and leave the Domestic Leagues. What teams do you think can make that European League? Please, explain your answer, many thanks. For me, the 20 choosen clubs must to have some criteria: -Stadium with more than 40.000 capacity -Being in a city with more 500.000 people. -Having a good market (nationally and internationally) So: 1 Real Madrid 2 Barcelona 3 Atlético de Madrid 4 Milan 5 Internazionale 6 Juventus 7 Arsenal 8 Chelsea 9 Manchester United 10 Olympiacos 11 Liverpool 12 Paris Saint Germain 13 Olympique de Marseille 14 Bayern München 15 Borussia Dortmund 16 Ajax 17 Benfica 18 Galatasaray 19 Spartak Moskva 20 Zenit (with the new Piter Arena)
  5. A design of Ryan Switzer I put together. Im adding one with and without text to get feedback on both! I normally use the site to get actual feedback on my designs even though most of the threads are concept uniforms I like to design a little every now and then
  6. While im a big New England Patriots fan living in Rhode Island all my life its still nice to see that LA has finally got the Rams back where they belong. Here's a little concept I decided to make seeing as how the team will be switching uniforms in the 2019 season.
  7. Hello. A while back, I had a concept that I never finished. Now, I'm redoing it. As with my first version, one helmet applies here and some teams will have nicknames to fit with the sport. As for the expansion teams, I'm undecided for LAFC and AtlU, but I will be doing one for Minnesota, since they have a previous incarnation to draw from and there will be ones for the Mutiny, Fusion and Chivas as well and ones for Sporting, FCD and the Red Bulls' previous incarnations. C/C please. Template Credits: ADW77 Eastern Conference Chicago Fire: Home, Away, Alternate Columbus Crew (SC): Home, Away, Alternate V.1 | Home, Away, Alternate V.2 D.C. United: Home, Away, Alternate Old badge | Home, Away, Alternate New badge Montreal Impact: Home, Away, Alternate New England Revolution: Home, Away, Alternate New York City Bluebirds (New York City FC): Home, Away, Alternate New York Red Bulls: Home, Away, Alternate Orlando City SC (Orlando City Lions): Home, Away, Alternate Philadelphia Union: Home, Away, Alternate Toronto FC Western Conference Colorado Rapids: Home, Away, Alternate Dallas Toros (FC Dallas): Home, Away, Alternate Houston Dynamo: Home, Away, Alternate Kansas City Wizards (Sporting Kansas City): Home, Away Alternate LA Galaxy: Home, Away, Alternate Portland Timbers: Home, Away, Alternate Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Vancouver Whitecaps FC Expansion Minnesota United Legacy/Throwbacks Tampy Bay Mutiny Miami Fusion Dallas Burn Kansas City Wiz New York/New Jersey Metrostars
  8. We're officially just one year away from MLS in Atlanta! I decided to post an idea for the soccer kit, or soccer shirt really, for Atlanta United FC. The concepts are based on the 2016 Adidas design being used in the MLS this season. Any constructive feedback is welcome.
  9. It's about time for my beloved Falcons to get a new look. And by new look I mean go back to when our logo and helmet was the best thing going in the NFL even if our team wasn't.
  10. It is no secret that sports fans are into the concept of the throwback, so some rich investprs decided to fund a football league based on this concept. The Old-School Gridiron Football League throws back to a simpler time when football wasn't dominated by 300lb giants, and great players could do it all. In the OGFL, players play on both sides with limited substitution, so they have to be more athletic. Also, the rounder ball from the early days of American football is used making the drop kick a more important play. Gone is the spread with only one player allowed split 8 yards past the tackle, as are the punt formation and prevent with backs not allowed deeper than 8 yards on either side of the ball. Dropped kicks are worth 4 points while place kicks are only worth 2. Teams must go for two after a touchdown, and fair catch doesn't exist. The equipment used is based on that of the early days of football but made more safe thanks to modern materials. The first team we will be introducing are the Kalamazoo Yankees. They get their name from the "Yankee" farmers that inhabited the area in the 1800s coming from New England. They use the Single wing formation and are led by Tailback/Linebacker Bradley Fischl.
  11. Good day everyone, Ive wanted to post on this website for a long time. Im not the best at creating concepts (logos or jersey's) so I thought I would go a different route. I will be doing custom Avatars and Backgrounds (wallpapers) upon request. I have 2 test images below. The first being my favourite Soccer teams AS Roma and Tottenham Hotspurs with my favourite players Daniele De Rossi and Harry Kane. That one is an Avatar or Profile Picture. Next, is my girlfriend and my younger brothers favourite Hockey teams, the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks, with their favourite players Jeff Carter and Patrick Kane. This is a Background and Wallpaper. So to get a custom one comment what teams and players you want. It can be any sport, team or player. It can be one team image and 3 players, it can be 4 players, it can be 4 teams, it can be half and half or whatever your little heart desires! if you want specific images please leave them in your comment! I hope you enjoy and Thank you!
  12. Hey guys, so this is my 2nd thread and my 2nd posting high school redesigns. My other one didn't go well becuase I took on too many projects than I could finish. Learned from that mistake and now have everything finished. This year my old high school will be getting a new turf field which the all powerful Nike has given a lot of money towards. In return, all teams have to have Nike uniforms, backpacks, shoes, socks, undershirts, waterbottles, etc. In getting ready for the Nike Takeover I decided to Nike-fy some of the teams and I have finished football, basketball, baseball, and boys volleyball. I also updated the old logo to a modern looking logo but all that can be read in the Nike Press releases I'm doing. I've also made some promotional posters just to hype everyone up for the Nike Takeover. Hope you guys'll enjoy. OLD LOGO: NEW LOGO: NIKE PRESS RELEASE: "The new era at Appleton North has arrived with a redesigned logo on the iconic "A+N+L+Lightning Bolt" Logo that has been shown throughout the Fox Valley and the State of Wisconsin for 20 years now with teams being successful and many going all the way to State and winning State Championships. The new logo encompasses all the attributes of the old logo but now appears less bulky and more fast as it encompasses the speed of a flash of lightning. This logo will make athletes feel fast while looking down at it on the court, in the stands, or on their jerseys. Athletes will proudly show off this logo as it is the first Nike Redesigned high school logo in the state of Wisconsin. The new font encompasses the strike of a lightning bolt as in the "N" but the sophistication that is Appleton North High School." My Explanation: I added notches on the A and N to make it seem faster and less bulky. The font is Rainbow Warriors Regular which will be the official font. Thanks to Conrad for that. He always does a great job. I'll be posting some promotional posters later on and then jerseys. C&C is appreciated as always and especially on this becuase this is my first time creating a logo. It should've taken me a few hours but took me a few days. Thanks guys.
  13. and I'm back with a new template the Abstract Fields are 3 scenes for photoshop, to add a 3D depth to your sports edits, photography, and designs, With Total control over Every aspect. Change the Colors of the Grass field, BasketBall Court, and The Hockey Rink, with one Click, Pick from 4 Backgrounds, and turn on/off the background light as they are on a different layer, all delivered in Ultra 4K resolution! GET THE PSD's
  14. coachpap

    Logo Redesign

    I hope this won't get deleted, I am looking for some help from this great community. I have admired your work as a browser for a long time. I have a website, that has a bunch of free playbooks and I post some coaching articles from time to time. I am looking for a logo re-design and I figured I would turn to the experts. I worked with some people on to try to help me, but none of the designs were good. At. All. I have copied the current logo here and you can look at the site to get a feel for it. I am up for anything. The colors have worked for me, but you may have a better idea of the colors you want to go with. I am fine with changing everything. I would be willing to pay for this, but I do not have a big budget as I make about break even off of the site now. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank You! Coach Pap
  15. I've been working on some artwork for my mancave area that is going to have a geek/jock theme going on and I thought I would share it with you all. Some of these I'm happier with than others but I'm pretty happy with them all overall. Admittedly there is more manipulating of images than from-scratch drawing but it took a good deal of effort to get these images to where they are now. Hope you enjoy! Captain America Helmet in front of Avengers Complex Iron Man Helmet in the Armory Thor's Helmet in Asgard TARDIS Helmet in Gallifrey For a podcast I am a fan of, Welcome to Nightvale And finally what it could be like if Football were to be combined with Portal (which incidentally would be an AMAZING video game I think, haha).
  16. i decided to create a football uniform concept for the university of New Orleans first up the away uniform
  17. Little something I've been working on for this upcoming canadian premier league that's been rumoured. not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with the concept.
  18. H11K

    Olympia Orcas

    I just applied to be an owner on the NCFA league! And heres my conceptual team, The Olympia University Orcas, using a navy and orange color scheme.
  19. Hello everyone !!!!!! After a "rather large amount of days" (I do not know how many exactly), I decided to "resurrect" this topic. But why was "dead"? Well .. I stopped publishing my concepts here because I got a job .... In a sports uniforms manufacturer !! As a designer !!!!!!!! Actually, as an intern, but it's something ... However, with the long holiday of Carnaval, came back the desire to create uniforms, and to finish this series. I will use a Nike template ( "contour" only.. The rest will be 100% Kochak Sports ), with some modifications. But this is temporary because my definitive template will be based on the uniform of the team for which (one day) I will play as offensive lineman ( Short guys can do it to !! In Brazil, at least.... ).. Till next post !!! UPDATE ( 9 / 32 ) : Browns Rams Cardinals Dolphins 49ers Redskins Giants Jaguars Buccaneers VIKINGS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OLD PRESENTATION TEXT Hello everyone ( or Saudações Senhores, if you prefer ) ! My name is Kochak, "owner" of, and I plan to post here some of my work related to football, especially the ones that I made based on Max O'Brien logos. I speak english, but unfortunately I don't write "publicly", in a mix of fear and shame... So, blame Google for any mistakes !! I'll use the translated version of the original text on the blog, and try to adapt some jokes and puns.. Or not... Feel free to comment and point out things you like, things you don't , and even the things you'd wish they were there.. Have a good read, Till next post !
  20. Hey guys, so I have been working on creating a fictional semi-pro football league. Before I show you my first uniform concept you need to know some background about the league Information The AWFL is a Semi-Professional American Football league headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The AWFL currently holds 2 conferences and 10 teams. The AWFL's players were the helmet of there college alumni. Team Location Stadium Type National Conference Quad City Shamrocks Moline, IL ESPN Stadium Air Out Harrisburg Patriots Harrisburg, PA Metro Bank Park Smashmouth Hampton Roads Cutters Norfolk, VA Dick Price Stadium Strong Defense Manchester Primaries Manchester, NH Gill Stadium Strong Offense Boston Federals Boston, MA Harvard Stadium Strong Defense American Conference Los Angeles Surf Los Angeles, CA LASC Stadium Smashmouth Portland Empire Portland, OR Providence Park Air Out Lakewood Steel Lakewood, CO Jeffco Stadium Balanced Amarillo Copperheads Amarilla, TX Dick Blivins Stadium Strong Offense Las Vegas Brawlers Las Vegas, NV Sam Boyd Stadium Smashmouth I will be releasing new concepts over the course of the week and so on. So here is the first concept - Quad City Shamrocks
  21. What if New Balance signs a league contract with the MLS.
  22. Looking through Paint Users Paradise I found a football jersey template I made a few college football concepts. Alabama Simple design for the Tied. Can't change much. Added "Roll Tide" to back collar and sublined Alabama flag to the sleeves. Next up is Bama's runner up!
  23. After seeing the Columbus Crew 'interesting' secondary kits, I've decided to do some quick concepts. Me personally, they should have left the banana kits alone, they were perfect. But for this season, they are gone . Now Introducing Concepts: 1st kit - Ohio Pride. Because the state flag of Ohio is awesome. 2nd kit - Checkerboard. Since the checkerboard is on their logo and their fan base incorporates the checkerboard onto everything. 3rd kit - Canary Kit. 4th kit - White Kit. No commentary needed for these kits. As always feel free to give feedback and I will answer questions whenever I can!
  24. Guys, "another one!" .. hope you like it .. Went with colorfull, sleek and simple look. Let's here it?
  25. I don't know why, but I was thinking about the film "The Sum of All Fears" today. Not really for the story, but for a scene in the film. If you recall, the villains of the film plant a nuclear bomb at the film's version of a Super Bowl (held in Baltimore of all places). The result is a stadium (and city) of dead fans and players. Now the morbid side of me could't help but think how such an event would play out in real life. We know that the Super Bowl has very tight security, but things slip thought. Like that idiot after Super Bowl XLVIII. So I want to construct a scenario based on the film and apply it to next year's Super Bowl to ask the following questions. To be sure, this is speculative fiction and not meant to be taken any other way. I'm really curious on how the NFL could possibly handle a "doomsday scenario". Here is the scenario as follows: Super Bowl LI is being held in Houston (home of the Texans) next year. For the sake of argument, let's say that the Patriots and the Cowboys make it to the big game. Again, just for the sake of argument. Further, terrorists detonate a nuclear device and... that's all she wrote. I'm curious as to the fall out (no pun intended) that the NFL would have to go though and what would happen. Consider that if such a situation would happen you would have the elimination of two football teams, an NFL stadium, and NFL training facility (as the Texans' facility is right across the street), the possibly elimination of the Texans themselves, leading NFL personal such as the commissioner, owners, and everyone else who shows up. Also, not just the players but the personal that help run the franchise from the GM to the video guy and ball boys, and countless others that help the NFL operate. Given all that I mentioned, what does the NFL do after that? Would the NFL continue after that? If so, what would happen to the franchises of the Patriots, Cowboys, and Texans? You have three franchises, two of which are ingrained in football lore and history, do you shut down operations all together or do you star over? Would it be "fair" that Dallas loses a franchise because of this situation, or would that be exactly what happens? What about the leadership of the NFL, like the commissioner, owners, and other personal. Who takes over when everyone in the front office is gone and everyone in the Patriots organization is gone? While a scenario like this would be on par as that of 9/11 and would be a tragedy for the country, you do have to wonder what about the NFL itself and what would happen. I don't think that the film nor the book addressed what the fictional football league did to recover form something like this, but what would the NFL do in a situation like this you think? Again, this is meant a speculative fiction so let's limit responses to answering the question and please be tasteful.