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  1. Hello my friends, I hve decided to create a development league for the NFL. Each team will have one team in a different city. I will create logos and uniforms for all teams. I might end up doing a season or two (depending how popular this gets). Anyways shoot me feedback! Here's a map of relocation: Atlanta; Birmingham Baltimore; Annapolis New England; Providence Buffalo; Toronto Charlotte; Columbia Chicago; Springfield Cincinnati; Columbus Cleveland; Canton Dallas; Oklahoma City Denver; Salt Lake City Detroit; Grand Rapids Indianapolis; Louisville Jacksonville; Tallahassee Kansas City; Wichita Miami; Nassau Green Bay; Milwaukee Minnesota; Fargo Tennessee; Little Rock New Orleans; Jackson NY Jets; Hartford NY Giants; Albany Oakland; Reno Philadelphia; Reading Arizona; Albuquerque Pittsburgh; Morgantown St. Louis; Des Moines San Diego; Los Angeles San Francisco; Sacramento Seattle; Portland Tampa; Orlando Washington; Richmond Houston; Austin
  2. Starting my first ever thread. NCAA Football "Elements" Uniform Concepts. @alksports on instagram First up: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Please leave feedback and requests!
  3. Okay, so like everyone on the board I like to make concepts using the various templates. It is my dream to see my concepts in reality, and with that chance being slim, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Without further ado, my attempts at bringing some concepts to reality with Photoshop. C&C welcome, on the uniforms and the Photoshop job. First up, not really a concept I made, but a current uniform combination I want to see. That being the Powder Blue helmets over the Navy Jersey and Grey Pants. Up until now, the Rebs have only worn Powder Blue with Red or White/Red Jerseys, and I for one would love to see the next combo. Let's call it a throwback. Then my modern version: Up next, a couple of my own concepts, the first being the standard Navy Helmet, only with a Grey Facemask in order to tie in the Grey Pants and give them a vintage, old school look. This is meant to be the full time Navy Helmet, giving both helmet options a Grey mask. The next two are also just concepts (Sorry I will be using the same photo, if that is bothersome). The first one is a Navy version of a Colonel Reb Throwback Helmet, and the second is just the Powder Blue counterpart. We can call them the "Archie Era" throwbacks. And the concepts: C&C Please!
  4. I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. My fantasy football league is looking for a new logo. I'm stuck between the two of these. I need help picking the one that looks the best. A little background about the logo. First, I wanted to do some sort of shield logo. Second, my high school mascot is the wolverines. So, I wanted to incorporate that in the logo too. I used the Michigan style helmet with my high school colors. Please let me know which one is better or if I should scrap the whole thing and start over. Thanks! 1. 2.
  5. Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker here but I've never really gotten around to posting for myself until now. In honor of Oklahoma State's 125th anniversary, I recently ran a project where, week by week, I would recreate a football uniform from the school's past using the modern Mach Speed template and do a (sometimes brief, sometimes not) writeup on the period that uniform was from. After I'd finished the series, a friend of mine suggested that I share the project here as well since you all might enjoy it, and since then I've been contemplating the best way to go about that. I didn't want to just dump the whole thing in a single post here as it'd definitely come out as a mess, but it also didn't make sense to hold them week in and week out when you can just view the entire finished series elsewhere, so I think the best middle ground I found was to just post them one by one in this thread every couple of days with the original writeups included. So, with that, here's my original first entry: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first pick is one that I don't see brought up often for any reason other than the helmet: the 1967-1968 home set, featuring the Bronc Rider in all its glory. (click for fullsize) The '67 and '68 squads weren't particularly notable in terms of performance, chalking up 4-5-1 and 3-7 seasons along with an upset of #3 ranked Colorado, but this set is significant for featuring a number of firsts for Oklahoma State. Although the Bronc Rider was likely in use at the university as early as 1942 and was used by various other sports and organizations on campus, these two seasons mark the only time that the logo has ever appeared anywhere on an OSU football uniform (the sole exception being a fauxback helmet in 2014). The Bronc Rider was also the first logo or brand to ever be used on an Oklahoma State helmet, with past years (and even the first games of the '67 season) simply featuring helmet numbers and/or striping. Finally, this uniform marks the first time that Oklahoma State wore an orange helmet since their days as OA&M; they would promptly return to white beginning in the 1969 season, dropping the Bronc Rider for a diagonal OSU design. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to spoil yourself on the full series, you can either view it here on or find the series on my Twitter account. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to posting the next entry soon!
  6. Hello everyone I wanted to start a new series because school is almost over and I felt like doing something. So I've always been intrigued with Ivy League Schools as of alot of people. The most prestigious schools in the nation. I felt like redesigning them. Now this will be a multi-sport thread with Football first, Basketball second and Baseball last (With other sports added in the future). So without any hesitation here it is. Brown Football
  7. Fresh off my mildly successful CFL thread, I'm back with the most challenging project I can think of: designing uniforms for every FCS team. I will be releasing half a conference per week. So lets kick this thing off with the Big Sky. Cal Poly Eastern Washington Idaho State Montana Montana State Northern Arizona Northern Colorado
  8. I really enjoyed the Logolympiad, it was so much fun to create logos of so many different types and uses. Now I've decided to post all my entries in this thread to receive some C/C. I've learnt a lot from all the amazing entries of the contest, especially if you think that my first entry was my first logo ever. Event 1 For the first LOGOLYMPIAD event this year, you must create an alternate logo for an active team from the National Basketball Association. The logo should be strong enough so that it could replace the current primary logo for the team. Use colors that are already part of the teams current color scheme. You can check colors on the Colorwerx website or on theTeamColors website. Do NOT add any more colors.Include the current primary logo in your submission as a reference. The primary logo should not take more than 150px by 150px on the template, as it is not the focus of the work here.I've decided to go with Las Angeles Clippers and with what the Clippers name says to me: sailing ships! the big C is similar to the current one but the LA logo should be seen as the sail of the the black ship. A thing I personally don't really like of this logo is that is not related to basketball, but as you know not all the sports logos have inside something referring to the sport they are representing, so I've decided not to add a basketball somewhere just not to overload the logo. I will continue with all the other entries...
  9. Hello all. I've been lurking on this board for awhile and finally did create an account a few months ago. Football is one of my passions and as a creative nerd I've been creating and developing fictional teams and leagues since I can remember. I'm a graphic designer/media team manager by trade and do mostly print materials for a local organization. For whatever reason I've always avoided Illustrator and I've been trying to change that recently. Similar to Veras and his AFA, I've been using football concepts as an excuse to learn it. Veras has kindly allowed me to use his uniform template for this project and I am simulating seasons in a similar manner (see his original post about the basic process) but it is in no way affiliated with his league concept. I'm a fledgling author and so this series will also focus on the storylines and people-side narratives of a league, particularly the owners and coaches. I chose 8-man football (which you can read about some differences here if you're curious) as the backdrop as it's a bit quirky and different and will certainly influence league decisions and player and coaching types. This will definitely be a learning experience as I've never really shared any design projects or even stories, so we'll see where it goes! I would appreciate feedback and C&C on all aspects of design and story and welcome questioning on process and idea. CREATING BRENLAND This idea began when I had a few uniform concepts that didn't fit any of the other fictional leagues that I have and so I ended up creating an entirely fictional world to feature a new league. I had been researching Wales at the time and so this fictional country of Brenland is heavily influenced by Welsh history and typography. Geographically, it does not replace any countries and basically stands alone as an independent country, but for imagination's sake, it is to be pretended that it exists in an area between the United Kingdom and southern France. The province and city names were all generated randomly using a linguistic country name generator and I kept all of the ones that seemed to go together. The people of Brenland will be similar to Wales/England and therefore have basic Euro-UK names, which are also just easier to use and keep up with! I don't want to focus too much on the fictional world but I am continuing to flesh out details as I go along. And also since this is a fictional world, later in the series I'll be able to forgo some of the typical uniform standards if necessary. Hopefully an entirely fictional country with weird names won't be too hard to follow! Map of Brenland BRENLAND EIGHT-MAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (BEFL)Below is a history of how the BEFL was formed: Prologue: 1940-1950 New fans have begun pronouncing the unusually long league name to a shortened "B-F-L" or elongating it to "Beff-uhl". The general feeling is that Mr. Regal struck gold on the league but missed the mark on the name, though fan support is still growing rapidly. (I have already simulated the first few seasons to get the general storylines going and will continue once I get caught up here) First League Logo: 1950 The league logo is a simple shield in black and white (another attempt by Mr. Regal to remain neutral) featuring an 8-point starburst and numeral 8 with the league initials and year of establishment below it. Teams and uniforms will be next along with the first season results.
  10. Some Oregon concepts for the Alamo Bowl. The program already released its new unis for the game, but I decided to take a stab at it. Put together a black, white, and apple green version. My Instagram account is @SulphurWing6. I have a lot more college and NFL concepts on it. Home: http:// Away: http:// Apple Green: http://
  11. So I'm a huge Giants fan, and I've never really been on board with their current road uniform. The thing about it that really bugs me is that blue is practically absent from the whole uniform, except for the helmet, which looks out of place because neither the jersey nor the pants have much blue on them at all. I don't understand why a team nicknamed "Big Blue" can have a home jersey that is all blue and a road jersey that has no blue on it whatsoever. So, I've made my own version of what I think the Giants should be wearing on the road. The concept mixes elements from their current road jersey, like the stripes on the sleeves, and from the one they wore from 2000 to 2004, like the blue collar and the red numbers w/ blue outline. As a fan, I believe this would be a big upgrade from what they are currently wearing. Let me know what you think.
  13. Simple, classic, and kelly green!!! Also, the striping is based off the 1980s striping, but I tweaked it and added a grey stripe to the bottom white stripe (green on the away). The lone white stripe felt odd. EDIT: Removed helmet stripe.
  14. Hey all, I go to Illinois State. Our logo is pretty awful, and Reggie the Redbird needs an upgrade. As I was watching us take the L to Richmond last night, I thought about how I could update him. I sketched up a little and put my work on my laptop using paint.NET. I would like some C&C because I feel there's more I can do with this, but I'm not sure what yet.
  15. Santiago Eagles Dominican Republic Uniform design
  16. After viewing countless concept threads over the years, I decided to start my own! This is my first try designing uniforms, so any tips are appreciated... first up is Arizona: Home: Away: I hate when people have to explain their work, but a few notes: - All whites have a faint twinge of orange cream (including helmet) - A member mentioned the concept of "wordmark:home::location:away"... loved it, implemented it! - Still working on an alternate! No end date in mind, but I'll try to post a team as often as I can
  17. The concept is basically this: SEC Baseball uniforms as an SEC Football Uniform. First up, Ole Miss: Just for fun.
  18. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted concepts here! The biggest issue I'd had in the past with posting here was not finishing the project I was working on. To fix this, I have already finished my designs for all 32 teams, and I'll be posting them here every couple days during the summer. Once all of the teams are posted, I'll go back and fix the designs according to your comments. I'd also like to keep this thread updated during the fall and winter by posting the uniform match ups for that week if my designs were actually in use. Also, keep in mind that I made changes to every team regardless of how I feel about their current uniform. A re-design is no fun if every team stays the same! Here's the template I'm using. It wasn't mine originally, but I made some changes to make it my own. Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Washington Redskins New Orleans Saints Jacksonville Jaguars Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Houston Texans Philadelphia Eagles Cincinnati Bengals St. Louis Rams San Diego Chargers Detroit Lions Pittsburgh Steelers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miami Dolphins Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders Seattle Seahawks New York Giants Cleveland Browns Minnesota Vikings New York Jets San Francisco 49ers Tennessee Titans Now, let's get to the good part! Up first, the Arizona Cardinals! I took inspiration from both the Northwestern stripes on the old road uniforms and the Arizona flag to create a relatively simple uniform that fits the Cardinals.
  19. So I decided to create a fictional country and soccer league as my new project. This is the 2nd fictional league that I have done, the first was a TX Super League which went well, so hopefully I get the same result with this concept. So the country is The Republic of Gedland, if you look at my profile name its not hard to figure out how I created the name for the country, and so the top league is the Gedlandian Premier League. So the country is an island with 18 cities/towns spread throughout the land. Each city has at least 1 team with two cities having two giving the league 20 teams. I went about names and locations based on my ancestry and background. So here is a map of the country along with state lines, and city locations/names. It also includes names for all the teams and their location. The league crest is a shield broken into three parts: the sky, the dog, and the ground. the league crest color changes with each team, and the dog is pointing ahead with a soccer ball at its feet The entire leagues kits are made by nike
  20. This is my first ever concept so C&C is appreciated. The high school I coach at has navy blue and vegas gold as their primary colors and the panther logo on the helmet is the school sports logo. I have other sets but thought I would start with these two. I downloaded the template from BucksFan5 a while back and just now got around to using it. Thoughts?
  21. Hello everybody, I love redesigning teams and creating concept and I thought how about the SEC football uniforms. I tried a crossover previously but it was a bust. I am giving it another shot though so without further ado: the uniforms. UNIFORM EXPLANATIONS Alabama: Gray alternate because I felt gray pride uniform would fit right into the Alabama look. Home and away stay as classic sharp uniforms. Arkansas: Grays because they share a division with LSU (who wears white at home and colors on the road) Arkansas won't have to where colors at LSU or when LSU visits, they can plop on a gray versus an LSU colored uniform. I am not always a fan of blackout but in this case, I think the helmet logo with the red and black looks fantastic. Constructive criticism welcomed
  22. NCAA FOOTBALL FIELD EXPERIMENT: Guidelines -Will cover all teams from the P5 Conferences -Midfield Logo must be between 15-20 yards in size -3 teams (Including Boise) will receive colored turf. -Colors on field must be school official colors. EX: No Black if it is not an OFFICIAL color! -Conference Logo is not needed on the field, but if used, must be 5 Yards in size and will be placed on the 25 yard line. -Any School slogan used on the field must be centered on the 15 yard line and must be Between 20-25 yards in length. Pac 12: Arizona Oregon Sate Utah -Didn't change much with the Cats field, moved the Bear Down from the ghost Lettering to the sides like how they used to have it.
  23. So I have been mulling this idea over in my head for a while now, and finally decided to run with it. Basically it is a 16 team high school football superconference. Located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it is comprised of the most predominant high schools in the area, spanning from the Alabama border to the Louisiana one. It's wealth of talent pipelines athletes into college football, and much like the SEC it is a 12 game gauntlet. There are two divisions with 8 teams, heated rivalries, as well as protected cross-division rivalries. These are real high schools, names, and colors. I just added my own spin to what their uniforms would look like if I was in charge. Did I mention the MGCC is all Nike everything? So without further ado: The Mississippi Gulf Coast Football Conference. The East Division Vancleave Bulldogs (Vancleave, MS) Moss Point Tigers (Moss Point, MS) Pascagoula Panthers (Pascagoula, MS) Ocean Springs Greyhounds (Ocean Springs, MS) George County Rebels (Lucedale, MS) Gautier Gators (Gautier, MS) St. Martin Yellow Jackets (St. Martin/Latimer, MS) East Central Hornets (Hurley, MS)The West Division Picayune Maroon Tide (Picayune, MS) Long Beach Bearcats (Long Beach, MS) Harrison Central Red Rebels (Gulfport/Liman, MS) Gulfport Admirals (Gulfport, MS) Biloxi Indians (Biloxi, MS) D'Iberville Warriors (D'Iberville, MS) Hancock Hawks (Kiln, MS) Pass Christian Pirates (Pass Christian, MS)
  24. Just thought I would start the thread since it's now 2015 Supposedly my high school (Missoula Sentinel) will be switching from these: To something based off of these:
  25. Hey guys, deciding to take a stab at the NFL after watching this years set of uniforms Im really sick of what the NFL has come up with for some of these teams. Many uniforms may be simplified a lot or some may just contain minor tweaks! Either way here is what I would like the NFL to do with Uniforms! Teams: Arizona Before you get the pitchforks out, yes I replaced grey with white. I feel like it truly represents the colors of the Bird and Makes for a unique color scheme in the league. Everything about the current uniforms (aside from the logo) I trashed. Going with the single stripe on helmet and pants I believe the grey and red creates a simple yet effective and fierce uniform. Away: Home: