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  1. It's mid-October, 2017 and We're well into the 3-Month cluster of the holiday season. So to celebrate the National Football League is launching a new event, NFL Holiday Spirit! A series of five Games between conference rivals, two for the AFC and three for the NFC with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas themes. Obviously, we're starting with Halloween, With an AFC & an NFC game. The AFC game: Baltimore at Oakland- Mon, Oct. 30, 2017 at 8:30 PM The NFC game: Minnesota at Seattle- Sun, Oct. 29, 2017 at 8:30 PM So without further ado here is the first AFC matchup: The Ravens are on the road and since both teams have dark color schemes, Baltimore is wearing all white, including a white helmet. While this might not make any sense at first since they are the RAVENS, there is a serious backstory to this uniform. While Ravens are of course usually black there is such bathing as white Ravens, and they're pretty cool and creepy looking. Not to mention, the fact that in Greek mythology, Ravens had white feathers. So I went with that, and used a color scheme of mainly white and gold. Raiders fans look like a Halloween party pretty much year round (No offense Raiders fans) so what better place to hold a Halloween themed game than in the Black chasm that is Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Srsly place is yuge). So the Raiders are dressing up even more than usual, with a completely dark gray getup complete with black helmet and black socks. Minnesota/ Seattle will be up ASAP, but for now, What do you think of this MNF Matchup?
  2. Hey everyone, so I had an idea on how to improve the NFL's Color Rush games a bit so I threw a few concepts together and ran with it. Like most people I was pretty underwhelmed with a lot of the designs; some were great but a lot were uninspired. Not to mention we're to week 4 of the season and we haven't even seen a legit color rush matchup yet. So to remedy that here are my rules: -Unis are still monochrome; jersey, pants, and socks are all the same color. Helmets can't change color, facemasks and helmet decals can. -Every team gets two uniforms; one solid colored uniform and a whiteout alt for matchups that clash or when both teams feature the same colored jersey -Team wordmarks and TV numbers are optional -If a team's CR jersey is the same color are their standard home, it will likely be fauxback-inspired -Both uniforms don't have to be color swapped versions of each other. Since most teams already have a whiteout option I thought it'd be boring to slap white socks onto their away unis and call it a day. One uni might be a throwback and the other might be something totally different. I'll figure it out as I go. Ok here we go: LA Rams: I dig the Rams' yellow set so there aren't many changes. Got rid of the toilet seat collar and the pant stripe is solid navy to eliminate all the white for the uniiform. For the whiteout it is a fauxback to their blue and white set of the 60's(?), complete white a white facemask and helmet decals: New Orleans Saints: The Saints' Color Rush is probably my favorite so the whiteout doesn't change, and I simply made a blackout version of that for their second set: San Francisco 49ers: They probably have one of the worst Color Rush sets so I completely scrapped it and went with a set inspired by their uniforms worn in 1994. Thanks for looking, feedback is always appreciated, I'll add teams whenever inspiration hits.
  3. St. Louis proved to be a difficult city to pin an NFL identity on. They are kinda that city in-between, they are close to so many other markets. For my entry I had narrowed it down to 4 names at first: Serpents, Demons, Storm, & Stags (I also toyed with Clydes... as in clydesdales ala Budweiser). Serpents ended up feeling clumsy (saying it makes me feel like I have a lisp), Demons too contradictory with Saint in the city name (but St. Louis is the city where the real story of the Exorcist took place), and Storm too insensitive (so many lives lost in the area due to tornadoes). So Stags was where I landed. With Missouri's passion for hunting it seemed like a good fit. I chose some "black forest" style iconography to reflect the German immigrant population that boomed in the 1800s. Colors were another nightmare, I wanted the pallet to be different from the cards and blues; but then different from KC teams, Chicago Teams, Tennesee teams, Texas teams, etc. At first I chose orange, black, and blue: But I struggled to keep it from being too Denver or too Cincy. So I tried blue, yellow and black: This didn't seem like the scheme of an NFL team. So after a few fruitless iterations I stumbled on Plum, Silver, and Yellow. This seemed unique, bold, and strong: Let me know what you think of the logos. I'll post the unis next.
  4. Welcome to the NCAA Football Field concept page! I am starting with the power 5 conferences then will move to the smaller schools. I am also starting with the SEC conference. Enjoy!
  5. Here's another series presented by Jay_FS_Designs: I'm creating hockey jerseys for all current NFL teams. For some teams I'm transferring the current jersey designs onto a hockey jersey. For others I create a complete new design the fits the identity. All feedback appreciated
  6. Doing NFL fields to start, but may go to college after. I make all of the fields with apps. C&C's always appreciated! Hope you enjoy the fields!
  7. Since the Color Rush uniforms debuted last week I have been thinking of ways to improve them. That being said, I am pretty much opposed to the whole Color Rush idea on principle. I hate the mono look of the socks pants and shoes, but since the NFL is rolling with it I decided to go ahead and try to come up with uniforms that I cold live with but also adhere to the silly Color Rush program's guidelines. I'm a week late getting these started, but the plan is to release each matchup on Wednesday of every week there is a TNF Color Rush game and release the uniforms for the Colts, Redskins and Lions throughout the season. Here's the schedule just for reference: Week 2: Bills vs Jets Week 3: Patriots vs Texans Week 4: Dolphins vs Bengals Week 5:Cardinals vs 49ers Week 6: Broncos vs Chargers Week 7: Bears vs Packers Week 8: Titans vs Jaguars Week 9: Falcons vs Buccaneers Week 10: Browns vs Ravens Week 11: Saints vs Panthers Week 12: Thanksgiving (Lions, Redskins, Colts) Week 13: Cowboys vs Vikings Week 14: Raiders vs Chiefs Week 15: Rams vs Seahawks Week 16: Giants vs Eagles So without further ado, Here is the first Color Rush matchup: I had a hard time deciding whether to put the Bills in blue or red, but since they have mad wearing mono-blue a regular occurrence, red was the way to go. The striping is different than the current but hearkens back to the striping of the Jim Kelly-era uniforms. The Jets are in all white to avoid another colorblind fiasco. However, they are not just wearing their regular white uniforms as the green has been changed to kelly green which the Jets have used throughout their history (and hopefully future). The predominately white logo is a throwback to the 1964 season. I also have the uniform matchup for the second Color Rush game to present today. This matchup features the Houston Texans and New England Patriots: I didn't really change much of the Patriots uniforms besides adding some sock stripes and changing the white stripes to silver, So this one is less of a concept and more of a tweak, hopefully for the better. I was actually pretty disappointed in the Texans for what I thought was a lazy attempt at a color rush. The Texans are in white which I though would be the best backdrop to showcase the red and blue team colors, especially with the Patriots in blue. I used the logo as inspiration for the sleeve design and striping as well as the socks, which I realize now might not be Color Rush Kosher? Anyway thanks for taking a look and I'd love to hear your c&c or other input anyone has PS: I know the first two are traditional color vs white matchups, but there will be plenty of color in the future.
  8. AHL Outdoor Classic (Whale Bowl 2010/2011)
  9. windsorpg

    3D Helmet

    Hey guys, I've been looking at the stuff on these forums but rarely post. I'm in a fantasy league (on steroids) where we use helmets to brand our team. I discovered the 3D Helmet tutorial Davidson posted in the forums a few months ago so I tried it myself. After weeks of trial and error I figured out if your brand new to photoshop it's not that simple to use. I am wondering if anyone who loves doing this stuff and is good with photoshop would make me one. I am naming my team the Parlor City Phantoms. Probably a red/black/white color scheme but am open to ideas. You guys are the artists not me, lol. I have a few logos I found that are nice but can't figure out the helmet tutorial. If you are interested please let me know. It'd be really appreciated. Marc -
  10. 1975 SFL Teams Nordic Conference Baltic Helsinki - Uppsala - Stockholm - Gavle Svea Eskilstuna - Vasteras - Goteburg - Örebro Contintntal Conference South Malmo - Aalborg - Copenhagen - Helsingborg Norman Oslo - Paris - London - Dublin Swedish Federation of American Football (SFAF) Inaugural Season 1965 1963 In late 1963 Swedish emigrant Anders Bergström, seeing a path to AFA ownership as iffy at best, took a trip back to his hometown of Uppsala, Sweden, where he met with several Swedish First Division Soccer Club owners and hatched a plan to bring America's Football to Sweden. With a positive first meeting, A.B. returned to Northern California and sold the majority stake in his logging empire, in order to free himself of the major responsibilities of day to day operations, while maintaining a 40% share that would give his new league a rather large nest-egg, and a steady flow of income that would help the league get past the first 5 years without worrying about turning a profit. Something A.B. knew how to do, and with cooperation from the AFA offices, he would do that inside of 3 years, or so he hoped. 1964 On his second trip to Sweden, A.B., along with league lawyers met with industry leaders, as well as 10 prospective team owners in Stockholm's Olympic District. the first order of business was to create a Board of Directors who would steer the league through hits infancy. And help select the first 6 teams. The second order was naming the league, Svenska Förbundet Amerikansk Football was unanimously agreed upon, or the Swedish Federation of American Football in English. A.B. and the board made the decision to adopt AFA rules, knowing that if the league were to thrive it would need to find a way to work as a place for American football players who had talent, but weren't ready for the league to grow and develop their games. This would bring the level of Scandinavian players skills up more rapidly than an organic course of seeding and watering. The SFAF would actively recruit players cut by AFA teams and each team would be allowed 8 American players on the team. This would include Americans currently living and working in Sweden. A Supplemental Draft would be held the week after AFA rosters were finalized. To start the first Season Each team would be allowed to select 10 American players in an Expansion Draft. These 10 players would be grandfathered into the rules, and as long as they remained on the team that drafted them, the 8 player limit would be waived. As these players were cut, retired, or moved into coaching, the teams numbers would roll back to 8 American maximum. The next order of business was selecting the first six cities to be awarded teams, and suprisingly 14 cities put in bids. The criteria was simple: Size of city Historical support of local teams Appropriate facilities and existing stadium able to hold 5,000 supporters Rail service Financial Stability All but one team was supported by an existing sports club with a history in the Swedish First Division of European Football Lund beat out Malmö strictly due to the support of SAAB AB, and a guarantee of travel expenses paid for the other five teams visiting Lund. Of the 14 proposals, 2 were selected for the leagues first expansion in 1967 (those names will be announced at the 1966 Supplemental Draft. 1965 The first season began with the Uppsala Hammers and Stockholm Vikings playing in Uppsala, in front of 4,876 mostly University students and American Expats. Stockholm won the game 22-20 on a 31 yard field goal by 39 year old former Uppsala Kunig (Swedish Premier League) striker #6 Bengt Lunden. Lunden played 18 years for the Kunig, helping them win 4 Premier League titles, and becoming the all-time scoring leader in the teams history. Ironically, Lunden won the leagues first game, on the same field he dominated for nearly two decades. The season was dominated by these same two teams, and the difference was Uppsala player/coach #10 QB Billy Johnson, a doctoral student at Uppsala's Linius University. Johnson was born in Aledo, Texas in 1935, and after a standout schoolboy career in Aledo, went on to play for the Ft Worth University Bearcats, being named 2nd team All- American as a junior, and pre-season All-American as a Senior. During the 4th game of his senior year, Johnson would suffer a thought to be career ending nee injury that required surgery, and at 5'9" 178 pounds, his pro career would be put on hold for 8 years as he went into coaching, and after 6 successful seasons leading Aledo HS to the state playoffs, he was awarded a scholarship to attend Linius University and earn a Doctorate in Education. Johnson heard about the league during a class and at the prodding of his classmates went to the open tryout. After about 5 minutes he was nor only offered the QB's job, but an additional stipend to be a player coach. It was his wide open passing game that would seal the Championship 4 months later in Stockholm, and redemption for the now 30 year old Rookie QB. Soon after the first season concluded Anders Bergström and several board members flew to San Francisco to meet with the AFA... History of a Fictional Football League
  11. What if the CFP was 64 teams? Here is my concept of what the bracket would have looked like this year. I used CBS 128 rankings at the end of the season for seeding.
  12. There are some big name colleges out there that dont have football programs like Marquette or Xavier ect. So I decided to make some concept helmets of the colleges that dont have football and I just might post some uniform concepts if requested. If there is a College you want to see just let me know and I will do my best to make that concept for you. Feedback is always much appreciated! Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Cal-State Northridge Matadors Florida Gulf Coast Eagles North Florida Ospreys Seton Hall Pirates
  13. kcoslett17


    *Lengthy intro ahead, sorry everyone.* I have always wanted the NFL to adopt a minor league system. In reality, it would be such a huge help to NFL franchises to develop lower-round picks and undrafted players, be a testing ground for new rules, and it would create more money for the shield, which would be the real reason why I could see them do it. Anyway, as much as I would love to see minor league teams go nuts in terms of design and aesthetics, being a product of the No Fun League would definitely limit what teams could do. That being said, I have created my version of the NFL Development League, or NFLDL (rolls right off the tongue), which is how I think a NFL minor league system would actually happen. Here are some of the things I took into consideration when developing this project: -There will be 32 teams, which means each NFL team gets a NFLDL team. -2 conferences, 4 divisions each -One thing that drives me nuts about minor leagues is that many teams have affiliates that are across the country from each other (I'm looking at you, Mets), so all NFLDL teams are within a few hour drive of their parent club. -Since the NFL prohibits fun, I tried to be as realistic as possible when naming the teams and making the identities and uniforms. Some teams will be named after their NFL affiliate, but I limited it to four (for comparison - 6 AHL teams and 4 AAA baseball teams are named after their parent club). -The divisions make geographical sense (no AFC East), and I tried to put some teams in the same division with their NFL divisional opponents. -The NFLDL would use the NFL schedule as a guideline: -NFLDL would have an 11 week season, 10 games with 1 bye. There wouldn't be a preseason, because theoretically most players would be in NFL training camp or fighting for a spot on the NFL roster. Each team would play their division twice (6 games) and one in-conference division (4 games). Playoffs are the same format as the NFL, just earlier: WC round week 12, Divisional round week 13, Conference champ. week 14, BYE/AS game week 15, and the NFLDL Championship week 16; this allows for players to be called-up for week 17 (which is normally garbage time for 75% of the league) and the NFL playoffs. -Uniform guidelines: Each team can have up to two helmets, three pants that can be worn with any uniform, and one home (color), away (white), and alternate jersey. Each helmet will have uniform number on the left back side, and the parent club logo on the right (there are exceptions, though). The league: Pacific Football Conference Atlantic Football Conference Coastal Coastal Portland, OR (Seattle) Lowell, MA (New England) Sacramento, CA (Oakland) Hartford, CT (NY Giants) Modesto, CA (San Diego) Newark, NJ (NY Jets) Bakersfield, CA (San Francisco) Dover, DE (Baltimore) Central Central Colorado Springs, CO (Denver) Richmond, VA (Washington) Tucson, AZ (Arizona) Columbia, SC (Carolina) Las Vegas, NV (Los Angeles) Birmingham, AL (Tennessee) San Antonio, TX (Houston) Jackson, MS (New Orleans) Heartland South Des Moines, IA (Minnesota) Macon, GA (Atlanta) Peoria, IL (Chicago) Savannah, GA (Jacksonville) Tulsa, OK (Dallas) Orlando, FL (Miami) Topeka, KS (Kansas City) Clearwater, FL (Tampa Bay) North North Milwaukee, WI (Green Bay) Rochester, NY (Buffalo) Grand Rapids, MI (Detroit) Akron, OH (Cleveland) Fort Wayne, IN (Indianapolis) Scranton, PA (Pittsburgh) Dayton, OH (Cincinnati) Allentown, PA (Philadelphia) I won't be getting into simulating the seasons or anything because frankly, I have no idea how to do it. If someone has a suggestion on how to do it, I'll definitely look into it. Hope everyone enjoys this, and please do not be afraid to give me any C&C, I'm pretty new at designing logos/uniforms on a computer so any feedback is good feedback. So, now that my novel is over, here is the first team: Introducing the revamped Birmingham Americans, the NFLDL affiliate of the Tennessee Titans. The logo is supposed to be a simplified and cleaner version of the 90s USFL logo. The uniforms use the three stripes from the star throughout, and are always on a blue background.
  14. Hello! This is a concept for a football team in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'll be working on it some more in the future til then, feel free to critique. Also please keep these ideas in mind: - I have no clue how pandas are related to St. Louis. Oh well! - The base Helmet was created by Chris Maurer - The rest of this project is at Enjoy!
  15. So this offseason, my High School football team (Varsity) decided on getting special jerseys for this season for the final home games. Since they know I am into design and such they asked me to more or less create a whole bunch of options for us to choose from. Well we just got them this week and I have to say, I really love how they look and so does the team, glad I could design them. What do you guys think? P.S: We use silver helmets with blue chrome wings and grey pants.
  16. Sorry for the long wait for those wanting to see this. I have been busy working on the Europa League teams along with trying to find my first real job after graduating from college. I realized that it will take to long if I wait until I finish all of the Europa league teams. So, since I had already finished the Champions league teams I have decided to post them. I will post the 32 teams in alphabetical order and will include what country they are from. Let me know what y'all think. First up is Arsenal.(England) Arsenal- (if you have seen my EPL thread then you have seen this before) Home kit- classic all white and red kit with socks are mainly white with red cuffs and the shirt features tonal hoops Away kit- again classic colors of yellow and blue, the top features tonal pinstripes Third kit- a throwback recreation of the 1995/96 away kit, the all navy kit with white and cyan accents the top features a zig zag pattern that fades from a cyan sleeve toward the center of the jersey
  17. The NFL is widely known as the no-fun league for a reason. One of the main reasons is that teams can only use ONE HELMET. Why is that? While we can't change the leagues rules we can think of the NFL as a more fun league, one that experiments with alternates and throwbacks especially considering the NFL has an awesomely rich history that it doesn't seem to want to boast about. So let's have some helmet fun here and make the N in NFL mean national again. Even though it still does... But the point is this is basically a place for alternate helmets for all, I promise all, NFL teams. each team will have 3 alternate helmets, the first helmet consisting of the same helmet and facemask with different decals so that they could be used in today's NFL. The second will be an alternate or just a different idea that can really be anything and the third will either be a throwback or an out there design. Each team will have these points. I will not be posting uniforms for these concepts because I intend for them to be worn with current uniforms or throwbacks, however I will post apologetically rough pictures with the unis they could work with. So without further ado the AFC East. New York Jets: Same Helmet I decided to use their NY logo along with their minimalist jet logo to fill out their normal helmet Alternate i went all green with the alternate again adding the NY logo, might be good for white jerseys or all green Unique/Throwback i went with a simple post-Titans afl throwback with the jet logo on a white helmet. Miami Dolphins Same Helmet I know this will hit or miss but without an alternate or letter logo you gotta get creative Alternate the more conservative of the two colored phins helmets, I went blue with the alternate Unique/Throwback Bright. But would be great for the new color rush or maybe a pop on any other jerseys
  18. I dont post but mainly view the various topics on the board. I'm a WVU alum and have always wondered how Nike, Adidas, UA decide which schools get alternates. It seems as if everyone is getting new weekly threads on top of what they have. My question is, why is WVU never getting any alternates or anything new. We do have our current uniforms that are about 4 years old with a gold,blue,white helmet and same colors for pants and jerseys. I'm not a big fan of them but I wish Nike would really invest time in doing WVU some justice. I feel like our combinations are just slapped together. the flying WV is a well known symbol. I'm just a frustrated fan that wishes WVU would get some love our way. I'm tired is seeing teams like Rutgers, Oklahoma State and others get blessed with new unis on top of what they already have. Thoughts?
  19. I decided to do some MLB teams football helmet concepts. I used the same Yellow Images Templates I used in a recent thread. Please share any feed back or any other team Ideas! AL East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays
  20. There are some big name colleges out there that dont have football programs like Marquette or Xavier ect. So I decided to make some concept helmets of the colleges that dont have football and I just might post some uniform concepts if requested. If there is a College you want to see just let me know and I will do my best to make that concept for you. Feedback is always much appreciated! Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Cal-State Northridge Matadors Florida Gulf Coast Eagles North Florida Ospreys Seton Hall Pirates
  21. Hello all! It's that time of year when men and women everywhere draft what they believe to be the perfect fantasy football dream team, name it something quirky, and then take seat in Deadlastville with little hope ahead. Or is that just me? Well, at least my team will hopefully look good doing it! I'd always wanted to carve out an identity for a fantasy football team of mine, but never got around to it until now. Earlier this year, I came up with this fun little idea of a football-carrying penguin. It soon evolved into a logo, the team colors, then uniforms, and then finally a home as my fantasy team's identity - the Provo Penguins! I wanted to mix a little quirkiness into a timeless classic here, as if the team has existed since 1961 or something and hasn't changed much since. You get the poundin' penguin (nicknamed Paul by the "loyal Provo faithful") atop a simple, straightforward, double-blue uniform inspired by the olden days. No wacky combos or a million pairs of pants; whether home or away, you know exactly what you're getting. And speaking of what you're getting, here you go! Primary - "Paul the Penguin" Alternate Paul - helmet only (white football for better visibility against powder blue) Uniforms - Home/Away More aspects of the identity may come later, such as the field, t-shirts/hats/gear, and (possibly) a second pair of pants (though I'm super hesitant as I love the simplicity of two sets). There was a set of powder blue pants they wore in the 70's that noted news anchor Ron Burgundy reportedly loved... Anyways, there you go! Thanks for viewing and POUND 'EM PENS!
  22. There's a mobile game called college football coach. It has 60 teams in it. There are no logos just names. I'm going do design uniforms for them. Starting off with the South Conference Alabama: Home Away Alt
  23. What really bugs me is the fact that once you get past the FBS, trying to track down or know the rivalries of certain teams is rather difficult. Sure, for every Harvard-Yale, Montana-Montana State, and Lehigh-Lafayette that you can name, there are about a dozen of so schools whose rivals you don't know. Who is the primary rival of Idaho State? Houston Baptist? Towson? Chattanooga? Sure Wikipedia offers some help, but there is never an official source on these things, and even the team's websites and media guides off little help. The point of this threat is to try and hunt down the primary, and maybe secondary rival for every FCS team. So if anyone knows of a rivalry please post it. And, better yet, if you know of an official list of rivals that can be posted, please post a link. Since I'm most familiar with the Big Sky, here are the known rivalries in that conference. Montana-Montana State (Brawl of the Wild, Cat-Griz, Griz-Cat) Montana-Idaho (Little Brown Stein) Montana-Eastern Washington (Governor's Cup) Northern Arizona-Portland State (The Dam Cup) Southern Utah-Weber State UC Davis-Sacramento State (Causeway Classic) UC Davis-Cal Poly (Battle for the Golden Horseshoe) North Dakota-North Dakota State (Nickel Trophy) North Dakota-South Dakota (Sitting Bull Trophy) No known rivals for: Idaho State Northern Colorado
  24. Here are my designs for the 20 teams competing in the EPL in the 2016/2017 season. Each team has three kits, C&C is welcomed. FYI numbers are kept to colors that are allowed by EPL which seemed to be limited to: black,white,red,gold, and navy. Hope y'all enjoy, I am looking for a lot of feedback, I will try to explain my designs to the best of my ability so its clear the direction I intended. I will be posting in alphabetical order.
  25. Here is my favorite team that I made the Memphis Pharaohs! I didn't want to post all of them simply because I'm not to proud of them. It may look simple but I quite like it. Here is the rest of the league I'M NOT FINISHED so the gray boxes are not made yet.