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  1. After working on a new helmet concept for the Red Raiders I decided to work up a couple of uniform concepts too. I've never really done a football uni concept before but I think over all they turned out pretty good.
  2. Have you ever wondered: what would a 15-year old college student possibly be interested in? The answer: concept sport leagues! This is the first of 4 leagues. Since I don't usually have a lot of time on my hands, I have used logos found on here (SportsLogos.Net) and have re-colored them in Paint while the uniforms are also made in paint. First up is the Canton Pioneers! The logo comes from the former Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Pioneers of the old Arena Football League 2. Anyway, C+C welcomed.
  3. So, I'm originally from Lubbock, TX. I've always been a fan of the Red Raiders. I especially love the Double T logo. However, I really like this secondary mark. So much in fact that I think it would make a better helmet design. I haven't worked up a back view yet. Maybe I'll get around to that eventually... For the record, I didn't design this logo. I just tweaked it a bit to make it look good on a helmet.
  4. Trying to start a fantasy football league called the FFL 8 teams South Key West.... Miami.... Fort Lauderdale .... Palm Beach.... North Jaxsonville..... Orlando.... Tampa.... Daytona..... Someone make logos for them and/or jerseys
  5. Story from Yahoo; What is college football coming to?
  6. Hey everyone! I love this website and just recently found the forums section and have found a lot of interesting threads. However, I was unable to find a thread of retro college football uniforms (late 60s/70s/80s/90s/ even early 2000s) I love making retro uniforms on NCAA Teambuilder, but it is so hard to find retro uniforms unless you search for a specific player from that team in a given era. For example, if I want a 1984 maryland uniform, I need to look up "Boomer Esiason maryland football" in google, and even then its usually a crap shoot. But here is a chance to put some uniforms that you grew up loving in this thread So, for the greater good of the whole comunity, lets just make a thread completely devoted to college football retro uniforms! Please include the year that the uniform was worn! good luck everyone! hope this projhect is a success! I'll start us off! Vinny Testaverde, Miami U, 1989 PSU Joe Jurevicius 1997 With a little bit of late 90s USC in there too lol
  7. There has been some demand for a template over in this thread which the author didn't want to release, however the template is actually based on something I made some time ago and I am quite willing to share it with everyone here as I simply have no use for it anymore. It's not the cleanest of templates but I'm sure some of you will be able to clean it up better than I have and get the most out of it. Preview DOWNLOAD (.PSD Format)
  8. lancealot

    koala logo

    here i have a koala logo i have been working on, im pretty happy with it at the moment but there is something that doesnt feel right. the team name is actually 'drop bears' a name for koalas us aussies use to scare tourists, and its for a football team. any c&c wold be awesome
  9. Here is my concept for a revamped cowboys uniform. complete with a chrome helmet. comments please!
  10. The logos are similar to begin with, and I'm not sure who had it first, but this looks awful reversed out. It creates all kinds of strange negative space, and well, it's been done already. WMU has a unique color scheme to work with, and this is really disappointing to see.
  11. So, i decided to try and make a new jersey for tech with a vintage feel. i just started photoshop/illustrator so bear with me here on how it looks lol.
  12. You'll notice my template looks a bit different...mainly the jersey and pants. Yeah, I decided I wanted to redo my most recent Bears third, and I'll have to check but older concepts from a fellow poster's blog caught my eye, so I traced the template he used, though I decided to keep the socks and collar from the old template sincde they've never wronged me. Since the calendar's changed from 2012 to 2013, it was time for the next chapter in the College to Pro saga. First up in the new year, Matty Ice BC: honestly, I actually like the Falcons' template. It was a bit tricky to make here though, and I'm pretty sure I :cursing:ed it up a bit here. Falcons: yeh, looks like a Walmart jersey, I figure I'll throw that one out there so you can't say it Second up, retired Titans stalwart Eddie George Buckeyes: I considered putting a big buckeye on the helmet and the O on the sleeves, but as you might figure, O would be mistaken for 0 too often. Thus, O on helmet, buckeye on sleeves. Titans: Yes, you freakin canucks, I know this one looks like a slightly different Argos. My reasoning for using powder blue instead of gray, is simply because other than the T and the sword, kthe Titans don't really use silver at all. And red serves the same role on this uniform that black does on anOSU's, a very tertiary color best used sparingly. Speak on em, and say stuff about em too. Even your two rusted Lincolns EDIT: there are way too few posts here to justify a brand new thread, so I addended it to 2013-14.
  13. The LFL has dropped the lingerie from both its name and its unis (which are now more like beach volleyball bikinis). Calling itself "Legends" instead strikes me as a helluva stretch, but, here we are.
  14. In this blog, I will be doing a redo of the Areana Football League Uniforms. I will go in order of the city name of the teams. I do ask for feedback on this uniforms and if you see anything wrong I will try to fix that.
  15. This is sort of an occasional thought I've had over the years (and sorry in advance if something like this is being discussed on a different topic) and it has to do with the idea of farm systems. I guess my main question why is it, after all these years, the only sport to successfully manage, maintain, and run a proper farm system for it's major league is baseball? Is a farm system good in all sports or is it better to have leagues scattered across the country so that many more cities can say they have a minor league, lets say basketball, team even if it's usually for around 5 years on average if that. If football is considered our most popular sport in this country why hasn't there been a proper farm system for the NFL ever? I know back in the hayday when the original USFL was around there was a party of owners and such that long-term wanted to turn the USFL into essentially NFL's farm league during the spring but of course Donald Trump had other plans. Personally I have an answer I wonder if anyone has thought of. What if back in its hayday, the AFL became the NFL's farm league? You wouldn't have to fill 32 teams with 56 man rosters, in terms of eye appeal 10,000 fans watching an arena football game is a much better atmosphere than having 10,000 fans for an outdoors game, and economically its cheaper to run a team playing in an arena with luxury boxes then a football stadium designed for a FCS college team (btw I'm just using 10,000 as a predictable average estimate seeing how little turnout their was in the USFL in certain markets). And in terms of basketball I guess I ask how long do you think it will take for the NBDL to have one team for every one NBA team (they're at 16 teams right now)?
  16. Recently, I've been working on a project involving football uniforms from the 1920's through today. Unfortunately, I could never find an old school style template that I liked, so I decided to make one on my own. I'm a huge fan of andrewharrington's Nike Pro Combat template and Raysox's Yakball template and use both rather extensively, so I based mine on a combination of the styles of theirs. I'm not particularly a fan of the last one, so I'm gonna retool it, and I still have to work on the back of the pants templates, but I'd love to get some C+C on these. Here are also some real life examples featuring the NFL's two most historic teams. That's the Bears 1936 Alternate, and the Packers 1959-1960 home uniform. Here's the link SVG
  17. Basically blending old (silver helmet and sleeve logo) with new (new logo chest stripe and wing pattern thingie) the silver helmet of old is now matte grey to match the new nike matte style pants. Changed the twelve pattern things on each leg to sox so that each set of pants has 12 rather than 24. All the pants can be worn with all the jerseys. Let me know what you think
  18. Here's all the looks you can choose from: Nike, UA or \\\ and you can select undershirt sleeves and/or high socks. Click the image to download.
  19. Hey guys, for my latest project I decided to make white helmets for college football teams. I really like white helmets, I think they look nice, so I wanted to make alternate helmets teams could use. First up, the Pac-12: South Division Arizona Love their secondary logo so I stuck it on a helmet. Also used their main logo. Arizona State Their current white helmets have the maroon colored trident, I though it would look better with the yellow trident. I also created a shining sun for the back of the helmet. Colorado Just used their main logo, not much else for them. Utah Three different designs: 1. Main helmet with normal logo. 2. All red design. 3. Black and white design. USC Main Trojans logo with gold face mask. UCLA One of my favorite designs out of all these is the first UCLA helmet. Yellow face mask with baby blue "UCLA". I also used their Boston Red Sox looking "B" to put on the back. Also included is an all black and white design. North Division Cal Two different designs: Yellow Cal script and one with the blue Cal script. On the back I have their alternate bear logo. Stanford Mostly similar to their current helmets but instead of the stripe I put their tree logo. Oregon They have never used white helmets with yellow wings (surprisingly), so I put one together that I think would match up well with their white uni's. (although Oregon uniforms never look good). Also included is an all black and white design which is my least favorite that I made. Oregon State Used their main "OS" logo with an orange face mask and on the other helmet I used their old beaver logo. On the back is "OSU" written vertically in the Oregon State font. Washington Their husky logo is very nice so I decided to make it really big on the helmet, like some teams have done before, like Boise State with their Bronco logo. Not sure about the color of the face mask here... Washington State Simple logo with "Cougars" on the back and silver face mask. The other has a silver logo with maroon colored outline.
  20. My first post on here: A New York Jets logo I created a couple years ago, tell me what you guys think. Sorry for the bad quality, I only know how to use paint so far.
  21. Hey all- I've drawn up uniform concepts for my beloved Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. With the exception of the third, all of them show a return to traditional Spurs kits. The primary is very plain- a white shirt with blue shorts- because this is the most traditional look for Tottenham to wear. They are, after all, the "Lillywhites". The clash kit utilizes the traditional secondary colors of yellow and navy. The third is where I took some liberties with color. Several years ago, Tottenham wore a brown kit that I really liked the look of, so I decided to bring it back here, with the badge/sponsor/name/number in bright blue. There's not really historical precedent for this, I have just always liked those two colors together, and third kits usually feature unusual coloring. The keeper kit marks this set's return to tradition. Keepers all through Spurs' heyday wore green, and I figured that if green's good enough for Pat Jennings and the rest, it's good enough for Hugo Lloris.
  22. While there is a current season thread, there needs to be one regarding coaching changes here plus to discuss how long does a coach need to succeed. There are seven FBS openings already and since the 2008-09 season there have been an average of 24 head coaching changes per year at the FBS level (firing, retiring, taking another job). This thread is an attempt to track these changes. After the 2008 season: 22 coaching changes. Seven of those new hires are already gone (1 retire, 2 firings, 4 took other jobs). After the 2009 season: 23 coaching changes. Five already fired and one other (Vandy) was an interim coach at the start of the season. After the 2010 season: 24 coaching changes. Two coaches were interim (tOSU and UNC) and one already took another job (Ark. State) After the 2011 season: 27 coaching changes with John L. Smith already ruled out as the permanent coach. The current openings are (former coach in italics). New coaches in bold. Arkansas: John L. Smith ---------> Bret Bielema [hired 12/4] Arkansas State: Guz Malzhan [hired by Auburn 12/4]------> Bryan Harsin [hired 12/12] Auburn: Gene Chizik [fired 11/25]------> Guz Malzhan [hired 12/4] Boston College: Frank Spaziani [fired 11/25]------> Steve Addazio [hired 12/4] California: Jeff Tedford---------> Sonny Dykes [hired 12/4] Cincinnati: Butch Jones [hired by Tennessee 12/7]--------->Tommy Tubberville [hired 12/8] Colorado: Jon Embree [fired 11/25]--------->Mike MacIntyre [hired 12/10] Florida International: Mario Cristobal [fired 12/5]--------->Ron Turner [hired 1/04/2013] Georgia State: Bill Curry [announced retirement 8/15]--------->Trent Miles [hired 11/30] Idaho: Rob Akey--------------> Paul Petrino [hired 12/3] Kentucky: Joker Phillips------------> Mark Stoops [hired 11/27] Kent State: Darrell Hazell [hired by Purdue 12/5]------------>Paul Haynes [hired 12/18] Louisiana Tech: Sonny Dykes [hired by Cal 12/5]---------->Skip Holtz [hired 12/14] Nevada: Chris Ault [retired 12/28]----------> Brian Polian [hired 1/7/13] New Mexico State: DeWayne Walker [resigned 1/24]]----------> NC State: Tom O'Brien [fired 11/25]-----------> Dave Doeren [hired 12/1] Northern Illinois: Dave Doeren [hired by NC State 12/1]----------->Rod Carey [hired 12/2] Oregon: Chip Kelly [hired by Philadelphia Eagles 1/16/13]--------->Mark Helfrich Purdue: Danny Hope [fired 11/25]---------> Darrell Hazell [hired 12/5] San Jose State: Mike Macintyre [hired by Colorado 12/10]----------->Ron Caragher [hired 12/17] South Florida: Skip Holtz [fired 12/2]---------> Willie Taggart [hired 12/8] Southern Miss: Ellis Johnson [fired 11/27]----------->Todd Monken [hired 12/11] Syracuse: Doug Marrone [hired by Bills 1/7/13]----------->Scott Shafer [hired 1/11/13] Temple: Steve Addazio [hired by BC 12/4]----------->Matt Rhule [hired 12/17] Tennessee: Derek Dooley-----------> Butch Jones [hired 12/7] Texas Tech: Tommy Tubberville [hired by Cincinnati 12/8]----------->Kliff Kingsbury [hired 12/12] Utah State: Gary Andersen [hired by Wisconsin 12/20]------->Matt Wells [hired 12/20] UTEP: Mike Price [retirement]--------> Sean Kugler [hired 12/10] Western Kentucky: Willie Taggart [hired by South Florida 12/8]------->Bobby Petrino [hired 12/10] Western Michigan: Bill Cubit---------> P.J. Fleck [hired 12/17] Wisconsin: Bret Bielema [hired by Arkansas 12/4]------->Gary Andersen [hired 12/20] If you think a coach is on the hot seat, list it. IMO, the list of to be fired coaches include: Eastern Michigan: Ron English (10-38 in four seasons) New Mexico State: DeWayne Walker (career 10-39 in four seasons) South Florida: Skip Holtz (team has not improved) Southern Miss : Ellis Johnson (in a season, they went from 12-wins to 0-12) UNLV: Bobby Hauck (a late night loss @ Hawaii will make him 6-32 in three seasons) USC: Lane Kiffin (AD Pat Haden said after the UCLA game that Kiffin would return, but after losing to ND he may have his voicemail full and the bigger question is who to replace him) Washington: Steve Sarkisian (took over a o-11 team, but he is just 26-24 in four years going into a new Husky Stadium. They thought he would be better and spent $$$ for higher priced assistants and lost to a 2-win Wazzu.) Wyoming: Dave Christensen (22-27 in four years and his tirade after the Air Force game didn't help)
  23. I had a free hour on my hands today, so I put something together that I've always wanted to do. I made a "chart" of what I think every single NFL team's best look is that they've ever had (with a few exceptions). This week I'm going to start with the NFL. Eventually I'll make my way around to the NHL, NBA, and Major League Baseball. I invite you guys to post your own complete league breakdown of your favorite looks for each team. Here are the rules: If the team has moved, you cannot use their prior location (i.e. I included the Titans because I can't make them move back to Houston, although I'd like to) This is only for a team's best overall look. It's not organized by my "favorite player." In fact, I don't care what players are on here. In some cases you'll find a team's icon used as the photo because that would likely be the most abundant photo found on Google. If I put a team's white uniform up, and you prefer the darker version of the same era, that's fine. That's not something I'm going to change on here. The idea is simply to get the best uniform combo that any specific team has worn for at least one season. There are some teams that have, more or less, never changed their uniforms (i.e. Kansas City Chiefs/Oakland Raiders), and in that case, you can put any incarnation of their uniform that you want. They're basically all the same. However, in the case of the Packers, I deliberately chose the year they had more stripes than they do now. I think, overall, you'll find I prefer bright/vibrant colors, a traditional look, and uniforms that stand out. I'm not as worried about how they look if fans were to buy them as fashion accessories. Might I say, the AFC East, NFC North, NFC East, and NFC West look AMAZING like this! Feel free to comment on my list, and make your own lists...AND PLEASE USE PHOTOS!
  24. Just saw these on a friends facebook page... thoughts?
  25. Hey guys. I was doodling around in class earlier in the week and it eventually evolved into this. I was wondering what you guys thought, and where I could improve it before I end up putting it into inkscape.