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Found 3 results

  1. So, Fort Worth's transportation authority is getting (another) rebrand. Formerly "The T", then Fort Worth Transportation Authority. Soon, it'll be "Trinity Metro", and here's a leaked image of what the logo could be: A buddy of mine posted this when he went to one of the city council meetings on public transportation this past week and this looks to be what the group decided to go with as final. I believe the three triangles are supposed to represent the Trinity, which forms an "M". It's pretty clever... but it doesn't seem like something that would be used for a public transportation system. Looks more like a logo for a law firm or production company. The current (and soon to be old) logo: And some images of our buses that carried this logo for more than 20 years: Current look: So I'm not sure if they're going change the scheme of the buses and future TEXRail, but the rebrand is coming, probably sometime next year. Thoughts?
  2. When I was a freshman at North Crowley High School, we had a school logo contest (with a $100 cash prize, I might add) and I decided to enter. I had a good feeling, liked my chances and the people I turned it in to really liked it. BUT, the contest was canceled because of "lack of entries". Seriously, there were only 7 entries and 4 of them came from me. I don't know if it was lack of school spirit, complete apathy of it, lack of advertisement, or lack of creative students, but nothing happened. Anyway, this is a re-vamp of what my first and main entry was: Again, not exactly what I sent in (the streak started past the head and the star was white... and the top right corner came in instead of going out) but pretty close. This was 10 years ago and I don't have the original. Anyay, you think I would have won?
  3. I have a logo in mind, but my skills are.... limited, shall we say? But I have an idea, at least. And here's just something I did on the fly for an NBA team in Fort Worth. The colors are crimson and grey, and I chose to go with an Art Deco look in reference to the architecture seen around the core of the city. What do ya think?