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  1. I'm starting the process of making a new helmet. I have a decent size helmet collection and I've made/reconditioned most the helmets in my collection myself. For my next helmet, I'm making a Redskins "fauxback" helmet using the colors and logo that the team used on their throwback uniform from the past two season. I typically start by making a quick photoshop of what I envision the helmet to eventually look like. I'm pretty settled on the logo and the striping, but I'm having a hard time deciding on the facemask. My natural inclination to go with a gray mask, but that seems typical and boring for this fauxback. I've also toyed with gold and burgundy masks. Which mask do you think would like best?....
  2. I just hatched a good idea for a Michigan State football helmet concept while watching them a few minutes ago... The way that their current helmet is, the stripe is supposed (I think) to be the top mohawk (no idea what it's called) part of the spartan helmet in their logo. I like that idea a lot, and I think there is lots of potential there, instead of just putting the logo on the helmets along with that stripe. The current MSU helmet looks like this, if anybody needs reference. So I've blended their logo into their helmet stripe, and it turned out something like this. This is just a quick mockup just to get my idea out of my head. If anyone likes this idea and wants to run with it, feel free to post some better quality concepts of this idea here.
  3. Upper Iowa University has a pretty unique mascot: the peacock! Because of this I couldn't help but come up with a concept helmet for their football team. The inspiration for the design was a peacock's head: the blue and green parts represent the blue and green feathers, the white parts represent the white markings around the eyes, and the facemask is gray to represent the gray beak. Now that I look at the helmet and the peacock head side-by-side I think the helmet could be improved by adding a feather texture. I'd love to hear what you guys think!
  4. I made a concept for the UCLA Bruins but I can't decide which one is better. Also I can't make any changes to these helmets since I will be out of town this weekend. I would also like feedback on these helmets. That would be great! Vote for gold facemask or blue facemask: Gold facemask: Blue facemask:
  5. So after seeing countless NFL re-designs in this forums over the past year or two -- some great, some not so great -- I have decided to throw my hat in the ring. I'm currently designing as well as modifying some existing templates to fit my needs, so the actual process may play out rather slowly. I will be releasing each team as I finish them, by division, starting with the AFC North.
  6. I decided to mix this look: with this look: and got this baby: Comments and Criticism welcomed Edit: Made the logo and facemask gradient. Looks WAAAAY better
  7. Alright, so I'm an aspiring graphic designer. I don't really post much on this site, but I love all the concepts and unique designs. I've been working on this project for a while, and I'm finally going to start posting it. I still haven't decided if I will separate these by conference or not. I wanted to do full alternate jerseys also, but I don't really have time for that, and I decided this was a great way to get my designs in. C & C is well appreciated. But without further ado, here it goes: SEC: Ole Miss - Page 1 Alabama - Page 3 Auburn - Page 1 LSU - Page 2 Texas A&M - Page 3 Mississippi State - Page 3 Vanderbilt - Page 1 Mizzou - Page 3 Tennessee - Page 1 South Carolina - Page 2 Arkansas - Page 1 Florida - Page 3 Georgia - Page 3 Kentucky - Page 1 / update on page 2 Pac 12: Oregon: Page 5 (chose color) Stanford: page 4 / edit on page 5 Oregon State: Washington: Page 5 Washington State: Arizona: Page 5 UCLA: Cal: Colorado: Utah: Arizona State: USC: Ole Miss: I felt like UM's "rebrand" this year was pretty boring. I understand the history of such an old school, but I didn't like the single color Jereys (by that I mean, a white jersey with red stripes, red numbers, red names, etc... with no blue) so I gave them an alternate helmet that would use all 3 of the school's colors well. I gave them a red helmet to go with their blue tops, but I used the alternate "M" logo, and I really like the outcome: striping -
  8. Here is a Louisville concept helmet. I finally figured out photoshop!! Leave Requests and I will do them! Since I figured out photoshop, this will be my new thread! I will try to post daily on here, and I will take all of your requests! Leave some constructive criticism please!!
  9. Hey everybody - its been a little while. Ive been really busy lately so havnt spent much time on here but ive noticed that no one has attempted to make a template of the new Riddell Speed Flex helmets. So... I present my vector Speed Flex helmet template! Feel free to use this however you see fit - your own templates, concepts, series - whatever! If you decide to use it, it would be cool to give me some acknowledgement, but whatever. Hopefully everybody will put this thing to good use! Currently, this is only available in .AI format for use in Adobe Illustrator (i dunno if Inkscape can do .AI or not...) due to some issues with exporting to .SVG. If someone would be kind enough to do the conversion for me, i would greatly appreciate it so we can get this available for anyone who may want to use it. Thats pretty much it. Let me know what you think and if any changes/improvements can be made! Enjoy! Template: Examples: Downloads: AI (Version 1.2) PSD SVG(coming soon!)
  10. Here is the Michigan State Spartans helmet that I came up with. It has a different logo and color. Here is the jersey that I came up with too. I used the current jersey template from Wikipedia
  11. I got the idea for this from the Nike NFL unifroms thread when people said that Tom Brady changing his helmet was weird, because his old helmet was iconic. I associate Ben Roethlisberger with the glove on his throwing hand during freezing cold games. I always think of Peyton Manning when I think of the Revo helmet. He's easily the best player to ever wear the type of helmet, and I believe was the first big time star to use it. When I think of Troy Polamalu, well this one explains itself.
  12. The NextFL is coming soon! Here's a preview of the 2021 version of the Jacksonville Jaguars, after they've moved to London. Lots of changes in store for the NEXT version of the NFL, the NextFL. C&C welcome, but my next update won't be for a few weeks (I'm just posting this now so I don't let this series totally fall on the backburner)
  13. I have been working for a few weeks to figure out how to use Inkscape and how to work with templates and whatnot. I had a lot of trouble with putting logos in, but a helpful fellow by the name of bkknight95 has been sending me some logos to use. (The ones i found on the internet were either not svgs or un-openable in Inkscape) So, i have begun a series of some helmets from the NFL and possibly some time in the future i may even go as far as uniforms. (What's holding me back on that is the template i downloaded freezes up my Inkscape or makes it awfully slow so it's just helmets for the time being) For the bills i wanted to keep the red helmets because i thought they looked neat. I decided to make the line coming across the logo to be white as a bit of a chance from the past. I tried making a white outline to ease the transition between the blue and the red, but it didn't look right in the horn area, so i scrapped it. With the browns helmet there's not a ton you can do, and i wanted to keep the logo-lessness as per tradition. As with any redesign, the inclusion of some new idea was necessary, and i went with a cream colored facemask because somewhere on these forums i saw a brilliant concept for the Browns that included Cream as a major color. From a young age i remember really liking the color of the Cowboys' pants. That shade of metallic blue was incredible and i wanted to make it more prominent in this redesign by adding it to the helmet shell. When the dolphins unveiled their new logo and uniforms i was blown away. They really have a well-designed logo but to me it seemed a little dark so i wanted to brighten up the teal a bit. (after all their jerseys look really bright, but that may just be the lighting in the stadiums) Here's the dilemma: If i make both shades of teal light, the helmet looks way too bright. If i make them both darker, it looks very unexciting and looks too much like the old dolphins' colors. If i make the shades both different, it seems like they are way too far apart. What should i do to get the shades to look pleasing? Jacksonville is in my opinion, my best work by far. Again, i was inspired by someone else on the forums who changed the Jaguars teal to kelly green. I also reverted to this older logo because i think it looks more intimidating. (The presence of too much white on the new one doesn't look great) I think this is much better than the poorly designed gradient helmet they have now. I have a few more to post that i am still tinkering with, stay tuned. Also feel free to make suggestions on changes for the completed designs. I like them all, but if you have a good idea, i'll try to take a look at it in Inkscape and see if the adjustment looks good.
  14. Hi everyone, I decided to do a total rebrand of the Detroit Lions as if "bubbles" and the current branding never existed. I did it more for fun and as a challenge to myself to come up with a full branding system. I warn those who are Lions fans that this doesn't keep much of what is currently in the system or on the uniforms. It definitely has a less traditional feel to it. I mean no disrespect to the current branding or the traditions from which it came from. That being said, let's go into the project. I based my logo concept off of a 70's profile Detroit Lions Logo that I found on this very site, and made an updated version of it. I thought the profile head would look great for the helmets and be able to be used in many different applications. I then thought to do a front view to be able to be used on the uniforms, and additional logos can help merchandising. I based the typography on a black letter style since the tigers use blackletterI then did the unthinkable and darkened the Lions blue and added a surprise color into the uniforms. I felt that the orange could symbolize fire: the fires of industry found in Detroit, the rebirth of a team from the ashes etc. I also thought the new color could help be a driver for new merchandise lines. For the Uniforms I included watermarks on the shoulderpads of tire patterns representing the motor city, and a grid of the city on the silver uniform.I then decided to extend the series to include a stationary system for their corporate offices. I hope yall like them, and I'm open to your feedback. Thanks, enjoy Profile primary Profile full body front facing logo Lions script Lions Helmet Uniform front Uniform front with Lion patch Uniform back Full Uniform full uniform silver Lions Stationary Sorry forgot to say I used templates from Frasier Davidson for the helmet and uniform shot
  15. I do a lot of work for the University of Utah. I've never really liked their logo so I decided to make a new one. What do you think?
  16. Forget the rest of the jersey completely. This is strictly your ranking of NFL headgear. Here' mine 5 best and worst: Best 49ers - I usually prefer imagery over text but its hard to deny how good this looks Eagles - Not even being biased because I think the rest of the jersey really needs an upgrade Bills - timeless image plus the thick stripes imply power Rams - I like it when teams dont just slap their main logo on the helmet but get creative with it. Bengals - for the same reason as the Rams and Eagles, thinking outside the box. Plus every stripe is differentWorst Jaguars - why, just why Falcons - a shame because their red throwback alternate would easily make my top 5 Ravens - they just kinda threw the logo on, disregarding the fact that the logo isn't that great Panthers - I cringe whenever I see those flared stripes in the back Chargers - Just too much white space on the helmet. Why not put that stallion-shield logo on there?I'm interested to hear everyones thoughts
  17. 8BW14

    Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle Seahawks All the talk over in the 2013 NFL uniforms about the Seahawks inspired me to come up with a quick little helmet concept of my own. I used the current green and a slightly darker shade of blue than they used with their last set and recolored the logo. The helmet shell is a silver-blue color. I envisioned it as a metallic finish or a finish along the likes of the New York Giants. I'm curious to know what everyone thinks of the color scheme and I would love to hear any suggestion and comments anyone might have. Thanks.
  18. College football has started again, and I was reminded again of how LSU's helmets don't match the rest of their logos, graphics, and even colors. I am sure they keep their helmet unchanged because of their tradition, and I am sure their fan base would go apoplectic with even slight modifications to their helmet. I have lived in either Central Ohio or Alabama almost all of my life, so I understand college football fans of historic programs and their value of traditions. That being said, what I do not like is when the athletic department changes logos and graphics without messing with the helmets. I am not really a big fan of LSU's colors and logos, but they should at least have helmets that use fonts, logos, and colors that the school currently uses. Currently, the football helmet doesn't even match the football jerseys. If the script and logo on the helmet are so timeless, they would still be using the logo and font elsewhere. Here is their current design: As I said earlier, my problem is not so much with the actual design (even though I personally am not a fan), it is that it no longer matches what the rest of their athletic department looks like. In fact, the purple on the helmet doesn't match the purple on their jerseys. I think that LSU should keep their helmet design the same to appease the fan base, but they should use the font that they use in their end zones and the school's main tiger logo. So here is my suggestion: I have taken the script from their end zone and changed the tiger decal. In addition I have made their face masks and stripes the official LSU purple so that it matches their jerseys. I think that these would be small enough changes to respect tradition and keep a fan base somewhat mollified, yet give LSU a design that fits with the rest of their look. Personally, I would like for them to have a more major redesign, but I doubt that would happen. (Their white helmets with gold trim from a year or two ago were a nice upgrade.) For fun I decided to do some alternate helmets. This one uses the eye from their midfield. I think it would be used one time a season for a special game. I saw that LSU recently trademarked a new logo. I think that they are mainly using it as a small logo on polo shirts, etc. (I could be wrong), but I like it and put it on a helmet that would be quite different. I also took just the head from the previous logo and tried that. (I was dealing with a low-quality image, so it isn't very crisp.)
  19. So i’ve been following this website for quite a long time now and let me say there is some amazing work on here. Ive decided to finally go ahead and throw out some of my conceptual ideas. So I decided to make some HydroChromed helmets since this is the new fad in college football. Let me know what you guys think, all c&c is appreciated. The Arkansas helmet would be HydroChromed with the nice shine, but was hard to present with the real tree camo texture. Also the yellow helmet with the wing is not oregon it is the University of Charleston in WV, there mascot is the golden eagles. It’s a small d2 school that i attended. Texas Hydrochrome OSU Hydrochrome Cincinnati Hydrochrome Charleston Hydrochrome Arkansas Hyrdrochrome
  20. This is a concept ive been workning on this past week hoping to get some c&c on it to see if these actually look good. I know some people dont like black on the lions as they perfer the more traditional look but i wanted to see what you guys had to say. I went with a black helmet with gradient stripes. On the uniform i tried to get the numbers to look like the material the ducks use.
  21. I recently wondered what it would be like if the original Broncos had come out with a helmet a little more imaginative than what they actually wore in 1960. Instead of just Photoshopping the idea, I actually made one. Let me know what you think (forgive my mediocre photography skills).........
  22. So, I'm originally from Lubbock, TX. I've always been a fan of the Red Raiders. I especially love the Double T logo. However, I really like this secondary mark. So much in fact that I think it would make a better helmet design. I haven't worked up a back view yet. Maybe I'll get around to that eventually... For the record, I didn't design this logo. I just tweaked it a bit to make it look good on a helmet.
  23. The logos are similar to begin with, and I'm not sure who had it first, but this looks awful reversed out. It creates all kinds of strange negative space, and well, it's been done already. WMU has a unique color scheme to work with, and this is really disappointing to see.