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  1. Let me start by saying that this is NOT intended to replace the grinning Goldy. Also, I KNOW that the school would not replace the current Goldy with this one. After I did the Michigan Wolverine and Wisconsin Badger I thought I'd try to give a similar feel to the Minnesota Gophers. I used the 13 striped ground squirrel for reference; no it's not a gopher but judging by Goldy's tail it's what he is based off of and many people call the ground squirrel a gopher. I think it turned out to have a good balance of cute and fight. Comment with your thoughts.
  2. Figured we could have a spot for all things college hockey, logos, jerseys, regular old convorsations about the games themselves. please delete this thread if I have missed a pre existing thread. What do you think of the "50th Season Throwback" for the riverhawks, I was at the game a few days ago and I personally enjoyed the Jersey in action.
  3. Before I'm away for the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with this new design and a few thoughts. I was recently inspired to draw-up a falcon image and while working it out I chose to think metacognitively about my process. What follows are a list of some of the thoughts that were........thunk. 1. Lets see what a falcon looks like Search for falcon images 2. Falcons have big eyes and a small beak compared to eagles and hawks, that's a distiguishing feature Draw out the shape of a basic falcon head 3. An angled pose would be most dynamic Search falcon in stoop or stooping falcon stooping is a funny word Add more slant to composition 4. They almost have an innocent look to them 5. Try to keep some of the innocent look 6. I wanna keep that ring around the eye, that's a distiguishing feature 7. Since the eye doesn't have much anger, what makes them scary? They are FAST..... lightning shapes They have a black colored eye... no yellow in the eye itself like hawks and eagles, that's a distiguishing feature Search falcon screeching 8. Erase closed beak, draw in open mouth 9. Keep dark portion of beak, that's a distiguishing feature 10. Work in the dark shape in the feather colors on the face 11. Huh, that doesn't look half bad References used:
  4. Sports has been a part of my life since the beginning. One of my biggest interests in design is sports identities. When I was young I was often drawing a team logo, colouring in a jersey or creating my own versions. In mid–2016 I took on a 70 day challenge for a project I was doing in school. I knew this would be tough to handle so I decided the make it more suitable to my interest. The goal of this challenge was to redesign an existing sports logo every day for 70 days. Each logo redesign involved preliminary research about the team/city, sketching out all my ideas on paper, executing a digital version through Illustrator. I ended up creating a booklet with small rationales for my thinking, design choices and overall thoughts on the project. was a place I went to every day to discover new teams to redesign.
  5. The Rocky Mountain Rage was an obscure team in the Central Hockey League that played in Broomfield, Colorado. I grew up with them. The little outdoor rink I played at in a nearby town sold tickets to the games, so my family and I would always buy tickets and go to the games. Even though we only got one or two games per year through the rink, we bought a ton of other tickets and saw the team a ton. The product on the ice was never that good, (They were notorious for blowing huge leads in the 3rd) and the seats were never full, but we still loved them. Hell, I still own a Rage hat shaped like a hockey helmet and a Rage jersey, which was the basis for most of these designs. I also noticed that there are no good, high-quality versions of their logo online. Below is a recreation of it to the best of my ability. If anyone ever wants to use it or someone wants to add it to the motherboard, go ahead. Also, below is the best recreation of the jerseys I could make from before their end. Here is my redesign. Not a ton of changes. Here's my redesign. The waist striping is honestly the only change, because I love the flames on the arms. It's a lot more like the previous Avalanche jerseys, with the mountains and all. I know it's not a humongous cahnge, but what do you guys think?
  6. The title of the thread says it all... I will be posting my predictions for what I think the NHL/Adidas will be unveiling for their league-wide overhaul next season, as well as changes I would make/what I want to see. We know a few details for what to expect - such as the Oilers wearing their orange alts full time, the Devils rebranding, etc - but according to @Chris Creamer, some teams won't have major changes. So first up... 1) Washington Capitals Prediction: rumor has it that the Caps are thinking about switching to their retro-throwbacks full time. Wish List: a combination of throwback and modernization 2) Tampa Bay Lightning Prediction: they switch to their current third jersey's template to stray away from the Maple Leafs/Red Wings comparison Wish List: bring back the unique Hawaiian blue and throw in some more black Florida and Columbus are next....C&C appreciated.
  7. I wasn't really with Canada's World Cup of Hockey uniforms they used this year. Canada has a really unique and storied hockey history, and the jersey didn't really respect that. It was a little too modern and stripped down for my tastes. I wanted to come up with something that respected the past and was modern and forward thinking at the same time. I figured that I have a hot hand with concepts right now, so I figured I'd take a shot at it. To do this, I took inspiration from two uniforms in particular. The first was the Winnipeg Falcons Team Canada throwbacks that they wore in 2004. I really like the center chest stripe, as well as the styling of the maple leaf. The second was the 2010 Olympic jerseys that Canada wore when they won the gold medal. I thought that the jersey was really really good, especially with the striping and First Nations design sublimated in the maple leaf. I first wanted to come up with some logos for the jersey and the rest of the uniform. I wanted to take the old styled maple leaf and combine it with the First Nations elements from the 2010 maple leaf. Here are the maple leaf logos that I came up with for the jersey. I took an irregular looking silver maple leaf and sublimated a Pacific Northwest First Nations design on top of it. I moved the arching "Canada" from the Falcons throwback down below the leaf, similar to the 2010 maple leaf logo. For the jerseys, I wanted the same mix of old school and new school. Here are the two jerseys: The home set is red with a white stripe in the middle of the jersey. The yoke is darker red, with the same dark red in the inside of the two white stripes. The away set is the reverse of the home, except for the red yoke. Both sets have black helmets and pants, as well as red socks. All C&C and feedback welcome and appreciated!
  8. Now that Las Vegas has an NHL team, it is hard to see the NHL adding an expansion team to the Western Conference. Therefore, it seems pretty unlikely that Seattle will get an NHL team in the future. However, that doesn't stop me from taking a shot at it. Seattle has a really old hockey history and identity which would be fun to build on. I made this concept to see what a team in Seattle would look like. First, for the team name. I chose to name the team the Seattle Suncatchers. The name is in reference to the Pacific Northwestern Native American myth of the Raven stealing the sun. I took the colors from the Seattle Metropolitans, the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. I took a lot of influence from the Art Deco architechture and art associated with Seattle. I wanted to make a team that mixed a lot of the complex Native American art with a more stripped down, Art Deco style. Next, for logos. I wanted all of the logos to mix the two elements to create a strong identity that was different than a lot of the other NHL teams. An image seen in a lot of Pacific Northwestern Native American art is the image of the Raven with the sun in its beak. This was originally my idea for the main logo of the team. This is what I came up with. I liked the stylizing of the logo, but parts of the logo bothered me. I thought it looked too much like a dinosaur for some reason, and at the same time it looked too similar to the Seahawks' logo. In addition, It didn't look very good on the uniforms, so I decided to scrap it. However, I still wanted to keep the mix of simplicity and the Native American elements. These are the marks I settled on for the Suncatchers. The primary logo is centerd around the red roundel, which represents the sun from the Native American myth. Surrounding it in art deco script is "Suncatchers Seattle". Inside the sun are three Northwestern Native American styled feathers, joined together by a smaller roundel. The secondary mark is drawn from the Seattle Metropolitans' "S" logo. The S and the smaller letters spelling out Seattle are in the updated script and are aligned to fit inside of the S better. Both of the logos mix history, Art deco, and Native American elements. For the jerseys, I wanted to do something classic. Looking at what Adidas has done for the World Cup of Hockey uniforms, they seem to like to walk the line between modern and minimalist. I tried to walk the same line while still being old school. Here are the jerseys. The home jerseys are a dark green with predominantly cream highlights. Red accents highlight the cream portions of the uniform, on the yoke, sleeves, pants, and socks. The away jerseys follow a different design, with a cream base and green upper sleeves. The same red accents are found on the sleeves. For both of the uniforms, Art Deco numbers are used, with the nameplates and captain patches in an old school collegiate font. The Seattle S logo serves as both jersey's patches and are found on both pants. The same helmet is used with both uniforms. Any C&C is much appreciated! Tell me what you think of the concept down below.
  9. Hey all, This is my first time posting here and my first real stab at creating a concept series for jersey designs. I have some experience in the past in creating jerseys for online hockey league forums, but never have done as many concepts for a league like the NHL. C&C is welcome and appreciated by a newcomer in the field of jersey designing. Direct link to Team look: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers 2 Florida Panthers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks St Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets Centennial Classic First up we have the Anaheim Ducks. The Mighty Ducks logo is back and in the spotlight. One thing that I like about the real current Ducks set is the inclusion of orange, and wanted to bring that as the main color. Gold is eliminated in the color pallet.
  10. Hi all, New logo I've been working on for a Junior B Hockey Team called the Stratford Warriors. I've attached the teams previous logos as well as my version. All comments/ criticism welcome.
  11. Attempt at neatening up the Wild that I sent into HJC and was looking for some C&C on. Tried making their set more cohesive among other adjustments.
  12. I went back to my old Sabre-Tooth Post and decided to re-work it with fresh (more experienced) eyes. I see this working best as a hockey logo. My color choice is the icy blue, but I dropped a Preds scheme in too, Let me know what you think. Added on 11/29/16: Added on 12/1/16:
  13. So, @JCRGraphix was nice enough to let me revive the IHA, using some of his artwork. The IHA will start in 1991-92, as a minor league to the WHL, which can be found here, or here. The first team, is the Minsk Bisons affiliate, the Belgrade Wolves. For the Wolves, I kept things simple, especially for the 1990's. The Wolves will keep this look until they got promoted in 1995, when they went a little bit more 1990s. The white jersey is the home, dark is away.
  14. Let me start by stating that I did not create this directly for the Toledo Walleye, I created it as just a walleye graphic and thought I'd try it for the them. In this application though I'm not sure if I'd want the white or light blue outline.
  15. Hey all! So this is the design of the Toronto Maple Leafs alternate jersey that I did for the latest contest. I explained my reasoning behind the choices on the logo, but if anyone has any questions I am happy to answer them. For reference these are the University of Toronto logo and Toronto Arenas logo that I mentioned in the image, and the 1934-37 jersey that was mentioned. I am pretty happy with how this turned out, but as always comments, questions, and critiques are always welcome! Thanks in advanced.
  16. I'm self taught in photoshop I've been going at it for two and a half years or so. I make posters for Leafs games and post them on my Facebook just as something to do for my friends and family to see. Over the last 3-4 days I've felt unmotivated. Ive started things and then delete them cause I couldn't make what saw in my head or I just didn't like what I made. I'm looking for some inspiration/help for what to do. I've done jersey concepts But I prefer doing stuff like these Leafs posters cause they have more texture and depth to them and a jersey concept. Any help, tips or inspiration would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  17. JJ Anderes

    NHL 2017-18

    This is a series for the 2017-18 season when Adidas takes over the NHL. I've removed the all of the adidas marks from the jersey, as they look much cleaner without them. Anyway, here's the first team... WASHINGTON CAPITALS While the Capitals have had some decent designs in the past, none of them have been perfect. Here's my review for each of them... All photos from '74-'95: Nothing positive about this set. '95-'07: While the color scheme and striping pattern sucked, the eagle logo was amazing. '07-present: The best color scheme by far, and the shoulder logo was pretty sick, but the striping and chest logo are pretty bad. MY DESIGN: C&C is appreciated. Be the first to comment and pick the next team for me to design.
  18. This is a concept for a fictional NHL Team. Figured I place it in Mexico City just cause.... More details on my behance page. Feel free to critique!
  19. Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a series to cover all ECHL teams with a new main set and most of them with a third aswell. I am using the same template for all of the designs and presentation will be pretty similar along the series aswell. I use the current CCM and league branding. As this is a work in process and not everything is finished yet, I expect this series to take a few weeks time. It also allows me to consider all the feedback and make the following concepts better. So don't hold back with opinions. I hope everyone enjoys this series as much as I do. First up is Adirondack. I tried to make it show the affiliation to the Flames without being a straight copy. It's also supposed to show off the name "Thunder". For the 3rd I decided to lose the red. I know some people say you can't drop the main colour or change the colour of the logo but in my opinion that's what a 3rd jersey is for. To try out something new, something different from the usual. And that's exactly what I did here.
  20. So, I recently joined Nationstates World Cup of Hockey, and I was thinking about uniform presentation. Most of the uniforms shown there are awfully made, shoddy photoshop/paint stuff. So I decided to give a try in a simple template to do this presentation, based on excellent Leafs jersey presentation from It took me only one or two hours, and is not that good I know. Even, I'd still like come C&C on this. p.s.: Helmet is from Icethetics, slightly modified
  21. This was just a random Caps concept I made out of boredom, with 4 variations. I can't decide on a favorite, so I figured I'd put 'em all on the boards. Here they are! Copper and no Stars Copper and Stars No Copper, no Stars No Copper, with Stars There they are! Sorry if they're not the best quality, I rushed them a little bit. I'll touch it up once I can pick a favorite.
  22. I decided to start up a fantasy league known as the Earth Hockey League. It starts off with four teams: Washington Speedsters (US) Victoria Foxes (CAD) Tokyo Roses (JPN) Mexico Reds (MEX) The rosters are filled with NHLers. The rosters will be released soon. Here's where they'll play: Washington: Verizon Center (where the Capitals play) Victoria: Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre (where the Royals play) Tokyo: The Big Hat (where the ice hockey events in the 1998 Olympics were held) Mexico: Monterrey Arena
  23. I know that there's been a handful of threads like this in the past, but I think it would be really cool if we could eventually come to a consensus of what the ugliest pro sports logos are, with this eventually going over to polls. The goal here is basically just posting in this case NHL logos, the other 3 major sports will come in the future (no offense soccer fans), and voting based on likes for which logo is most hated by the board members (one logo per post). The top ten or so voted ugliest logos will go over to polls where the winner (or I guess loser) will be decided. So, to start things off, in my opinion the ugliest NHL logo ever, the Phoenix Coyotes' Desert Lizard.
  24. Forgive me if this has been posted on the boards before, but in 1972 the National Film Board of Canada released a film called "Just Another Job." The film chronicles the first year of the Nordiques and the stories of its players. It's a fantastic hockey documentary you can watch on YouTube: Around the 13 minute mark, the designer of the Noriques logo and uniform is interviewed and discusses his orginal concepts. He explains that he originally developed a blue logo and jersey but was asked instead to do blue, white, and red. He explains that blue, white, and red were more establishment colors of another generation and associated with Montreal, but they work because they make everyone feel connected to the team. Seeing the color concept I immediately think of the Nordiques' abandoned '95 rebrand. Also, this movie has amazing footage of classic WHA jerseys.
  25. If DEL had a deal with Nike. Augsburger Panther Adler Mannheim