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  1. Welcome to third and (probably) last part of my "What if..." Nike would sign a collective contract with Serie A, one of the major football leagues of Europe. Here's the link. Thanks & enjoy!
  2. Here is a jersey concept I did for Georgetown football it's only a alternate but c&c is welcome
  3. I was wondering if the Toronto Maple Leafs have kept with the 1997-2000 jerseys, the one with the numbers based on the logo's wordmark font. Anyways, here is what I would suggest: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  4. I was wondering if the Ottawa Senators have kept with either of the jerseys between fall 1997 and spring 2007. Anyways, here I present the following: Here is version A, based on the 1997-2000 alternate turned 2000-2007 road red jersey: Here is version A, based on the 2000-2007 alternate black jersey: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  5. Hey all I made a jersey for the Pens to wear as an alternate. These are inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys of the 1970's Feedback and CC always welcome. EDIT: This template comes from the incredible MrWonka So shout out to him and his awesome work!
  6. Hey Guys! It's been a long time since i have posted something, so here is something that i worked on. There are rumors of Tampa Bay getting a third and this is my concept. I went with a simple design but definitely something modern. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  7. Greetings everyone, This is my first post, so I apologize if I don't have all the bases covered. This is a concept for an NHL expansion/relocation to Seattle. I chose the name Lumberjacks for two reasons: 1) to pay tribute to the region's first major industry (logging) and 2) I wanted to stay away from the Metropolitans/Metros name, as I've already seen some great concepts for that nickname and wanted to try something different. I would love to add an alternate jersey to the mix at some point. Let me know what you think! Special Thanks: jersey template from Hockey Jersey Concepts: Inspiration for presentation of concept: the_dragon ( Artwork created using Adobe Illustrator Presentation image created using Adobe Photoshop
  8. What if the Premier League would sign a 'collective contract' with Umbro? Here's my answer.
  9. Here is a quick rebrand I did for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I wanted to give them a timeless look that represented the organization as a premier baseball franchise with rich history. Let me know what you think.
  10. I've been working on this project for a couple of weeks now and I think it's time to finally share it. Mestis is pretty much the AHL of SM-liiga to simplify things. I was looking through their teams and logos and I enjoyed them. This has been my most dedicated series and I hope you'll enjoy. Please only feedback, do not demand changes. RELEASE SCHEDULE Kiekko-Vantaa SaPKo KooKoo LeKi Peliitat JYP-Akatemia TuTo Jukurit KeuPa-HT - Aug 14 Hokki - Aug 15 Kiekko-Vantaa...
  11. This is only my second concept and the first one I'm posting. I'd love to hear ways you think this design could improve. I always felt that despite having some exceptional logos, the Buffalo Sabers have always had lackluster unis. He's my concept for a new alternate jersey, because basically anything is better than their current one. I drew some inspiration from their vintage looking alternate from 2010-2011 and tried to combine in with a sleeker look from their buffa-slug days. I came up with the crest by combining a former shoulder patch, which I slightly re-colored and placed atop their traditional golden ring. Hope you dig it - Nick Empirical Designs
  12. I did this concept about a week ago for the IceHL expansion team, the Moscow Cosmonauts. I sent it in thinking that I had a decent concept and waited to see it in the competition. The comp. went up today and to my surprise, my concept wasn't there. I spent a good deal of time working on it and I was kind of depressed to not see it there. I went to my e-mail to see if I remembered to attach the file to the e-mail since I forget a lot (just ask Ryan (HJC)). Turns out I didn't. I sent it in on the 19th (six days ago) so I am dumbfounded for the reason I was not contacted for not attaching the file. It's a stupid mistake and can easily be fixed by simply asking to re-submit it, but that never happened. I tried contacting Chris (Smith) to see if I could fix with little probability. I have yet to get any sort of response. So, I guess instead of having it in the competition, I would put it here for you to enjoy, hate, whatever. Here it is...
  13. So after seeing countless NFL re-designs in this forums over the past year or two -- some great, some not so great -- I have decided to throw my hat in the ring. I'm currently designing as well as modifying some existing templates to fit my needs, so the actual process may play out rather slowly. I will be releasing each team as I finish them, by division, starting with the AFC North.
  14. Hey Guys! As a Penguins fan, it was a shock to hear about new sweaters with the classic gold, so here is what we thought it could look like. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome! The away jerseys are the same as home but the black and white are swapped.
  15. What's up everybody, I've been working on this new series lately, and have gotten half-way done with the entire league at the moment, so I figured why not start posting a few concepts at a time. With this series, I had a few goals and ideas that I wanted to fulfill. Firstly, I believe the NHL needs more color, diversity and creativity (not the stupid kind of creativity that we see from Reebok). Some teams (i.e. the Hurricanes) look bland and uninspired. Taking into consideration what each team is currently wearing today, I wanted to create an alternate uniform that would fit well with the two primaries, look good on the ice, and build off of each team's branding. First off, we have.... Anaheim Ducks (1/30) Buffalo Sabres (2/30) Carolina Hurricanes (3/30) Any comments or criticism is always welcomed. I can take requests for teams to do in order, but I may have already finished them! Fire away
  16. CLICK for Original Divisions: NFC EAST // AFC EAST // NFC NORTH // AFC NORTH // NFC WEST// AFC WEST // NFC SOUTH // AFC SOUTH CLICK for Updates: UPDATE 1 (PHI, DAL, GB, CHI) // UPDATE 2 (CIN, SEA) In March of 2012, I posted the last team in my NFL Redesign thread. I was overwhelmingly busy, excruciatingly happy, and somewhat tired of the way I made my uniforms. You see, for those who remember and for those who don't, I would post each of my teams as I created the concept. As a result, my thread was littered with different templates, updates, styles, and levels of ability over the span of almost a year and a half. Even at that point, I only had completed around 20 teams. Many of you enjoyed my concepts, and I hope that you will again, because... In December of 2012, in the long lull of Winter, and not in the same ecstatic state I had been in the previous Spring, I decided that after 9 months away, I wanted to return to my uniforms. I adopted a new template, finally based in the reality of the NFL under Nike. Most importantly, I decided to complete all of the NFL teams before I would begin to post them. Every four days, starting on Friday, March 14th, I will post a new division. The schedule is as follows: NFC East: 3/15/13 || AFC East: 3/19/13 || NFC North: 3/23/13 || AFC North: 3/27/13 || NFC West: 3/31/13 || AFC West: 4/4/13 || NFC South: 4/8/13 || AFC South: 4/12/13 I'm really excited, and happy to finally be back to posting on the boards here. I hope that all of you will enjoy, "like", and of course leave your Comments & Criticisms. See you all below!
  17. I created some concepts for teams in the NFL and would love some feedback. I will start with the AFC East and the Miami Dolphins. The helmets can go with any jersey/pants combo. Dolphins uniforms:
  18. Western: Alberta British Columbia North Wolves Central: Minnesota Winnipeg Chicago Lincolns Great Lakes: Quebec Michigan York Region Rams Eastern: New York Pennsylvania Massachusetts The first step will be choosing the team names, for example: A team located in Nevada could be named the Vegas Chargers, Nevada Sting, or Carson Hawks. The second step will be designing the teams identity, as in team colours, logos and jerseys. The teams identity will be revealed shortly after the name is decided, depending on how difficult the logo is to design. The point of this is to get your input on the teams development, and have you guys involved as much as you would like to be. In the case that nobody really participates I'm more than capable of continuing through the designs by myself (granted there is any interest) I used the Iowa Wild as an example of how I'm going to display the graphic's of the teams identity to give you guys an idea of what's to come. I also went ahead and entirely completed one team (NW Territories) to further show you guys what I'm going for. I'll post that shortly after. In the mean-time I say we start naming the Illinois based team! My idea is to have the team based in Springfield rather than Chicago... what do you guys think I should do?
  19. The NextFL is coming soon! Here's a preview of the 2021 version of the Jacksonville Jaguars, after they've moved to London. Lots of changes in store for the NEXT version of the NFL, the NextFL. C&C welcome, but my next update won't be for a few weeks (I'm just posting this now so I don't let this series totally fall on the backburner)
  20. Alright so I'm a huge Mizzou fan. And unlike some, i really like our current uniforms that were "rebranded" by Nike 2 years ago. I also love that Nike is rolling out some new bits and pieces for us. (different matte/metallic helmet combinations, a new chrome tiger sticker helmet, and a new anthracite jersey). But when we played in the SEC championship as the away team, i didn't like our look. I mean i didn't mind it, but i felt it could have been done better. So here i give you my concept for a "White-out" Mizzou Alternate Helmet: The Tiger and Facemask are not black, but a dark-grey/anthracite to match the sleeves of our white jerseys It would be worn when they wear their white pants. So with this look: I couldn't figure out how to make the helmets above white with Photoshop, so all could do is vectorize the helmet. If anyone would be willing to recolor/make the helmet above the new white one, it would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking, and C&C is much appreciated
  21. Hi all. This is my first concept so c/c is very welcome. I went for a classic, clean looking jersey because I love the old fashioned kind of look. However I used the newer "Vegas Gold" to try to modernize it and keep the Penguin identity unique.
  22. Overview OHL 2014 Outdoor Classic East Belleville Bulls Kingston Frontenacs Oshawa Generals Ottawa 67's Peterborough Petes Central Barrie Colts Mississauga Ice Dogs St. Catharines Hawks North Bay Battalion Sudbury Wolves Midwest Erie Otters Guelph Storm Kitchener Rangers London Nights Owen Sound Attack West Brantford Flyers Plymouth Whalers Sarnia Sting Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds Windsor Spitfires So I'm new to the forum, but long time reader! Always been nervous to post my stuff up, but decided I might as well. I've rebranded every team in the OHL, based on what I think is cool! I'm open for feedback and criticism to make these better. I tried to make the jersey's different so that not all of them look the same, so bare with me if some of them seem out of the box. That's not uncommon for Major Junior concepts anyways. I decided to start simple. Windsor Spitfires The Spits have a pretty cool brand to work with, so it's a shame they just took the Capitals brand and just worked off of that. I decided to input a new colour scheme of baby blue and red. The baby blue comes straight from a Spitfire Fighter Plane, which makes enough sense to me. I changed their primary logo from a cartoonish Spitfire and Capital-esque font to a simplified version of a commemoration logo introduced in 2007. This logo incorporates the plane trail found in a logo they used for 20 years. On the jersey I decided to take the 3 wings from the logo and apply them to the sleeve and waist stripes. The 3 red stripes are a common element on both jerseys and the logo. If anybody is interested in following the thread let me know what team you would like to see me post next!
  23. Hello all, In this topic I will begin my NHL Alternate Jersey Project. I will create an original alternate jersey for all 30 teams and I will give an explanation for each jersey. After my initial jersey I will go in alphabetical order starting with Anaheim (already in progress) I would love to here your guys ideas and criticisms of my work. Thanks again. -Toast
  24. After seeing the jerseys in the Toronto Star Jersey Re-branding contest, I decided to make my own. I wanted to recapture the history of the Toronto Raptors all in one jersey, while keeping it looking slick and modern. So without further ado, here they are! * First and foremost, I do want to state that I re-added the Raptor and the classic script back to the front of the jersey. Many disliked it, but I strongly believe it was only because the rest of the 1995-99 jersey was so busy. However, the Raptor doesn't need to be there, and the jersey could still work well without it. * Next on the agenda was the colour. Gone is the ruby red that the Raptors have used in the past. It is now replaced by a more sharper, darker red. * Block numbers were included to give a more pronounced, yet clean style to the jersey. * For the away jerseys, I chose to go with the black jersey as the primary. However, the red can easily be the primary as well. * Finally, the alternate home. Inspiration was drawn from the Nuggets skyline jersey and the Blazers 'RipCity' jersey. These 'cultural' jerseys are great for a fan base. It features the word 'T-Dot', which is commonly used to represent Toronto, and a Canadian leaf to the back above the player name, to represent Canada. Complete with skyline and the 'moon-claw', this would sure be a best seller! These jerseys would only be worn 2-3 times a year. The road team can choose to wear their white home jersey or a complimentary away jerseys. Other Jerseys: Holiday Jerseys Other Logos: 20th Anniversary Patch So how do you like them??
  25. This is a concept series that I will be doing periodically over the next few months. Teams like the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers have pretty vintage-looking uniforms. This can be attributed to their early establishment. Other teams, like Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks are the opposite, featuring more modernized looks. Which brings us to the Official MLB Random Year Expansion!!! In this series, I will be randomizing the year of expansion of major league teams, and displaying how their jerseys would've looked IN that year. I can use any year from 1869 to present. The only rule is that the team nickname must remain the same. I will be starting off with the American League, then going to the National League after. Teams will be posted by division, in no particular order. If you are new to this thread, I suggest just scrolling though to see all of the jerseys, and feedback from other members. Otherwise, you can use the quick links to get straight to the jersey of your choice! I hope you all enjoy! American League Quick Links: AL EAST: Baltimore Orioles 1997, Boston Red Sox 1978, New York Yankees 2005, Tampa Bay Rays 1905, Toronto Blue Jays 1942 AL CENTRAL: Chicago White Sox 1991, Cleveland Indians 2011, Detroit Tigers 2002, Kansas City Royals 1955, Minnesota Twins 1931 AL WEST: Houston Astros 2013, LA Angels of Anaheim 1948, Oakland Athletics 1870, Seattle Mariners 1913, Texas Rangers 1927 National League Quick Links: NL EAST: NL CENTRAL: NL WEST: Arizona Diamondbacks 1982, Colorado Rockies 1973, Los Angeles Dodgers 1994, San Diego Padres TBA, San Francisco Giants TBA