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  1. After seeing a depiction of the Blackhawks logo in JUST black, white and red on Corey Crawford's mask, I wonder if a jersey could be made with that logo. I decided to look through the Blackhawks jersey history to see if anything could work. I chose the 1928 jersey with a few changes... 1. Most obvious, the insertion of red into the jersey color scheme. 2. The large collection of stripes on the should has now be condensed into a repeat of the sleeve stripes. 3. I actually like it when a team can put logos on their sleeves instead of their shoulders. Not that it always works, but when they do it well, it works great. 4. I actually think this looks well with no waist stripes at all. I tried putting the sleeve stripes across the waist but they were too huge and too cluttered and left almost no room for the jersey name and number. What do you think?
  2. Hi, There based on your feedback off of my last post, I went back to the Drawing Board, and ever-since.. I've been Working on a new website, its Launching this SB50 weekend!.. in the meantime Here is a quick freebie to give you a taste of whats to come I was able to create this Superbowl Banner below within 2 minutes, only using this mockup.. More Examples : More Info Here : Head over to Sports Templates to get your own Copy for free your feedback is Greatly important, and please let me know if you have any ideas for future mockups/templates that you'd like to see made " I'm already working on full Football, Baseball, BasketBall, Hockey, and Soccer" templates with super high resolution, that are totally royalty free, so you can use them on your portfolio or when presenting your works.. Here is a sneak peak on one of the products that will be released next week
  3. I've had this concept lying around for over a year now and decided to now flesh it out completely. It's a very unusual design, but I feel it could work for a third jersey, but nothing more than that. I tried two versions of it as I don't know which logos work better on it. What do you all think?
  4. For this first attempt at a concept I wanted to do something that most likely won't happen. I'm labeling it as a Modern Vintage set. After watching the All-Star game I really liked the name bar connecting to the back rather than just a nameplate, so I executed that with a whole set. I think the home dark gives a more modern feel with no hem but still a "chest" stripe. Then adding a hem to the white jersey i felt gave it more "beef" and gave a more vintage feel. Tell me what you think about this first one. Hate it? Like it? Minor alterations? Or just scrap the whole idea?
  5. The Leafs finally unveiled their nice new logo yesterday. Now the speculation begins as to what the jerseys will look like. I figured they will be based on a classic set, but possibly with a twist. So I came up with this interpretation. What do you think?
  6. San Diego Sockers MLS Concept.
  7. Hey guys! I am back after a long break off from posting I apologize. But I have started working on some jersey concepts for 2 NBA D-League teams and I want to make concepts for all of the teams. So far like I said, I only have two teams and they are the Bakersfield Jam and the Grand Rapids Drive. More of the teams coming in separate posts. Alternate jerseys also coming soon! Bakersfield Jam: Home: Away: Grand Rapids Drive: Home: Away: Let me know what you guys think and more is to come!
  8. I would have entered these into the contest that ASHI hockey is having but I didn't know about it until today. I have the home and away ones done and I'm working on the alternative one. The logo on the right shoulder would change for each ISBHF event.
  9. I'd love to get some thoughts on this jersey design I created for the USA Ball Hockey jersey contest. I created two custom logos along with a custom keyboardable font. The theme I'm rolling with is the "Red, White, & Blue for Gold" hence the gold leaf accents. Feel "free" to cast your vote Here! I'd appreciate any votes as I believe the contest is winding down this week. Thanks everyone. I want to see these hanging up in a locker room!
  11. After viewing countless concept threads over the years, I decided to start my own! This is my first try designing uniforms, so any tips are appreciated... first up is Arizona: Home: Away: I hate when people have to explain their work, but a few notes: - All whites have a faint twinge of orange cream (including helmet) - A member mentioned the concept of "wordmark:home::location:away"... loved it, implemented it! - Still working on an alternate! No end date in mind, but I'll try to post a team as often as I can
  12. Hey Guys! It has been awhile but I am back with a new concept. The Hartford Wolfpack logo has always been out of place in the AHL for me, so I thought I can bring something new to the table. This logo I designed is very simplistic with a huge nod to their NHL affiliate, The New York Rangers. The classic shield has a little modernization with a Wolf in the center. I stuck with the current Wolfpack colors except I added Navy, to me, its a huge upgrade. As for the jerseys, I went with a very simple look, but still have that classic feel. I hope you Guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  13. So I had an idea in a history lecture to make an egyptian themed hockey logo and uniform set. I put the team in Las Vegas but the concept isn't really about the expansion. The logo is a representation of the Egyptian god of the sun "Ra". The name of the team is the Las Vegas Gods. C&C Appreciated!!
  14. I don't feel like the Packers were too off, just a couple minor tweaks
  15. Edmonton at Montreal two nights ago:
  16. Hey Guys! Since Quebec is getting a NHL team again I have decided to make a concept. This logo is very similar to the shoulder patch that they previously wore. Once agin, a simplistic jersey that nods to the Nordiques past. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome
  17. Hey Guys! Since there is a big possibility that there will be a NHL team in Las Vegas, I have decided to make a concept. So lets start the logo and color scheme. The logo is a Desert Bighorn Sheep, which is the Nevada state animal (Hence the name of the team). The colors are the state flag colors. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  18. Hello all, I was looking at Raysox's Inkscape hockey tutorial (great stuff by the way), and I decided to take those skills and apply it to a small series creating hockey concepts for the entire Big 12. For those who don't know, the Big 12 does not have any teames that play D1 hockey for the NCAA. I will be creating a home, away, and for some teams an alternate jersey. Per NCAA hockey the home jersey will be white, while the away will be dark. I plan on releasing 1-2 concepts a week depending on how busy I am. Thanks to Conrad for the great fonts. Big 12 Hockey Kansas State Wildcats Texas Longhorns TCU Horned Frogs C&C is appreciated as always.
  19. Hello Guys i know you're probably tired of seeing me here, but I've been doing so many concepts lately i just want to share my work. ok with that said heres the gist of the reasoning behind me making this concept. i thought about doing this after i replied to a post that was looking for help on an old concept they had and i really liked the name "Detroit Soul" and i thought "Hmm that would be a great name for a team i have in mind" needless to say it was the Drive. i love Detroit's history and everything the city is known for as far as cars and music. the city has a nice amount of sports teams with great history behind there names but the Pistons "new" D-League affiliate is just a generic attempt at forcing the car identity of the city and not much speaks to the music side of things as far as sports go. after about an hour of thinking and a quick session for sketching i came up with a concept to have a sports team that speaks to the music identity of Detroit and with the city being home to Motown Records i though why not. i worked for a few hours on this but its still in the very earlier stages just like some of the other things i have going now but i would live to know what everyone thinks. i modeled the Main Logo after Motown Records's logo Real C&C wanted and thanks for looking Main Logo: Secondary Logos: Home & Away Jerseys:
  20. For me I have the Rangers when they wear white jerseys with the red cap. The preponderance of blue on the lettering doesn't blend well with the red cap. NFL-wise, I have the Titans' white jersey with navy pants. The lighter blue (Titan blue) on the jersey shoulders does not blend well with the darker navy of the jerseys.
  21. I was inspired to try and create a new logo for the Capitals when the Wizards announced they were switching to the roundel logo for the playoffs and future seasons. Seeing that the Nationals also follow this theme for their logo, I wanted to see how the Caps would looks with new logos. Notes: - The stars on the arm are three in a row - The collar has "Rock The Red" on the inside Let me know what you think!
  22. Hi Guys, Recently, my high school alumni basketball teammates has assigned me to design our new uniform. We will be competing in a small league (in Jakarta, Indonesia) that'll pitted us with other high school alumni, mostly it just us 34-43 yo guys playing ball, reliving our teenage days This is actually my first experience in designing uniform/apparel and boy, was I lucky to came across this forum to get mock ups and most importantly, ideas. Long story short, I came up with one design that combine Nets, Spurs and Raptors uniform. I also tried to make the logo as simple as possible, just because logo development has never really been my forte. Kindly let me know what you guys think, any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. I've always hated two things about the NHL: the Reebok jersey templates and the over-use of color schemes. So I thought, "What would the NHL look like if every team was completely individualized?" and came to this idea. I want to make the teams more individual. This would mean to change their color schemes and jersey designs. Then I thought about what if this was a project set in the future. With Reebok's deal with the NHL ending in 2016, the chances for a new manufacturer of jerseys is very likely so I thought about potential manufacturers. There's still Reebok in play with Nike, Bauer, and Under Amour. This idea would be pointless if I chose Reebok again, so no Reebok. Nike would be the most likely, but I think their current jersey for the IIHF wouldn't fit with the NHL, so no Nike. That just leaves Bauer and Under Amour. Bauer is more of a equipment manufacturer while Under Amour is more of a clothing manufacturer. One of these would be the perfect fit. I chose Under Amour. I think they with their "technology" it would be possible for a jersey that could be as light as a Nike jersey while maintaining the bulkiness of a CCM/Reebok jersey. Plus, Under Amour isn't a frequently used brand in the hockey scene other than for their, well, Under Amour. Back to the designs and re-coloring. My idea was for no team to have the same or obliviously similar design or color schemes. With the color schemes, it would be difficult to have completely different color schemes for each team, so I decided that if a team has normally two of the same colors (primary & secondary), they would simply have different primary colors. Trust me, you'll understand this as this goes on.This means a lot of untouchables well be touched. Classic color schemes and designs will be changed with much dislike among fans, but Under Amour believes that the fans will grow to love them. I have color schemes set with changes most likely to come although I will be taking suggestions, but if they are too similar to another teams colors, I will simply disregard it. The first set I decided to do was the... Montreal Canadiens (Pretty bold choice for first concept, eh) I wanted to have relatively the same design they already have and have had for a very long time. I've always thought about Montreal being Canada's team (screw you Toronto). I wanted to keep the red, blue and white color scheme, but I also wanted to change it. Going more of a vintage route, Canada's flag back in the hay days of British rule was Red, Blue, White and Gold. So I added gold.