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  1. Here we have one of the most exciting football league of the world that is the Primera División of Argentina, this time signing a collective contract with Baltimore based company Under Armour. Enjoy!
  2. Hi, I was hired by a uniforms company to design uniforms for professional baseball teams here in Mexico, my first approved work were the Mexican jerseys for the 2015 Caribbean Series played in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here are the designs I made. Hope you guys like them! Due to the great response I will be updating soon with more projects I have been working on in both the two biggest professional leagues in Mexico. (Liga Mexicana de Béisbol -Summer League- and Liga Mexicana del Pacífico - Winter League-)
  3. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.
  4. So i was on instagram and found a photo of a Preds fan showing off his new Rinne jersey. At first glance it looks legit. It has the same basic design and fonts that they use, but after looking at it for a few more seconds I noticed that something wasn't right. The numbers are way off centered, the stitching is terrible, it looks as if in some parts where it should be rounded off, it's squared off, the Reebok logo is a complete mess, and if I had to guess the front is probably just as bad. It is terrible that people get scammed into getting illegally made counterfeit jerseys and brag about how good they are, when they are a pile of crap. If you want a jersey, just spend the extra money on one instead of buying these cheap $25 jerseys off of sketchy sites. I really hope this guy realizes what a bad deal he got.
  5. Brand update for the top 15 NCAA Division 1 ice hockey teams. University of North Dakota Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota State Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Miami RedHawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Michigan Tech Huskies Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston University Terriers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Omaha Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Denver Pioneers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Providence Friars Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston College Eagles Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Bowling Green Falcons Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Yale Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota Golden Gophers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch UMass Lowell River Hawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch
  6. Im back!!!!! After a brief hiatus I'm back this time with the Jacksonville Jaguars getting a much needed facelift
  7. Hey Guys! Im sure this has been done but here is my take on concept home an away jerseys for the Calgary Flames. I love simplicity, less is more. Hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  8. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever designed a jersey for production before. I work for a baseball team as a designer, and have had many years of digital and print experience, but have never designed a jersey. My team is going through Wilson and due to poor communication on their reps part, I am not sure how to go about designing with very loose outlines. The rep basically told us they need a vector, any size, but have not responded to further questions. I called Wilson directly and they told me to speak with a rep, go figure... I would like to get started working on designs but want to be sure I am not wasting my time with files that won't work. Does anyone have any advice on sizing, settings, templates, etc. ? Thanks for your help! -Derek
  9. Hey Guys! This was a fun one for me. First, the logo. The logo is a keystone "crest" with the wings of the original Flyers logo going through it. Second, the jerseys. I wanted it to look somewhat similar to the jerseys they have now, but keeping it simple at the same time. (And yes, their jersey now is kind of simple). This is just a concept, the logo they have now will forever be their logo, I just wanted to get creative with it. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  10. I always thought that black band was just a band. But i see alot of other players do it, so is it more of a memorial kind of thing or just a fab?
  11. I had 2 Ideas for Grizzlies jerseys, and I didn't think they would work well together. The first is a front jersey design, with 6 stripes to signify 6 strings of a guitar, MEMPHIS, you know. The second is just something cool that would work probably only with the Grizzlies (and maybe a few more), but I thought it was cool, so I post it here! C&C COME TO ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  12. My first uniform set I am posting is for the Chicago Bears. These are the GSH Tribute Uniforms for George Stanley Halas. Obviously what stands out the most on these uniforms are the horizontal wrap around stripes. I know Northwestern uses this concept, but I figured the Bears are the perfect team to pull off this design. I used the sleeve stripes as the wrap around stripes, and moved the GSH to the pants. I used the current Chicago Bears logo for the helmet since this isnt really a throwback uniform. But however, I did go with a vintage logo for the chest patch. I wanted to use a logo that showed history, and since this logo was used from 1954-1973, which George Halas was the head coach during this time until 1967. George Halas was inducted into the NFL hall of fame in 1963. I felt this logo could be used to honor that era for the Bears along with the end of George Halas's career.
  13. When the Celtics unveiled their new Parquet Pride uniforms, myself like many of you, thought they were pretty ugly looking. One think I did like on the uniform was the parquet pattern on the side panels of the jersey and shorts. I thought that was kind of cool looking. I took that idea and added it to the Celtics green jerseys (mine still says Celtics on the front, I know the current ones now say Boston). I made it gold, like the gold from the St. Patrick Day uniforms. I took the stripes on the shoulder and had them run down the side of the jersey and shorts. One of the things I might do is add a gold outline around CELTICS and the number just to change it up a little more. What do you think?
  14. I've never really payed much attention to the WCHA in any way, so I decided, "Hey, why not check out their jerseys." I wasn't necessarily impressed or disheartened, so I decided to take this project upon myself. I've done 5 teams up to this point, but I want to take this steadily. So I wont be posting the next set until I think the one before has gotten enough appreciation/dislike. If this series gets enough attention I might move on to the other Div 1 leagues. Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Alaska Nanooks Alaska Anchorage Seawolves Bemidji State Beavers Bowling Green Falcons Ferris State Bulldogs Lake Superior State Lakers Michigan Tech Huskies Minnesota State Mavericks Northern Michigan Wildcats Alaska Anchorage Seawolves
  15. I've been designing logos and junk for a while now and I wanted to try my hand at something more design related. I chose to do something close to home and redesign the Philippine Basketball Association jerseys. I always found our league to be a bit lacking in this regard so I gave it a shot. I've also been looking for an audience to check this out for a while now 'cause I can't really gauge how decent it looks and what I could improve on. A FEW TWEAKS I barely changed anything on these jerseys. No major changes of note. Alaska Aces: Barangay Ginebra San Miguel: (I added a bit of a tribute/throwback jersey as the alternate) Kia Sorento: SAME CONCEPT REDESIGN These teams have decent concepts in my opinion so I tried not to stray too far from them. Meralco Bolts: Talk N' Text Tropang Texters: COMPLETE REDEISGN I decided that these teams needed a fresh new look complete with a logo wordmark change and color scheme. Barako Bull Energy: San Miguel Beermen: NLEX Road Warriors: Purefoods Star Hotshots: Global Port Batang Pier: Don't hold any punches. Comment away!
  16. Over a year ago I posted a layout that I did for the Raptors potential redesign. Since then, I have updated many aspects of the scheme, most notably the primary logo. There are many aspects that I feel make a perfect Raptors set for all fans of the team, and I wanted to share that with you again. So without further ado, here it is! My skyline jersey was actually made posted before Dallas introduced theirs. It had "T-DOT" on the front, but I changed it to "TORONTO" because no other jersey in the set had the full city name on it. So, how do you like it??
  17. I'm not sure if this means they're bringing them back or just selling them on the site, but every other jersey on the page was one they're currently using
  18. Not a redesign. I've been enamored with sites like erojkit and switchimageproject showing off vectored shirts for soccer. I'd figure to do the same, recreating baseball jerseys used by the New York Mets. I killed off time vectorizing stuff and did the Mets' home alternate used in 1997: An underrated set from an aesthetically magnificent years for the Mets in the mid 90s. An emphasis on the aesthetically, they weren't magnificent on-field until the late 90s. This predates the snow whites that were recently axed by the team for the 2015 season. The hat though... Well, at least it's unorthodox. Font used during that time: My OCD flared out when I saw so many distorted lines in the original block font from the style guide, so I straightened them out. Also, I took the time to recreate the front block font used by the Mets and other teams. It's not the same as the Dodgers' front block, bit less thick. I pulled off a glacier twill effect on Illustrator: Redrew the Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary logo from the raster found on this site: And as an extra, I drew these jocktags back in 2012. The BP one is badly outdated, but here it is anyways. The Russell jocktag took a while, couldn't find a pic of the Diamond Collection raster logo so I resorted on using pics from jerseys. So tell me what you think. I'd appreciate your criticisms and hopefully if this works out, I might branch out to other teams. Big thanks to aawagner011 for his template.
  19. I always loved the set the Lightning had from 1992 til 2007, even though it's not a popular opinion. I wanted to come up with something that kind of evoked it, but I wanted to add more silver...for a reason. The main gimmick of the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms is the apparent "reflective" number set. My idea is to have all the silver in the crests and numbers be made of this reflective material, so it would pop more on the ice. Especially when you shine a spotlight directly on the player after a goal perhaps. It would be the most appropriate team to try it out on. Here is my concept: . Comments welcome.
  20. Welcome to third and (probably) last part of my "What if..." Nike would sign a collective contract with Serie A, one of the major football leagues of Europe. Here's the link. Thanks & enjoy!
  21. Here is a jersey concept I did for Georgetown football it's only a alternate but c&c is welcome
  22. I was wondering if the Toronto Maple Leafs have kept with the 1997-2000 jerseys, the one with the numbers based on the logo's wordmark font. Anyways, here is what I would suggest: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  23. I was wondering if the Ottawa Senators have kept with either of the jerseys between fall 1997 and spring 2007. Anyways, here I present the following: Here is version A, based on the 1997-2000 alternate turned 2000-2007 road red jersey: Here is version A, based on the 2000-2007 alternate black jersey: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  24. Hey all I made a jersey for the Pens to wear as an alternate. These are inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys of the 1970's Feedback and CC always welcome. EDIT: This template comes from the incredible MrWonka So shout out to him and his awesome work!
  25. Hey Guys! It's been a long time since i have posted something, so here is something that i worked on. There are rumors of Tampa Bay getting a third and this is my concept. I went with a simple design but definitely something modern. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!