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  1. I'm not sure anyone has done something like this, but here goes. Ever since I was in Grade 7 I have been drawing an entire city, Johnstonville. I have always been fascinated by Cities, Roads, what-have-you and I have also always loved sports and design; but I have never put them together until now. This idea of a city has expanded into an entire country. It would be its own island west of Australia, East of South Africa and South of India. I still have yet to name it, but I have a few City, State/Province, County names. It is very similar to Canada with some added American, European, Austra-Japanese Elements. The population is about 60 million with the largest Metro area being around 8 million people. I won't bore you guys anymore with some useless fantasy that doesn't relate to the sports. So to start it off I have chosen the capital of my country; Johnstonville, New Ontario. (That's the Province of New Ontario). The city's colours are Cookies and Cream so most of the concepts will consist of that colour scheme. "What a strange colour combination!" Yes, it is, but it's unique. The reasoning behind this was when I first made the city - which is now just downtown - I used names of Chocolate companies to name some of the streets. I guess I had a sweet tooth when I was a kid. Due to the limit on Outsourcing Jobs in my country, Hershey's built a plant and office in Johnstonville to be the HQ of Hershey's in the Eastern World. As well as a few other chocolate companies having offices in the city and then later moved to Greenfield, New Ontario. Also having the same colour scheme makes it a little easier - as this is kind of a sample to see if I can handle all of these sports - the team will have the same name. The name is after the F-117 Nighthawk. "BUT THAT'S MADE IN CALIFORNIA!" It's made in Johnstonville in my world and is really the only involvement my country has with war. My goal is to make entire professional leagues for the entire country. So think of it in the style of High School or College for now, where all the sports have the same name. So far the Major Sports I have in mind are: Hockey (the Ice kind, not that field stuff) Women's Hockey (possibly) Football (the Canadian kind, bigger ball, bigger field, 13 players, with NFL's 4 downs) Soccer Baseball Basketball Rugby (Union, 15 players) Lacrosse (Indoor)
  2. Hey everybody. It's been awhile since I've posted any concepts on here. I've been busy with my first year of being a collegiate student athlete at UDC. I was very interested in TheGiantsFan's hand drawn baseball series. So, I decieded to find some field templates I found in the SVG thread (credits to all of the template creator(s), can't think off the top my head about who made them) and create a stadium from scratch via Inkscape and graph paper. I had to research different sized stadiums to determine how large the seating capacity should be: ie, Klockner Stadium (UVA Lax and Soccer), Homewood Field (Johns Hopkins), and Armstrong Stadium (Hampton University). After sketching up the design, I used Inkscape to recreate and enhance some of the features. Most of the field designs will have football and/or lacrosse markings down. So let's get started, here's my first set. Enjoy! Venue Name: Bowman Stadium Location: Buena Vista, Florida Seat Capacity: (10,000) Planning Sketch: Finished Version:
  3. Alas, you won't be able to un-behold it afterward. In case you were wondering: This is a new team in the Canadian Lacrosse League, a level below the NLL in box lacrosse and whose season overlaps the NLL's. The "Southwest" refers to southwest Ontario, a vague name apparently chosen because the team only plans to stay in its current arena for one season and then relocate to parts presently unknown.
  4. In the past four years the National Lacrosse League's Stealth franchise has moved up the Pacific coast from San Jose to Everett, WA and now to the Vancouver suburb of Langley, BC. Their visual identity has become increasingly bland the farther north they've gone. Here are the various logos of the San Jose Stealth... the Washington Stealth... and now, the newly unveiled logo of the Vancouver Stealth: Now, the Washington Stealth did have a sharp-looking secondary fox logo, but it's not yet known whether that will be kept on in Vancouver Langley. (That it seems to have completely vanished from the Internet is, however, not a good sign.)
  5. The Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association, several of whose team logos have been more or less universally panned in this forum, has announced a name change to reflect their growing geographical footprint. They are now known as the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League. Here is their new logo (selected in a design contest): For the really curious, the other contest entries can be found on this page. A big upgrade from the old plain black MILA logo with its old plain text font, but I hope it spurs most of the individual teams to redesign their logos too. Most of them are either derivative or just plain ugly, or both.
  6. In accordance with Section 106 of the CCSLC Fantasy Sports Constitution: The United Lacrosse League, a CCSLC-affiliated fantasy league following the National Lacrosse League, is in need of an emergency replacement owner for one of its teams, as the original owner has been AWOL for the entire season so far (didn't send a draft list or starting lineups, hasn't responded to PMs or e-mails, etc.) If interested, please post in this thread in the ULL forum, which also contains additional information about the league (rules, current rosters, schedule etc.)
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first post on here so be gentle.... So this year my high school lacrosse team is changing everything up. I designed the helmet graphics that were ordering, and now they want me to make the new logo. I came up with this sketch and im just looking for any feedback you guys might have. Also, some help with how to color the logo. Our colors are red yellow and white and our mascot is the flames. Here is the link to the sketch: Thanks guys.
  8. A common complaint about the Swarm's jersey designs since 2009 was that the sleeve stripes obscured the TV numbers (which were the same color as the stripes) on the sleeves. No more.
  9. The awesomeness, or awfulness, depending on your POV, of the Toronto Rock's original logo is returning in 2013 with their newly unveiled third jerseys. The logo is a slightly tweaked version of the team's original logo, which can be seen here, and which most people seemed to either really love or really hate.
  10. The National Lacrosse League is gearing up for its 2013 season, and one of its oldest franchises, the Buffalo Bandits, just rolled out a long-overdue redesign of their jerseys. Pros: I like the new number font (they used to have generic block letters/numbers), and that that they've minimized the use of purple in their color scheme, which just doesn't go well with their main colors of black and orange. Cons: Piping on the shoulders, the sleeves and down the sides. And what were they thinking with the zebra stripes? I guess with no NHL this winter, Reebok finally decided to start Edge-ifying the NLL instead.