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  1. History Founded in 2000, the league started with a mere four teams. The teams all wanted to have names based on the culture and history in Kansas, Missouri, and Kansas City. Four Founding Teams Kansas City Monarchs Pays homage to the former Negro League Monarchs Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks, Buck O’Neil Only one losing season in their history Location: Leawood American League (2010) Prairie Village Pioneers Santa Fe trail passed through the area National League (2010) Lenexa Bison Bison used to roam the open plains of Kansas National League (2010) Shawnee Chiefs Deep Native American history of the region National League (2010) The league struggled at times, finding places to play, but the players endured. The league remained at 4 teams until 2006, when 4 more teams came looking to join the league. Independence Bushwackers Civil War era, name given to Confederates in Missouri American League (2010) Raytown Rangers Cattle history, cowboy-like term American League (2010) KCMO Scouts “The Scout” statue that overlooks downtown Kansas City Location: KCMO American League (2010) Lees Summit Steers Cattle history American League (2010) After the first expansion, the league started to gain popularity in Kansas City, and gained 8 more teams in 2010. KCK Catfish Catfish are abundant in the Missouri River, right next to KCK National League (2010) Blue Valley Bees Bee is the state insect National League (2010) Liberty Twisters KC is right in tornado alley American League Blue Springs Bears Bears on the state flag American League Leavenworth Slammers Penitentiary in Leavenworth American League Overland Park Oaks City flag of Overland Park National League Free State Jayhawkers Similar to KU Jayhawks, but slightly different Name given to Union supporters Free State (Union) Location: Lawrence National League Gardner Trailblazers Gardner is located where the Santa Fe and Oregon trails split National League The league remained at 16 teams until 2016… Championship History 2000 - KC Monarchs (1) 2001 - KC Monarchs (2) 2002 - KC Monarchs (3) 2003 - Shawnee Chiefs (1) 2004 - Lenexa Bison (1) 2005 - KC Monarchs (6) 2006 - KCMO Scouts (1) 2007 - Shawnee Chiefs (2) 2008 - Shawnee Chiefs (3) 2009 - Lenexa Bison (2) 2010 - Prairie Village Pioneers (1) 2011 - Prairie Village Pioneers (2) 2012 - Blue Valley Bees (1) 2013 - KC Monarchs (7) 2014 - Blue Springs Bears (1) 2015 - KC Monarchs (8) 2016 - ??? Teams without a championship Overland Park Oaks Free State Jayhawkers Gardner Trailblazers Liberty Twisters KCK Catfish Leavenworth Slammers Raytown Rangers Lees Summit Steers Independence Bushwackers As you can see, there hasn’t been a clearly dominant team since the Monarchs won the championship back-to-back-to-back. General League Info Teams play a 40 game schedule 20 home games 20 road games After each team has played 20 games All-Star game Home Run Derby Playoffs 2000-2010 4 team bracket 2010-2015 8 team bracket Top 4 teams from each league Rules Same as MLB Both leagues us DH 6 players to a team Pitcher Same pitcher as normal 1B Fielder is typical first baseman Infielder Fielder can play anywhere on the infield, shifting to the hitter 3B Fielder is typical third baseman LCF Fielder can play anywhere from the left field line to center field RCF Fielder can play anywhere from the right field line to center field Players can swap positions Teams may have up to 5 bench players 5 inning games Age to play 16+ years old Teams redraft after every year Maintains competitiveness within league Each team has an owner/founder that stays with the team Players can “break off” to form new teams after end of year I have stuff in the works already, and should have the first team up tomorrow. Uniforms will be done for every team, and I will go team by team in the order that the teams were presented in. If you have a suggestion for a team name change or a new team, please suggest it, because rebrands and expansions are always happening!
  2. I found myself to be pretty bored over this spring break, so I decided to crank out some concepts, and I find that baseball logos are some of the most fun to create, so I decided to create some leagues, and if this catches on, I will make more of these and the leagues that will stretch across the United States. I can't decide whether to make each league 8 or 12 teams, maybe some suggestions? Please, if you're going to say something negative, please suggest on how to correct it instead of just saying it's bad, it's greatly appreciated. I plan on cranking out one of these every few days, so we start with the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham. Famous for their steel production, Birmingham joined the league at the beginning, in 1936, and found themselves to be pretty successful, winning 15 championships in 80 years. Main Logo Cap Logo
  3. DarkKnight


    Edit: Accidentally posted this twice, disregard this post.
  4. Hey all, I got this idea a while back for a new sport to play (well, modified from an existing sport at least) and I thought it could be fun (plus good design -practice) to take it and build a league concept around it, so here we go! The sport is called Reflex. It is a modified form of Tchoukball (click the link to see a highlight reel), where teams score points by throwing a ball against a rebound net and having it hit the ground before the defense can catch it. The sport has elements primarily of ultimate and handball. Games are played on a hardwood court with walls around it the size of a standard hockey rink. Some major rules are: * 6 Players on the court for each team. * Player with the ball cannot take more than two steps. * Player with the ball cannot hold onto it more than 5 seconds. * Either team can score off either rebound net when ball is in their possession, but must complete a minimum of three passes before a shot is attempted. * If the offense drops the ball, steps in or has the ball land in the red zone, commits a penalty, or allows the defense to intercept the ball in they lose possession. * If the defense catches the ball off the rebound net, no points are awarded to the offense and the defense gains possession. * Contact is not allowed, and the defense cannot enter the forbidden zone. Major defensive penalties result in a penalty shot for the offense. Minor penalties result in a player spending 1 minute in the penalty box. * Hockey-style substitutions. Scoring: * 1 Point - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground in 1-Point Zone * 2 Points - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground in 2-Point Zone * 3 Points - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground beyond the 2-Point Zone * Reflex - After the offensive player bounces the ball off the rebound net, a teammate catches the ball and immediately throws it off the rebound net again, after which is hits the ground in one of the scoring areas. Worth 3 Points + Points corresponding to where the ball hits the ground (so if 2nd throw bounces and lands in the 2-point zone its worth a total of 5 points). Team locations (will be a 20 team league), names and logos will be unveiled in the coming days, but here is a diagram of the playing surface for the United Reflex League. A larger version of the league logo will be posted next. C&C is appreciated, enjoy! These teams are posted so far (in order of post date): Austin, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Omaha, Grand Rapids, New Orleans, Albuquerque, San Jose, Columbus, Orlando, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Charlotte, Oklahoma, Utah, Hartford, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland I'm also going to add secondary logos and uniforms to the posts linked to above as they are made for easy locating, in addition to their own dedicated posts.
  5. It is my pleasure to introduce the newly formed Legends Hockey League! This will be the NHL's equivalent to the PGA's Champions Tour. As many NHL players retire because they find they simply can't keep up with the league any more, they find they still have the competitive fire within them and what they miss most is the comradery between the guys. This league gives them the chance the continue on playing at a fairly high level but doing so in a less win-at-all-costs environment and in a much shorter season allowing them to spend more time with their families. Below I will walk you through the basics of the make-up of the league, and then post the League homepage with the logos for all 16 teams participating. Eligibility - Must be at least 40 years of age as of December 31, OR have been retired from the NHL for 2 full seasons. - Must be a member of the NHLPA Pension (minimum 160 NHL games) - Playing 1 game in the LHL means you are no longer eligible to play in the NHL. Season The LHL season is 36 games and runs from November through January, with the playoffs being completed in February. Rules & Rosters - Body Checking is not allowed (2 min penalty) - 4 on 4 and then 3 on 3 in OT - Rosters are 18 players, usually 9 forwards, 7 defencemen, 2 goalies. - No coaches, Team Captains generally put together lines and run practices. The salaries are generally between $80,00 and $160,000. Keep in mind all of these players are already on the NHLPA's pension, and are not in it for the money so much. Lower salaries keep ticket prices down for families that may not be able to afford NHL games. The teams are all located in cities that don't have NHL teams, but all have a history of supporting hockey teams. Next I will post the team page. I will warn you all of the logos are very simple, these are the first logos I have eve created. I am looking for lots of C&C on my logos, and on anything in the league as well. If you have any thoughts, idea, concerns or criticisms on anything posted here please let me know! And without further adieu, The league Homepage:
  6. PREFACE I had so much fun with my U ES M concept that I decided I'd do a series... at my own pace, with knowledge of my own lack of skill. THE LEAGUE So here it is, the Premeira Liga dos Açores, a 10, 12, or 14 team league (depending on my willpower) based on the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The Secret of the Atlantic has it's own rich history and unique culture separate from that of it's parent which I hope to showcase here. I will try to represent each ilha (island), concelho (municipality) or freguesia (parish) as best as I can, using etymology, history, and industry and will describe it in each post. I will try to represent each of the nine islands in this series to the best of my ability. This is all a slow work in progress but the end goal for me is eventually turning this into a small media guide. U ES Micaelense, Sao Miguel Rabo de Peixe FC, Sao Miguel CF Madalena, Pico CD Horta, Faial SC Mariense, Santa Maria FC Corvense, Corvo
  7. For my 100th post I present to you... American Soccer Association History: With region leagues growing a group of investors decided to form a professional soccer league in America. In 1949 the league kicked off with 6 teams in, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, LA, and Charlotte. Since than the league has expanded to 30 teams with the latest expansion in 1999. Format: There are two conference, East and West. The teams play a 58 game season playing each team at home and on the road once. The top 8 teams from each conference make the playoffs. 1 v. 8 2 v. 7 3 v. 6 4 v. 5 play in a best of 3 series. The next round is best of 5 and the conference championships and ASA Cup are best of 7. Kits: Prior to the 2016 season the ASA joined with Nike, adidas, and Under Armour to give each team a new set of kits. Rules: 3 Kits(Primary, Clash, Third) Each team will have a sponsor based or started in their area(ex. Pittsburgh-Heinz) I'm not a fan of league wide fonts so each team will have unique font. Here's the league logo from the 2015 season(2016 logo to come) The first team will be up soon! Hint; Atlanta
  8. Hello lovers of all things concept, this is jrad523 with a new concept series, the United States Soccer Coalition. Background will be provided for all existing teams and for the league itself, and comments and criticism are welcome to the thread, hopefully the files will show up this time, and ideas for new cities/teams are welcome to be said, and hopefully a number of teams will soon be reached for teams, maybe somewhere around 64, but anyway, to the background. (Some people may be fictional for the sake of providing good background, and some facts may be incorrect, so please note this when commenting). With the booming soccer leagues taking Europe by storm, the United States was particularly lacking in the great sport, so founder of the league Brian Hall, and other major city mayors came together to found one of the first great soccer leagues, the USSC. People were not interested in the league at first, as the sport was relatively unknown at this time, but after changes to more compliment the fans, and adding some teams to more major cities, the league was up and running in no time, and has been flourishing ever since, adding more teams as the cities grew, making it one of the more popular leagues in the country. Team #1: Carson City SC (Nickname: Explorers) Carson City was just beginning to boom and was the Capital of Nevada when they got their team, and was immediately dubbed the Explorers after the explorers that founded the city itself. Fans of the Explorers are rabid and won't stop at anything to help their team win, and no one is more upset when their team loses. The Explorers initially were the punching bags of the league, but have had a resurgence, but then going on to have rollercoaster years, winning 6 championships in the process.
  9. Hey guys! Over the past week or so I have been making a fictional hockey league. I was inspired by Veras' football league, but I decided to try it with hockey. I also realize that hawkfan89 has started one too, but I didn't know about it until today (You should check it out). Anyways, let's get started here... The Canadian Proffesional Hockey League was founded on March 8th, 1932 by Ralph Walter .The league was established as a professional league designed to compete withthe NHL. The league started with 4 teams: The Toronto Snappers, Halifax Harbourmen,Kingston Fire, and the Montreal Saints. Halifax was named after the large harbourin the city, Toronto was named for their cold snaps (Hence the name Snappers),Kingston was named after a large fire that happened in 1840 in Kingston, andMontreal was named the Saints because of the city's nickname 'The City Of Saints'.The Harbourmen and the Fire faced-off on November 14th, 1938 for the CPHL's first ever game. The final score was 6-2 in favor of Halifax. As the season progressed,it was clear that the Harbourmen were special. They won their first 4 games until Kingston deafeated them 7-5, but they bounced back to win 11 in a row. The team wouldlose only 3 more times and add 17 wins for a league best record of 22-4. Toronto would finish with a solid record of 15-11. Kingston was 12-14, and Montreal came in lastwith a horrid record of 6-20. The top 2 teams would battle for the CPHL Champions Trophy,awarded to the champion of the CPHL. Toronto opened the scoring just :44 in and would add another goal just 2:27 later. Halifax finally scored with 3:18 left in the 1st period.The Harbourmen then scored 3 goals just 1:49 apart from each other to take a 4-2 lead. Toronto added a goal 4:59 into the 3rd period, but Halifax went on to score twice moreand added an empty-netter to win the CPHL Champions Trophy by a score of 7-3. The MVP of thechampionship was Right Wing, Lester Wallman. He lead the league in goals,assists,and points with 59 goals, 94 assists and 153 points. 1932-1933 Standings1. Halifax2. Toronto3. Kingston4. Montreal Champion: Halifax (1) MVP: RW, Lester Wallman 1932-1933 Uniforms A few notes: This will be made in, so quality will be a little rough. I have uniforms completed for the next 3 years, and results until 1945, so I may post the standings first and the uniforms a bit later. Don't expect new stuff every day. Yes, these uniforms suck, but that's how they were back then. Trust me, they will get a lot better. C&C is encouraged! If you have any suggestions for teams or uniforms I'll take them, but they may have to wait because I have results done until 1945. Thank you very much for checking out my league, it really means a lot! - Dolphins91
  10. Hello everyone, this is my first topic, so might as well make it my baseball league I made a year or 2 ago.I'm going to start in 2015, showcase the divisions and the team's history, then go back to the start of the league/leagues in 1937 and work my way up to 2015 again. There are 3 main leagues in my baseball universe.The Rocky Mountain League (Est.1963) the Mississippi League (Est.1937), which comprise the 2 leagues of a total of 32 teams, and the Baseball in Canada Association (Est.1939) which has in total 12 teams.In 1983,the Mississippi League and the Rocky Mountain League (Frontier League at the time) combined with each other making the Baseball in America Association or the BAA. As for the Baseball in Canada Association,not a whole lot of history is there.The BCA was bought by the BAA in the 1990's but have yet to make a merger between the 2. At the end of each season,the best teams from the RML and the ML take each other on in a 7 game series for the prized Barron Bowl,Named after the first commissioner Reginald (Ray) Barron.After his death in 1994,his son was elected new commissioner of the league.The latest expansion happened this year.The logo of the league is in the link. There are pry more leagues the world, like Japan,Italy,Etc., I've just focused on the North American part of my baseball world.Also the MLB and its minor leagues have never existed in this world.So, I am happy to start this league up and share it with all of y'all.
  11. Hello my friends, I hve decided to create a development league for the NFL. Each team will have one team in a different city. I will create logos and uniforms for all teams. I might end up doing a season or two (depending how popular this gets). Anyways shoot me feedback! Here's a map of relocation: Atlanta; Birmingham Baltimore; Annapolis New England; Providence Buffalo; Toronto Charlotte; Columbia Chicago; Springfield Cincinnati; Columbus Cleveland; Canton Dallas; Oklahoma City Denver; Salt Lake City Detroit; Grand Rapids Indianapolis; Louisville Jacksonville; Tallahassee Kansas City; Wichita Miami; Nassau Green Bay; Milwaukee Minnesota; Fargo Tennessee; Little Rock New Orleans; Jackson NY Jets; Hartford NY Giants; Albany Oakland; Reno Philadelphia; Reading Arizona; Albuquerque Pittsburgh; Morgantown St. Louis; Des Moines San Diego; Los Angeles San Francisco; Sacramento Seattle; Portland Tampa; Orlando Washington; Richmond Houston; Austin
  12. ARIZONA PREMIER LEAGUE: Established November 24, 2015. ​League consists of 10 teams spanning across 9 cities in the state. 2 teams will reside in Phoenix. Throughout this series I will release, Team crests and uniforms. All teams will have a Primary, Clash, and Alternate uniform. All Uniforms are Nike. The League will play a 32 game season which will be simulated once the uniforms are completed. There will be an all star game in which the uniforms will mirror the colors on the League Crest. -Heres what I have for the League Crest so far. Will be modified to Black and White to be placed on the right Sleeve of each team. The stars, represent each city, and the crest mimics the AZ Flag. Im still working out a good typeface for the league and a solid word mark. But I really like the colors I chose. To me it represents a lot of the state with its vast geographical regions. UPDATE TO CREST: Here are the Teams and Locations: Pima United (Tucson) Navajo Nation FC (Kayenta) Cibola Crusaders (Yuma) Paradise Valley (MESA) Ponderosa Union (Flagstaff) Sun Valley FC (Glendale) Heart of Sonora (Benson) Scott Town F.C. (Prescott) FC Snowflake (Show Low) Red Rock United (Sedona)
  13. Hello everyone I wanted to start a new series because school is almost over and I felt like doing something. So I've always been intrigued with Ivy League Schools as of alot of people. The most prestigious schools in the nation. I felt like redesigning them. Now this will be a multi-sport thread with Football first, Basketball second and Baseball last (With other sports added in the future). So without any hesitation here it is. Brown Football
  14. So I decided to create a fictional country and soccer league as my new project. This is the 2nd fictional league that I have done, the first was a TX Super League which went well, so hopefully I get the same result with this concept. So the country is The Republic of Gedland, if you look at my profile name its not hard to figure out how I created the name for the country, and so the top league is the Gedlandian Premier League. So the country is an island with 18 cities/towns spread throughout the land. Each city has at least 1 team with two cities having two giving the league 20 teams. I went about names and locations based on my ancestry and background. So here is a map of the country along with state lines, and city locations/names. It also includes names for all the teams and their location. The league crest is a shield broken into three parts: the sky, the dog, and the ground. the league crest color changes with each team, and the dog is pointing ahead with a soccer ball at its feet The entire leagues kits are made by nike
  15. RZF

    MLB-AAA Realignment

    In 2015, many MLB teams changed affiliation with one another with their respective AAA teams. These changes were peculiar because the realignments forced teams to have a Triple-A team further than their previous. This should never be the case, as many roster changes on the daily happen between AAA and the MLB. It should be convenient for teams calling up or sending down a player. That way they can be there by whenever the next game is. This is my proposed realignment for 2016: Anaheim Angels - Las Vegas 51s Los Angeles Dodgers - Fresno Grizzlies San Diego Padres - El Paso Chihuahuas (no change) San Francisco Giants - Sacramento River Cats (no change) Oakland Athletics - Reno Aces Seattle Mariners - Tacoma Rainiers (no change) Arizona Diamondbacks - Albuquerque Isotopes Colorado Rockies - Salt Lake Bees Minnesota Twins - Colorado Springs Sky Sox Texas Rangers - Oklahoma City Redhawks (changing the name back after the Dodgers leave affiliation) Houston Astros - Round Rock Express Kansas City Royals - Omaha Storm Chasers (no change) St. Louis Cardinals - Memphis Redbirds (no change) Chicago Cubs - Iowa Cubs (no change) Tampa Bay Rays - New Orleans Zephyrs Cincinnati Reds - Nashville Sounds Milwaukee Brewers - Indianapolis Indians Detroit Tigers - Toledo Mud Hens (no change) Cleveland Indians - Columbus Clippers (no change) Chicago White Sox - Louisville Bats Atlanta Braves - Gwinnett Braves (no change) Miami Marlins - Charlotte Knights Washington Nationals - Durham Bulls Baltimore Orioles - Norfolk Tides (no change) New York Yankees - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (no change) New York Mets - Syracuse Chiefs Philadelphia Phillies - Lehigh Valley IronPigs (no change) Pittsburgh Pirates - Rochester Red Wings Boston Red Sox - Pawtucket Red Sox (no change) Toronto Blue Jays - Buffalo Bisons (no change) I apologize for being out of order. Comment if you have something better in mind.
  16. Welcome to the National Baseball League. It is a brand new league that will start play in July of 2015. The league was brought forth this summer to give fans a new baseball experience due to the decline of the MLB. The teams will all play a 34 game schedule from July to September and have a total of 6 Inter league games. The All-Star game will be introduced in year two and is hosted at the Runner Up from the American Series Series No divisions have been set due to the lack of starting teams. In the next few years the League will be open to expand the amount of teams. Showcasing 12 teams, 3 in each conference make the playoffs, Top seed gets a bye and the 2-3 seeds play a best of 3 series. Winner faces the 1 Seed in the WCF and ECF (Western,Eastern Conference Finals). Winners face off in the American Series to play for the Washington Trophy. Hope y'all enjoy! Team Branding to come out very soon! National Baseball League Western Conference: San Diego Tide Tucson Gila Monsters Oregon Pioneers Salt Lake City Lakers Colorado Peaks Las Vegas Spades Eastern Conference: Orlando Orange Lexington Thoroughbreds Raleigh Fliers Virginia Red Birds Tallahassee Pennies D.C Americans
  17. The Idea behind this football League is that I wanted to bring back various football teams from different leagues and eras. I wanted to put them all into a football league and give the league a history. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Hope everyone enjoys this concept. I will include season by season wins and losses, including playoff matchups and championship winners. Also included are the teams helmets for all teams that will be used for team bio's. First post will be the original 6 teams that started the league in 1930. Also I forgot to mention, teams wins and losses are completely random. League schedules were made for each season for all teams and scores for each game were generated at random.
  18. Hello. Alright, so this is my last summer before I go off to college, and it's unlikely I'll have much free time to do any more projects for the concepts forum. But I do have time this summer for one final series. I've always wanted to do my own imaginary sports league. Raysox's Yakball was the most in-depth and detailed new sport thread we've had here. There were a few copycats, but none of them felt very well thought-out. I've had an idea for this new sport in my head for quite sometime, but I never really went anywhere with it. The idea is a team sport using paddles/racquets. We have tennis, squash, racquetball, and any number of variants, but no true team sports. What I want to create here is a face-paced team sport that is (as far as I know) unlike any other. I'll include my full synopsis, rules, etc in spoiler tags below. Here's a brief explanation: The sport is called bounceball. 6 players per team each have a paddle, and play both offense and defense, with no goalkeepers. The goal is just that, to score a goal by getting a 5" rubber ball into the goal using their paddle. The game is played on a hockey rink-sized court with indoor soccer-like goals. The court is angled rather than rounded. The court is "sunk" into the ground beneath the crowd about 10 feet. This means there is a 10' wall surrounding the entire court, with see-through netting above that (like a hockey rink). This is meant to encourage passes/shots off the walls. Like basketball there are 2-pt and 3-pt lines. There is no clock. The first team to score 15 points wins. Here's a rough example of what a bounceball court would look like: Basic Rules Equipment Objective Gameplay Officiating Fouls, Violations, and Suspensions Penalty Shots For those of you that read through all that, this will help you get a better idea of the court: And that about covers it. Now about the league. Originally I had wanted the sport to be called paddleball, but it turns out there already exists a sport with that name (you wouldn't believe how many unknown sports there are). So I decided upon bounceball. After all, that's what the sport is all about, the bounce of the ball. There will be 8 teams in the league to start out with. Obviously this whole project isn't going to be 100% realistic, but it makes sense for a new sport to start out small. Also, I will be creating entirely original identities for every team, and I wouldn't be able to complete 30-32 teams in time. I've come up with 20 potential markets for NBF teams. I plan on using cities that don't have more than 2 other teams in the Big 4 sports leagues. NBF TEAMS Omaha Pioneers Las Vegas Flyers Virginia Captains Austin Jackalopes Milwaukee Hops Portland Axemen Buffalo Blizzards Memphis Kings The rest is up for debate. I don't want this thread to start out as a name-the-team contest, but I am open to suggestions. If I come up with any more ideas I'll post them above. Right now I'm just looking for comments/criticism on the sport in general. I'm almost done with Omaha, so I will probably post it in a couple days.
  19. With Major League Baseball's minor league systems playing a critical role in their development, and the D League somewhat recently becoming a successful component of the NBA, I thought it would be fun to see what it might look like if the NFL joined this trend and created a development league themselves. So without further to do, here is a long project in the making, the PFL: The Progressive Football League. Complete with 16 franchises spanning the length of the entire country (and then some), the PFL aims to work as a competitive organization that allows athletes that are not quite ready for the professional rankings to continue their development and gain preparation for NFL. Below we get a grasp of what the league is all about, showing how the teams are organized, as well as the basic specifications for each franchise. It is important to note that these teams aren't associated with specific NFL franchises, but rather just a separate, lower league that gives athletes experience before, if deemed ready, being called up to the big time. The first franchise to be shortly introduced will be the Spokane Killer Whales. Here's a preview.
  20. JimmyN64

    Indigo League

    It's been a while since I last posted a concept, and it's about time I change that! I've got here a new concept soccer series for the Indigo League. I'll be starting out with the top tier of the league and then expanding beyond that. The top tier will be known as Indigo League 1. So the indigo League will be the main soccer league of the Pokémon universe, and will contain clubs from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions. I'll be starting off with League 1 and progressing down through the ranks as I go. The vast majority of the clubs will be pulled from the main games, with some being pulled from side games and the cartoon. AC Saffron Blackthorn Dragons Cerulean City Ecruteak Gengar Sootopolis FC Cianwood Coast Sinnoh International Royal Viridian FC
  21. What if the Premier League would sign a 'collective contract' with Umbro? Here's my answer.
  22. Imagine this if you will. It's 2020. The CFL is becoming more and more popular all over Canada, and numbers of fans are increasing. Nike takes over the uniform and apparel contracts from Reebok, and each team gets redesigns. In addition, riding a high Canadian dollar and the building of more high-quality stadia all over Canada, the CFL expands dramatically; from 9 teams to a whopping 16 teams. 7 teams will play in the West, and 9 will play in the East. Here are the first two teams to be redesigned by Nike for the 2020 season; the BC Lions and the expansion Victoria Lumberjacks.
  23. The idea of a strong, major, soccer league for a unified New England began to germinate in the mind of James C. Belford, a rich Englishman who lived in Boston since the early nineties. Football lover, he wanted that region to play a leading role, to be an example in North America, in terms of soccer. What he did not know, is that within ten years, his conception of interstate league would spread throughout the whole continent… But that’s another story. Firstly, he made sure that all the states of New England were represented by at least one team at the highest level. He even managed to have more teams than needed since it was ten clubs registered for the inaugural season. Although this number was respectable, he needed more teams if he wanted the competition to be taken seriously. That is why, influenced by the theory of Joel Garreau, he turned to the Canadian Atlantic provinces to complete his league. Now that he had the clubs, all he lacked was just a little financial support. A sponsor… Easy-peasy for a man like him. The English Premier League had Barclay, he’ll have the worldwide leader in sports. Nothing more logical since they had their seat in Bristol, Connecticut and that the CEO is a good friend of him. There would be the ESPN New England Soccer League One (just called NESL 1) on the third level of the North American pyramid structure of soccer, and the NESL 2 on the fourth. Interesting thing, there would be a system of up and down between the two competitions. After three years of preparation, the 2014-2015 season will be under the sign of the (Great) New England. (Hi folks, I've started this league a few months ago. As a non-American, I don't know what you'll think about it, especially the part with some Canadians province as Yankees. But well, that comes from here. Also, sorry for my poor English. Second also, I don't know if it will really be a second division. By the time where I write this, I have a 9/16 completion for the NESL 1.)
  24. So I realize that I have been rather fickle in the past with threads I have created. Furthermore I realize that this has irked many of you. A league like this was my original intention for a thread on these boards but I had somewhat of a learning curve to come to the process I would pursue in accomplishing it. Along the way I have tried things like the Curling league which did not exactly pan out the way I wanted. That having been said let me move forward with this thread. This is how it will work. We are setting the clock back to 1882. As we go we are going to move ever closer to the present. Hopefully one day, perhaps years from now, reach the present. As we go along the history of a league and each of its franchises will develop. Every logo, uniform, home arena, player, and game. What sport have I chosen for this league? Velo. What is Velo? Velo is a make believe bicycle racing game. The name is derived from velodrome. A velodrome is a sloped bicycle racing track commonly used in the Olympics and real racing games like Madison. To keep this as brief as possible if you are still unclear as to what a velodrome is click this link. What I want to spend time explaining is what the make believe game of Velo is and how it works, so that you can picture it in your mind as you follow this thread. As I said the name is short for velodrome therefore naturally the game is played on a velodrome. Two teams compete. Each team is made up of 6 riders. 3 of them are starters the other 3 make up the bench reserves or options as they are referred to in this sport. Each rider is assigned a different position. The starters are made up of the following positions; Leadoff (generally the teams fastest or most experienced rider), Middle (the next fastest or most experienced rider), and Cleanup (you guess it the next fastest or most experienced rider). The positions on the bench are referred to as the First Option, Second Option, and Third Option. Like the starters the bench positions are usually determined by the speed or experience of each rider. The game is played in sets. A set is a race. These races are time races not distance races. In other words each race lasts five minutes, therefore whoever has traveled the most distance after five minutes finishes in first place. 3 riders from each team (6 total riders) compete in each set. A game consists of 3-5 sets dependent upon the score. How to score points. Each set has a potential to earn a team up to 3 points. Only one team will score in a set. The team who’s rider wins or finishes in first place in each set scores that sets points. They will receive a point for said riders first place finish plus a point for each of his teammates who finishes ahead of the first place rider on the sets losing team. Under this system only so many score possibilities exist. For instance no team can score more than 9 points in a game because once a team has reached 9 a path no longer exists for the opposing team to tie or surpass this score. I hope this is clear and makes sense but if not I think the scoring and how it works will increasingly clarify itself as the games are presented on this thread. One last note ties stand in this league. The only time a game will play into overtime is post season games that must have a winner. Now the set up for the leagues beginnings. Let us travel back to Monday, May 1, 1882; the day William Kissam Vanderbilt announced the formation of the North American Velo Organization (NAVO). Vanderbilt who owns Madison Square Garden (the original) will own the first franchise which he intends to name the Manhattan Jockeys. He will sale an initial three other franchises. The Jockeys name comes from the fact that Vanderbilt also is an owner and enthusiast of race horses. I am sharing at this time the initial concepts for the leagues logo and the Manhattan Jockeys logo. Please share your C&C.
  25. I started a fantasy hockey league called the WHL, with many new fantasy teams in obscure locations such as Johannesburg and Cairo, combined with many NHL carryovers. A few jerseys are very small edits (Buffalo, LA etc.) So yes I realize that they aren't outstanding work. Any criticism is welcome.