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  1. I've wanted to try some concepts on Paint for a while now, and I decided to give it a shot. I decided to do the Jacksonville Sharks of the AFL. I didn't get too creative with this one, basing it off of this version with some minor edits. Again, I didn't get too wild since it's my first concept. I may do an entire AFL makeover and go with some more crazy designs. C&C welcome. Let me know what you all think.
  2. Hi All As I have been member on here for a year now, I thought it was about time I put my head on the chopping block. For my first attempt, I have delved into the realms of pure fantasy by creating an 8 team English Professional Baseball League. First up is the League Logo and if that looks ok, I'll add a couple of teams.
  3. I have been working on this idea for a long time and finally got the time to finish it up this past week. In my spare time I have been working on some logos for a summer wiffleball league that I call the South Fulton Wiffleball league. I started with a sketch of the league logo and it just snowballed from there. In the league's inaugural season there will be 6 teams that will be divided into North and South divisions. Each team will play the other two teams in the division twice and each team in the opposite division once for a total of 8 division and 3 inter-division games. The season would start on Memorial day, with each team playing one game, with one inter-division game to end the day. There will be games every Sunday afternoon from until the weekend before Independence Day, which will be the beginning of the All Star Break. On Independence Day, there will be a Homerun Derby in the morning and an All Star game between the North and South. The regular season would end the week before Labor Day weekend and the playoffs will begin Saturday with the wildcard games in each division. The winner of the wildcard games will go on to play the top team in its respective division to vie for a spot in the Labor Day Classic. The best of 3 Labor Day series will begin in the morning on Labor Day and conclude, hopefully, with the deciding game under the lights. If I still have your attention, here comes the good part, the logos and teams. Naturally, I'll start with the league logo, so without further ado, I present to you the SFWL. . . The first team in the South Division will be up tomorrow. Thanks for your time and C&C is always appreciated.
  4. Team Tennis Championship 15 clubs. 14 countries. 5 continents. 1 champion. The TTC is an international club competition featuring tennis teams based in 15 of the world’s greatest cities. Clubs compete for the Arthur Ashe Cup. The Teams 15 teams from around the world compete in one single table. Each team consists of 6 players, 3 men and 3 women. Only 4 players, 2 men and 2 women, play in a series, with a player only allowed to be substituted due to injury. The 4 starters must be named the Wednesday prior to a series taking place. The Competition Each team plays 14 series in a season. A series consists of 5 tennis matches, each of a different type. There is one match each of mens singles, womens singles, mens doubles, womens doubles and mixed doubles. Each player competes in two of these matches (e.g. one male player plays in the men’s singles match and the men’s doubles match, while the other plays in the men’s doubles match and the mixed doubles match). A series takes place over the course of a weekend, with the mixed doubles match taking place on Friday evening, the men’s and women’s doubles on Saturday, and men’ and women’s singles on Sunday. A team wins the series by winning 3 or more of the matches. The Points System 2 points are awarded for each match win, with 0 points awarded to the loser. The table is decided by total number of points, so every match is played regardless of the series score. Even if a team is down 4 matches to 0, the final match is played as two points are still on the line. Therefore a team can obtain between 0 and 10 points in a weekend series, in increments of 2. The losing team can never obtain more than 4 points in a series. Upon completion of the 14 game schedule, the teams with the top 6 point totals enter the playoffs to compete for the Arthur Ashe Cup. The top two seeds receive byes to the semifinals, while seeds 3 and 6 and 4 and 5 compete in a weekend series (with the higher seed hosting). The winners move on to face the top two seeds in another weekend series, while the winners of those series meet in the Grand Final, a weekend series held at a neutral location. The winner of that series receives the Arthur Ashe Cup. The Venues Matches will be played in indoor arenas on hard surface tennis courts. This is to ensure that weather does not delay matches and no one gains an unfair advantage from playing at home on clay or grass courts. Clubs are required to have an arena with a minimum capacity of 10 000 and a sizeable number of luxury boxes. The Uniforms For its inaugural season, Wilson Sporting Goods are the exclusive manufacturer of team tennis club wear. They will offer one set of uniforms for each club with various options available for the players to choose from so each can play in that which is most comfortable for them. No names or numbers will appear on the tennis wear, but club logos and branding will. There is no requirement for teams to differentiate their look from one another during a series (therefore there will be no home and road uniforms). A few notes: There is currently one professional team tennis league that I know of, that is based in the United States. My feeling around tennis (which could be completely wrong) is that is an upper class sport, and a team tennis league should cater to those fans and their sensibilities. I don’t believe the Boston Lobsters or Las Vegas Neon of WTT are doing this. In this series I will borrow more from the world of luxury goods and corporate branding as I create a league which is full of international glitz and glamour. Below are the map of club locations. I have decided upon some names, but feel free to offer suggestions. Keep in mind the feel I am going for in this league when recommending names. Naming conventions will vary, with some clubs not having any official nicknames, while others will. Teams will often employ the moniker TTC (Team Tennis Club) in their name (e.g. London TTC) though this isn’t required. Preferably teams will have names that are in the language native to that city/area. Apologies in advance if any translations are incorrect. I have only just begun the club identities for this series, and it will likely be a slow process. But hopefully you are intrigued and will follow along. I will update this first post pointing to the various concepts throughout the thread. Toros en Barcelona - Barcelona, ESP Amsterdam Team Tennisclub - Amsterdam, NED Union Montreal - Montreal, CAN
  5. Hey guys, maybe you remember me for my last two 2020 soccer series for the MLS and the Bundesliga. And I thought I could do just one more little project before I'll take myself a little brake and before the hard times of my studies begin! ^^ My idea was the 'BeNeLiga', a fusion between the Dutch Erendivisie and the Belgian Pro League as this is one of my favorite soccer regions and I'm kind of an expert in Belgian soccer. The league would have 20 clubs overall and it would be a similar system as in the NBA. There would be two divisions of 10 teams, the Belgian and the Dutch division. The best four teams of each division qualify for the Playoffs. The least Dutch and Belgian team would get relegated. So, as always I will post three kits for each clubs and for some I'll update the logo a bit. I hope you'll like this!
  6. I started a fantasy hockey league called the WHL, with many new fantasy teams in obscure locations such as Johannesburg and Cairo, combined with many NHL carryovers. A few jerseys are very small edits (Buffalo, LA etc.) So yes I realize that they aren't outstanding work. Any criticism is welcome.
  7. As a joint effort chrisCLEMENT and I will be redesigning the football identities of The Ivy League. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do any concept work so I’m really excited to be working with Chris on this project and sharing it with this community. The teams of the Ivy League were once at the forefront of college football, but of course that’s no longer true. Chris and I wanted to see what each of these teams might look like if this were still the case and these schools received just as much attention from uniform manufacturers as schools like Oregon and Ohio State do. We’ll be designing all of the uniforms using Nike’s Mach Speed template which was released with Oregon’s newest uniforms. The idea is to make these designs modern while still maintaining the tradition that these programs and schools have. We’re going to be posting these concepts in a different way than usual. Everything as far as the uniforms and logos are going to be posted on so that it’s a fair bit easier to view the concepts. The first two teams, Princeton and Cornell are posted already so you can head over there and check them out. Chris and I will be posting one team each at a time and we’ll make sure to post here with some background on our designs. I’ll be updating the above graphic as each team is posted as well. Feel free to leave your comments or critiques in this thread! So my first design is for the Princeton Tigers. Princeton football has always had a strong visual element to their identity in the striped sleeves. I tried to combine that with the chevron from the university crest to create a unique sleeve design. The other main portion of the university crest, the book, is embroidered on the inside of the collar. As well I couldn’t do away with the winged helmet design that originated with Princeton football. I decided to take a modern approach to the design however. Of course because I haven’t been able to work on any logos since I started school in September I had to give Princeton an updated tiger head logo as well as a custom number font. Chris will be posting a similar spiel about Cornell when he gets the chance. So head on over to website to check everything out if you haven’t already and let us know what you think.
  8. Hello all, for awhile now I have been wanting to start my own concept league, but I hadn't been able to produce a product that I was satisfied with and willing to share. After fooling around with GIMP for the past few months, I think I have finally created a league worth sharing. I have developed a league made up of some of my favorite cities in the US that were large enough to possibly be able to support a team. Most don't have a football team but a few do have one, but are not 4 sport cities of the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA(not including metro areas). The league is made up of 16 teams is called the Paramount Football League. Paramount means supreme or above all others, so in this fictional world it would have once been more popular than the NFL, but has since been able to coexist with it, much like the AFL and NFL did before merging. The leagues 16 cities, nicknames, and color schemes are pretty much set in stone at this point, as I have produced a good portion of the league already. The 16 cities are as follows (names will be released with each team): Boise (Idaho Appaloosas) Seattle San Jose El Paso Renegades Des Moines (Iowa Goldfinches) Tulsa Kansas City Bees Little Rock (Arkansas Diamonds) Louisville Flyers Pittsburgh Providence Sailors Cincinnati Engineers Charlotte Royals Jackson Baton Rouge Tampa Bay Here is a map of the team locations split into divisions (West, East, South, and Central): The league logo is as follows: The first team should be up within a few days. All the primaries will be released, then the alternates/scripts, and then once those are finalized I will begin with the uniforms. NOTE: Several of the fonts I will be using in this league were produced by Conrad. I would like to give a big thanks to him and anyone who helped make those fonts and the other fonts I will be using!
  9. As a twelve-year-old in 2000, I would often imagine my own fantasy football teams and the league which they were part of. For about five years it was a pet project of mine, with expansion getting so large the championship game ended up being between Eastern and Western Hemispheres (I think Pakistan beat Lehigh Valley in the very last one). At that point, I simply decided it was getting too hard to follow, so I stopped. However, I have made an attempt at recreating them onto Paint concepts for this board. (WARNING: Clipart and other copyrighted images were the basis of my drawings, so they will be seen here. Please don't complain-I claim no ownership of these, and the teams I post are just for fun). So, without further ado, here is the Rebellion Football League. I'll start with the original 20, and then go on to the "expansion years"-there was PLENTY of it. Notice the original cities are kinda random, and my small hometown is in the lineup. EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division New Jersey Wolfpack New York Skyliners Orlando Lightning (finished 8/27) Philadelphia Stars Washington Eagles Central Division Chicago Cattle Columbus Voyage Detroit Engine Louisville Blues (finished 8/26) St. Louis Surge WESTERN CONFERENCE Midwest Division Houston Galaxy Minnesota Bobcats Racine Vipers San Antonio Outlaws Sioux Falls Scavengers (finished 8/25) Pacific Division Arizona Javelinas Hawaii Tribe Los Angeles Smoke San Jose Motion Seattle Seals Scavengers up first!
  10. I've been toying with starting a concept league for a while, and never had the means or skills to do it. I decided to start it today with some limited experience toying in inkscape. Anyway, the concept of the league is that it is a league run by FIFA, with a seperate league in each of the 6 confederations. The winner of each league (determined by the team with the most points at the end of the season) moves on to the Finals. There the teams split into two groups of three and the top two in each pool after the round robin goes into the playoffs (1v4, 2v3.) The league has always been a popular league since it's inception in 1970, attracting many of the big name players in the world. I've shown the captains of each team on the back of each jersey. Here's a brief history on when each confederation joined. UEFA - 1970 CONCACAF & CONMEBOL - 1979 Australia - 1981 AFC - 1993 OFC (formerly Australia) - 1996 CAF - 1998 And a few notes about FIFA zoning Australia is included in the OFC confederation due to it being a seperate entity in it's founding, and also to increase the competition level and to give geographical sense to it.* *Israel remains, however in the UEFA confederation due to safety concerns to the players and fans on either side of the teams. For a city to be granted an IFL team, they must be an active member of FIFA. They can retain their team if they drop out of the organization but cannot host special events (draft, finals, all-star games etc.) To start, I'll be starting with the CONCACAF confederation. First concept to be up in a couple of minutes.
  11. Dear Everyone, Since The Summer has just began, I have decided to start on a long post: The football league of America. Without further ado: The Football League of America
  12. I played hockey for the first time last year and am heading into my second season of "beer league" hockey this fall (it's actually only pickup, we don't have an actual league at my home rink) and I've been wondering what other members' beer league teams wear or what you wear to your pick up games? Our games are usually a fun mix of jerseys. When I play on the dark team I usually wear a St. Louis Blues starter jerseys or my LA Kings Gretzky jersey and when I'm in white I wear my blank New Jersey Devils replica. This year I broke down and bought matching socks for my Devils' jersey and order a blank CCM Atlanta Thrashers cobalt blue jersey with matching socks.
  13. Hello everybody! With the recent rumors going around that Quebec City, either by relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes or by expansion, will have a hockey team next year, I decided to pull out and post a concept that I made for the Nordiques a while back (it was actually part of my "What If?: NHL Style" project, that was a train wreck). I attempted to take pieces from the old Nords logo, and make a logo that would be acceptable in todays NHL. Please leave some C&C! This is not just my thread, though. If you would like to post your Nordiques concepts, go ahead! I plan on making jerseys sooner or later with this logo, but if you would like to make jerseys with the logo, be my guest! I would love to see how some of you think this logo should look on a jersey! All and all, please leave some C&C on my logo, and I can't wait to see what some of you have come up with for the Nords! Thanks for reading!
  14. So I've had the idea to do a Madden 13 fantasy draft league on Xbox for a while now, and every time I make an attempt, I just encounter a bunch of cheesers in my league that have no "sportsmanship" for lack of a better word. I.e. Going for it on every 4th down, running up the score, etc. I figured I'd test the waters on here, and possibly see if there is anyone who would be interested in being in a league. I'm developing a general set of rules, that of course can be up for discussion because I'd like for everyone to just have a good time playing. I also haven't decided on the exact number of members yet, it really depends on the Feedback I receive. I'm hoping for at least 5 other people though. General rules: - The league will be in a fantasy draft format. This means that you will have to draft your own players to create the perfect team for your playing style. - A team will be assigned to you so that there is no arguing over teams. It will not end up being your favorite team if I can help it, that way it kind of puts you outside of your comfort zone a little. (You guys will also assign me a team) - Playbooks may or may not be assigned as well. I have not decided on this quite yet. - Post draft each team/player will be able to select one supplemental pick (free agent) in reverse draft order. - The draft itself I would like to take care of in a single sitting, but 2 if necessary. - Games will be held at the players involved discretion, however the league will be advanced every week. - There will be no cheesing, or running up the score. In other words, if you're winning by 2 or more touchdowns, there is no reason to be going for it on 4th down. This will not be tolerated, and if it occurs I ask that it will be reported to me immediately, and the player will be booted from the league. Other than that, everything is pretty much fair game unless I think of something else, or there's something that you guys all want to see added to the rules. My gamertag is drakexedge, so if you want, feel free to add me! Would love to hear some feedback, and if you're interested, please let me know through this thread.
  15. The Federal League existed from 1914 to 1915. It was, at one time a competitor of the American and National leagues. I thought it would be a fun exercise to design a modern logo for this league. I wanted to keep the same elements that are present in the other league's logos- balls, bats, eagle. The 3 stars at the bottom are meant to represent the 3 leagues. In addition to the logo, I've been designing team logos and uniforms for this league and posting them individually. I've been advised to keep them all in the same thread so I'll just add them to this thread. I apologize for any inconvenience...I'm new here...
  16. Trying to start a fantasy football league called the FFL 8 teams South Key West.... Miami.... Fort Lauderdale .... Palm Beach.... North Jaxsonville..... Orlando.... Tampa.... Daytona..... Someone make logos for them and/or jerseys
  17. I finished watching Ken Burns Baseball the other day and I got to thinking about the Dead Ball era and how it must have had a completely different feel compared to todays game. I thought it would be cool if there was a modern league that played that way ie. low scoring games and few home runs. With that in mind I started playing around with some concepts. I chose an iconic shot of Ty Cobb for the primary inspiration.