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  1. I was on twitter yesterday when the REDBLACKS and CFL twitter feed posted a picture of a guy who took a 28" saw blade and turned it into the new logo... My first instinct when I saw it was the teeth are the wrong way, the guy put the logo on the wrong face and had the teeth of the blade backwards... So I pointed it out... lol Just wondering if I am the only 'logo snob" out there or has anyone done something similar
  2. Just wanted to show off some logos & helmet mockups for my NFL redesign. C&C is always appreciated! Jerseys & more teams to follow!
  3. Rid the black and silver for midnight grey, midnight green and regal gold. 2 positions on the eagle, not sure which is better, soaring above (left), or swooping in (right). I think I like swooping in. While their current stuff is hard to beat, this could be a nice refresh. This might, possibly, be a start to a rebranding the NFL series.
  4. JMurr

    Pro Curling

    Okay so I told the stories and now I have finally settled on a sport; Curling. In case you are not familiar with what I am talking about allow me to explain this I am going to create a fantasy league much like Yakball, Ripball, and Professional Dodgeball Coalition but in order to make this a uniquely different thread I am setting the clock back to 1889 and creating a whole history for the league. So with that said this is the synopsis for how it all began. In 1888 side show promoter P.T. Barnum had a new idea to make money. In the late 19th Century sports such as baseball were on the rise of popularity in America. Barnum took notice of how fans were flocking to stadiums and paying good money to see their favorite teams play, so he decided to test the interest in another sport; the sport of Curling. To do this he planned a Curling match to be held on January 5, 1889, the first Saturday of the New Year. The game would be played in Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. Barnum would make money by selling tickets to the event. The game would be played between two teams. Barnum gave them the generic names of Team Black and Team White based on the color uniform he put them in. Barnum found two Curlers to put the teams together. Each could have 6 players; a skip, a vice, a second, a lead, and two reserves. The men that Barnum hired would serve as the coach of the teams, but really the position was more like that of a general manager. Those two men’s names were Thomas More and Woodrow von Bartels. Barnum called the event The Great Boston Curling Tournament. This is the logo: Team Black
  5. I seen the USA Today pre-season High School Football top 25 rankings today and what I found the logos to be interesting. Out of the 25, it appears that 8 of the logos are from either current colleges or pro teams and 1 is the former logo of the XFL Hitman. The rest of the teams (16) appear to have original logos. Therefore, please look at the list and let me know if I am missing some previous or currently used pro logos:
  6. JMurr


    Okay, so a while back I started a thread about Pocketball. I got overly involved with describing the game. If interested I will latter explain the game but for now I just want to work on coming up with concepts for the various team in the league. I unique distinction to this thread however is that I will like to do the entire history of the league. A league that will date back to 1889. Therefore I will be doing the teams in chronological order. In total there are currently 32 teams in the league but over the course of its history there has been 41 franchises. The current 32 teams are: (in parenthesis is the arena they currently play in) Boston Checkers (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center) Pittsburgh Challengers (Excel Energy Center) Superior Trolls (Superior Dome) Los Angeles Dragons (Honda Center) New England Grasshoppers (Ingalls Rink) Toronto Terriers (Air Canada Centre) Philadelphia Quakers (Wells Fargo Center) New Jersey Atlantics (Prudential Center) Dallas Longhorns (American Airlines Center) Hollywood Stars (Staples Center) Chicago Greyhounds (United Center) St. Louis Clydes (Scottrade Center) Bayside Bulls (HP Pavilion at San Jose) Atlanta Varsity (Phillips Arena) Bandidos de Chihuahua (Gimnasio Universitario UACJ) Portland Roses (Rose Garden) New York Pumas (Barclays Center) New York Towers (Madison Square Garden) Aztecas de Mexico (Mexico City Arena) Vancouver Lumberjacks (Rogers Arena) Manitoba Mounties (MTS Centre) Seattle Rascals (Key Arena) Buhos de Tijuana (Tijuana Municipal Auditorium) London Lions (Budweiser Gardens) Castors de Montreal (Bell Centre) Denver Pioneers (Pepsi Center) Calgary Cowboys (Saddeldome) Tulsa Ramblers (BOK Center) Minnesota Polaris (Target Center) San Antonio Cannons (AT&T Center) Tucson Seguaros (McKale Center) Viboras de Monterrey (Monterrey Arena) The defunct franchises: Milwaukee Blue Ribbons Cleveland Standards St. Louis Steamers Cincinnati Indians Rochester Tigers Kentucky Wings New York Towers (original franchise) Providence Red Roosters Toronto Towers I will be posting a brief history on each franchise.
  7. Trying to figure out a cool modern and clean logo for a new competitive sports organization I am opening up. Heres a first concept of what I made. Any suggestions or ideas?
  8. The first hockey concept I had ever completed and sent into HockeyJerseyConcepts was a Dallas Stars jersey set. I took Ryan's suggestions and updated my concept. I kept everything about the Home and Away jersey the same, with the exception of changing the shoulder patch to the Texas logo and putting the Dallas back on the Away jersey. As for the Alternate, I completely changed it up. I modeled it after the old North Stars jerseys and kept only the Star logo. Here are the links for closer looks at each individual jersey. Stars Home Jersey Stars Away Jersey Stars Alternate Jersey __________________________ Stars - Above Blackhawks - Alternate, Update, Home/Away, Alternates, Throwbacks Kings - Full Set Hurricanes - Full Set, Alternate Update, Update/Rebrand Fix Coyotes - Full Set Sabres - Full Set, Alternate Update Maple Leafs - Full Set, Update, Winter Classic Ideas Thrashers - Full Set Panthers - 2 Alternate Jerseys Islanders - Full Set, Update (12/29/12) Wild - Preview, Full Set, Winter Classic Ideas Ducks - Full Sets Canadiens - Full Sets
  9. Back about 1991, I drew up a logo and jumper kit for an Australian Football League club called the Tasmania Devils. This was after Adelaide joined the league, and I felt there needed to be a sixteenth team to balance things out. I came up with the colours blue and black because I thought there was no side in the league that carried them. Today, I managed to recreate my drawings onto SVG Inkscape. These are what they look like: Logo Shield: Jumpers: Now I know what you're all thinking. These aren't proper colours for a team in Tasmania, and that they should be decked out in green and red. Well, I got that covered: Logo Shield: Jumpers: C&C.
  10. We are always so critical when it comes how one team looks like another team (justifiably so many times). Whether it be vintage white, lace up sweaters in the NHL, the gray-crowned hats of the 1990s in MLB, the teal invasion of the 1990s, BFBS in the 2000s, the retro movement of the 2010s, or other trends that group together identites instead of separating them, we can talk about them at will for hours. After all, isn't the point of a uniform or logo to be able to identify one team from the other? This is the thread to celebrate how your favorite team is unique from the rest of the league (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, Division 1, Division 2, MLS, etc.). Still, as we are sure to see in this thread, your teams uniqueness might not exactly mean it's a good idea. Rules: 1) Any sport or league is fine. 2) Only include primary logos, alternate logos, and jerseys. Anniversary logos, stadium logos, and other miscellaneous things don't count. 3) It might be an identity trait that no other team in that league shares. Mistakes are fine and everyone is welcome to point them out when they happen, but that's the general rule for this thread. 4) Present and past uniqueness is welcome. However, keep present examples lined up in the same era. For example, the Baltimore Orioles are the only team wearing a white front-paneled cap from 2012 - Present. Obviously there have been white-paneled caps in the past, but for now, the Orioles are the only one. For past examples, keep in mind that the present counts with it. If something unique happened in the past but that characteristic is here in the present, you should not use that as an example. Theres the present, active characteristic, then there is the past. 5) Finally, you can include any characteristic, but please try not to include incredibly obvious example like "The Eagles are the only team in the NFL to have an eagle as a logo". Try to give it a little bit more effort than that. My Examples: Baltimore Orioles: Past: Team with the longest tenured run of not depicting a letter on their primary cap logo. (1964 - 2011) Present: Only team wearing a white front-paneled cap. (2012 - Present) Boston Red Sox: Past: Only team to have a certain color predominately appear on a home jersey, but be completely gone on a road jersey. (Red from 1979 - 1989) Present: Longest tenured active home script depicting the team name. I understand this is a little controversial, but I don't consider the small tweak made in the 1970s to be enough to make the earlier version a different script from the present-day, modern version.(1933 - Present) Chicago White Sox: Past: Only team to ever weart shorts in a major league game (1976) Present: Only team to not sport a color other than black, white, and the tones in-between. (1991 - Present) Cleveland Indians: Present: Only team to sport a cursive script at home and a block script (That's block, not a script with serifs on it) on the road. (2011 - Present) Detroit Tigers: Past: Only team to have a certain color predominately appear on a road jersey, but be completely gone on a home jersey. (Orange from 1972 - Present) Present: Longest tenured home chest script in MLB. (1934 - Present) Houston Astros: Past: Only team to depict a sports venue in their primary or alternate logos. (1965 - 1994) Present: Only team to have block scripts (no serifs) on both the home and road jerseys. (2013 - Present) Kansas City Royals: Past: Only team to wear a colored alternate uniform with a base color that does not appear in the hat at all. (Black, 2006) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Past: Longest tenure of depicting a state in their primary or alternate logos. (California, 1970 - 1992) Present: Only team where a logo appears on an entire uniform four or more times (2012 - Present) Minnesota Twins: Present: Only team with a logo depicting an actual baseball player. (2002 - Present) New York Yankees: Oldest active cap in MLB. (1913 - Present) Longest tenured active road script in MLB. (1973 - Present) Only team to have a primary color appear in their logo, but not appear anywhere on their jerseys. (1947 - Present) New York Mets: Present: Only team to sport a cursive script at home and a serifed script on the road. Miami Marlins: Past: Only team to have a completely teal cap. Present: Only team to have 5 or more colors on a wordmark. Colorado Rockies: Past: Most alternate uniforms for one year (4 in 2005) Oakland Athletics: Present: Only team in MLB to primarily sport the color green in their logos and jerseys. Atlanta Braves: Past & Present: Only team to not have some form of baseball equipment in any of their logos (alternate and primary). There's plenty of examples in every sport. Have fun. Be sure to point out any mistakes I've made. Pictures are encouraged if you want.
  11. Here's my chiefs concept/idea. What do you think?
  12. How many team logos across all sports feature a machine as part of their logo? Here is an example from Australia - the Junee Diesels of the NSW Country Rugby League: The background to the use of the locomotive is that Junee is located on the Sydney to Melbourne railway line, and for many years a major rail depot was located in the town.
  13. Well it's been awhile, but I'm finally back with some new material. This Los Angeles Clippers Identity Concept has been in the works for a few months now...between looking for an internship and moving to London for four months to study abroad I haven't had a ton of free time. But that's enough of my personal the concept! I tried to mix the different eras of Clippers basketball. The primary logo is obviously inspired by the team's original logo, back when they were in San Diego. The script is similar to their current one, but a little cleaner and not slanted. The LAC secondary (or tertiary here) remains, but with some tweaks for beater readability. The number and NOB font stays the same. As for the uniforms, I wanted to go for simplicity. A single, thin stripe down the sides, similar to their previous set, that flares out slightly at the ends. The primary logo (sans-script) appears on both sides of the shorts. Now, my big problem is choosing a color scheme. I started out with their current red and blue with a little silver added in for a little extra depth, but then tried out the powder blue and orange color scheme they wore originally. So I'll post both and see what everyone thinks. So, without further adieu... Red/Blue: Logos | Home | Road | Alternate Powder/Orange: Logos | Home | Road | Alternate
  14. I've seen similar logos in the past, but these are all well done. I could see many of them working for a D-league team or a baseball farm club.
  15. Hey people this is the Miami Dolphin's New Logo creation I came up with, check it out guys and if you like it Spread The Word via Twitter, Fb whatever social media outlet at hand!!! Enjoy my work. What I did was I took a look at the Overall Teams History and combined the elements from the 1966-'96 Era into a more Modern Look with a touch of Retro!
  16. Saw this, thought it was hysterical. Sorry if it was posted already, but the laughs were too good
  17. Wanted to create something different than the traditional Logos floating around out there, some might like it and some may hate it. I would like to see a more drastic change, the curent logo is outdated and cartoony.
  18. Popular_Sheep


    Okay, this is my first post to this website, but I do love this website, it is amazing. Ever since I was a kid, I had a fantasy basketball team called the Columbus Wings from Columbus Ohio. if anyone is good with making logos/jerseys/etc., would you want to give making one a shot? no color preferences, other than I've always imagined it being a Blue/Gray/White combo. thanks!