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  1. wquarton

    Chicago sting

    Thought i'd take a stab at the possible NASL team in chicago, the sting. hoping they don't use some sort of god-awful cartoon bee. Tried a few things, wanted to keep it simple and acknowledge the whole sting thing without being overly obvious. Anyways I seem to have hit a bit of a wall.
  2. Hey guys, I've never really been a fan of the montreal impact crest. Find it overly complicated and not as strong as it could be. Was hoping to get your help in refining it and making it as strong as a city with its rich (albeit short) history deserves. I realize this is pretty rough still so I'd love as much input as possible. Trying for something simple yet powerful and keeping with their current colour scheme and general theme(aka fleur de lis) here's my start. any input greatly appreciated.
  3. As you may have already guessed from the title, this thread will have my attempts at making over some of the NCAA's worst logos. Think of this as "Extreme Makeover: Collegiate Logo Edition" and that's exactly what this thread will be. For each college or university of my choosing, I will design up to four logos. This will be on a weekly basis, and for this inaugural post, I will be making over the logos for the Savage Storm of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. First, here is a little info on the university: Name of College/University: Southeastern Oklahoma State University Nickname: Savage Storm Colors: Blue and Gold NCAA Division: II Conference: Great American Conference Location: Durant, Oklahoma Established: 1909 as Southeastern State Normal School Famous Alumni: Reba McEntire, Dennis Rodman, Brett Butler (the baseball player, not the comedic actress) Current Logo: Looking at this logo, it's obvious that the first thing that stood out was that it's a NFL ripoff, which is upsetting. Besides that, the blue and the black are close to each other, making for a cruddy logo. I originally was going to do another Oklahoma school, Oklahoma Panhandle State, for this first post, but I just couldn't figure out how to best execute my plan of attack for that school. I may come back to that school at some point in the future, but for now, let's look at what I did for the Savage Storm: The main mission with these logos was that I wanted this school to stand out so I took out the black and used their current color scheme of Pantone 2748 C (the blue) and Pantone 109 C (the gold) and made four logos. The logo in the upper-left is the primary logo, and it's a gold-outlined blue outline map of the state of Oklahoma which is then tilted, along with "SE" (as the school is sometimes known as in Oklahoma) written in gold lightning. The lower left logo is the secondary logo and consists of two tilted rectangles, one blue and one gold, with "SAVAGE" written in gold on the blue rectangle and "STORM" written in blue on the gold rectangle. The four lightning bolts (two gold with blue outlines on top, two blue with gold outlines on bottom) complete the logo design. The logo on the upper-right is a tertiary logo and consists of a blue tilted rectangle with "SOUTHEASTERN" written in gold, a thinner gold tilted rectangle with "OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY" written in blue, and six lightning bolts; three on top in gold with blue outlines, and three on bottom in blue with gold outlines. The last logo is extra and is meant for the football team's helmet (not exclusively). It is simply a tilted "SOSU" written in gold with blue outlines, along with a blue counter space in the "O" and a gold lightning bolt in the middle. How do you all think I did with this makeover? C&C is more than appreciated, not only with the logos, but with this thread idea. Also, you can submit the name of a NCAA school you think has a bad logo and I just might do that school in the coming weeks.
  4. Hey guys! I think I have a great idea, and i want all of you to be apart of it. I want this to be fun and enjoyable for everyone who participates. I have come up with a fictional basketball league called the "United States Premier Basketball League" or "USPBL" for short. Yes i know there are a lot of these but i wanted to try my hand at it with suggestions from all of you.There are 12 cities, 6 teams, 2 conferences and i want you guys to submit nicknames for these cities. I'm still working on the backstory for this league but i want to start getting you guy's suggestions ASAP. The 12 cities i chose were (I have already chosen their conferences) ; Albuquerque, New Mexico- WESTNorfolk, Virgina - EASTBoise, Idaho - WESTTucson, Arizona - WESTEl Paso, Texas - WESTOmaha, Nebraska - WESTAustin, Texas - EASTBirmingham, Alabama - EASTLas Vegas, Nevada - WESTLouisville, Kentucky - EASTLittle Rock, Arkansas - EASTDaytona Beach, Florida - EAST The logo for the league is pictured below. The first thing that will probably be noticed is the obvious nod to the United States with the (Red, White, Blue) color scheme. The next thing is the 6 stars in the Blue "U" and 6 stripes in the Red "S", those represent the 6 teams in each conference and there respective color (NBA esque) and last would be the black background it just made it pop for me. I kept it simple and didn't want to over do it. I'm looking forward to everyone's participation and input.Thanks for looking (Borrowed a basketball design just as a test) Edit: i do plan to make logos and uniforms EDIT 2: Voting closed: thanks to everyone who participated your choices for these teams after voting are as followed; Albuquerque - Desert Dogs Norfolk- Captains Boise- Thunderbirds Tucson- Saguaros El Paso- Stars Omaha- Stampede Austin- Outlaws Birmingham- Vipers Las Vegas- Aces (changed to "Silver Aces" because "Aces" was too plain) Louisville- Riders and of course i chose the Little Rock and Daytona team names again a big thanks for your votes these concepts will be a lot of fun (Moved From page 3)
  5. I've noticed that league logos can be notoriously dated and poorly designed, and many of them are due for updates. But what league or conference logos do you enjoy more than others? Here's two of mine:
  6. Redid and earlier concept that I butchered. Think it's getting closer. C/C? Also, sorry still having trouble imbedding images. I need to learn to internet better.
  7. What up SL community! I go by the name of TheArtfulJB. And I'm here to showcase a fairly new project mine called Ordinarie Original©. What's the meaning of the name? It means not your average, ordinary type. And in short, the OrdinarieO© brand focuses on the sport of hockey with minimalistic styled fitted caps and logos featuring the likeness of all 30 NHL teams. Since tonight is the debut of the 2015-2016 season, I'll be posting the first round of fitteds today (10), and the rest will be revealed Thursday/Oct 8th (another 10), and Friday/October 9th (the final 10). So I hope you all enjoy these vector made fitted caps and treat them as the eye candy they are. I had a good time creating all of these and the presentation that goes with them. Share your thoughts, suggestions and any other ideas you guys n' girls may have. So in no particular order, here's the first round of OrdinarieO© Aesthetic O'Caps. Enjoy! OrdinarieO© on Tumbr / Instagram
  8. wquarton

    Okanagan FC

    came up with this concept while in Penticton for my grandmas funeral. I realize the tagline is a bit morbid, considering the reason I was here, but ol gran lived a long and happy life and I'm pretty sure she would approve
  9. Howdy Guys. Today I've got a project of mine for you to look at. I'm rebranding the redwings and trying to bring their very classic very untouchable logo into the 21st century. I'm a redwings fan so this one hit close to home and I really wanted to do the logo justice while putting my own style in it. Let me know what you think! and for a Adidas take on the jerseys:
  10. I just wanted to start a thread for discussion about Atlanta's upcoming rebrand -- as we've got one for the Bucks, Raptors, 76ers, and Clippers, but don't seem to have one for the Hawks. Most of the discussion has been in the general NBA changes thread. It looks like we'll be getting the new look on Wednesday. We've already seen these: No idea how credible this is so take it FWIW:
  11. Hey guys, back again with a simpler version of a design I brought here when I first got here. Hoping it's better.
  12. Hello everyone of CCSLC, I had a random idea for a thread. You know those logos that many MLB teams have on the back of their pitchers mounds? I have recently started noticing those more and more and thought many of them are really cool. So post any examples of those that you have seen and like. Here are some that I've seen from either posts on this site or elsewhere. Also--does anyone know how these are made? ]
  13. Hey folks, another concept I'm kicking off, Mississuaga FC. Still alot of work to do, but I feel like there are some cool elements in here that can be used. Basically, Mississauga is known for being a very progressive, afluent, and business-oriented city. I wanted to highlight this semi-futuristic progressive vibe, as well as incorporate the Greater and Lesser Rivers that highlight the geography of the city. The city flag has a cool looking gear/cog thing that I thought could highlight this element well - I may keep the gear as is, or perhaps try something a little more tinker-y, just wanted to see what you guys thought. Also, the city logo has a very cool stylish M that I was hoping to immitate without completely ripping off So here's what I have so far. Far from done, but I think theres some potential and was just hoping for some guidance. Guys haven't steered me wrong so far so I'm putting faith in you I know it's kinda funny looking, but I really think it has potential. I was hoping to give the feel of the Rivers(blue lines) splitting the machinery of the city. Thanks guys (and gals?)
  14. Hey folks, continuing on Canadian soccer series. Did up a replacement logo for London, Ontario, also known as forest city, I included a stylized tree, along with a red cross to signify London's strong history of Medical Research. The black squirrel appears all around London's numerous parks. Current logo for comparison:
  15. Hey folks, looking to get feedback on a new one. Regina, Saskatchewan, was formerly known as Pile of Bones back around it's founding, due to scenes like this one While I realize this may not be the prettiest thing to acknowledge in a teams history, It is an essential part of the cities history, and I hope gives it kind of a wild wild west feel. The Queen of England later requested that the name be changed to Regina, which literally means the Reigning Queen. Hence the nickname of this club would be Queen of Bones. Anyways, heres what I have so far - as always appreciate your feedback
  16. Howdy Guys I've got a big one for you, a project I've been working of for a long time now and finally have the majority of it done so I feel comfortable posting it. McElroy19's AHL Rebrand This Idea started with my Logo predictions for the new AHL West Logos and grew from there. There will be some familiar favorites of mine mixed in with a whole bunch of new logos I've done just for this project. Up First the AHL: I like the AHL logo as is but for the sake of this rebrand I felt a McElroy update was necessary. So here it is check back tonight for the first team logo!
  17. I've created an alternate history of what would become today's equivalent to the NHL. It all starts with two independent leagues, the Continental Hockey Association(CHA) and the Pacific Hockey League(PHL) The CHA, founded in Quebec City in 1917 began with 6 teams across New England and Eastern Canada. The PHL, founded in Vancouver in 1920 began with 6 teams across British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. This thread will give a timeline of the expansion and eventual merging of these two leagues with logos that I have created for the teams. Please feel free to give feedback and criticism. First I will give you a chart that shows the teams in the CHA and PHL and the map above. CHA North Division Quebec City Harfangs Moncton Maroons Halifax Citadels South Division Bangor Blue Stockings Portland Lobsters Boston Colonials PHL North Division Vancouver Killer Whales Victoria Thunderbirds Kelowna Kermodes South Division Seattle Cascades Spokane Chiefs Portland Pioneers I will start the Timeline in the next post and start incorporating logos. In the meantime feel free to give feedback and suggestions.
  18. With the possibility of Las vegas receiving an NHL franchise I came up with a few possible team logos depending on whatever they are gonna call this team. Black Knights doesn't seem like a great name in my opinion, and the NHL might no like a team with a name that is based off of gambling so even though "The Aces" may be the best option, I decided to avoid it and other gambling related names, also because many concepts for Aces have been done already. The "Bighorns" was also an option as the Bighorn sheep is the Nevada state animal but a minor league basketball team in Reno already has the name and a few concepts for that have been done as well. Here are the names of teams that I thought could be a possibility and didn't sound too terribly cliche. 1. The Nukes The Nukes pays homage to the nuclear testing that occurred north of Las Vegas during the 40s-60s Sometimes the mushroom clouds could be scene from downtown. Black Knight color scheme of black gold and silver. 2. The Silver Rattlers/Sidewinders This could be either two teams "The Sidewinders" which is a snake native to the las vegas desert, or "Silver Rattlers" as a nod to the silver mining industry. 3. The Sidewinders Another version for the Sidewinders name. 4. The Neons Nothing says Las Vegas like the flashing neon lights of the strip. Three hockey pucks line the bottom. 5. The Silver Bullets This one could carry some controversy to it due to "bullets" what do you think? 5. The Mustangs A personal favorite of mine. Nevada is home to more than half of North Americas wild horse population and can be found from southern to northern Nevada. I'll probably make more logos for other possible names and other versions in the future but for now feedback on these is much appreciated. Also let me know if you'd like to see Jerseys of these.
  19. Hey guys, I thought a good topic is your favorite workmark logos. They can be from any league. Here a couple of my favorites: Not sure why they are both Cleveland
  20. Hi guys, I'm currently working on this logo for an Australian Rules Football team called the Sharks, would love to hear some feedback as I've been staring at it for too many hours! The brief included that only black and white were to be used and that a black 'V' to be incorporated into the design. The wordmark is bit of a placeholder at the moment - its not that exciting but it's along the lines that I'm heading to eventually. Thanks in advance!
  21. Wanted to post this for a while now. Just wasn't sure if I should post it under Sports Logos or Concepts. I chose Concepts since my logo was never utilized by the team even though it was purchased by them. A little bit about the team, They are the Brownsville Charros and played in the ULB (United League Baseball) during the 2014 season, the league folded at the conclusion of the season. If you notice the dates on my template this logo was created back in 08 & was to be used in their 09 season which never happened. Jumping forward to 2014...I see a newpaper article saying the Brownsville Charros will finally be playing in the ULB (I got a little excited thinking I would finally see my logo or at least a variation of it make it onto the field & other forms of media). What I saw as their official mark was..well you be the judge. Not to say the mark I made back then was top notch but it was what they asked for which was an updated version of their original Charros logo from their 1938 minor league team that played in the Texas Valley League. Looking at my logo now I would definitely change some things to it & simplify it much more but all in all I was pretty happy with it at the time & it's still not half bad for something I did 7 yrs ago. As always your C&C is welcome. 2014 Brownsville Charros official logo. 1938 Brownsville Charros Logo (best image I could find)
  22. I found a thread on NBA reddit someone shared mixed logos from the different eras that a friend of the poster made and I thought it would be worth sharing on here. Here is the thread on NBA Reddit: Here is the imgur post by tmac6886: The creator of the logos is tmac6886, all credit goes to him: My favorite mixed logos: 76ers Bucks Cavs Clippers Kings Knicks Mavericks Nets Nuggets Spurs Suns T-Wolves Blazers Warriors
  23. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Ok, so a little background on this. I've done many NFL Redesigns in the past, I believe this is my 4th attempt. I had one going pretty strong in the late summer of last year, but the start of school interfered and I never got back to it. This year, I have many already pre-done to prevent me falling behind and now that summer is just beginning, I will have much more free time on my hands. I believe my series will be the best I've had yet and hope everyone enjoys this. I will be doing logo sets first and probably going back to uniforms after that. So for now, just be ready for logos. First up, The Arizona Cardinals. ARIZONA CARDINALS I've seen many different approaches done with the Cardinals uniform-wise, but logo-wise, not so much. This was the first one I did in this series, and did so many months ago, so it might need improvement. There's some stuff I need to fix, but I can't quite figure out what. I haven't added a wordmark, but I might soon. Suggestions Appreciated, Hope you enjoy this series that I hope and plan to finally complete. There's been a lot of NFL Redesigns on the board lately so I hope this starting with logos makes it stand out.