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  1. Sorry Guys...I only wanted to show it for a few days. Thank you for the feedback!
  2. I have been making very basic, 2-letter logos for people in my class here are my first 2- DG, and MG Logos done- DG MG LR- buffsfan SR JCL JR- jaker52 and jake3.roo DC24- biscuit faces of them ZS- zigzag MH- MCH925 TV- TVIXX JH- jordyhazy SLU- Elmos World 17 AS- thecargeek GS- zigzag('s sister) ST23-SydniT23 JM9- JMTexan09 JG- MGoblue98 JG15- MGoblue98 JG98- MGoblue98 ME D91- Dolphins91 AMS- Garren LLFH- llfhockey SL1- SpartanLover CF2015- Cubsfan2015 MB- Skinny39 CR81- NYCdog TC- NYCdog KM- K-Mac SM2- sneakerwhiz KMAC- K-Mac TG- OnShoreGold TG55- OnShoreGold
  3. Hello everyone, I was recently checking out the NFL/Marvel logo mashup topic along with similar pages and thought they were awesome. It inspired me to do something similar, but I doubt I could live up to those already done with the NFL and major comics like Marvel, so I decided to go to the 2nd tier of football and comics and mashed up the Arena Football League and Dark Horse Comics. This presented an extra challenge, as I'm familiar with some Dark Horse comic characters but not a ton. I made the rule that I was working with Arena team's primary logos, and tried to match comic characters based on team colors, logo and general concept. I'l include the original team name with logo since they aren't as well known. This is my first time sharing on this forum, and I only have Paint.NET to work with so please be gentle, lol. Here is a list of teams names linking to posts as I post them, and below that are my first two logos, I hope you like them! Arizona Blue Rajas (Rattlers/The Blue Raja) Cleveland Spartans (Gladiators/300) Jacksonville Sammaels (Sharks/Sammael) Las Vegas Sinners (Outlaws/Sin City) Los Angeles Liz (KISS/Elizabeth Sherman) New Orleans Hellboys-Ver. 2 (Voodoo/Hellboy) Orlando Predators (Predators/Predator) Philadelphia Abe Sapians (Soul/Abe Sapian) - In this post Portland Feedback (Thunder/Feedback) San Jose Tricksters (Sabercats/The Mask) Spokane Shovel (Shock/The Shoveler) Tampa Bay Xenomorphs (Storm/Xenomorph) Philadelphia Abe Sapians (based off Philadelphia Soul):
  4. This is my attempt at a concept for the Islanders. I was trying to modernize their old lighthouse logo, but I'm unsure what to add to it or how I should revise it. Maybe they could use this as a patch. I don't know where I want to go with this yet. Advice/C&C is very helpful. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the C&C.
  5. So here I am again. I don't post very many concepts on here because I can only use .svg templates and they are hard to find but I found some I really like, huge shout out to the now not very active gingerbreadmann for the templates. Anyway, let's get to the actual uniforms: Here is the home: I really like the mountain striping so I tried to make a simpler form of that on the bottom. The CA logo font is Richardson Brand Accelerator and the NOB and numbers are Pointer Sans (a Conrad font, but aren't they all here?). Thanks for reading!
  6. ren69


    Just wanted to share a new logo design I just completed of a football fantasy league team for a member of these boards. As always C&C welcome. Thanks for checking in!
  7. Hello! I've recently been creating "team motto designs" for my own enjoyment. This is my second post for this, as my old post was getting a little messy (my fault). I've made some for my favorite teams: I can get the approximate colors for every team in the NHL, NBA, NFL,MLS, EPL and MLB. I will try my best to find the right colors for foreign teams and I will try to use the correct font but that isn't always doable. ( I couldn't find a navy font, so I used the air force font for the navy one) If you would like to request some designs made for you, feel free to comment in this format: Team Name Preferred Motto (If you dont know, I will try to find one) Preferred Logo Preferred Font (I use Any other requirements (Certain colors, throwbacks, etc.) This is definitely not an only-requests post. I would LOVE any constructive criticism in the comments and will take any suggestions into consideration. Please cut me some slack if they're not Hi-def 9000p, I'm just using Microsoft 1997 with Microsoft Paint on an old Windows Vista computer. I don't have the money or the material to make my first-time concepts like a professional graphics designer would. (but I sure wish I could ) I cannot guarantee when your request will be done, because I don't know how many requests I will get. The motto designs that you see above you were invented by me. I have never seen any sports motto designs ever before, so if you have seen something like this on or somewhere else, i didn't copy it. I would like to see it though, so please leave a link below if you have seen motto designs before, it would help me improve. These designs will work for your signatures, and were designed to. If you use your requested designs, I humbly ask of you to cite me in your signature. Just a "Team motto signature designed by Word02" would be great. Thanks! Instructions on adding signature images To add a image to your signature, go to your profile and click the "Edit my profile" button. So now, you should have a tab on a left for "Signature". Use the "polaroid of the tree" button on the editor toolbar to add the image and enjoy (I hope ^^) your new signature. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR INITIAL REQUESTS (in order of request date, i will do first come first serve) 1. JMtexan09 (completed) 2. Hornet's Nest Native (3) (completed) 3. KingChandler (completed) 4. Jake3.roo (completed) 5. DanSanchez8 (completed) 6. LoyolaProp1 (6) (completed) 7. New York's Greatest (2) (completed) 8. Thatlaxgoalie (completed) 9. 1insaneguy (completed) 10. Baseballfan (completed) 11. Skinny39 (completed) 12. ECUFan25 (completed) TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR REVISIONS (in order of request date, this is for either my own revisions or requested revisions) 1. JMtexan09 (completed) 2. LoyolaProp1 (3) (completed) 3. Skinny39 (completed) 4. 5. I would like to give DoctorHeisenberg some credit for this. I was inspired by his "All-Sports Championship Banners Signatures by requests" and decided I wanted to do my own designs over the summer. I borrowed his "table of contents" and his "instructions for adding signatures." Thank you so much!
  8. How many of you have the same fascination that I have with logos behind the plate or along the baselines? Maybe it's because rinks, courts, and football fields tend to get more attention for their designs, I am especially interested when baseball teams do anything along those lines, even with grass patterns. Maybe it's also the sacredness of the diamond that makes it more intriguing when you see logos or designs on a baseball field. For some reason I like how the Angels logo looks behind home plate... ...although perhaps some of you prefer what has been the norm at Yankee Stadium or Dodger Stadium, with their white cap logos behind the plate. Do you prefer an unspoiled baseball field or are there any designs over the years, at any level, that you have a liking for? How about the rising popularity of mound logos?
  9. This thread may have already been made but I couldn't find a close match, so here we go! When I first saw the 2015/16 NBA All-Star game logo, I thought it looked like something the New Orleans Pelicans would use if they swapped the city names. Are there any logos you thought another team should wear other than the team it was for? Post your answers here, I hope this turns out to be an awesome thread.
  10. Hey guys- My name is Stephen Smith, and I am a new member. I have stalked the boards for a little while, but finally decided to join in. My first topic I will post here is on one of my personal hockey leagues: the United League of Ice Hockey. HISTORY The ULIH was founded on April 6th, 1946, and began play on November 3rd of that year with four teams: the Pittsburgh Cougars, Detroit Bulldogs, Toronto Tigers, and the Boston Portsides. As the league grew in popularity, it expanded west then south, and by 2006 had a total of 20 teams. The most recent Williams Cup champions are the Detroit Power, with the league MVP going to Utah Scouts goalie Tyler Simmons. TEAMS The league is divided up into 2 divisions with 10 teams in each: EAST: Detroit Power Montreal Saints Toronto Tigers Boston Ports New York Knights Miami Skippers Chicago Stars Minnesota Thunderbirds Washington Eagles Tennessee Pioneers Philadelphia* WEST: Seattle Metros Vancouver Kodiaks Calgary Steers Denver Bandits Los Angeles Quakes Arizona Scorpions Houston Eclipse San Francisco Internationals Utah Scouts Las Vegas Devils Saskatchewan* *=Expansions needing names To start the series, here is the division and league logos: Now I know these are a bit big-I'll try to get that fixed. In the meantime, C&C is welcome! EDIT*: Montreal Patriotes renamed the Montreal Saints.
  11. What teams do you think have had too many color changes throughout their histories? Houston Astros- They stayed consistent until navy and gold went off into brick and sand. Atlanta Hawks- They've used every color it seems like and can't figure out what is an iconic combo. For me, it's yellow/red. Cleveland Cavs- Sort of like the Hawks, I think their current combo is beautiful but they went through too many colors to get here. Vancouver Canucks- The green and blue is the signature, but they did flip their combo in a weird way for almost 20 years. The NFL has been the most consistent IMO of keeping a general team-by-team color combo that is signature for every team. What are some of your favorite/least favorite color changes, and what current teams would you like to see maybe change colors? P.S. Miami Marlins made a big mistake ditching their teal.
  12. Hello! This is my first topic, so it may seem a bit odd, but I was inspired by the fact that I have two favorite teams, the new logos, and another topic by LLHFHockey. Either way, the point of this is to get your own custom logo, with two of your favorite teams' logos, all within the logo. (Lots of logos.) Some examples are posted below.
  13. Hi guys! I love logos from the 70's and I thought a great way to see sports-related 70's logos I have never seen would be to create a thread dedicated to arena and stadium logos that were created in the 70's. I have some examples below and everyone is more than welcome to submit their favorites. 1) The Hartford Civic Center actually had TWO logos in the 70's: one that looked eerily similar to the Caldor's department store rainbow, and one that was a ligature of an H and two C's. 2) Here is what the Nassau Coliseum logo looked like in the 70's (I like how it looks like a bird's eye view of a circular stadium with a track and playing surface in the center):
  14. Hi guys! Back in late 2005 / early 2006 (I can't remember exactly when) I sketched out an idea for what the Hartford Whalers logo would look like if it was updated at the time. Here is the sketch: Now, I was really proud of it when I finished because I thought it looked really cool and badass and aggressive (making the logo more aggressive actually being one of the goals of the 1992 redesign) but for some reason I threw the sketch in a box and pretty much forgot about it for almost 10 years. I recently found the sketch and decided to make a finished vector art version of it. Here it is, with embellishments inspired by the 1992 redesign: Now, since I did the original sketch in late 2005 / early 2006, I figured the year this logo would have debuted on team jerseys and merchandise would have been 2007, especially since design officially looks vintage 15 years after it was created, and the last time the Whalers logo was redesigned was 1992, so 2007 is pretty much the sweet spot time period for when the Whalers could have gotten a logo and uniform overhaul if the team still existed. Anyway, let me know what you guys think about this redesigned logo. See if you can guess what my influences were / what I had in mind when I sketched it out. I'd also love to hear what the sketch and finished logos remind you of. It would be really cool to know if my stylistic choices for this redesign came through or not. Maybe they are too obvious? My designs are definitely NOT known for their subtlety so I'd be shocked if nobody guesses correctly, lol.
  15. I have been reading this forum for years but have never actually posted anything until now. I am a high school coach in Ohio and i was looking for some advice on our uniforms. I was wondering what you guys think of our current ones (pictures to come below) and if we do upgrade within the next few years what changes would make these uniforms look better! Thanks!
  16. When a team changes the logo and/or uniform, it can go either way- fans love/hate the change and it either does very well in sales/popularity or not. What are some examples of this you recall? For me, some NBA ones stand out. Positive #1- 1992 Suns. Some forget that Barkley wore the old uni in the preseason, so it's not like we knew what was coming. Literally. The new logo and uniform were unveiled on opening night. The famous staburst logo/uni. It became a hot seller and it was good timing- with the Lakers in decline, Phoenix became the chic Western Conference team. Positive #2- 2001-02 Mavericks. Some forget that the Cuban era and the 50 win playoff streak actually started in the last year of the old unis. This, like the Suns, made the team come off a lot cooler. Didn't hurt that Nash/Nowitzki were thriving, giving these new duds hot-selling names for jersey sales. Negative #1- 1995 Cavaliers. Like the Suns/Mavs, new arena = new look. But this one wasn't seen quite the same. It didn't help that they lacked a big-name to sell the jerseys like Barkley, or even Malone/Stockton with the Jazz mountain unis. Negative #2- 1999 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks previous unis were ones that most remember- the PacMan logo, the mid-90s one, and the bird uni. Again- new arena, new look. But it just fell flat IMO. And the lack of success makes it more startling- With the PacMan logo uni- made the playoffs all but twice from 1983-1992. With the other uni and then the bird one- 7 straight playoff appearances. With the 1999 uni: never made the playoffs. Switched from yellow/red to red/blue- seven straight playoff appearances. Is it a coincidence that an era of bland jerseys had the least success compared to others?
  17. Okay so here's my stab at a new look for the Cleveland Browns, because the real rebrand has been pretty disappointing so far and I can only imagine what they have in store for the new uniforms. With my new take on the Browns has a kind of neo-retro vibe. I wanted the new look to feel old-school but not necessarily feel old. The very first thing I wanted to do was come up with an actual logo for the team that wasn't just a generic helmet graphic in the Browns' colors. I tried monograms and football shapes, but none of them felt right, so what I did do was use a football helmet anyway, the most constant identifying mark of the franchise. However instead of going with the more modern depiction of a football helmet, I went with a classic two-bar facemask that hearkens back to the glory days of the Browns. I also gave the wordmark some character. I picked a nice strong font, accented with the classic Browns' stripes. Also, I created a secondary badge-shaped logo that features the silhouette of an American Bulldog, the unofficial mascot of the Browns. While the shield will not appear anywhere on the uniforms, it would be used on merchandise and team apparel. Now with the new logos and wordmark comes some new uniforms. Once again, the uniforms are classic and traditional, but have a more contemporary striping pattern that feels like a natural evolution of the Browns' uniforms into the 21st Century. Well there you have it. Thanks for taking a look and please feel free to leave some C&C, especially on the secondary bulldog logo. Once again thanks for taking a look and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.
  18. Texturized is the only word I can think to use for this. In jordyhazy's NBA Urban thread, he used photos from the cities in the backgrounds for the logos. I took this idea, and used it for the 4 major league logos (NHL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) but instead of photos of cities, I used different photos of elements from the sports, or textures, to replace the colors of the logo.
  19. I've always been a reader of these boards and this site, but never really posted anything. That being said, I wanted to share a podcast I started called Makers of Sport. it is not just a sports branding podcast, but rather anything involved at the intersection of creativity and sports. This can include designers, art directors, writers, filmmakers, fashion (street, sneaker and uniform) designers, programmers, startup entrepreneurs and more. My most recent interviews include: Matt Hernandez of Matt Hernandez Photography. Matt is a designer and photographer that recently shot the McDonald's All-American game. Joe Bosack of Joe Bosack & Co. Joe joined me to discuss the current state of sports identity and gave a behind-the-scenes of his process and approach to sports branding.Jason Feirman, Mesh Advertising + Marketing: Jason spent 13 years as the director of publications for LSU. He discusses the rebranding of LSU in the early 2000s and an inside view of working at a prominent college athletic program.Upcoming interviews: Todd Radom of Todd Radom Design. If you don't know who he is you probably are hanging at the wrong website.Steve Vollmer, Jr, Creative Designer at the NFL HQ.Jose Lopez, Creative Director of the Houston RocketsHans Anderson, Senior Concept Developer at ESPN Emerging Technology.Would love for y'all to give it a listen and if you like leave a review on iTunes. I'm new to podcasting so hopefully it gets better over time. iTunes: Soundcloud: Twitter:
  20. Although I first posted the Boson/New England Hybrid logos it all started off the with my hometown, Toronto. I needed/still needed to tweak of the logos but here they are anyway. Toronto Raptors (Blue Jays) Hybrid Logo. I red did the font and use the Blue Jays logos clean line for inspiration but still can't not totally happy with it. I kept the original Raptors colours but this logo also looks good with the Blue Jays colours (below). This one is still a work in progress. I've been having a hard time getting this one jusssst right. Thoughts? Here's the logo in the Blue Jays colours with a different mouth. Which colour way do you like best? Toronto Blue Jays (Raptors) Hybrid Logo. \ This is my personal favourite. Using the original Raptors logo as inspiration by keeping font, layout, the legs and head position and making The Blue Jay hold a baseball and wear a baseball uniform. I kept the Jay's colours minus the red. Toronto Maple Leafs (Argonauts) Hybrid Logo. As dull as the Argos and Leafs logos are I did have to do something. Here I used the current Argo's logo, changed the "A" to a "L" and added maples leaves to the border of the shield. Toronto Argos (Maple Leafs) Hybrid Logo. I didn't have much to work with the Leafs logo. I re-did the entire font since its not available anywhere to download. I turned the Leaf into a "A" and kept the side of the leaf design so it didn't just look like a boring "A". Toronto Maple Leafs (Argos Classic Logo) I prefer the old Argos logo to the current one so I had to do another Maple Leafs Hybrid Logo based on the old one. Instead of the Argo I replaced it with a hockey player holding a hockey stick and a shield (couldn't think of anything hockey-ish to replace the shield). The helmet is changed to a hockey helmet with a leaf branded on it. Stuck with the old Argo colours. The line work needs to be cleaned up a bit. Thoughts, praise and criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hey guys, some of you may remember my British Elite Ice Hockey League cleanup thread and I mentioned I wanted to tackle most of Europe, well, here it is. I will keep the British league thread separate and will use this one for the rest of Europe. Now I don't have a final set goal as of yet, however, I will approach the top teams of each league and give them a clean up or even a redesign. The teams are mostly those involved with the Champions Hockey League that is about to finish its first season. Basically its a soccer style tournament where the top teams or certain leagues get to play in that league so I'm taking the teams involved in the CHL as well as other teams floating at the top that may alternate in their respective national league and the CHL. The first league I started working on is the National League A in Switzerland. The format of my posts will be a little different. I will show a collage with pictures of what the team looks like or has looked like for some reference, with the refreshed/new logo in the centre followed by the jerseys. I have made some rules for myself: No sponsors will be present on my designs, however realistically speaking, the sponsors will only be present on the pants as well as one sponsor on the helmet and 2 on the socks. Home and Away Helmets and Pants will be the same to reduce on money spent on equipment. Teams are allowed to have another helmet and/or pants for their Alternate and/or Throwback as the team is financially responsible. Each team is allowed one Alternate and one Throwback, in other words a team can have 2-4 jerseys. Fauxbacks are considered Alternates. Home must be a solid colour - preferably dark - away jerseys may be white, cream, tan, yellow or gray. The flag of the country the player represents in International Hockey is worn over the heart of each jersey, instead of the back - yes these are real players - and the Captaincy patch will be worn on the right side instead of traditional left. Jerseys are made by CCM because Canada.... yep, no other real reason for that haha. The national league logo if present in the collar of each jersey similar to NHL. National League A: SC Bern HC Davos ZSC Lions EV Zug HC Lugano Geneve-Servette Lausanne HC Others tbd Most Fonts were from Conrad at
  22. Hi guys! For Christmas this year, I got Adobe Illustrator, and I decided to try my hand at a logo. Looking for an inspiration, I thought of the standardized Super Bowl logos. I knew I wanted to create something that would look a lot better. After a couple of hours of work, I had created my first logo! After another hour, I had created a wordmark version and applied it to jerseys. And with that, I would like to present my first ever logo! I know it isn't very good, so any kind of constructive criticism or tip would be very helpful. With the Super Bowl in Arizona this year, I knew I wanted a desert color scheme. However, I also knew that I wanted some vibrant colors after the years of grayscale. That is how I came to the color scheme or red, yellow, and deep green. By playing around with fonts and the letters, I came up with what I have now.
  23. Hi guys, I have made this concept for the Jupiter Hammerheads. In the primary logo I wanted to cue that the logo was for a baseball team through the typography rather than putting an actual baseball. I Kept the typography to a classic baseball script. I thought it kept the feeling of fluidity that was present in the shark illustration. I also liked the idea of a cap logo that incorporated both the "J" and the "H" in the same letterform without looking out of place. I also wanted to pay homage to the history of the club so I kept the lighthouse in a secondary logo that can be used for an arm patch. I would love to get feedback thanks.
  24. Ciao everyone, I've always been a fan of the USFL and even as a child I drew logos and helmets from the "spring league" I tried many times without finding the vector logos and so I decided to redesign them myself! The vector file can be downloaded HERE Sorry for my English but I translate everything with Google traslator. Thoughts? Thanks!
  25. So with Veterans Day yesterday, the NBA has been promoting Hoops For Troops since last week. To promote Hoops For Troops the NBA redesigned each team's logo with red, white, and blue stars and stripes. Personally I thought the NBA did a good job with these logos. I was able to find a few logos from the team's twitter avatars. You can see a few other team's redesigned logo on t-shirts on If you can find a team's redesigned logo for Hoops For Troops that I haven't posted please post it.