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  1. Most of all the marks / logos / "alternate marks" for the 2014 MLB Postseason. Going with a pretty simple design again.
  2. Recently, I've been playing around with different NHL logos and trying to see what elements can be combined. The first few of these take the logos of teams from the same state: CA, FL, and NY (and NJ). Most of these are still rough drafts and will need to be cleaned up at some point. Leave a comment as to what changes I should make to these or what other combinations I should try.
  3. Hey All, Posted my first concept a while back which was a hand-drawn jersey for my high school baseball team. I'm back, but this time it's with a full league that spans all of the U.S. and southern (border) parts of Canada. The Confederacy The Can-Am Baseball Confederacy (CABC) is made up of two leagues, northern and southern, with five divisions in each. Each division contains four teams, making up a total of 40 for the entire CABC. Yes, this is most likely too many, but I did this really so I could have more concepts to draw up. The Map The map of teams is displayed below along with a list. The divisions are very local, making for easy play within the division. I've talked with a few people about the names of the divisions, but please feel free to give suggestions based on their location or region. Not sure if I'm going to put a team in Las Vegas (gray circle), but if I did they would be the Las Vegas Valley Kings (up for another name). For now, the team they would replace is in Salt Lake City, creating the Four Corners Division. Upon a relocation the division would be renamed to Southwest (due to the lack of a better idea). The Divisions Northern League Cascadia Prairie Great Lakes Northeast Midland Calgary Stampede Chicago Gusts Detroit Motors Montreal Caribou Cincinnati Portland Pioneers Minnesota White Tails Ottawa New England Colonials Indianapolis Raceways Seattle Emeralds Winnipeg Mounties Pittsburgh Smokies New York Liberty Kansas City Vancouver Ports Wisconsin Curds Toronto Philadelphia Founders St. Louis Southern League California Four Corners Midwest South Appalachia Los Angeles Stars Arizona Cacti Dallas Atlanta Baltimore Crabs Oakland Anchors (v.2) Colorado Bighorns El Paso Dust Devils Miami Palms Carolina Flyers San Diego Whitecaps (v.2) New Mexico Flames Oklahoma Storm New Orleans Tennessee Walking Horses San Francisco Rails (v.2) Salt Lake Saints San Antonio Bull Riders Tampa Shine DC Revolution Team names will appear as links to their post in this concept when they are complete. Updates or other versions will be linked as well.
  4. Hi all, Over this summer, I have been working on a few things to build up my design portfolio. In the past, I have extensively worked on uniform concepts that have been posted here on this board, but I would like to expand my horizons a bit and give logos, wordmarks and branding a shot. My goal for this thread is to be able to post my designs and get some constructive criticism on what I can do better so I can learn more about creating some nice designs and what is acceptable in the eyes of consumers (i.e. you guys). I have a few things in the works right now, but I am going to start things off by sharing a personal logo that I have created. Problem is, I cannot decide what color combination works best! So I have worked up some mockups of different combos that I think could work well with each other, as well as two basic, simplified versions. C&C is always appreciated! Simplified...
  5. Howdy Guys! I'm working on a new Primary logo for the grand rapids Griffins and I'm sort of stuck so I'm hoping to get past my block with the help of the community. So please comment and help me move this design forward! Version 1: For my first attempt at this logo I came up with this I was really happy with this untill I looked at it more and more. It looks cool and strong and powerful at first but the more and more I looked at it the less and less I though it looked like a Sports Logo and the more I thought it looked like a character from a TV show, just it looked more like a drawing than a Logo. Version 2: For version two I wanted to address the problem areas I had in the first attempt like the Feet and front legs and also make the lines bolder and thicker to give it more of a logo feel and came up with this While I do feel like this version looks more like a logo it lost a lot of the intensity that the first logo had and is just not as impressive all though it is much cleaner and simpler. I'm not saying I don't like this version I'm just not sure where to go from here. Let me know what you think I can do to move this bottom logo from okay/good to great/exceptional. BONUS: I also came up with these along the way. Maybe I can work it into a secondary or something
  6. I saw on the forums that the Madden winners had been notified. These were my submissions. Meant to share these earlier. Same logo with alternate colors.
  7. This is a concept I've been working on rebranding the Tampa Bay Rays as the Tampa Rays. The reason behind the name change is that I've never been too big on naming a team after a body of water/region and I personally think Tampa Rays sounds better. Not too much to say about the logos/unis themselves, I was just really trying to step away from the generic identity the Rays currently use and design something that would be unique in the MLB. I'd love to get everyone's constructive criticism on the design.
  8. It's me again with my 3rd try on NFL Uniform redesigns for the boards. I'm really confident that this time i've got it down. I'm making logos and uniforms for this thread. Feel free to give some feedback and suggestions. Credit to Blase for the template. Here, first up the New York Jets! Primary Logo: Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate (Throwback) Uniform:
  9. Here is a project I've been working on since the Pats-Giants Super Bowl. Making my own NFL standings board. I hand painted all of the logos, and just wood burned the NFL logo tonight. I know the Bengals logos and Browns logos aren't there current official ones, but I hate the Bengals B and the Browns helmet logo is stupid in my opinion I painted these with acrylic paints.
  10. Just wondering everyone's opinion. Not gonna criticize anything this time. I might be biased, but I really enjoy everything for the 2014 game. The jerseys are cool, the logo has a clean design, and the hats are unique.
  11. Hi All, As some of you may know, I have been working on an NHL redesign in another thread. I am halfway through that project (and facing a little bit of a creative block), so I figured I would take a short break from creating jersey concepts and work on something else. I have every intention of finishing my CCM project over the course of the next few weeks, so don't worry, more will be posted over there. I have had this idea lingering in my head for a while now and I finally got around to making it come to life. Personally, I am not a big fan of the logo the NHL decided to stick with for the ASG in Columbus for 2015. The lockout season was the perfect chance for them to scrap it and create another one, but they decided against it. So I am dedicating this thread to refining the main logo, wordmarks/secondary marks, as well as new uniforms. There will be three parts to this miniseries, 1. Main Mark, 2. Secondary and Wordmarks, and 3. Uniforms. To start everything off, here is the main mark. I will take everyone's C&C and edit it as I go before I move on to the next part (please excuse the graininess of the picture, it serves as a watermark). I took inspiration of the shape of the star and flag from a concept by Tyler Rodgers (dgnmrwrw on the boards), so credit to him for the general shape of the logo.
  12. Ever since I first saw online Concepts of jerseys and logos being posted on sites such as this one, I have always wanted to know how to design concepts on the computer and I'm pretty damn sure that I'm not the only one who's wondering how to do it. I hope that this will end up being a Thread where folks like me who want to design Concepts that don't know how can actually learn how to do it. I have tried to find out how to make them for about a year now and I haven't been able to find any guide to design them anywhere. Hopefully, this will help.
  13. I've done an NFL Redesign thread in the past, and i'm gonna give it another try. Since then, I've got photoshop, illustrator, and my skills have improved. So heres my new one! This is my first time using this template, so it is kinda rough, but heres the Redskins! WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Home Away (I know the white jersey doesn't look that good, i'm trying to find a better way to apply the white.) Alternate
  14. I will give advice and also ask for advice but now how would I make this logo look better
  15. Hi, I've started this thread to make changes to logos and uniforms. Entirely new designs are welcome, but I won't post them because I'm not that skilled.
  16. I saw something like this for somebody. I think it was on here but it may have been on the Denver Broncos forum I was looking at the other day. If it was on here then I apologize for making something like what you have. Anyways, if you want me to make a signature of your username like this I shall try to make it happen. You can request one made of all baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer whatever you want but it may be hard to do. I will try to do everything I can though.
  17. Hey! I created a sports team logo concept. The team is called the Cape Cod Curve, for Cape Cod, MA. The Curve is for the geographical form of Cape Cod,and the waves at the beach with a "curve" shape. I have four logos, the primary, secondary, wordmark, and alternate. They can work for all types of sports teams. I havent decided on if i should have a lighter or darker blue color. (by the way, blue is for the ocean,and orange for the sun) Here's the Primary: The orange background is the sun, and the wave is the resemblance of the "curve." Inspired by the Atlanta Hawks new old logo. My favorite logo of them all. The secondary: This one is simple; a wave with an orange outline that looks like a C, for Cape Cod Curve. I think this would look good as a ballcap logo, like the Cleveland Indians "C." Inspired by the Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers logos. The wordmark: This one has three colors, sun orange, sky blue, and ocean blue. Last but not least, the alternate: This one I plan to not use as much, because i dont like the font after the C. Well, those are my logos! Please reply and comment! I need the help!
  18. A branding exercise I did for my blog. Would love to get some feedback. Check out some of my other sports and design work-- link in my sig. If you would like to see any other player logos, let me know! I'll take requests for any sport or player. Tyler Zeller, Cleveland Cavaliers, #40, if signed to Nike Anthony Bennett, Cleveland Cavaliers, #15, if signed to Reebok *visual ques reference Toronto, Ontario (Bennetts hometown). Victor Olapido, Orlando Magic, #5, if signed to AND1 Tobias “All Business” Harris, Orlando Magic, #12, if signed to Jordan *visual ques reference Tobias’s nickname Ben McClemore III, Sacramento Kings, #16, if signed to Adidas *visual ques reference Adidas branding and Ben’s name.
  19. I've decided to make a master thread for compiling my random NBA concepts. So...yeah, here we go. Los Angeles Clippers Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Phoenix Suns Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Dallas Mavericks Home | Road | Alt | Court Indiana Pacers Home | Road | Alt 1 | Alt 2 | Alt 3 | Court Seattle Supersonics Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Sacramento Kings Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court
  20. So, I'm creating a New Baseball League for my personal use only. (Will start with 16 teams. 2 Conferences with equal divisions). Through gradual expansion, I'd eventually like to get to an MLB- like Structure in terms of the number of teams and division alignment (obviously I'll use my own divisions and conferences.) Here are the Locations and/or Names I have. Would love suggestions from all of you brilliant folks. And if you'd like to help by throwing out some logo ideas, that would most assuredly help your case in me selecting one of your ideas. North American Baseball League LEAGUE 1 (name TBD suggestions welcome ) Heartland Division: Wichita WARLORDS or WILDMEN Springfield STALLIONS or SWARM DAKOTA DRAGOONS or DESPERADOS OMAHA ______________ eventual expansion teams: Tulsa __________ Joplin__________ Dodge City MARSHALS or DEPUTIES Kansas City _______________ Rocky Mountain Division: Glenwood Springs(Colorado) ____________ BRECKENRIDGE BIGHORNS Wyoming WARRIORS MISSOULA ______________ eventual expansion teams: Las Vegas GAMBLERS or OUTLAWS Boise BUSTERS (like Bronc Busters) Taos (New Mexico) Toros Salt Lake City CONVERTS or ______________ League 2 (TBD suggestions welcome ) Appalachian Division: RICHMOND REBELS KNOXVILLE NIGHT TRAINS MORGANTOWN MOONSHINERS MYRTLE BEACH MANATEES eventual expansion teams: ATLANTA ASSAULT MEMPHIS MARAUDERS LOUISVILLE LYNX GATLINBURG GRAYS Metropolitan Division: BOSTON BRIGADE or BEANTOWNERS/BEANS (play on Beantown nickname) HAMILTON(Ontario) HUSKIES NEW BRUNSWICK NORTHERN LIGHTS NEWARK NOMADS eventual expansion teams: D.C. (washington) DONS or DEFENDERS BROOKLYN BANDITS QUEBEC QUEENSMEN MANHATTAN MOGULS
  21. So a post in another thread got me thinking... The mothership doesn't have quality WFL logos, and I do. So I will post RGB optimized (thanks to CWx) versions of the WFL logos I do have. I have all the WFL helmet logos (except the Washington Ambassadors), but very few of the logotypes (yet). I also have all helmet graphics for them as well. Here's the first up, the 1975 Shreveport Steamer Next up, 1974 Detroit Wheels Now, 1975 Jacksonville Express Fourth, 1975 Portland Thunder #5, 1975 San Antonio Wings
  22. The oilers already have a "gear" based logo and this is just another fun idea! Hope you like it! C&C Welcome!
  23. After the FSU "leaked" logo got around,I thought I might share my favorite logos,unis,Ect. You can share your favorite logos,as I will like to get your interests in sport logos. I will be counting it up from 1 to 100. I will try to get an equal number of uniforms,logos per sport league. Hope you have fun!
  24. Welcome to the Mark's Hand-Drawn Concepts Thread. Concepts will be few and far between. C&C is appreciated.