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  1. So I realize that I have been rather fickle in the past with threads I have created. Furthermore I realize that this has irked many of you. A league like this was my original intention for a thread on these boards but I had somewhat of a learning curve to come to the process I would pursue in accomplishing it. Along the way I have tried things like the Curling league which did not exactly pan out the way I wanted. That having been said let me move forward with this thread. This is how it will work. We are setting the clock back to 1882. As we go we are going to move ever closer to the present. Hopefully one day, perhaps years from now, reach the present. As we go along the history of a league and each of its franchises will develop. Every logo, uniform, home arena, player, and game. What sport have I chosen for this league? Velo. What is Velo? Velo is a make believe bicycle racing game. The name is derived from velodrome. A velodrome is a sloped bicycle racing track commonly used in the Olympics and real racing games like Madison. To keep this as brief as possible if you are still unclear as to what a velodrome is click this link. What I want to spend time explaining is what the make believe game of Velo is and how it works, so that you can picture it in your mind as you follow this thread. As I said the name is short for velodrome therefore naturally the game is played on a velodrome. Two teams compete. Each team is made up of 6 riders. 3 of them are starters the other 3 make up the bench reserves or options as they are referred to in this sport. Each rider is assigned a different position. The starters are made up of the following positions; Leadoff (generally the teams fastest or most experienced rider), Middle (the next fastest or most experienced rider), and Cleanup (you guess it the next fastest or most experienced rider). The positions on the bench are referred to as the First Option, Second Option, and Third Option. Like the starters the bench positions are usually determined by the speed or experience of each rider. The game is played in sets. A set is a race. These races are time races not distance races. In other words each race lasts five minutes, therefore whoever has traveled the most distance after five minutes finishes in first place. 3 riders from each team (6 total riders) compete in each set. A game consists of 3-5 sets dependent upon the score. How to score points. Each set has a potential to earn a team up to 3 points. Only one team will score in a set. The team who’s rider wins or finishes in first place in each set scores that sets points. They will receive a point for said riders first place finish plus a point for each of his teammates who finishes ahead of the first place rider on the sets losing team. Under this system only so many score possibilities exist. For instance no team can score more than 9 points in a game because once a team has reached 9 a path no longer exists for the opposing team to tie or surpass this score. I hope this is clear and makes sense but if not I think the scoring and how it works will increasingly clarify itself as the games are presented on this thread. One last note ties stand in this league. The only time a game will play into overtime is post season games that must have a winner. Now the set up for the leagues beginnings. Let us travel back to Monday, May 1, 1882; the day William Kissam Vanderbilt announced the formation of the North American Velo Organization (NAVO). Vanderbilt who owns Madison Square Garden (the original) will own the first franchise which he intends to name the Manhattan Jockeys. He will sale an initial three other franchises. The Jockeys name comes from the fact that Vanderbilt also is an owner and enthusiast of race horses. I am sharing at this time the initial concepts for the leagues logo and the Manhattan Jockeys logo. Please share your C&C.
  2. Okay, so, my recent NFL Re-Design Project kind of took a back seat to other things lately, however, I actually have been working on some new logos recently. I know I would just post them before as part of my reveal with the project, but these are ones I'm not satisfied enough with yet to consider them complete. Cleveland Browns: I actually liked the old "B" logo, but there were more than a couple flaws with it. I've been working on this logo the longest of the bunch, especially with the recent news of the Browns getting an overhaul/re-design. I've had the idea, much like OSV, to switch out the white to something else. I was thinking a cream color first like the SF Giants, but that was too dark, so I went in between with an antique/vintage white, and I like that. I worked over the "CB" part of this thing numerous times. I started with just a "CB" side by side, too plain. I interlocked them and threw an outline, okay but didn't look good to me, especially with the B almost touching the outer edge. So I went with something I'm really liking, in a unique attempt to have the letters blend into the design (which mimics the Browns helmet). San Diego Chargers: Again, I always preferred the 'horse shield' as a primary. I simply updated it to something I'm decently pleased with. I prefer to keep the navy as the primary color, leaving the powder/collegiate blue as a secondary. New York Gaints: I've always had some sort of idea about putting the skyscrapers (Chrysler Building; Empire State Building, etc) on the helmet somehow. After much thought and deliberation, I decided to do a NY skyline theme for the helmet. Yes, I took inspiration for the primary shape from the other team in New York (don't worry, I'm not keeping anything like this for the Jets) to accomplish this. Arizona Cardinals: I've always wanted to do an alternate for the Cardinals. I liked the idea of the flag design on the sleeves, but never liked it simply being the flag itself. So what I've done here is taken the flag design itself and put it inside a shield. For anyone in Arizona, they should be able to recognize where the shield design comes from/is inspired from. I'm actually looking to get some feedback on these. Anything I can do to make them better. That's really the point of posting these in a separate thread, instead of with the 'reveal' in the main thread.
  3. In the unlikely event of the NHL expanding into Europe, I've attempted to visualise which cities they would use and the teams they might create. The likeliest answer to the first part is that they would follow the money, which might not necessarily put them in that countries capital city. The teams I've come up with are:- MILAN SAVAGE PARIS GUARDIANS LONDON TOWERS MUNICH BARONS ZURICH DRAGONS So first up is the MILAN SAVAGE Milan is the 5th largest city in the EU and a leading global city. The Wild Boar is an ancient emblem of Milan and ideal for the logo. Apparently these guys can get a bit savage if they get out of bed the wrong side!
  4. Okay. I made logos for my fantasy team the Cape Cod Curve. I named it the curve because Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, curves geographically. It is my first time making logos, so I'm not a pro or anything, so help me out. Here's my wordmark, the orange is for the sun, the light blue is for the sky, and the dark blue is for the sea. Now, inspired by the Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers, is my primary, the gradient is supposed to look like water: And last, is my secondary, but I am unsure about my font after the C. Thanks! I need the help!
  5. So I'm working on a Seattle Metropolitans Update. I have an Idea of what I want for the Primary logo ( Below), and I plan to add a secondary and a word mark as well as jerseys! Hope you guys enjoy and Look forward to hearing your thoughts and Opinions. I'm torn between two color schemes as well as which logo to go with, let me know what direction to go and how to improve the logo! Maybe even what you would like to see in the secondary!
  6. So one criticism I have faced on these boards is that I often develop logos in haste. I acknowledge and embrace this criticism. In an effort to improve my NAVO fictional league thread I am creating this research and development thread. From time to time I will post things on this thread that I have sketched up. I want your thoughts, opinions, criticisms, suggestions, and recommendations for improvement on everything I post on this thread. As you provide this I will take your comments into consideration and work through projects. Hopefully this will supply me with a steady stream of well hashed team concepts for NAVO. Not everything started here will see the light of day. So for the first concept I present to you the logo for the Hummingbirds. This ideas is very open ended at this time. No location or time frame for the team exists. Just an idea for a logo. I know a lot of you who post on these boards are not fond of the use of gradients but I think for Hummingbird wings it is very fitting. What do you think? For those of you who follow NAVO know, the leagues history is being presented in chronological order, currently in 1885. As you can see this Hummingbird, unless it is drastically altered, would not be one to be used in NAVO at its current date. Understand that as things are posted here it is not to suggest that these are the next teams to come in NAVO. The only chronological order to this thread is the order in which I am inspired with new ideas. Sometimes you might see something on this thread and it could be a LONG time before you ever see them used on NAVO and as I said some might not ever be used at all. The sole purpose of this thread is to flush out good concepts.
  7. Pocketball team histories with logos. The sports beginnings. Pocketball began in 1889 when the showman PT Barnum created the game as another of his attractions. He arranged for a game to be played at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. He organized two teams to compete in the game. He called them Team Black and Team White. Team Black Team White The game proved popular and PT Barnum made it an annual tradition for the next two years. On April 7, 1891 Barnum passed away. Without his leadership it seemed the game was doomed but then in stepped Barnum’s business partner and friend William Cameron Coup. He decided he would take control of organizing the annual game between Team Black and Team White. The 1892 game would forever change the course of the sport. In attendance for that year’s game was one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential men, Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie instantly became a fan of the game. He went back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and organized a team of his own. Once this had been done he approached Coup and issued a challenge that he send a team to Pittsburgh to play his. Coup liked the idea and decided he would merge Team Black and Team White into one team that he would call the Boston Checkers. Then it was decided rather than holding the annual Team Black versus Team White game, Coups Boston team and Carnegie’s Pittsburgh team would play each other in two games, one in each city, for the 1893 season.
  8. This is a concept logo for the Colorado Rockies. I made it more modern but similar to the old logo. Hope you guys like it! C&C Welcome!
  9. Let me say that I am NOT a graphic designer, but I do like to dabble, if for no other reason than my job requires I know how to use Ps and Ai. I can mock up a concept kit, but--as you will see--I am not great with logos. Despite that, I am posting these and looking for feedback, knowing full well that I very likely will get ripped a new one. Before I post, though, here are a few things to know: These are for my adult rec soccer team based in Chicago. We don't have a sponsor or budget, which is why I am attempting this myself.Our color is greenWe've won two league championships - the stars above the crestsWe started as an indie team, but now have been together for more than a year ("Semel independens, iam unita" means "Once independent, now united." -- according to Google Translate)Without further ado... 1>2>3>4> 5>6>7> Number 4: Goat inspired by The Big Green Number 5: Inspired by Barcelona (after all, we are FCV, and they have "FCB" on their crest. That and we could totally beat them head-to-head Number 7: I added an eye and shading on the snake, but, again, still practicing/learning that element of graphic design. All right... have at it.
  10. (First off, I can't seem to get the picture on here, only the link. I apologize.) Second, me and my team (VitorioArts) have worked on sport logos all week, and plan on releasing them this month! Go easy on us haha This is a concept Milwaukee Admirals logo. I personally designed this one. The logo the Admirals have now (in my opinion) is one of the ugliest designs in the AHL and NHL. I didn't do much to the colors but i did make it look tough and brought back the classic Admirals "A" on the hat. I hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  11. Hi everyone, I decided to do a total rebrand of the Detroit Lions as if "bubbles" and the current branding never existed. I did it more for fun and as a challenge to myself to come up with a full branding system. I warn those who are Lions fans that this doesn't keep much of what is currently in the system or on the uniforms. It definitely has a less traditional feel to it. I mean no disrespect to the current branding or the traditions from which it came from. That being said, let's go into the project. I based my logo concept off of a 70's profile Detroit Lions Logo that I found on this very site, and made an updated version of it. I thought the profile head would look great for the helmets and be able to be used in many different applications. I then thought to do a front view to be able to be used on the uniforms, and additional logos can help merchandising. I based the typography on a black letter style since the tigers use blackletterI then did the unthinkable and darkened the Lions blue and added a surprise color into the uniforms. I felt that the orange could symbolize fire: the fires of industry found in Detroit, the rebirth of a team from the ashes etc. I also thought the new color could help be a driver for new merchandise lines. For the Uniforms I included watermarks on the shoulderpads of tire patterns representing the motor city, and a grid of the city on the silver uniform.I then decided to extend the series to include a stationary system for their corporate offices. I hope yall like them, and I'm open to your feedback. Thanks, enjoy Profile primary Profile full body front facing logo Lions script Lions Helmet Uniform front Uniform front with Lion patch Uniform back Full Uniform full uniform silver Lions Stationary Sorry forgot to say I used templates from Frasier Davidson for the helmet and uniform shot
  12. The captions are almost as good as the logos themselves. Hilarious though.
  13. I did my high school branding including athletic logos. I always thought we had an interesting mascot, but didn't have a branding system to match it. We are called the cavemen after a cave that was discovered up the canyon from our school. I used the sabretooth headdress to help differentiate from Indian logos, and at the bottom of the primary logo I put an illustration of the American Fork river and canyon (The city is named after it). The athletic branding incudes primary logo, and secondary logos.
  14. As I figure most of us know, the Flames unveiled a new third jersey so okay it's average. The sunset/mountains/wheat patch, I love. The odd looking 5, yeh it looks weird. The yoke looking like a stereotypical cowboy's shirt, it's alright. The script is decent, but looking at those rejected ideas Icethetics got a shot of, it seems like a missed opportunity. As Mills Lane would say though, let's get it on. Main The simplified burning C caught my eye, and I wanted to see what it'd look like on a uniform. As I like their current number font, I thought it'd be a waste to not use it, though the red jersey uses gold numbers rather than black. I normally don't bother with helmets as far as hockey concepts go, even though I should, but I'm imagining red helmets here. Third Sue me, I liked the boot. Granted, the CALGARY is admittedly a bit messy, but the boot was simple enough to trace. Figured to differentiate this from the main reds, there'd be no black outlining, different pants shell, and obviously different striping. The horseshoe number was the final touch I'd wanted to add, but then came the problem of striping. Some of you may recall how I occasionally bitch about one of my older concepts, a Drummondville Voltigeurs set whose third jersey was said to look like "every other hockey jersey ever," as that was not a compliment, to put it mildly. The striping I went with is based on what I'd used for the Voltigeurs home/away, except the inner stripes on that version were vertical, here they're at a slight angle, somewhat mimicking the "podium stripe" of the late Fleury era. I'm thinking of making at least one more set here, though other than intending to use the regular C if I do so, I make no promises.
  15. I was thinking about doing a modernization of retired teams of the MLB. Here are the Boston Americans: And here are the Classic Baltimore Orioles: Feedback please!
  16. I was thinking about doing a modernization of retired teams of the MLB.
  17. This is part observational and part opinion. Take a minute to look at the NBA's primary team logos page. Then flip over to NFL, NHL, and MLB. I notice a difference. Every NBA teams' primary logo (with the exception of the Pacers and Wizards who might have been grandfathered in) seem to adhere to standards that they must include the city and team name in their logo. This style is pretty heavily used in minor league sports as well. Meanwhile the other 3 sports tend to rely mainly on imagery and symbols. In the NFL and NHL, wording in primary logos is rare. In MLB, it seems like a mix of the two. My question is: Do you prefer the more basic logos of the NFL and NHL or the NBA-style logos with city and team name? Also consider: Should the NBA change its standards? What is more iconic?
  18. The NFL has had their "uniform police" for almost three decades now, if not longer, and although they have been somewhat laxed since the NIKE takeover last year ("allowing" teammates in different color shoes,etc), they still have a strong presence in regards to the way the uniforms appear on the field. Although it will likely never happen, I'm wondering what everyone would think if the NCAA adopted a similar sideline presence to make sure everyone who comes out of the locker room has matching socks, shoes, proper/authorized accessories, etc. I know this would take individuality out of the game, but I get irked at seeing little things like one guy wearing knee-high solid white socks while the rest of the team has nearly invisible ankle socks. Thoughts?
  19. Hello. This is my first thread and I am Redesigning logos and Creating new logos for fictitious teams. As soon as I have one done I will post it. NOTE: I am only doing logos. If you want to design a uniform to go with it that's OK with me. P.S.: I am not a very good artist
  20. I thought it would be cool for people to show off their homemade Fantasy logos they've created! I'll start things off with my design I created for my team, TD Train.
  21. I want to see some smaller colleges with really cool logos. I feel like smaller schools don't get the love they deserve. Just because the school doesn't have a football team, doesn't mean they can't have an awesome logo. I'll start with my school, Davenport University.
  22. I want to see some smaller colleges with really cool logos. I feel like smaller schools don't get the love they deserve. Just because the school doesn't have a football team, doesn't mean they can't have an awesome logo. I'll start with my school, Davenport University.
  23. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and have had ideas of making a fake baseball league. Using paint, I am going to create teams until the league is over. Thank you for following!
  24. While I try to seek the will to continue LBFA, I'll post here some soccer logos I did in those days. Real, rebuilt from original art or fantasy. Everyday one or two new. For today, a real and a fantasy. Olympique Marseille (Ligue 1) and CA Torpedo (Brazilian League Fantasy)
  25. Youtube just unveiled a new logo on their facebook and twitter pages, but not on their website