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  1. Hey guys and gals, One day I took note of how all of these classic NCAA logos are "serifed". So I thought it would be interesting to go through the gauntlet and make them sans serif. Don't know if this might only be cool to geeks like me who care about serifs in the first place, but hopefully people will find it interesting. I only have 7 done so far, but I'll be adding more daily. Let me know what you think! Edit - Image limit hit. More logos are scattered throughout this thread. Or you can go to my page on Behance to view them all at once:
  2. A few years ago I posted a version of the logo that was still a work in progress. Here's the new, completely remastered version that was 100% created/recreated in Illustrator: It's a combination of the following logos: My ultimate goal is to do one for each state. Thoughts?
  3. Cheerleaders don't get a lot of attention on this site so I thought I'd make a thread dedicated to pro and college cheerleading squad logos. After doing some research on this, I stumbled upon many logos I've never seen before and many of them are great examples of the graphic design styles that were popular the year they were designed. "Pro" mostly means NFL, NBA, and NHL cheerleaders, as well as any additional dance teams, but if you find any logos for WFL, USFL, XFL, CBA, WNBA, WHA, modern day hockey minor leagues, etc, cheerleading squads by all means post them too. "College" means the cheerleading squads and dance teams that perform at NCAA football and basketball games. One thing that is common with cheerleading squads is they tend to have goofy names, often a pun off the pro or college team they are cheering for. I will make sure to point out the best examples below. In my opinion what makes these logos interesting is more often than not they borrow the colors and certain design elements from the team the cheerleaders are cheering for. So even if you didn't know the name of the squad you could still guess what team they belong to based on the colors and design of their logo. Feel free to add pics of cheerleading squad logos to this thread as you find them! I'm starting with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders because I found 10 different variations of their logo since the 70's and 10 pics is the limit for posts. Here we go: 1966–1977 Dolphin Dolls1978–1983 Dolphins Starbrites1984–present Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders And last butt not least: what looks like a Victoria's Secret model wearing some kind of outfit featuring their logo:
  4. I was an employee of the Hot Rods over the summer and got the chance to make some offseason ads and graphics with their new logos before the season was over. While working with these logos, I felt the same way as a lot of you on the boards. I felt that SME really missed the boat on the overall design concept and it felt rushed in some areas. There were some logos that I felt they did a great job on and it is reflected in my design concepts, but for this project I wanted to take my experience in being a minor league baseball fan and working in minor league baseball and see what I could come up with to improve the Hot Rod's new brand. For this project a designed a few new logos to replace some of the logos I felt SME did not work well for a minor league team and also kept a few of the ones that worked well. I redesigned the whole uniform set and even added a special sunday uniform. I am starting off this project by showing the primary logo I designed which I used as a focal point that everything else is designed around. I will periodically add more from this project.
  5. Hey folks, I was wondering if you guys would be interesting in holding our own little throwdown and see who comes up with the best toronto maple leafs update(as they recently announced that they would be updating the logo next year). May the best designer win?
  6. Some of you may remember this Lovely inspirational design for sports logos thread. I miss it. I took 95% of the images from that thread and uploaded them to this imgur folder, but I feel like it would be nice to resurrect it in a new fashion, linking to not only inspiring images, but I will put those images into that imgur folder (which is available for download here) and will be updated frequently. Please don't hesitate to link to inspiring blogs or websites. be under maintenance) of my favorites) I'll update this as frequently as I can, or the mod team obviously may do so as well. Let's get inspired! Here's a few of my faves from the old thread to get started:
  7. I really enjoyed the Logolympiad, it was so much fun to create logos of so many different types and uses. Now I've decided to post all my entries in this thread to receive some C/C. I've learnt a lot from all the amazing entries of the contest, especially if you think that my first entry was my first logo ever. Event 1 For the first LOGOLYMPIAD event this year, you must create an alternate logo for an active team from the National Basketball Association. The logo should be strong enough so that it could replace the current primary logo for the team. Use colors that are already part of the teams current color scheme. You can check colors on the Colorwerx website or on theTeamColors website. Do NOT add any more colors.Include the current primary logo in your submission as a reference. The primary logo should not take more than 150px by 150px on the template, as it is not the focus of the work here.I've decided to go with Las Angeles Clippers and with what the Clippers name says to me: sailing ships! the big C is similar to the current one but the LA logo should be seen as the sail of the the black ship. A thing I personally don't really like of this logo is that is not related to basketball, but as you know not all the sports logos have inside something referring to the sport they are representing, so I've decided not to add a basketball somewhere just not to overload the logo. I will continue with all the other entries...
  8. After the horrendous NFL 'Color Rush' jerseys, my friend TheArtfulJB, creator of the OrdinarieO© hat series, decided to create a Color Rush version of his hats, found on his Tumblr and Instagram pages, and with his permission, I was able to create some Color Rush NHL Jerseys, based on his logos and designs! They're still a work in progress, so keep that in mind, but whenever I finish a design or two, I will post them here! OrdinarieO© on Tumblr / Instagram DT Concepts on Tumblr / Instagram More coming soon!
  9. Hello again. Awhile back (during the summer) i posted a clippers logo concept because i didn't like the re-brand that they have gone with (still don't). i had fun creating my concept, but i was still new to creating logos an such and i know they weren't very good. some time after i posted the initial concept i started working on another clippers re-brand just to try and improve on making my work. i came up with three concepts, granted one is just a rehash of the San Diego Clippers logo just modernized with a new Font and colors. 2 of them i made the same day made apparent by the Font used and the other was made before those 2 during the time that i was working on my USPBL concept (my fictional basketball league). these were all made rather quickly and i didn't really smooth out the bumps so im sorry for the overall sloppiness but i just wanted to know what some of you thought of them. so without further ado here are the logos C&C always appreciated.
  10. This will be my first thread so I will surely do something wrong (I apologize also for my incorrect English). Please let me know about the concept . I'm from Torino, in Italy. The city is well known for its industrial past an for its soccer teams, Juventus FC and Torino FC, two of the most winning teams ever in the italian Serie A. I'm starting a series of threads about concepts for sport teams of no really popular sports in Italy, like american football, Hockey or baseball... We have always lacked in a good american football team (from now on if I say football it will be american football). We have just one team based in Torino playing in the Italian Football League (top italian league) and they are called 'Giaguari Torino' (Torino Jaguars). They were founded in 1979 and they won the italian championship in 1991. This is their actual logo There are also other two minor league teams from nearby towns Rivoli Blacks Ciriè Blitz As you can see they don't have really astonishing designs, logos or palettes. Here they really like traditional things! Of course I don't... TORINO BULLS HOME UNIFORM The logo is a simpler version of the city coat of arms. The jumping bull is a symbol of Torino from the moment that 'bull' in italian ('toro') is sort of similar to 'Torino'. Also the colour scheme is taken from the coat of arms. These colours are no new to professional sports in Torino, but they are classics and bold, perfects for a football team. Gray in the palette should be a hint to Torino industrial past.
  11. ctmokla918

    NBA Rebrands

    Hey guys, this is my first topic.. Last night I kept complaining about the Denver Nuggets branding and uniforms so I decided to create a series where I will do the entire NBA. May take a while to get all 30 teams done. Nevertheless I would love your feedback positive and negative. Thanks all! also shout out to @tbdaniel15 for creating the uniform templates I will be using. DENVER NUGGETS
  12. wquarton

    Chicago sting

    Thought i'd take a stab at the possible NASL team in chicago, the sting. hoping they don't use some sort of god-awful cartoon bee. Tried a few things, wanted to keep it simple and acknowledge the whole sting thing without being overly obvious. Anyways I seem to have hit a bit of a wall.
  13. Hey guys, I've never really been a fan of the montreal impact crest. Find it overly complicated and not as strong as it could be. Was hoping to get your help in refining it and making it as strong as a city with its rich (albeit short) history deserves. I realize this is pretty rough still so I'd love as much input as possible. Trying for something simple yet powerful and keeping with their current colour scheme and general theme(aka fleur de lis) here's my start. any input greatly appreciated.
  14. As you may have already guessed from the title, this thread will have my attempts at making over some of the NCAA's worst logos. Think of this as "Extreme Makeover: Collegiate Logo Edition" and that's exactly what this thread will be. For each college or university of my choosing, I will design up to four logos. This will be on a weekly basis, and for this inaugural post, I will be making over the logos for the Savage Storm of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. First, here is a little info on the university: Name of College/University: Southeastern Oklahoma State University Nickname: Savage Storm Colors: Blue and Gold NCAA Division: II Conference: Great American Conference Location: Durant, Oklahoma Established: 1909 as Southeastern State Normal School Famous Alumni: Reba McEntire, Dennis Rodman, Brett Butler (the baseball player, not the comedic actress) Current Logo: Looking at this logo, it's obvious that the first thing that stood out was that it's a NFL ripoff, which is upsetting. Besides that, the blue and the black are close to each other, making for a cruddy logo. I originally was going to do another Oklahoma school, Oklahoma Panhandle State, for this first post, but I just couldn't figure out how to best execute my plan of attack for that school. I may come back to that school at some point in the future, but for now, let's look at what I did for the Savage Storm: The main mission with these logos was that I wanted this school to stand out so I took out the black and used their current color scheme of Pantone 2748 C (the blue) and Pantone 109 C (the gold) and made four logos. The logo in the upper-left is the primary logo, and it's a gold-outlined blue outline map of the state of Oklahoma which is then tilted, along with "SE" (as the school is sometimes known as in Oklahoma) written in gold lightning. The lower left logo is the secondary logo and consists of two tilted rectangles, one blue and one gold, with "SAVAGE" written in gold on the blue rectangle and "STORM" written in blue on the gold rectangle. The four lightning bolts (two gold with blue outlines on top, two blue with gold outlines on bottom) complete the logo design. The logo on the upper-right is a tertiary logo and consists of a blue tilted rectangle with "SOUTHEASTERN" written in gold, a thinner gold tilted rectangle with "OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY" written in blue, and six lightning bolts; three on top in gold with blue outlines, and three on bottom in blue with gold outlines. The last logo is extra and is meant for the football team's helmet (not exclusively). It is simply a tilted "SOSU" written in gold with blue outlines, along with a blue counter space in the "O" and a gold lightning bolt in the middle. How do you all think I did with this makeover? C&C is more than appreciated, not only with the logos, but with this thread idea. Also, you can submit the name of a NCAA school you think has a bad logo and I just might do that school in the coming weeks.
  15. Hey guys! I think I have a great idea, and i want all of you to be apart of it. I want this to be fun and enjoyable for everyone who participates. I have come up with a fictional basketball league called the "United States Premier Basketball League" or "USPBL" for short. Yes i know there are a lot of these but i wanted to try my hand at it with suggestions from all of you.There are 12 cities, 6 teams, 2 conferences and i want you guys to submit nicknames for these cities. I'm still working on the backstory for this league but i want to start getting you guy's suggestions ASAP. The 12 cities i chose were (I have already chosen their conferences) ; Albuquerque, New Mexico- WESTNorfolk, Virgina - EASTBoise, Idaho - WESTTucson, Arizona - WESTEl Paso, Texas - WESTOmaha, Nebraska - WESTAustin, Texas - EASTBirmingham, Alabama - EASTLas Vegas, Nevada - WESTLouisville, Kentucky - EASTLittle Rock, Arkansas - EASTDaytona Beach, Florida - EAST The logo for the league is pictured below. The first thing that will probably be noticed is the obvious nod to the United States with the (Red, White, Blue) color scheme. The next thing is the 6 stars in the Blue "U" and 6 stripes in the Red "S", those represent the 6 teams in each conference and there respective color (NBA esque) and last would be the black background it just made it pop for me. I kept it simple and didn't want to over do it. I'm looking forward to everyone's participation and input.Thanks for looking (Borrowed a basketball design just as a test) Edit: i do plan to make logos and uniforms EDIT 2: Voting closed: thanks to everyone who participated your choices for these teams after voting are as followed; Albuquerque - Desert Dogs Norfolk- Captains Boise- Thunderbirds Tucson- Saguaros El Paso- Stars Omaha- Stampede Austin- Outlaws Birmingham- Vipers Las Vegas- Aces (changed to "Silver Aces" because "Aces" was too plain) Louisville- Riders and of course i chose the Little Rock and Daytona team names again a big thanks for your votes these concepts will be a lot of fun (Moved From page 3)
  16. I've noticed that league logos can be notoriously dated and poorly designed, and many of them are due for updates. But what league or conference logos do you enjoy more than others? Here's two of mine:
  17. Redid and earlier concept that I butchered. Think it's getting closer. C/C? Also, sorry still having trouble imbedding images. I need to learn to internet better.
  18. What up SL community! I go by the name of TheArtfulJB. And I'm here to showcase a fairly new project mine called Ordinarie Original©. What's the meaning of the name? It means not your average, ordinary type. And in short, the OrdinarieO© brand focuses on the sport of hockey with minimalistic styled fitted caps and logos featuring the likeness of all 30 NHL teams. Since tonight is the debut of the 2015-2016 season, I'll be posting the first round of fitteds today (10), and the rest will be revealed Thursday/Oct 8th (another 10), and Friday/October 9th (the final 10). So I hope you all enjoy these vector made fitted caps and treat them as the eye candy they are. I had a good time creating all of these and the presentation that goes with them. Share your thoughts, suggestions and any other ideas you guys n' girls may have. So in no particular order, here's the first round of OrdinarieO© Aesthetic O'Caps. Enjoy! OrdinarieO© on Tumbr / Instagram
  19. wquarton

    Okanagan FC

    came up with this concept while in Penticton for my grandmas funeral. I realize the tagline is a bit morbid, considering the reason I was here, but ol gran lived a long and happy life and I'm pretty sure she would approve
  20. Howdy Guys. Today I've got a project of mine for you to look at. I'm rebranding the redwings and trying to bring their very classic very untouchable logo into the 21st century. I'm a redwings fan so this one hit close to home and I really wanted to do the logo justice while putting my own style in it. Let me know what you think! and for a Adidas take on the jerseys:
  21. I just wanted to start a thread for discussion about Atlanta's upcoming rebrand -- as we've got one for the Bucks, Raptors, 76ers, and Clippers, but don't seem to have one for the Hawks. Most of the discussion has been in the general NBA changes thread. It looks like we'll be getting the new look on Wednesday. We've already seen these: No idea how credible this is so take it FWIW:
  22. Hey guys, back again with a simpler version of a design I brought here when I first got here. Hoping it's better.
  23. Hello everyone of CCSLC, I had a random idea for a thread. You know those logos that many MLB teams have on the back of their pitchers mounds? I have recently started noticing those more and more and thought many of them are really cool. So post any examples of those that you have seen and like. Here are some that I've seen from either posts on this site or elsewhere. Also--does anyone know how these are made? ]
  24. Hey folks, another concept I'm kicking off, Mississuaga FC. Still alot of work to do, but I feel like there are some cool elements in here that can be used. Basically, Mississauga is known for being a very progressive, afluent, and business-oriented city. I wanted to highlight this semi-futuristic progressive vibe, as well as incorporate the Greater and Lesser Rivers that highlight the geography of the city. The city flag has a cool looking gear/cog thing that I thought could highlight this element well - I may keep the gear as is, or perhaps try something a little more tinker-y, just wanted to see what you guys thought. Also, the city logo has a very cool stylish M that I was hoping to immitate without completely ripping off So here's what I have so far. Far from done, but I think theres some potential and was just hoping for some guidance. Guys haven't steered me wrong so far so I'm putting faith in you I know it's kinda funny looking, but I really think it has potential. I was hoping to give the feel of the Rivers(blue lines) splitting the machinery of the city. Thanks guys (and gals?)