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  1. I don't post on here very often anymore, but I recently had a thought that I believed other board members may share. I happen to have more than one favorite team in each sport, and this is primarily because I didn't grow up in just one place. There have been star players who have played for both of my favorite teams, but this doesn't happen often. I'll post those below. My question is, how many other board members also have had star athletes or favorite players whom have donned uniforms of both of your favorite teams? Gary Sheffield - Marlins/Brewers Terrell Buckley - Packers/Dolphins Ray Allen - Bucks/Heat
  2. In thinking about "Faces of the Franchise" I've realized that some teams don't have one face of the franchise, but rather many legends that represent the team. So I thought to myself "Wouldn't a sports-themed Mount Rushmore-type list make more sense?". Being a Detroit Tigers fan, this is an especially tough list because they've had so many legends wear the Old English D on the front of their jerseys. But without further ado, here I go. Ty Cobb: An obvious choice, simply one of the best hitters and base runners in league history. Even if he was a great pain, he was also a great baseball player. Hank Greenberg: A unique choice, I know. But he was one of the Tiger's most prolific home run sluggers in their history. It also helps that he was a hero to Detroit's Jewish population at a time when they needed a hero. Al Kaline: A no doubter here. I mean, he is nicknamed Mr. Tiger after all! He spent his entire career with Detroit, and he is known for his class as much as he was for his playing skill he had back in the day. Alan Trammell AND Lou Whitaker: There's no way I could split up one of the best double play combos in history by choosing one over the other. It is almost impossible to not think of one without the other. They spent their entire career together, and during that time they became fan favorites for their amazing defensive plays and for leading Detroit to the 1984 World Series. In compiling this list I made the decision to leave off some players that still meant a lot to the organization (Willie Horton and Kirk Gibson, to name a few). I also decided to stick to players only, which led to Mike Ilitch and Sparky Anderson being left out. I thought about putting Miguel Cabrera on the list, but I'm waiting to see how the rest of his career pans out. So what's your list?
  3. The title says it all. The reason I brought this up is because me & a buddy were discussing ugly uniforms. It made me notice that the State of Colorado has ugly jerseys galore. MLB- The Rockies are a team that all love to hate on here. The too-much black, the vest jersey, everything about the set looks bland and bad. NHL- The Avs wear RBK Edge Piped awfulness and I hate the new C shoulder patch logo. And I don't care, that alternate jersey is bland and needs tweaking. Plus, Navy and Maroon don't work often. NBA- The Nuggets jerseys looked better before the unnecessary wordmark & number colour change they made last year, which I still never got. Why use black numbers? The yellow alternate jersey looked better before they changed the wordmark too to that Rainbow- era wordmark last year too and that jersey was fine and should be the basis for a new set. That sleeved alternate (The White-Gold jersey) is meh. The jersey itself is awful, but the shorts look okay. NFL- I don't care how iconic you think they are, the Broncos look dated. Now that Manning is gone, this should be the time to change and re-modernize one of your much better looking sets. MLS- The Rapids are nothing special & that yellow jersey they wear is ugly. So, just my thoughts. Who do you guys nominate or do you agree with my choice of Colorado?
  4. So I had started another thread like this using Mizuno's custom jersey site and Richardson Hat's site. I was pretty close to finishing the American League but I felt the site kind of limited me to different design options. I also wanted to include pants and socks with my ideas so I found a template online. I'm kind of going back and forth between paint and iVinci (which I'm still learning to use). As with my previous thread I'm going to add two expansion teams, making 8 divisions of 4 teams each. My expansion teams are going to be the Expos and the Portland Loggers. I will also have Tampa relocating to Charlotte and taking the name of the minor league Carolina Mud Cats (I will be changing the colors). To create the divisions, I found this map online, and made some changes to include the 3 new teams, my divisions will be as follows NL EAST NL NORTH NL SOUTH NL WEST New York Mets Milwaukee Brewers Washington Nationals San Francisco Giants Montreal Expos St Louis Cardinals Carolina Mud Cats LA Dodgers Philadelphia Phillies Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins San Deigo Padres Pittsburgh Pirates Chicago Cubs Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks AL EAST AL NORTH AL SOUTH AL WEST New York Yankees Detroit Tigers Texas Rangers California Angels Boston Red Sox Cleveland Indians Houston Astros Oakland A's Toronto Blue Jays Chicago White Sox Kansas City Royals Portland Loggers Baltimore Orioles Minnesota Twins Colorado Rockies Seattle Mariners
  5. So in creating my MLB series I worked on a lot of different ideas for the White Sox. At one point I thought of utilizing the retro style S-O-X and the batterman logo. I was inspired by the many buildings by Modernist architect Mies van der Rohe here in Chicago, especially his well portioned windows and breaks. So I tried to use 1-3-1 proportioned lines to break up the space on the shoulders and pants of a uniform. I don't think the result here is any better than what I ultimately decided on the series but its an enough of an oddball to merit posting outside of the outtakes. Sleeve Details/Home/Road/Alt 1/Alt 2/Batting Pratice
  6. Not a bad logo for the most part, I love how the Marlin is incorporated into a star. Only complaint is slapping the sponsored Master Card logo on it. I guess in this day and age we better get used to corporate logos on everything - on NBA jerseys. Sure it will happen on NFL, NHL, and MLB jerseys soon.
  7. Over the last couple months, I have played around with creating silhouette wallpapers, mostly for me. One of them was a birthday gift for a family member, but they were mostly just for me. I create them by taking a photo, and tracing the outline, creating a silhouette. I started with just minor details, but for some of them, I went a little far with the detail. I've added quotes to some of them as well, just for the sake of making a cool wallpaper I would use. I decided to share them to see what people think of them. This was the birthday gift for a family member. I took out the name for the sake of privacy. This is the first wallpaper I created. My favourite NHL player as well. I chose this quote from Russell Wilson because I'm a Christian. Like I said before, I created it for my use. This is the captain from my local Junior A hockey team, the Steinbach Pistons. This is also from the Steinbach Pistons. The silhouette is the head coach, Paul Dyck, who is from my hometown. He was drafted into the NHL as well. The motto is what is in their dressing room. This is pretty self explanatory. And the last of these, is one I created for a radio and tv show in Toronto, Leafs Lunch. I made this purely for the sake of experimenting with silhouettes of non-athletes. If people like these, I MIGHT take requests, but I probably won't get to them too quickly. I don't do this for a job, it's just something I do in my spare time. Any C&C is appreciated.
  8. Being a Twins fan, when the team revealed their new home jersey back before the 2015 season, I wasn't sure how to feel. I liked the idea of differentiating from other red and blue teams, and as nice as the pinstriped jerseys were, they seemed out-of-place when they weren't in the Metrodome to me. But although I liked the idea of adding gold, the execution I felt was somewhat poor, and it created a confused identity. So here is my proposed fix to the Twins to create a cohesive, unique identity. Logos -Primary is now the Minnesota-shaped logo. The roundel is too generic and common around baseball, and the Twins have something timeless and classic with this logo. -Wordmark on the primary is inverted to match the uniforms, and gold is now the dropshadow -I liked the use of gold in the 2014 All-Star Game logo a lot better, mostly because it is much lighter of a shade than the one used. The gold has been lightened to almost a cream-like color, much less noticeable on the white background (and closer to the actual color of the limestone backdrop at Target Field.) -Another good yet underrated part of the ASG was the use of light blue. Light blue has been added to the river in the primary, as well as a drop-shadow on road jerseys. -Navy and red are still the main colors, but gold is a home color that honors the old cream Metropolitan jerseys and the limestone, and light blue is an away color that honors the 70's aways and the Mississippi. Uniforms -The piping has been increased in size to a width similar to the Orioles, just so that the individual colors can stand out more and not blend in with each other. It also hearkens back a little bit more to the old 70's Twins uniforms. -Front numbers are added back to all jerseys to fill up a bit more space. -Numbers on road jersey are now navy to match. -'Twins' replaces the 'TC' on the red jersey, because it feels just a little too "BP jersey" as is. -The Minnesota logo is now a patch on all jerseys, not just the homes. -The tri-colored piping is consistent among all jerseys, not changing because of jersey color. -The drop-shadows are intended to be much less noticeable on the regular home and road jerseys compared to the alternates, just because that's what they are, alternates. -The navy alternate receives the most change for the sake of consistency. The wordmark is now white with a red outline, just because it's different and feels 'Twins' to me, I'm not sure why. Maybe because of this. Drop-shadow is light blue to match the regular road jersey. So hopefully, this would create a more streamlined identity for a team that seems to be a little in flux right now. What do you all think? All comments/criticisms are welcome.
  9. Thought you guys might get a kick outta this: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/mlb_asian_heritage_concept.php#.V5y-86CDmrX
  10. I'm in a 6 person group chat with some great designers my age. When one of us high jacks a conversation to talk New Era fitted caps/snap backs, we call it #hatchat. So you might remember a template I made where I traced the New Era cap on their website. Well, that was on Inkscape. Since then, I've moved on to Illustrator, which uses layers like Photoshop. Recently, I updated my template to make it Illustrator friendly. First, I got a Rays cap from the 2016 MLB All-Star Game with the heather pattern and star buttons. Here is me playing with the template on some old brands. I also cataloged my caps on a new twitter header for myself. Finally, I made a list of teams with the worst branding in the MLB. The Mariners and Indians were 2 of the top 3. Here is my quick rebrands that I want to turn into a full rebrand.
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