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  1. Let me give you some background Going into the 2015 MLS Season, the league was growing rapidly. At 21 teams, the best soccer league in the US was on pace to become the next great soccer league. The league wasn't done growing. David Beckham purchased a team in Miami, Florida to be the 22nd team starting in 2016. The Ft. Lauderdale Strikers immediately found it hard to draw against the Brit's shiny new team, especially with Portuguese superstar Christiano Ronaldo captaining the team. The league wanted a universally accepted number, and snatched Atlanta and San Antonio from the NASL to make the league have 24 teams. The commissioner said that would be it until there was a good enough reason to break the 24 limit. The MLS began to contend with the NBA and NHL with the start of Friday Night Kickoff, a weekly Friday night game in prime time on ESPN. Meanwhile, Michael Taylor graduated from Florida State with a degree in Sport Management. Working from the bottom of the NASL, he became commissioner of the struggling league when the commissioner stepped down when 3 of the flagship teams left in a small period. Taylor had a vision, to try all he can to fix the broken league, and shorten the gap between the bottom of the MLS to the top of the NASL. Hiring a world class scout, the league began running combines and drafting players from college that weren't drafted. A league wide initiative to help the sport grow, the league would pay a quarter of the tab for new stadiums. The league started to turn around thanks to strong sides such as the Tampa Bay Rowdies, New York Cosmos, and Minnesota United beating MLS sides in the US Open Cup. Bigger market teams in smaller leagues were snatched by the NASL, strengthening the league The US Men's national team won back to back World Cups in 2018 and 2022, with Canada making both tournaments. America, and Canada were soccer crazy. Every city wanted a team. More teams started popping up in the USL, which worked with the NASL in training players and building up US Soccer. Then in 2024, Taylor released a statement about how he was in talks with the MLS and USL commissioners to finally have a promotion/relegation system in place between the three leagues. His reasoning was due to the increased number of NASL teams beating the MLS sides, the number of NASL teams still trying to jump to the top, and the new light speed rail making traveling easier for smaller clubs. The MLS teams did not like the idea, and agreed to push the date of the tier system until 2030. The idea was so ground breaking, but tests and simulations proved that by then the gap between the bottom of the MLS/top of the NASL, and the bottom of the NASL/top of USL would be hardly anything. The new 3 leagues would merge in the winter of 2029. The leagues rebranded together to make one. The Soccer Championship, Soccer League One, and Soccer League Two were the league names, each league would have one table and 24 teams. The best 8 teams made the playoffs. Adidas couldn't control if non Adidas teams were in the MLS, so any maker could grab a team to create uniforms for. Nike snatched up the a big chunk of the teams, with Puma, Under Armor, and Warrior joining in. A new rule would be put in place where every team was entitled to scout youth talent within 25 miles of the stadium without fear of other teams stealing prospect. This will make home grown talent the future of the 72 teams. And here are the concepts So I made a 72 team system of concepts. A lot of teams are from current teams. In this world, the uniforms are similar to the current situation of kits. One thing I want to stress, I do not care what you think about what teams are where. I made the 72 teams and the system is in place. It's a matter of making them. I might ask for some team name help down the line. But i honestly don't care if "Indianapolis should be in the MLS". I'll release the teams whenever I finish them, in no real order. So be patient. I'll post the first few concepts in a little bit. Soccer Championship Atlanta Silverbacks Boston Revolution Chicago Fire Chivas San Diego Colorado Rapids Columbus Crew FC Dallas DC United Houston Dynamo Los Angeles Galaxy Miami FC Flamingos Montreal Impact New York City FC New York Red Bulls Orlando City Philadelphia Union Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Antonio Scorpions San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders Sporting Kansas City Toronto FC Vancouver Whitecaps League One 3 Rivers United FC Birmingham Buffalo Athletic California Athletic FC Carolina Railhawks Charlotte FC AFC Cleveland Detroit City Edmonton Drillers Indy Eleven Jacksonville Armada Las Vegas Quicksilvers Milwaukee Bavarians Minnesota United New York Cosmos Northern Virginia Cavalry Oklahoma City FC Ottawa Fury SC Phoenix Puerto Rico Islanders Richmond Kickers Rochester Rhinos AC St. Louis Tampa Bay Rowdies League Two Albuquerque FC Anaheim Blues ATX FC Baltimore FC Barons Calgary Owls Charleston Battery Connecticut Hearts Dayton Dutch Lions Halifax United Harrisburg City Kitsap Pumas Louisville Premier Memphis Rogues Nashville Metros New Orleans United FC Norfolk Omaha ONE FC Providence City Queen City SC San Francisco SC West Texas Wanderers Wilmington Hammerheads Winnipeg Bisons SC Rivalry Cups Football Manager Mod
  2. A Just for fun topic on the iconic jerseys in any sport that you consider "must own" and that you would buy/already bought regardless if you like the team or not. Here are a few in my opinion: 1: Warriors "The City" gold unis. 2: NY Rangers Lady liberty 3: Astros tequila sunrise 4: Chargers powder blue 5: Any of the Hartford Whalers Jerseys Share yours below!
  3. This is a concept logo I made for the Chicago fire. I kept the c and the color scheme. C&C is appreciated!
  4. Los Angeles FC (LAFC) Just based on the crest that LAFC release I came up with this concept. This will be one of the Adidas kits that have the 3 stripes along the side of the shirt, they will match the color of the stripes on the shorts so use your imagination there. I chose YouTube as the sponsor since I noticed that one of the co-owners, who happens to be an alumnus of the school I go to, IUP (it's a state school, don't beat yourself up looking up info about it), Chad Hurley who co-founded YouTube so I thought that would be an appropriate sponsor. Lastly I payed tribute to another one of LAFC's co-owners, Will Ferrell, by using his name and an image from Kicking and Screaming. Let me know what you think. I'm open to creative criticism so throw it at me.
  5. What if New Balance signs a league contract with the MLS.
  6. After seeing the Columbus Crew 'interesting' secondary kits, I've decided to do some quick concepts. Me personally, they should have left the banana kits alone, they were perfect. But for this season, they are gone . Now Introducing Concepts: 1st kit - Ohio Pride. Because the state flag of Ohio is awesome. 2nd kit - Checkerboard. Since the checkerboard is on their logo and their fan base incorporates the checkerboard onto everything. 3rd kit - Canary Kit. 4th kit - White Kit. No commentary needed for these kits. As always feel free to give feedback and I will answer questions whenever I can!
  7. Saathoff

    MLS in 2020

    Hey all, It's been quite awhile since I've posted actively in the concepts forum of I wanted to start up an old concept series I never really got to posting from the past. MLS in 2020. Just a hypothetical look at MLS. I'm going to start off with LAFC and special thanks to Raysox for the template. Major League Soccer: Western Conference (12): Los Angeles FC - Completed Los Angeles Galaxy - Completed San Jose Earthquakes Portland Timbers Seattle Sounders FC - Completed Vancouver Whitecaps Colorado Rapids Real Salt Lake FC Dallas Houston Dynamo Minnesota United Sacramento Republic Eastern Conference (12): Montreal Impact Toronto FC New England Revolution New York City FC New York Red Bulls DC United Philadelphia Union Columbus Crew Orlando City SC Chicago Fire Atlanta United Sporting Kansas City - Completed - May expand beyond the 24. Or dive into a NASL series as an extension of this.
  8. Guys, "another one!" .. hope you like it .. Went with colorfull, sleek and simple look. Let's here it?
  9. Guys, "another one!" .. hope you like it .. Went with colorfull, sleek and simple look. Let's here it?
  10. Hello! This logo is a response to the fact that the South Florida Metro Area is once again, getting a Major League Soccer (MLS) team in the foreseeable future. As always, feel free to critique and I will answer questions when I have the time available. Also, here's a link to the project: Miami SC/96 - MLS Design
  11. San Diego Sockers MLS Concept.
  12. So for a long time now, I have looked through the great ideas a lot of artists have on this forum and I figured it was about time I made something on my own. So here you have it, my attempt at a redesigned logo for the New England Revolution, who are very much overdue for a makeover. And I made some kits as a bonus. A few points about the new logo: The top of the crest is supposed to resemble the hats worn during the American revolutionFive red stripes to honour the original logoA white circle (a representation of a soccer ball) containing six stars to represent all six states that form New EnglandIn the middle is a pine tree, taken from the flag of New England that many fans wave during home gamesHope you like it! Comments & critique appreciated.
  13. Didn't see an existing thread, but don't want this update to get lost in the megathread. We've known for a while that DC United was getting a new badge, but it's just been leaked. For comparison, here are their two old badges, 1996-98 and 1999-2015: Couple things to love - the DC flag, the new typeface, the way the name is actually integrated with the shield instead of being slapped over it. I'm also glad they got rid of the truncated icosahedron. The wings are still a little goofy but it's so much better than the original Germanic eagle. That makes me wonder what this "leak" was; rejected design, intermediate step, or outright fake? I prefer the eagle from this version, with the sharp wings and contrasting beak. Not to mention the sharp edges where the white head feathers meet the body - don't love the circular version they went with. Overall, great update. MLS is looking better all the time. Now if we can just do something about the (ugh) Revolution....
  14. So, here is a New England Revolution concept that I have been working on for a while now. The crest is based on the Flag of New England, a flag in use during the Revolutionary war and which has become a symbol amongst the supporters of the New England Revolution and the club itself. It is comprised of the tree featured in the flag on a white background and encompassed by a roundel with the name of the club encircling it on green with a red outline. In the center is a new "NE" monogram created by myself. I used the roundel shape, as opposed to something like a shield, because the roundel, I feel, as a staple of American sports branding, is more appropriate for a team who takes its branding from American Revolutionary war themes, than a shield, which is more English in feel. I also personally believe the shield shape for a crest has become overrused and almost cliche in American soccer. The partial logos could be used in applications such as hats, training gear, and fan apparel. The home kit features a red shirt with white shoulders and sleeves, with green accents. The red portion symbolizes the red body of the Flag of New England and the white symbolizes the white canton of the flag. The green elements are symbolic of the green from the tree on the flag. The shorts are red with white and green accents. The socks are also red with white accents and feature the "NE" monogram from the crest on the calf. The idea for this kit comes loosely from the current Revolution away kit. I like the direction the Revolution went with this kit, but have found it too busy, with a bevy of needless design features. I aimed for something much more clean. The away kit features an all black look with red and green accents. The away kits would be worn in the event of a clash with another team's kits. The all black look also gives the team a clean, marketable alternative look to sell to fans. The shirt sponsor, Santander, is a bank with its world headquarters in Santander Spain, but which has a large presence in New England, and is currently one of the biggest sponsors of the Revolution. I chose to use their logo over the current sponsor, United Healthcare, mostly because I think their logo looks BRUTAL aesthetically on the shirts, but also because I think a multinational bank with its world headquarters in Spain and its American headquarters in Boston would be a great fit as a presenting sponsor for the Revs and give them a certain credibility in the world of soccer. I'd appreciate your comments, critique, and suggestions and I hope you enjoy my concept. I look forward to hearing what you think, and how you think I can make improvements.
  15. So, as I was trying to finally find raysox's amazing soccer template (after months and months of searching, I've been on a template revolution lately) I decided to create a template of my own and see how well it would fare in the new template generation. It's a little outdated but I figured it was worth a shot.I tried a smidge of realistic shading on parts, but I don't know much about that so any pointers would be helpful . So here it is! I have Inkscape and Paint versions ready and Photoshop will come later. Paint Version Inkscape Version Enjoy and Happy creating!
  16. So it's been around 2-3 years since I've posted. I began throwing up bad concepts like this one:, and got discouraged and quit making concepts all together. Now I'm taking another shot at concepts. I've recently became fascinated by soccer and really enjoy looking at badges/kits from around the world. I am not much of an MLS fan, but I am excited at all the improvements being made and the popularity spike. The league rebranded last year, along with a few other teams, as most people know, and it actually is looking more like a football league you would find in Europe. One team I feel could use a rebrand is Montreal, so I made them a completely new badge. Actually this is the first logo I have ever made from scratch. In the past I just made tweaks or recolored logos. I kept the blue/black stripes that they have always had, not a bad look and similar to the stripes on Inter's traditional kit. The 4 stars are also found on the current badge and represent the 4 founding communities of Montreal. The centerpiece of my new badge is the fleur-de-lis to represent the French Heritage in Montreal. "Tous pour Gagner" is their motto, which apparently means something like "Everyone for Victory". Decided to keep it and I'm not too disappointed with how it fits at the bottom of the badge. I'd love to get some C&C on this... uniforms may be in the works. Not going to put any out unless I'm really happy with them. I'm using right now, not sure if that is really suitable for making good uniforms, but I'll check it out.
  17. MLS REDO BY NIKE Summary of Myself Hey ladies and gentlemen, you might know me in the boards as a soccer (football) enthusiasts. Before I joined I use to watch the boards for over a year, to sum it all up I’ve been designing since I was six, but all was on paper. And when I decided to learn programs like GIMP I got more and more into these programs leading me to start a post were I would take soccer teams and imagine their jerseys as basketball ones. It got a good amount of publicity which I want to thank all who gave feedback. (Please Read This Section) I’m a very big amateur compared to others on these boards when it comes to such programs and even design as a whole, so I get limited fairly easily when it comes to my thoughts, unfortunately. I’ve been off and on the forums for a while now, because of the loads of school work and some problems with wifi. Currently I have many ideas in my head of some topics, such as redoing my whole high school’s sports teams and logos. Also as a kid I had this fictional sport in between futsal and soccer (football) with fictional teams and players and jerseys etc. which I kept going for about three years, which I want to now revive, but with a lot of things on my hands I decided to do something more simple…redoing the MLS. What this is about I don’t want to waste any more of your time, so to put simply, this is a redesign of the current MLS teams. I wanted to do other leagues but I know MLS is a bigger fuss on these boards since most of you are from North America. All I am doing is redoing the MLS jerseys and that’s all. The only twist is Nike is taking over. Adidas has been holding the MLS for quite a while now, and so what if Nike takes over. With this I will also release third/alternate kits because the league is expanding rapidly. These will still be designs from my own head, and also templates from my own head. I’m not trying to recreate how Nike would design MLS’ jerseys, since I find their jobs boring most times. All I’m doing here is replacing Adidas with Nike for some freedom through my work. Thanks and as always I appreciate a lot of feedback and reception, besides it is what drives me to keep doing these. Scheduling Some of you might know from my last topic I'm slower than usual, since I like to take my time and not pressure myself to a point where I will get bored of what I'm doing. Unlike other topics I don't finish the whole series before I post it because that would literally take me over three months to make. Instead I like to do it while I get feedback, this is because my ideas and designs don't come quickly, and because I'm using computer programs rather than sketching. Teams (In Order): Eastern Conference Chicago Fire (Home, Away, Third) Columbus Crew SC D.C. United Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC Orlando City SC Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Western Conference Colorado Rapids FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Sporting Kansas City Vancouver Whitecaps FC So instead of leaving you hanging, which is always a bad thing to do, I’ll present to you the banners that “supposedly” got released to announce Nike is taking over MLS kits and gear. Sorry for the choppiness I would love some feedback on it tell me which you think is better… oh and I will try to release Fire’s home in a few days. Thank you for your time!
  18. I had a thought, while looking at a few teams, there are some teams that I found have alternates that are much better than the main jerseys they use. I also thought it might be an interesting topic on here.
  19. Rygi13

    Phoenix SC

    My concept for a Phoenix Soccer Club based off of the flags of Arizona and Phoenix, the badge also features an arrowhead shape.
  20. Hi again. This is my first soccer (or football) club rebrand attempt ever. I have chosen the capital's club, D.C. United, to get a major overhaul. Their current logo is mediocre at best, some would say it's a rather horrible and outdated look. Gone is the black-and-red color scheme. I can already hear people moan, saying "Not another red, white and blue team in D.C.!" Well, that's plausible on the one hand. But on the other hand I think no other major U.S. city sports teams suit better wearing this very color combo than the ones from Washington. Moreover, I will never become a fan of black and red. Therefore I decided to replace black with a very dark midnight navy that almost looks black – especially during games under the lights, so traditionalists wouldn't go completely crazy. Current primary logo Logo chart Primary logo on white background Primary logo on red background Primary logo on midnight navy background Secondary "Pentagon" logo Alternate logo Alternate logo Partial logo on different backgrounds Wordmark logos
  21. I know we have a lot of soccer fans on these boards, so I want to know- do you consider the MLS a pro major sports league in North America, like the NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA. In my opinion, yes, and it will become more and more popular as time goes on, especially with the expansion and more elite players coming to play here. So do you agree or disagree.
  22. Being a Chicago Fire fan myself, this team needs change. I know logos seem to get more and more "simplified" every year but something bothers me about the Fire's current logo. This is my fix. C&C welcome.
  23. So, I meant to post this a lot sooner but I have been in the middle of a move, just got back to my computer. Here are my redesigns for both MLS and the bundesliga, with the new raysox template. I'll start off with the MLS and then bundesliga, currently I am working on moving the budesliga into the new template. Please feel free to leave feedback and C&C. For MLS, I am including teams not yet in the league: atlanta, minnesota, lafc, and miami. I'll be including the newly promoted teams in the bundesliga as well. I'll post designs in alphabetical order. First up is Atlanta, gave them the name of AFC Rise. (Atlanta Football Club Rise), going with the rise/phoenix/burning of Atlanta theme that seems to be so popular. I gave them Coke as the sponsor, the atlanta soda giant is probably a good sponsor and the red colors go together. Home kit- two tone red kit, dark red sleeves, and shorts, red torso an socks. dark red stripe gradient, and yellow and white accents Away kit- all white kit with red and yellow accents and thin red horizontal stripes Third kit- Peach kit, peach color torso, and socks, with navy blue shorts and sleeves
  24. Hi guys. I have been a longtime lurker, and have finally created a concept. Like most people, I did not like where the MLS Rebrand went last year, and have created something that is hopefully better. I haven't made the MLS logo yet, but also had the idea for a word mark logo that could be applied for each team. I have made concepts for some of the teams so far, and I will continue to post the MLS logo. I modeled it after a scarf, since they are so prominent in soccer. This is my first concept, so please bare with me. C&C is greatly appreciated!