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  1. I've been working on a North American soccer design project, which I'm not quite done with, but I thought I'd at least share the NYC concepts I've worked on. The concept is that 1) NY Cosmos enters the MLS, and 2) Red Bulls GmbH gives up on their brand and resort back to the old NY MetroStars identity. They go with Metro NY Stars as the new identity to place emphasis on being a Metro NYC team and removing the reference to MetroMedia, the previous owners of the club. Metro NY Stars The Red Bulls go back to an older identity and recover many disenfranchised fans when they changed to the Red Bulls identity. The Metro Stars still play in Harrison, NJ at Red Bull Arena and the kit sponsor is naturally Red Bull. Now that the fans have their Metro Stars back, they are very tolerant and happy with Red Bull ownership and sponsorship. Home kit: Away kit: Crest (still in the works and could use c&c): NY Cosmos After much negotiation, and the departure of some key owners in the ownership group, the Cosmos relinquish their stance on brand control and join the single entity system that is MLS. The Cosmos has a strong following in Queens and Long Island due to their stadium location at Belmont. What was considered aggressive for a D2 team at the time, the NY Emirates Stadium is one of the best stadiums in MLS. Home kit: Away kit: 3rd kit: NYC FC With their entry in 2015, NYCFC has been a highly aggressive club in NYC. They had a few setbacks at first, such as playing in Yankee Stadium for a few years as they worked out their own stadium situation. Once their home was completed in the Bronx, NYCFC has been a very strong club on the pitch. They were becoming a very popular club in NYC until Red Bull changed their identity back to the Metro Stars, which swung the loyalties of some older fans back to that club. NYCFC is still the most popular of the 3 clubs, mostly comprised of Manhattan hipsters as Cosmos and Metro Star fans would claim. Home kit: Away kit: 3rd kit:
  2. I've decided to put all my soccer concepts into one thread. For starters, I'll repost the few concepts I've already done, and then put any new ones I make here as well. REAL SALT LAKE Home Change Third VIRGINIA CAVALRY FC Home Change Third EDIT I'm going to organize these concepts more by turning it into a project, a vision of what MLS should look like in the future. A few others have tried this, and now I will. The year is 20XX. MLS now controls the top two divisions of the American Soccer Pyramid, taking the NASL name. Each division will have 24 teams, making a total of 48. The top three of the D2 teams, called the Beta League, will be promoted to the top division, or the Alpha League. The last three of the Alpha League will be relegated to Beta status. Here's the team list. Teams with a * are ones I've already done. NASL Alpha West Division Los Angeles Aztecs* Los Angeles Galaxy* San Jose Earthquakes* Portland Timbers* Seattle Sounders FC* Vancouver Whitecaps FC* Real Salt Lake* Colorado Rapids* Dallas Cowboys SC Houston Dynamo* Minnesota Stars Sporting Kansas City* East Division Chicago Fire* Gateway Athletic (St. Louis)* Columbus Crew* DC United* Toronto FC* Montréal Impact* New England Revolution* New York Red Bulls* New York Cosmos* Philadelphia Union* Fort Lauderdale Strikers Atlanta Silverbacks NASL Beta West Division Edmonton Drillers Chicago Sting Alleghenny Athletic Assn. (Pittsburgh) Tulsa Roughnecks Pearl of Honolulu FC Arizona Las Vegas Eleven Deportivo San Diego* Calgary Aurora Bavarian SC (Milwaukee) San Antonio Scorpions Saskatoon Gold East Division Tampa Bay Rowdies Puerto Rico Islanders Ottawa Dominion Carolina Flight Crossroads FC* (Indianapolis) Rochester Lancers Cleveland Wanderers Terra Nova FC (St. John's, NF) The City Beautiful (Orlando) Brooklyn Italians* Spirit of Detroit Virginia Cavalry FC*
  3. From what is being reported Atlanta will be announced as the newest MLS expansion team on April 16th. As of right now I have not heard of any discussions of the Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL) moving into the MLS, especially since the ownership groups are different. I was just wondering what a Silverbacks kit would look like designed for the MLS. Last week as well the SIlverbacks released their new kits for the upcoming NASL season. They were no longer sporting the hoops which I personally liked, and have no character at all. I would love to hear some feedback, as this is the first uniform design I have tried.
  4. I need help improving this crest. Kits will come later. (No, I didn't spell International wrong. Think about it.)
  5. lancealot

    Miami Vice

    here is an idea i had for a logo for beckhams new miami franchise i based the logo off of this one ( let me know what you think.
  6. Just wondering how it wold be if Nike be the official Sponsor of Major League Soccer. As a Brazilian I'm addicted to the sport and also the jerseys, for me the teams in MLS have amazing kits and you can "play" a lot with some of them. I won't have a solid chronogram or plan, but I decided to start with the Eastern Conference clubs. So it may take that order: Eastern Conference: - Houston Dynamo - NY Red Bulls - Columbus Crew - Montreal Impact - Toronto FC - Chicaco Fire - New England Revolution - Philadelphia Union - Sporting City Kansas - DC United Western Conference: - LA Galaxy - Chivas USA - FC Dallas - Colorado Rapids - Portland Timbers - Seattle Sounders - San Jose Earthquakes - Vancouver Whitecaps - Real Salt Lake
  7. Hi everyone, I'm working on a concept for a Quebec city based soccer team and was looking for feedback. In theory, this team would play in NASL and would get a rivalry going with the new Ottawa Fury FC team and with the MLS' Montreal Impact. My concept is farely simple and based on the Paris Saint-Germain appelation and on the city's coat of arms. For any of you that failed their geography classes, the "Saint-Laurent" is the river that crosses the Province of Quebec. I wanted to use some blue as it's basically mandatory for any Quebec city sports team, and was debating between green or yellow as a secondary color. As you can see, I went with 2 tones of blue and with yellow, also using it for my clash kit. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Also consider that all of this was done using MSPaint. Thanks in advance, -LG-
  8. Welcome to the World Football Champions League 2014. I wanted to branch out beyond doing a concept for the Chicago Fire third jersey contest back in Aug./Sept. 2013, nor did I want to just pick popular club teams worldwide. So, I took all the World Cup qualifiers, selected the top two clubs from each country (as of Jan. 29) and pit them against each other in brackets, a la March Madness. The winners were selected differently per round (coin flip, winning percentage, alphabetical) so I could keep out any personal bias.* I have the two finalists ready to go, complete with home, away and third jerseys. I will continue to post concepts for each team, working backward from the championship game, until I get all 64 teams completed. Final Four FC Bayern München (Germany) - ChampionDeportivo Toluca FC (Mexico) - Runner-upAFC Ajax (Netherlands)Manchester City FC (England)C&C on the kits and/or the logo above are always welcome, if not encouraged. * I will admit to one bias: I included the Chicago Fire instead of Real Salt Lake, but that was less about loyalty and more because I already have the third jersey completed for Chicago. Apologies to any die-hard RSL fans.
  10. I was testing my new template and I came up with this Colorado Rapids concept. A touch of black and a classic cut collar for the home one; The design on the chest reclaims a part of the original logo for the away one. MLS 2013 font by Conrad
  11. North America Soccer Concept Series (2025) By: Saathoff This series will feature leagues in North America. The US & Canada to be exact. Each league will consist of 24 teams. MLS is still the top tier league. I will use all the current team logos, or them being recolored. If you've designed a concept logo for an MLS expansion team and want me to use it in a concept I'd be more than happy to do so! MLS will now use a one table system. The US and Canada will now use a relegation and promotion system. However there will only be 1 automatic promotion spot. 2-3 spots will play a two legged playoff against the 22nd and 23rd place team in the league above TEAMS: Chicago Fire FC Dallas New York City FC
  12. MLS has released their 2013 Season Schedule. A few tidbits from the article: The 2013 Season begins March 2 (earliest start ever!). The season will last 35 weeks and each club will play 34 matches, 17 at home and 17 away. Each club will play the same in-conference matches as out-of-conference matches. RIVARLY WEEK: Eight of the nine matches in Week 3 of the 35-week season will pit regional rivals against one another. More than 90% of matches will fall on the weekends or holidays, with none affecting FIFA World Cup Qualifying. The MLS Cup Final will again be hosted by the club with the better record. However, the Final will either be on December 7 or 8.
  13. I want to start a new project here. I want to create the kits for the 24 possible MLS teams in 2020. My goal is to create a unique identity for each club inside the league. For that I chose Nike as the official kit supplier. Additional note: I'm not that good in creating logos. So the new franchises will actually just have their current logos (a few recoloured) or I will use some concepts from the web and give credits to the creator. The jerseys are the important thing in this project!
  14. Saathoff's Soccer Concepts This is the topic for all my soccer concepts. There will be multiple series included in the topic. Current Series: The Future of North American Soccer 2024 Table of Contents: North America Seattle Sounders FC Athletic Club of California - MLS Portland Timbers FC - MLS New York Cosmos - NASL Chivas USA - MLS Europe: West Ham United F.C. - English Premier League
  15. I know this only a proposal, but there has to be more behind this, right? Why would a huge project (1 Billion dollars) like this include a stadium without there at least being some logical reasoning.
  16. I had about 50 concepts in mind--some of which I liked much more--but this is what I actually submitted. Hoping that relative simplicity wins out, but it is a public voting contest, so it'll probably be something crazy that wins. After all, look at what won the contest in LA. I'm already quadruple guessing myself. I plan on posting all my concepts later today or tomorrow. Just curious about feedback. Thanks in advance.
  17. The Chicago Fire #cf97ThirdKit recently had a contest to design their official third kit so I spent some time with the template and came up with these concepts. Instead of creating big color blocks I wanted to offer a different look entirely with a few pattern options. The light grey featured on the first and third concept would be printed glossy.
  18. Apparently the official launch of all the new MLS kits won't be until February, but there have been a few leaks so far. Colorado Rapids home: Montreal Impact third:
  19. I would love to take the New England Revolution (NER) and transform that franchise into something, I feel, it should be. This is what I would do: Start off by Rebrand it, a complete overhall of NER. I would rename it The Boston Soccer Club (BSC). I've never been fond of of teams "claiming" a state, like Colorado Rapids, or regions like the Revs do. You play in a specific city, that is your home base. If the Revs played in various NE cities as part of their representation of NE's team, that would be one thing. The simple fact is that they play in Boston. The Red Sox and the Celtics have no problem "representing" NE and still stating the obvious that they play in Boston, do they? I am also using Soccer instead of Football because, for better or worse, the game is called Soccer in this part of the world. Not sure why or how that came about, but we don't call it Football here, so that is why I'm using Soccer in the official name of the club. It is just a personal choice. This would be the new crest for the BSC: Nicknames for the BSC would be: Green & Whites; Rovers; BSC; The Irish. Kinda a Euro tradition of fans giving the team a nickname, but other MLS teams are doing this as well. DC United and FC Dallas have a few nicknames in this naming tradition. I'm using a few elements in this new brand for the BSC. First, the strong Irish history of Boston plays heavily in the new identity. Also tapping in into the strong Irish/Celtic culture in soccer found around the world. Teams like Celtic, Panathinaikos, and Shamrock Rovers are all inspirations and "sister" clubs to the new BSC. I look at teams like the Boston Celtics and Notre Dame as strong indications of the marketability of this new look. The kits will obviously follow the new rebranding initiative. These are what I would do: Home kit: Away kit: 3rd kit: I'm keeping the NE flag at the back of the neck on the kits because I think that is a nice nod to the NE area. It is one of those classy, quirky things that is unique and cool. One thing I would also do is use the old Rev logo as the american flag patch as a nod to the past. Not sure if there is some MLS rule that you have to use a "real" flag patch, but if there is not, I'd use the Rev flag logo instead. Again, just something to give a nod to the past of the franchise. One of the big things I would do for the fans of Revs is follow the footsteps of Seattle and create a Fan Alliance group that have voting rights. It creates a great dynamic for the fans that they actually have a say in their club. It builds interest in investment in the team. There is a reason Seattle draw 40k+ a game, the fans are invested in the team. There is a loyalty there in such a short time. I think that this Alliance, while not the only reason, is a big part of it. Other clubs should follow this example.
  20. TorinK29

    Sports Tickets

    Ok, so... I'm trying my hand at something new today, after another hiatus of posting concepts. I might get back to my redesign sometime, but I'll probably just start a thread of freelance concepts, I already have a couple lined up. But back to this, I find no interest at this time of posting jerseys, so I'll try to post some tickets of a few teams in a few leagues. I'll try to post a ticket from each of the tagged leagues in my next 4 posts here. I don't expect to start off well, but I'd like to build my craft like I did in jerseys (even if you aren't a fan of my jersey concepts, you'll have to admit they're a heck of a lot better now than they were when I started) http://3.bp.blogspot...tmenjersey1.png (logo credited to Six Zero) So I'll start with my favourite team and a game that I have my sights on going to: I'll let it speak for itself; however, in final editing, I accidentally made all of Kyle Turris vintage white, and I was kind of partial towards it. Should I be? Regular Turris: Semi up turris: C&C?