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  1. OK, as anyone who has seen any of my previous concepts knows, this is a bit of a departure for me, but I just had an idea and thought I'd chase it. As most of you probably know, years ago metallic gold was part of the U's color scheme. So I thought I'd try to bring it back with a bit of a twist. I'm picturing this as having a high chrome finish on all gold elements (if that's possible) but definitely a mirror chrome finish on the gold elements of both helmets, stripes, facemask, and all. Again, this is not normally the kind of concept I traffic in, but I'm interested in seeing what anyone thinks.
  2. lancealot

    Miami Vice

    here is an idea i had for a logo for beckhams new miami franchise i based the logo off of this one ( let me know what you think.
  3. Hey guys, I decided to attempt to update the Dolphins logo. Personally, I think the logo should be a little more aggressive. I tried to make it more aggressive by making the sun design more jagged and changing the eyes. Also, I wanted to bring back the helmet. Let me know what you think!
  4. Hello all, I am brand new to this site, I found it last week and have been really enjoying reading the threads and looking at concepts. This past spring I redesigned the Dolphins uniforms before their latest uniform release but after their logo was leaked. So I took the leaked logo and designed a uniform set around that. I realize that this isn't good timing because they have just released their new uniforms, but since I just found this site I decided to put up my ideas and see what all of you think. At the time I submitted my ideas to Paul Lukas's ESPN/uniwatch uniform redesign challenge. (Side note: this was my first uniform design so that is why the first image is in fairly low quality. I recently did the on body jerseys. A big thank you to bigvolsfan for the template. I wasn't able to get the base layer sleeve though.) The only thing that I have changed from my original design is the sock stripes. Originally they were even more complex. Other than that, I have left the concept the same. I have some ideas about changes to make, but I wanted to hear what all of you think before making any other changes. The main design concept is the wave going down the side of the jersey. This is why I have used the original template that I did--so that I could show the wave going from the jersey to the pants. The wave is taken from the lines in the new dolphins logo, and I think that it works with the Miami oceanfront vibe. The one long stripe that needs to be in the same color on both shirt and pants, that is why I have the blue pants with the white jersey instead of the green that would feel more natural. I was just going by the logo when I designed the uniforms, and I thought that they were moving away from orange and incorporating more blue. This is why I went with blue alternates instead of orange ones (and by looking at the new helmet stripe, this did turn out to be the case.) I was quite surprised when I saw that the font they now use for their Dolphins wordmark is fairly similar to what I had designed. (I am not suggesting that they saw my font and decided to use something similar; I just found it interesting.) I know that the NFL only allows one helmet that is not a throwback helmet, but I am including an alternate helmet assuming that Nike will convince the NFL to allow an alternate helmet so long as it is similar to the main helmet. This is why I have kept it white. Let me know what you think.
  5. Just thinking...since the Marlins decided to go with a nightlife-inspired theme with their rebrand, what might the Dolphins look like if they went for the same feel? I'm sure many people would agree that very few cities could pull off the pink and make it work with a football team. I think it works.
  6. Having watched plenty of Miami Dolphins games and a handful of Hurricanes games, I'm starting to get annoyed by the end zone paint job. I know it's probably a silly thing to worry about, and I'm aware that by just putting MIAMI in orange and white it gives them a nice generic design that doesn't need tinkering with before every game. However, it looks to me like the Steelers and Panthers stopped doing the generic thing at Heinz Field, so why can't the Dolphins and 'Canes? If they're going to flip flop the U logo and the Dolphins logo, they might as well do the end zones as well, right? Thoughts?
  7. Hey people this is the Miami Dolphin's New Logo creation I came up with, check it out guys and if you like it Spread The Word via Twitter, Fb whatever social media outlet at hand!!! Enjoy my work. What I did was I took a look at the Overall Teams History and combined the elements from the 1966-'96 Era into a more Modern Look with a touch of Retro!
  8. Trying to start a fantasy football league called the FFL 8 teams South Key West.... Miami.... Fort Lauderdale .... Palm Beach.... North Jaxsonville..... Orlando.... Tampa.... Daytona..... Someone make logos for them and/or jerseys
  9. First time using the nike elite 51 template. I decided to make a concept for the dolphins. let me know what you think!
  10. Wanted to create something different than the traditional Logos floating around out there, some might like it and some may hate it. I would like to see a more drastic change, the curent logo is outdated and cartoony.
  11. Here is a Miami Marlins concept I whipped up. I honestly like their jersey wordmarks and cap logo, but I feel like all the extra colors are unnecessary, and I know I'm not the only member on the boards who feels that way. I am a big fan of the red-orange shade they use, but I don't for the care use of black even though they have used it since their inception in 1993. So what I did was clean up the wordmarks by removing the marlin on them, and cleaned up the colors to just two: Their orange I mentioned earlier, and teal. Except in this case I darkened up their teal to a shade similar to the Philadelphia Eagles (actually a smidge lighter), I think that shade really sets off the orange that much more. I however, did keep the marlin on the cap, as I think that looks way better then having the marlin appear multiple times on the entire jersey set (wordmarks, sleeve patch, cap logo). I also tried a new number font that matches the wordmark, and used the New Orleans Saints' NOB for the Marlins, I feel it fits very well with the whole concept. Cap logos (Top is away, bottom is home): Home: Away: Home Alternate: Away Alternate: Personally, I think removing the extra colors and ditching black for teal, basically all the unnecessary gaudiness really makes the Marlins set an easy fix. What do you guys think?