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  1. Over the last couple months, I have played around with creating silhouette wallpapers, mostly for me. One of them was a birthday gift for a family member, but they were mostly just for me. I create them by taking a photo, and tracing the outline, creating a silhouette. I started with just minor details, but for some of them, I went a little far with the detail. I've added quotes to some of them as well, just for the sake of making a cool wallpaper I would use. I decided to share them to see what people think of them. This was the birthday gift for a family member. I took out the name for the sake of privacy. This is the first wallpaper I created. My favourite NHL player as well. I chose this quote from Russell Wilson because I'm a Christian. Like I said before, I created it for my use. This is the captain from my local Junior A hockey team, the Steinbach Pistons. This is also from the Steinbach Pistons. The silhouette is the head coach, Paul Dyck, who is from my hometown. He was drafted into the NHL as well. The motto is what is in their dressing room. This is pretty self explanatory. And the last of these, is one I created for a radio and tv show in Toronto, Leafs Lunch. I made this purely for the sake of experimenting with silhouettes of non-athletes. If people like these, I MIGHT take requests, but I probably won't get to them too quickly. I don't do this for a job, it's just something I do in my spare time. Any C&C is appreciated.
  2. Hey there, I have developed a new concept for the Phoenix Suns identity. It's clearly just a concept so not even close to an entire identity scheme, but the primary logo is pretty much developed. It's a clear tribute to a couple of my loves: Modernism as a style of graphic design (even if with a contemporary twist) and the Seattle Supersonic (yes, the design take the lead from the same structure of the Sonics classic logo). To maintain the connection with the present, I kept the two primary colours the franchise is using right now, black and orange. However, this is something I would like to experiment more in the next few days. Let me know what you guys think, any feedback appreciated. Cheers,
  3. Back when I was a college student in 2011, I made a hybrid T-Wolves logo that combined the original logo with the current one. Yesterday, I finally decided to re-make it with improved bezier curves. This is the original image from 2011 (that quite few people have stolen and claimed to be their own logo over the years...but I digress...): And here's the new one with different color scheme and backgrounds/borders: Lastly (for now) here's one I just whipped up that I don't feel that good about...but it's a direction I'd like to explore more: Thoughts? I know the actual re-brand will likely alter things to a much greater degree...but I'm going to at least enter this into ESPN's contest. Just don't know which one yet.
  4. Sidney

    NBA rebrand

    Hi lads, I've been working for days on few NBA teams, give me your feedbacks!
  5. Sorry, Accidentally duplicated topic. Does anyone know how to delete topics? Thanks.
  6. Now that Cleveland has actually won something in the NBA, I'm insisting it's only because there isn't a Pittsburgh team to beat them every year. I also see far too many Cavs hats and shirts here in Pittsburgh. I don't care if they're the closest team, it's Cleveland, and we Pittsburghers are supposed to hate Cleveland. It's in our blood! So, it's time for Pittsburgh to finally have an NBA team. It's not usually my thing, I'm not a big basketball fan, but I studied what goes on with basketball jerseys, paid attention to a lot of the standard practices and what makes them good or bad uniforms, and went from there. The name: Pittsburgh Iron This is a league where oddball names thrive. Heat, Magic, Jazz, Nets. Iron is not completely off the mark, and if anything, fits in. Pittsburgh is the Steel City, but Iron is the basis of steel, and falls within naming situations like Iron Man races and is synonymous with toughness. Building into bigger names like Iron Men gets all sorts of awkward. Leave it with Iron and be happy with it. Pittsburghers already refer to Iron City Beer as an "Ahrn", and this team would affectionately see that as well. The logos: Wordmark: The light gray is meant to be a shiny, metallic silver color. Considering what was done with the NFL's Super Bowl 50 patches, I have full faith that this can be done. Secondary logo: A P was a necessary addition. Inside is an iron smelting bucket pouring molten iron into a trough that looks like a basketball court. Primary Uniforms: The sidepanels are a smokestack, a symbol of Pittsburgh's glory days, and the gray shoulder stripe is stylized smoke. It's meant to be subtle, yet stylish. Again, the lightest gray is meant to be a reflective silver. This includes the outline on the numbers. Alternate Uniforms: There have been concepts around here highlighting a connection to the Penguins. I don't think that's the right team to draw influence from, as it's rare for hockey fans to be basketball fans and visa versa, in my experience. The first alternate is based on the Pirates' 70s pinstripes. Pinstripes have a long history in basketball, and these pinstripes are so intense that they deserve some use. The I of the PIT is meant to look like an I beam, but anything beyond the shape was too much for the look. The next alt is a little more Steelers-esque, it's what almost everyone insists on doing in their Steelers concepts, it's Diamond Plate. Finally, a sleeved jersey that is influenced by Cleveland's big-logo version, and is influenced by the Penguins It's about paying homage to all the teams and making things interesting. So, thoughts? C&C? Would it work in Pittsburgh?
  7. I love crossover series and I love hockey jerseys. So I decided to put them together and turn the NBA into NHL uniforms. They are going to be loosely based off of the actual basketball jerseys and some teams will have an alternate. I'm going alphabetically so, naturally, I started with the Hawks. I took a tad bit of creative liberty and made the main jersey red and the alternate black because frankly, imo that's the way it should be. I added the triangle design to the stripe and shoulders and went black, green, and red for the the 3rd jersey. Let me know what you think and some c&c for future jerseys would be much appreciated thanks!
  8. I just created these Utah Jazz Jersey Designs to go with there new logos. I am aware that there are already official Jerseys, but this is what I wish Utah chooses to wear if they decide to redesign. Tell me your thoughs?
  9. In light of the MLB's Fourth of July uniforms and logo, I thought to myself, "thank God the NBA doesn't do something like this!" Well, first, they don't play any regular season games in July, and second, they're probably more into camouflage and sleeves right now (until the 2017-18 season starts). But I thought it would be cool to see what the Jerry West Logoman looks like in front of the American flag. As usual, I only used MS Paint. Comments and suggestions welcomed. Enjoy!
  10. While still working out some updates for my Pacers concept I posted not too long ago, I thought I'd share something else I'm working on on the side. So a quick introduction: I'm a 90's kid, and I absolutely love it when teams bust out throwbacks from the time period. Though I'm more traditionalist then not, 90's nostalgia wins out often for me! After getting my hands on a stylus and trying out digital sketching for the first time, I started working on a little series: illustrating a player from each team wearing their 90's throwback, with each illustration featuring team-specific elements. Basically what I'm doing as far as composition is concerned is tracing the outline and facial features of the player, but everything else - the uniform, logos, wordmarks/numbers, coloring, and background is strictly by hand. I like a little bit of "roughness" here and there as it gives it a bit more of a 90's look to me, so I decided against vectorizing the sketches to keep that look. I plan on making one for each team (even the ones that have already donned throwbacks lately), and hope to keep improving on the sketching part as I go. I'm definitely still learning! This is all strictly for fun and enjoying the trip in the 'ol uniform time machine.'s who I have so far: Heat - Dwayne Wade Grizzlies - Mike Conley Suns - Devin Booker Rockets - James Harden Enjoy! More to come!
  11. I'm trying to make the jerseys on NBA 2K16 for the 94 Scottie Pippen All-Star Classic but can't seem to find the logo on the front of the jersey and the back of the shorts anywhere. Does anyone know if these are available anywhere?
  12. Good afternoon, folks! So I've been sitting on this for a solid two or so months now, and though far from complete as far as a full package is concerned, I wanted to share at least the start of this project anyways as a means to gage where to go from here and how y'all think of the direction I'm taking with this. I got the idea for a Pacers rebrand after looking through some old pictures of 1940's-50's Indy 500's, and am shooting for a brand package inspired by these kinds of elements. To help see where I'm coming from, here's just a couple of the bunch of pictures I used as references: Some brainstorming and sketching led me to going in the direction of using a racecar driver from this time period as the primary, with the wordmark inspired by this Mercury ad. The colors remain similar, and the "speed lines" trailing from the driver's helmet are slightly inspired by and nod to those found in the current "P" logo. I really wanted to make this guy look like he was hauling it, so without diving into gradients and such, I tried to make him look like he was blurring by in a way (which is why some elements of the left part of the logo are sort of trailing off and do not connect naturally). Anyways... ...the finished product: As of yet, I still haven't settled on any uniforms or the court, so that's still to come much further down the road. But I just wanted to post what I did have for now and see what y'all thought of it, and how it could be improved before I took the project much farther. All C&C is welcome and encouraged! Thanks for viewing!
  13. I've had this idea in my head for a long time, and have worked on some teams already. Now that I'm finally done with school I feel like I will have the time to do more teams. Maybe even complete the entire NBA to what I think all the teams would look like as Hockey teams. I will throw in a couple of teams that are no longer in the league, and maybe even an all star set. One thing that I'm currently trying to figure out is if I should make the logos that have a basketball in it, and try to change it to something related to hockey. With most uniforms I will try to relate it to the current uniforms that the team is wearing. I will start off with 3 jerseys for each team consisting of the normal home and away, and an alternate (if an alternate is a throwback that will be used as the alt uniform). Now to the first two teams, since it is the finals I thought that would be a good place to start. The Cleveland Cavaliers Home: Away: Alternate: And The Golden State Warriors Home: Away: Alternate: (I know they have a black alt, but I liked this throwback to much, gray background is there just to make it easier to see the word on the sleeves) C&C is welcomed. And you can suggest who you want me to do next. Thank you.
  14. Since there's only one more day of this, let's get this offseason show on the road for those not in search of Larry O'Brien.
  15. Hello, my name is Ignacio and about 6 months ago i've really started getting into PhotoShop. I am 15 years old and like most teens I play video games, especially NBA2K16. NBA2k16 was the first game in the NBA2k series to allow you to upload your logos and make franchises or rebrands in the game. So I have created many rebrands but this is my first serious project. I chose the Portland Trail Blazers, tell me your thoughts, and feel free to take the logos, courts, or jerseys to make tweaks. (all the logos are 100% mine and none are taken from any designer, I promise). Put down designs you would like to share. If you want any more details feel free to ask in a specific question.
  16. I guess if you wanted to you could extend this to design as well. Anyway, what are some unusual color schemes that have worked well? I immediately think of the NBA in the 1990s, where the Nuggets (navy, copper, red), Grizzlies (teal, black, salmon---really unusual third color), Raptors (purple, red, black), Sonics (dark green, maroon, yellow), and Jazz (purple, copper, black, sky blue) all worked with unusual schemes, although the Nuggets watered it down a bit with a very conservative design. (You could also say that the Edmonton Oilers had a very similar color scheme to those Nuggets for awhile, although the Oilers' "copper" was really more like gold and navy, red, and gold is not an unusual color scheme at all.) Alternatively, what are some that haven't worked? You could argue either way on the '90s Nuggets, I think. Obviously the Detroit Pistons' teal, maroon, yellow, and black getup watered down what had been a very strong brand. The early-aughts Bills' dark blue, red, royal blue, and "nickel" uniforms were atrocious, possibly the worst in NFL history. The Miami Dolphins have always had a unique scheme, but while they don't look awful right now, they probably do look worse than at any other time in their history. The original Buccaneers would be another that would split opinion. Anyway, my faves: 1. 1980s-1996 Dolphins 2. Original Grizzlies 3. Expansion Rays and D-backs (put together) Least faves: 1. 2002-10 Bills 2. 2002-10 Bills 3. 2002-10 Bills Dishonorable mention: '90s Pistons
  17. With the NBA Finals coming to a close why not celebrate with some phone wallpapers. Take the time to be proud of your team for making the playoffs, even if they were swept *cough* Detroit *cough* or if they choked in those crucial moment down the stretch *cough* Chokelahoma *cough*. Enjoy! C&C is appreciated. Here's Golden State: The Rest of the album can be found here:
  18. In an effort to get the creative juices flowing a little better I'm tackling a project through the month of May. 31 days, 31 NBA concepts. First up, the Hawks... Atlanta Hawks - Volt-ernate My take on what other have proposed previously, and something that seems like an inevitability - a Volt-based alternate for the Hawks. I've restricted the triangular pattern to the side panels, as it's all-over application is the only thing I really dislike about the Hawks' current uniform set.
  19. Hi, big Cavs fan here. I was wondering if anyone knew if the Finals patch would be the same this year and if it's going to be on the back collar of the jerseys covering the NBA logo once again. I was hoping to get a couple of new jerseys with the patches added on them. Thanks!
  20. Hello everyone I have been working on a little project lately on turning NBA uniforms into football uniforms, using the Nike Match Speed template and A Riddell Speedflex template. I will try to complete all 30 NBA teams + the Sonics. I will use monochrome for each uniform, just like the NBA should be. (Atlanta) I also will go in alphabetical order by team name (not location), like NBA2K does. My first transforation is for the Philadelphia 76ers. Their uniforms are fantastic, and I tried to keep a lot of the elements from the basketball uniforms onto the football uniforms.
  21. Hey guys. Now I don't know if you would consider this a "concept" or a wallpaper, and I don't know if I stole someone's idea, I know I'm not making sense, but here I go. Recently, I have come up with "Sports States", and I don't have any words to describe the idea, so I'll give you guys an example. Yes, these are wallpapers. But I don't really want to explain much, sizes may vary, blah blah blah, etc. All I'm saying is that I'm making these "wallpapers" and I am also accepting requests for wallpapers. All you have to do is give me a conference or a league division (I'm not doing full leagues) and I will whip up a nice Sports States wallpaper for you. I will allow requests for most sports (Although I'm not sure about lacrosse), if it's college, professional or sometimes high school sports, I would allow it. I don't want to get this too long so I'm ending this post and I will start accepting requests.
  22. Hello, just signed up here. Being a Pacers fan is difficult with our bland designs. I did a bit of an update recently and wanted to share. Getting great feedback on the logos but yes, I know the jerseys are too busy. Let me know what you think. Thanks, BKD
  23. Welp, since we're starting to hear rumors of the Clippers' new logo, potential new Bucks logo, etc., etc. I figure it's time to give its' own space.