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  1. Forgive me, I'm pretty terrible at computer graphics. I always prefer to draw freehand. I'm not closing doors on them though. Anyway, this is my concept on the new identity of the the Toronto Raptors. My first one with complete package, by the way. I used to post my NBA homecourt concepts on this website. Check the archives for proof. IT'S BEEN A WHILE. Three years, baby. I feel that this team has a bright future, as long as they ditch Bargnani. I just love them even though they're pretty mediocre. Fire Bryan Colangelo. I may be a LeBron/Heat fan, but I see something special in their young roster. They just have to recruit high-profile free agents (Which I've been experimenting right now with the help of NBA 2K13.) Redundancy at its finest, lol. Aesthetically, to embark a new beginning in winning and earn a modest rep, I decided to ditch their current identity and revise it. Simple and fast. S/O to the fellas who created the templates for the home court and the uniform. I can't remember ya'll names but thanks for the help 'doe! Here's the whole thing: Logos Home Uniform (Arrow changed directions from 'up' to 'down' and used pinstripes from the original uniform. Mixture of eras, indeed. More black = toughness.) FONTS A.‘RAPTORS’ Script: Orena B.Jersey number: Vox C.Jersey surname in the back: Qargotek Away Jersey (Yup. Ain't typo.) Alternate Jersey Home court (Pacers-inspired, plus slogan of 'BEYOND BROTHERHOOD' represents the team's value of teamwork and competitiveness. As the NBA's only Maply Leaf nation team, the slogan also promotes the 'remembering' veteran soldiers from the WW1. They made Canada a legitimate nation, mainly due to their courage and teamwork. Be inspired.) Sketches Any comments and suggestions?
  2. Just some logos of defunct and current NBA,NBL and BBA teams. Most of them lake elements from other existing logos.
  3. TorinK29

    Sports Tickets

    Ok, so... I'm trying my hand at something new today, after another hiatus of posting concepts. I might get back to my redesign sometime, but I'll probably just start a thread of freelance concepts, I already have a couple lined up. But back to this, I find no interest at this time of posting jerseys, so I'll try to post some tickets of a few teams in a few leagues. I'll try to post a ticket from each of the tagged leagues in my next 4 posts here. I don't expect to start off well, but I'd like to build my craft like I did in jerseys (even if you aren't a fan of my jersey concepts, you'll have to admit they're a heck of a lot better now than they were when I started) http://3.bp.blogspot...tmenjersey1.png (logo credited to Six Zero) So I'll start with my favourite team and a game that I have my sights on going to: I'll let it speak for itself; however, in final editing, I accidentally made all of Kyle Turris vintage white, and I was kind of partial towards it. Should I be? Regular Turris: Semi up turris: C&C?
  4. I have finally been able to take a bit of a break and get back to my work on presenting official graphics in the sRGB color space. I'm moving ahead with the NBA - partly because I'm a big NBA fan, but also because their graphic files are extremely poor in regards to color production. These files are chock-full of mistakes and old washed out Pantone libraries. Call me weird - I love taking these logo and uniform files and cleaning them up...anyway, I have posted the first team on my blog - the Memphis Grizzlies: Let me know what you think...I'll do the Dallas Mavericks next.
  5. here is a Sacramento concept, just logos for now, uniforms to come. one thing i need help with is the accent on the i, im not sure what shape to make it and i dont like the current one, any ideas? Primary Secondary c&c would be apreciated
  6. I have a logo in mind, but my skills are.... limited, shall we say? But I have an idea, at least. And here's just something I did on the fly for an NBA team in Fort Worth. The colors are crimson and grey, and I chose to go with an Art Deco look in reference to the architecture seen around the core of the city. What do ya think?
  7. Hey guys. I'm taking a graphic design class where we have to come up with a concept and I chose to create an NBA basketball team. I chose to locate them in Pittsburgh and came up with the name The Hammers (playing off the whole "Steel City" identity). Anyways, I wanted to get some constructive criticism by other sports-loving designers on my ideas. Below are a couple ideas for logos I've made. Please feel free to critique the work and also let me know if any of these work well enough to move forward with and why/why not. Here they are: Thanks again guys for your time!
  8. Lately I have been looking at a couple of Bobcats games and I've seen banners that read "Bring Back the Buzz". BTTB is a large collective group of fans who want the Hornets to move back to Charlotte or Micheal Jordan to rename the Bobcats. On their Facebook page, they have graphic designers (no professionals that I'm aware of) who has made both uniform and logo concepts. So I said meh, let me take a crack at redoing their stuff. For those who don't know in Charlotte's inaugural season(1988), they used the logo below as their primarys but change it the proceeding season to the cartoonish version with Hugo the Hornet. I decieded to use it as inspiration to create my concepts. So, this was the primary that I ended up creating. I kept the elements of the C and H, only that they aren't block font. Instead, I used Century Gothic as the font and wordmark. As the hornet in the original logo looks blocky, I wanted almost the same appearance too. The only difference here is that I differed to use a silhouette of a hornet with no stripes on the back. The secondary logos are kinda in the air right now. I wasn't sure which to choose from. So in your opinion, which ones should I keep? A B C Just for fun, I made some lacrosse pinnies with a different backdrop under the hornet itself. So, how'd I do?
  9. The point of the concepts are to mix elements from to different eras of uniforms into one. The first one I did was the Atlanta Hawks mixing their mid 80s uniforms with their current colors. Put your suggestion of what team(s) and two uniforms to put together.
  10. The defending Western Conference champion Oklahoma City Thunder have traded last year's Sixth Man of the Year, James Harden, to the Rockets in a multi-player deal. Trade details are as follows. Rockets get- James Harden Daequan Cook Lazar Hayward Cole Aldrich Thunder get- Kevin Martin Jeremy Lamb Two first rounders and a second rounder. Is this the beginning of the death of the small-market team? Can OKC still contend? Who wins this trade? Have at it, ladies and gentlemen.
  11. okay, so for a while ive been following this forum and have been creating australian teams for an australian basketball league that I'm calling the ABA (Australian Basketball Association) which will replace the NBL. I have seven teams so far and will hopefully be making more. FOREWORNING, some of the logos used in here were taken from the site and edited i do not claim I made all logos although i did design all jumpers etc. this is a logo i made for the league which is based off of the nba's logo, i was going to make the ball green and gold for australia but overall the look didnt look good so i left it as is http://s1106.photobu...2at105300PM.png The first team i designed was the richmond rattlers http://s1106.photobu...lers-layout.jpg The next team on my list was the Melbourne Cubs http://s1106.photobu...cubs-layout.jpg Then came the Sydney Harbours http://s1106.photobu...OURS-LAYOUT.jpg Next is the Perth Pirates, taking the font and the black and yellow colours from the mlb pirates http://s1106.photobu...ATES-LAYOUT.jpg Then came the Cairns Flameshttp://s1106.photobu...AMES-LAYOUT.jpg After was the Townsville Suns http://s1106.photobu...SUNS-LAYOUT.jpg and last but not least, the Melbourne Gunships http://s1106.photobu...06at13443AM.png Hopefully you guys have liked what ive posted, and if you dont, tell me why, C&C welcome, this is my first time, be nice and ill try and make some more, next on the list, the tassie devils