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  1. I was thinking about rare color combinations for sports teams today and I think I found the rarest without including pink or purple: orange and yellow. The only team I can think of that even *INCLUDES* orange and yellow in their colors is the Oklahoma City Thunder, but their primary color is blue and orange and yellow are only used for trim on the uniforms, although orange is a big part of their logo. Has the Thunder ever worn orange or yellow alternate jerseys? After the Thunder your choices are extremely slim if not nothing, at least in the U.S. You have the original Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms, and even though yellow would fit nicely into that uni set, it wasn't one of their colors (their actual colors being orange and red). Then you have the Vancouver Canucks with their late 70's / early 80's jerseys with the infamous giant V neck design. Even though in some pictures it looks orange, and on the Canucks' Wikipedia page it is referred to as "red-orange", the "red-orange" color was actually closer to red and the others were yellow and black. This is sooooo flippin' close to being a team with orange and yellow in their uniforms but the "red-orange" color is just too red! Oh well. In my research I discovered that FC Barcelona, a European soccer team out of Spain, has worn orange and yellow gradient uniforms. (Oddly enough their home colors are red and blue but their usual away unis are mono orange and their usual alternate unis are mono yellow! I wonder what the reasoning behind this is...) I'm surprised some pro or college team in Florida never went for orange and yellow because it is a very citrusy combination and Florida is famous for it's oranges. Now it's your turn. I am open to hearing about ANY pro team (big 4, minor league, foreign) or any U.S. or Canadian college team (Division 1, 2, or 3) that currently has orange and yellow as their colors or part of their colors, or once did. No high schools please. GO!
  2. Hello all, Today I have for you an NCAA and NHL as well as USA High School Hockey rink templates. There is very few hockey rink templates on the internet, and even fewer that are compatible with Inkscspe. So without any further delay, here is my Inkscape Hockey Rink Templates. C&C is appreciated as I will be making updates. NCAA/ US HS Rink: MediaFire Link: NHL Hockey Rink: MediaFire Link:
  3. What did you think of the uniforms that Notre Dame wore for the ACC and NCAA Tournaments? Personally, I liked them. They were of a shade that could be worn as either home or road; they made good use of Notre Dame's little-used green while not neglecting their Navy blue; the script across the chest was very good, in my opinion; and the shamrock just made it better. However, this thread isn't primarily about what I think, but rather about what you all think. And...go!
  4. HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!! New topic... Or should I call it Thread ?? Don't know, don't care.. Ok.. Here i'll post some of my concepts that are not "NFL themed".. Except for some Browns and/ or Packers stuff... But the content will be mostly NCAA/CBFA related... Some crossovers, fictional teams, etc.... This time I HAVE a template.. And here it is, a crossover ( Italy Football Federation / Adidas Rugby jersey [sort of ]) Till next post, which will be, PROBABLY, Miami Hurricanes / Adidas Primeknit jerseys... Printed template / colored with pencils.. Vlw, FLW !!
  5. Brand update for the top 15 NCAA Division 1 ice hockey teams. University of North Dakota Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota State Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Miami RedHawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Michigan Tech Huskies Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston University Terriers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Omaha Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Denver Pioneers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Providence Friars Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston College Eagles Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Bowling Green Falcons Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Yale Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota Golden Gophers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch UMass Lowell River Hawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch
  6. I was looking through my twitter feed, and I came across a link to a petition to get the NCAA to change the court designs for the Big Dance (Sign it here). Every game until the Final Four is played on the same boring generic court design, so I decided, why not just sign the petition, but give the NCAA some better things to work with. Some of the elements of my court are the same, such as the baseline black with blue words, the ribbon, and the light blue circle. But I feel like this look is a little bit better than what the NCAA is sadly using now, as they have been for several years. I also came up with the opposite of the NCAA's current design, the busiest design the NCAA could ever come up with. Look at it if you dare C&C is always appreciated. Might try and design a Sweet 16/Elite 8 logo while I have some down time this week. I will also try to do a court for the First Four, since that actually has its own logo.
  7. Heard about this today listening to ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike". FanAngel, a crowd-funding site, allows fans to give athletes donations when their eligibility expires. The purpose of FanAngel is to give student-athletes an extra incentive to stay in school or reach a certain number of stats in a game or season. article by Darren Rovell... ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike" interview with FanAngel creator Shawn Fojtik. (13 min.)
  8. Now that the UNC Wilmington Seahawks are set to unveil a new logo, and brand identity in early 2015, that takes one of the NCAA Division I's worst logos off my list of worst primary logos. Say goodbye to this logo, it's history after the 2014/15 athletic season is over. Here are some of the others on my 'Worst Primary Logo List'. - [uPDATED: Dec 20, 2014] Wofford, JSU Tigers, and Alcorn are at the top of my list, though I can't decide which of those is the outright worst of the worst. Feel free to add to the list if you feel as though I have missed any. Also, feel free if you'd like to nominate any non-primary logo(s) as one of the worst in NCAA Division I.
  9. Hey everyone! I love this website and just recently found the forums section and have found a lot of interesting threads. However, I was unable to find a thread of retro college football uniforms (late 60s/70s/80s/90s/ even early 2000s) I love making retro uniforms on NCAA Teambuilder, but it is so hard to find retro uniforms unless you search for a specific player from that team in a given era. For example, if I want a 1984 maryland uniform, I need to look up "Boomer Esiason maryland football" in google, and even then its usually a crap shoot. But here is a chance to put some uniforms that you grew up loving in this thread So, for the greater good of the whole comunity, lets just make a thread completely devoted to college football retro uniforms! Please include the year that the uniform was worn! good luck everyone! hope this projhect is a success! I'll start us off! Vinny Testaverde, Miami U, 1989 PSU Joe Jurevicius 1997 With a little bit of late 90s USC in there too lol
  10. Here is a poster concept that I made for the University of Arizona, Posting this on here because I would like to get some feedback and constructive criticism on how it looks!!
  11. I am turning this thread into my own PAC 12 Nike Rebirth of all the schools Uniforms. I have already completed Arizona and all the Uni Combos have been posted Below! South: Arizona Colorado
  12. I start this topic today as the coverage of College Baseball just got a whole lot better with today's launch of They took this website, which previously was the only website to get updated scores from, hired the top College Baseball writers (Aaron Fitt from Baseball America and Kendall Rodgers from Perfect Game are the two leading writers), and made it the premier website for College Baseball. It even has a newly launched forum only for College Baseball. The site launched its own Top 25 rankings this morning also: 1 Vanderbilt 51-21 SEC 2 Florida 40-23 SEC 3 Virginia 53-16 ACC 4 UCLA 25-30 Pac-12 5 South Carolina 44-18 SEC 6 North Carolina 35-27 ACC 7 Houston 48-18 American 8 TCU 48-18 Big 12 9 LSU 46-16 SEC 10 Texas 46-21 Big 12 11 Louisville 50-17 ACC 12 Oklahoma State 48-18 Big 12 13 Rice 42-20 C-USA 14 Maryland 40-23 Big Ten 15 Miami 44-19 ACC 16 Texas Tech 45-21 Big 12 17 Texas A&M 36-26 SEC 18 Ole Miss 48-21 SEC 19 Cal State Fullerton 34-24 Big West 20 Alabama 37-24 SEC 21 Florida State 43-17 ACC 22 Oregon 44-20 Pac-12 23 Nebraska 41-21 Big Ten 24 Arizona State 33-24 Pac-12 25 Tennessee 31-23 SEC 26-30, in alphabetical order: Arkansas Cal Poly Clemson College of Charleston Mississippi State. My inital recation is that it looks pretty good for preseason rankings. I'd have UCLA and Texas A&M lower, and Arkansas and Mississippi State (#Bias) higher. For reference, this was the Collegiate Baseball preseason ranking released last month (note the puzzling absence of Ole Miss): 1 Vanderbilt 51-21 494 2 TCU 48-18 492 3 Virginia 53-16 489 4 LSU 46-16-1 487 5 Oklahoma State 48-18 485 6 Florida 40-23 483 7 Texas 46-21 480 8 Houston 48-18 479 9 Texas Tech 45-21 477 10 UCLA 25-30-1 473 11 Florida State 43-17 469 12 Louisville 50-17 468 13 Cal Poly 47-12 467 14 Miami (Fla.) 44-19 465 15 Oregon 44-20 462 16 UC Santa Barbara 34-17-1 460 17 Cal State Fullerton 34-24 458 18 Stanford 35-26 457 19 Arizona State 33-24 454 20 Mississippi State 39-24 452 21 South Carolina 44-18 449 22 Rice 42-20 446 23 Liberty 41-18 445 24 North Carolina 35-27 443 25 College of Charleston 44-19 440 26 Georgia Tech 37-27 438 27 Kennesaw State 40-24 436 28 Clemson 36-25 432 29 St. John's 35-20 430 30 Kent State 36-23 427 31 Ball State 39-18 425 32 Wichita State 31-28 424 33 Tennessee 31-23 421 34 San Diego 34-20 419 35 Loyola Marymount 32-24 417 36 Arkansas 40-25 414 37 Maryland 40-23 412 38 Nebraska 41-21 411 39 UC Irvine 41-25 409 40 Illinois 32-21 405
  13. Western Michigan Football has been dubbed the Oregon of the MAC because of their multiple uniform combinations they have pulled out this past season, I decided to create my own rendition of what I would love to see them wearing on the field. If you aren't aware, ever since PJ Fleck the youngest FBS football coach in the country arrived at WMU, things began to change. Fleck decided to creative a "new" logo for the broncos, that I think looks heck of a lot better! He also decided to utilize the colors schemes a lot better. The Broncos have had some hideous uniforms up until 2013. What do you guys think of these? Wasn't to sure what to do with the socks. What other Color Schemes would you add? Their main colors are Black, Gold, White, and Brown. I think a grayish uniform would look pretty sick too! Any ideas or critics? This is my first attempt at creating concept uniforms but I'm fairly familiar with photoshop. Ps. I don't want to go all crazy like Oregon with colors, Although I think they make some sweet uniforms, I also like tradition!
  14. I thought I'd share my concepts for each of the three phases of the Russell X just to get some more formal C&C and share my thought process on each one. I'll start with the first phase and let this one get some comments before moving on. Here's Georgia Tech: This one took first in the public voting, and I was actually pretty surprised about it. I wasn't able to put together anything for the schools, so that probably explains the lack of support there. I essentially put this together in 20 minutes or so the night of the due date, so I wasn't expecting much. I knew I wanted to include the yellowish-gold color from the Yellowjacket logo, so I went with that. I always liked the honeycomb pattern, but the sublimation probably is a little cliche in hindsight. The piping was my attempt to remove the set of just a sleeve capped, solid pants stripe set. Thanks for all of the votes, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this one!
  15. So Oregon has had their current design of uniforms for 3 years. My hometown team, the Montana Grizzlies, update their uniforms every 3 years. So I was wondering, how often does Oregon change the design of their uniforms?
  16. I will be attempting (and probably failing) at my first ever posted concept! I will be making college football helmets, and I will be taking requests! C & C appreciated! Thank you everybody! UNC Tennessee Please don't tell me how bad they are, I already know by looking at you all's concepts
  17. So I'm not great at graphic design (By the way if anyone is and would like to digitalize this for me that would be fantastic) so I just drew this out by hand. Gators, concept. Also first blog post, what do you guys think?
  18. I've never really payed much attention to the WCHA in any way, so I decided, "Hey, why not check out their jerseys." I wasn't necessarily impressed or disheartened, so I decided to take this project upon myself. I've done 5 teams up to this point, but I want to take this steadily. So I wont be posting the next set until I think the one before has gotten enough appreciation/dislike. If this series gets enough attention I might move on to the other Div 1 leagues. Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Alaska Nanooks Alaska Anchorage Seawolves Bemidji State Beavers Bowling Green Falcons Ferris State Bulldogs Lake Superior State Lakers Michigan Tech Huskies Minnesota State Mavericks Northern Michigan Wildcats Alaska Anchorage Seawolves
  19. The new Miami Beach Bowl Trophy. On Monday Dec 22, Memphis defeated BYU 55 -48 to win the first ever Miami Bowl Championship. Like or Dislike?
  20. As evidenced by the Whale thread, there are a lot of old jerseys we'd like to buy, but aren't available to purchase, or if you can buy them, it's only in heavy bidding wars on eBay. So, the question I ask is this; which jersey or jerseys would you like to see be made as a Hardwood Classic, Cooperstown Collection piece, NFL Throwback, NHL Vintage sweater, or Mitchell and Ness throwback? You can also post a jersey if it's already been reproduced if the reproduction isn't of the player you want (for example, even though there's a Earl Campbell Oilers jersey, you want a Warren Moon). I remember there being a thread like this before, but I'm pretty sure it was back when the Sonics were still in Seattle and nobody knew what a 2 Chainz was. For me, I'd have to go with a 90's Bullets jersey, a Blue Lakers Elgin Baylor, a 60s-70s Senators, a 2003 Tracy McGrady, a 91-02 Trail Blazers, and finally, a Tune Squad jersey, because all the kids I grew up with are getting engaged and I'm still wondering why aliens would have the pick of the NBA in 1996 and decide to take Shawn Bradley's talent.
  21. What rivalry in ANY level of college football looks the best? I.e.: colors, logos, uniforms. This has nothing to do with team history or fan bases or atmosphere. Just which rivalry looks the best
  22. So, I am a CSU student. And I know we are partnered with Under Armour. And I know that CSU's bowl game would never get this kind of attention. However, I started thinking about a world where Nike decided to design a special uniform for the CSU Rams when they take on Utah in the Royal Purple Las Vegas bowl. I also have always loved the idea of the Rams wearing gold helmets and jerseys. So I put myself into the shoes of a Nike designer and created a concept. First off, the helmet has to have a nice shine to it. A matte would never work, but a chrome helmet wouldn't work either so I created something in between. Second off, Nike is known for doing over the top things and putting sublimated deigns onto uniforms (i.e. Oregon's wings on the shoulders of every uniform) so I took that approach. The triangular pattern is supposed to represent the mountains and trees that surround us here in Fort Collins/ the mountain and trees up behind our stadium. Going with an actual mountain range image seemed very anti-nike design so I thought that the idea of a representational pattern seemed better. Finally, I kept the idea of how their current uniform shoulders already look but I added the TV numbers to match the front and back. I also decided that green is a must. I tried the numbers as white with green outline and it felt forced. I also tried white and gold pants and those seemed to clash way too much. I feel as if this way works out the best. Without further adieu...
  23. Alright, so every year, the CSU Rams football team wears an orange uniform on Agriculture Day to commemorate our history of being Colorado's first and biggest Agriculture school. They wear it because back when CSU was known as Colorado A&M Aggies, we were Orange and Green, as opposed to Green and Gold. This year's uniforms were pretty boring and when I was walking through our student center, here at CSU, I saw a picture of what I think said the 1923 CAM Aggies Football team. It inspired me to design this concept based on the "jersey" the team was wearing in the game which was basically a big wool Green Sweater with a big orange A on it. I just took the idea and applied it to a modern template. I don't know if I like the number on the upper left hand of the chest though, so I think I might change that up to a TV Number on the shoulders. But I like what is going on with the rest of it. I will also be making a more realistic version of this on another template at some point once I figure out what all I should change or keep.
  24. I've been taking a break from my soccer concepts, and I've been searching for a concept series I could do that I could put together in the limited time that I currently have. As some of you are likely aware, I like to do concept series that aren't overly conventional, so I was looking for something to do that I don't remember ever seeing on these boards. My inspiration hit a few weeks back while watching a women's volleyball game. I figured that it would be perfect because (1) I love the sport and (2) it's a rather untapped topic. Obviously, because this isn't common, there really aren't many (or any) templates, so I created one myself (as shown with a nike cut) This series will look to cover most of the Top 25 teams in the nation, and will complete every team in the B1G and Pac 12 conferences (since they are the two overwhelmingly dominant conferences). First up, the defending national champion Penn State Nittany Lions.
  25. The NCAA Div 1 Soccer season is only a month away and pre-season preparations are already underway in some universities. This thread will be the one stop place for College Soccer discussion on CCLSC. With that, Top Drawer Soccer sent out an anonymous five-question survey to dozens of Division I coaches. The questions: the best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward, and player in college soccer. Here are the results... Best Goalkeeper Despite losing most of the 2013 season to an injury, Washington goalkeeper Spencer Richey is still regarded as the best keeper in college soccer. The redshirt senior captured nearly 75 percent of the votes. Northwestern junior Tyler Miller, Maryland sophomore Zackary Steffen, and Marquette senior Charlie Lyon were the only other goalkeepers to earn multiple votes from the coaches. Despite a lackluster statistical season in 2013, coaches remained in awe of Miller and his quality in goal for the Wildcats. Steffen’s impressive freshman season was enough to earn the respect of a few coaches across the country. Georgetown’s Thomas Gomez, Syracuse’s Alex Bono, and Army’s Winston Boldt all were mentioned as the best goalkeeper in college soccer as well. Best Defender Georgetown sophomore Joshua Yaro and UMBC senior Oumar Ballo were the only defenders to receive multiple votes from college coaches. Yaro was one of the many bright spots from last year’s impressive freshman class. The Right to Dream graduate stepped into the center back position for the Hoyas and immediately caught the eye of coaches across the country. Ballo earned the admiration of a few coaches after scoring two goals while starting all 20 games for the Retrievers last season. The center back headlined the UMBC defense that had a historic season with a 0.70 GAA and a 16-1-3 record. North Carolina defenders Boyd Okwuonu and Jonathon Campbell each earned a vote from a coach. One coach saying that Campbell makes “everything look easy.” SIUE senior, and ex-PDL Victoria Highlanders FC, Matt Polster was also singled out as the best defender in college soccer. One coach said, “there are very few players in his position that have his combination of technique, passing range, athleticism, and game sense.” Best Midfielder Surprisingly, UCLA senior Leo Stolz was not the lone winner in this category as Virginia senior Eric Bird garnered the same amount of votes. Stolz, the 2013 MAC Hermann Trophy finalist, seemed like the obvious choice as he was one of the top players in college soccer last season. However, multiple coaches pointed to Bird’s performance at the 2013 College Cup as why they selected him as the best midfielder. Notre Dame’s Patrick Hodan was the only other midfielder to be selected by multiple coaches. Hodan was given the moniker as the next great midfielder to come out of the Irish pipeline. One coach referred to Hodan as “elusive, technical, and smart.” Michigan State’s Jay Chapman and Fatai Alashe, Washington’s Cristian Roldan, Connecticut’s Adria Beso, UC Irvine’s Mario Ortiz, Louisville’s Andrew Brody, Wisconsin’s Drew Conner and Maryland’s Michael Sauers all earned a vote each. Best Forward The votes were spread out over a few players in the forward position with Georgetown’s Brandon Allen, Delaware’s Guillermo Delgado, Connecticut’s Cyle Larin, Stanford’s Jordan Morris splitting the majority of the votes. Allen led the pack slightly as the Hoyas striker has high expectations on him with the departure of Stevie Neumann. Delgado, Larin, and Morris all enjoyed impressive freshman seasons last year. None of the coaches expected a sophomore slump from a member of the talented trio. Virginia’s Darius Madison, Washington’s Darwin Jones, UCF’s Romario Williams, and Northwestern’s Joey Calistri each earned a vote from a coach. Clemson recruit Diego Campos and Duke recruit Jeremy Ebobisse Ebolo earned special mention from college coaches with expectations high on the freshmen-to-be. Best Player UCLA’s Leo Stolz slightly edged Stanford’s Jordan Morris for the honor of best player in college soccer. Stolz received one vote more than Morris out of over a dozen who were split between the two Pac-12 stars. UMBC defender Oumar Ballo was the only other player to earn multiple votes from coaches.