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  1. Gotta love marketing speak: "To evoke team unity and spirit, Made in March uniforms feature the Wolverines team name across the chest". Looks as if they're mainly just trying to show off Adidas tech, literally highlighting some of it with maize. Press release here. EDIT: Rest of the uniforms here.
  2. OK, as anyone who has seen any of my previous concepts knows, this is a bit of a departure for me, but I just had an idea and thought I'd chase it. As most of you probably know, years ago metallic gold was part of the U's color scheme. So I thought I'd try to bring it back with a bit of a twist. I'm picturing this as having a high chrome finish on all gold elements (if that's possible) but definitely a mirror chrome finish on the gold elements of both helmets, stripes, facemask, and all. Again, this is not normally the kind of concept I traffic in, but I'm interested in seeing what anyone thinks.
  3. When i played NCAA football on the ps3 this was one of the 2 schools I always made. I was playing around with the Revo helmet and the rest of the uniforms spawned from that. Let me know what you guys think of these and I haven't done a mascot logo yet. Enlarge the picture twice to see the full image
  4. ESPN 30 for 30 Short: Untucked about Marquette's 1977 men's basketball championship jersey, which were untucked. (Now jerseys have to be tucked in) VIDEO: 15 minutes "In 1977, Marquette coach Al McGuire let his star player, Bo Ellis, design the team's uniforms. The most iconic, the untucked jersey, signified the power of uniforms and the benefits of a creative atmosphere, which allowed a Championship team to flourish." (ESPN)
  5. Alright so I'm a huge Mizzou fan. And unlike some, i really like our current uniforms that were "rebranded" by Nike 2 years ago. I also love that Nike is rolling out some new bits and pieces for us. (different matte/metallic helmet combinations, a new chrome tiger sticker helmet, and a new anthracite jersey). But when we played in the SEC championship as the away team, i didn't like our look. I mean i didn't mind it, but i felt it could have been done better. So here i give you my concept for a "White-out" Mizzou Alternate Helmet: The Tiger and Facemask are not black, but a dark-grey/anthracite to match the sleeves of our white jerseys It would be worn when they wear their white pants. So with this look: I couldn't figure out how to make the helmets above white with Photoshop, so all could do is vectorize the helmet. If anyone would be willing to recolor/make the helmet above the new white one, it would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking, and C&C is much appreciated
  6. My first ever concept, hopefully I can improve but this is what I got. Feedback would help a lot! Without further a do, the Maryland State Moncarchs! Logo Home Uniform Away Unifrom Blackout Alternate Uniform (P.S. pretend that Blackout collar is yellow. Had a hard time trying to change it, lol)
  7. I found this site along time ago. It's fun to go and see the retro designs and scores back in the day.
  8. As a joint effort chrisCLEMENT and I will be redesigning the football identities of The Ivy League. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do any concept work so I’m really excited to be working with Chris on this project and sharing it with this community. The teams of the Ivy League were once at the forefront of college football, but of course that’s no longer true. Chris and I wanted to see what each of these teams might look like if this were still the case and these schools received just as much attention from uniform manufacturers as schools like Oregon and Ohio State do. We’ll be designing all of the uniforms using Nike’s Mach Speed template which was released with Oregon’s newest uniforms. The idea is to make these designs modern while still maintaining the tradition that these programs and schools have. We’re going to be posting these concepts in a different way than usual. Everything as far as the uniforms and logos are going to be posted on so that it’s a fair bit easier to view the concepts. The first two teams, Princeton and Cornell are posted already so you can head over there and check them out. Chris and I will be posting one team each at a time and we’ll make sure to post here with some background on our designs. I’ll be updating the above graphic as each team is posted as well. Feel free to leave your comments or critiques in this thread! So my first design is for the Princeton Tigers. Princeton football has always had a strong visual element to their identity in the striped sleeves. I tried to combine that with the chevron from the university crest to create a unique sleeve design. The other main portion of the university crest, the book, is embroidered on the inside of the collar. As well I couldn’t do away with the winged helmet design that originated with Princeton football. I decided to take a modern approach to the design however. Of course because I haven’t been able to work on any logos since I started school in September I had to give Princeton an updated tiger head logo as well as a custom number font. Chris will be posting a similar spiel about Cornell when he gets the chance. So head on over to website to check everything out if you haven’t already and let us know what you think.
  9. Hey, I've noticed that one area that's rarely explored on these boards is college basketball. Well, Christmas Break has left me with a little more free time on my hands, so I decided to make some uniform concepts for the first time in a long time. I'm not going in any particular order, although I've been starting out with most of the Top 25 teams and other schools I feel don't have a solid identity in college hoops. If I have not done a team, it's because I feel they already have solid uniforms that don't need to be improved upon. I sure hope you've read this far before looking at all the pretty pictures, because I will not be taking requests. The last thing I want is for this thread to turn into an all out request-fest. Also, I will not be giving out this template, so please do not ask for it. Thank you. Please offer up any comments or criticism you like, and enjoy! Oh and one more thing, I'm throwing all brands out the window. So no Nike, no Adidas, no UnderArmor. I don't want to have to adjust all my ideas to fit any pre-designed templates. Just think of these as all being done under my brand. Creighton ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Butler ---- HOME // ROAD Kansas ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Wichita St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Baylor ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Purdue ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Wisconsin ---- HOME // ROAD Oklahoma St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Oregon ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 // ALT 3 Syracuse ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Louisville ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Colorado ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT San Diego St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT ...more coming!
  10. Hi, I'm a new member and this is my first post. The other day I was watching a Nashville Predators game and saw that the fans down there seem to love hockey. So I thought that Vanderbilt, since it is in Nashville, might be able to support a new hockey program. Here is what I came up with for the jerseys they should use.
  11. Appalachian State University will be joining the Sun Belt Conference and recently announced that with the move will come a new basketball court for their home arena, Holmes Convocation Center. What would you like for this new court to look like?
  12. I haven't seen a topic like this yet. This is topic for the college enthusiasts. NCAA, NAIA, all colleges. Post lists, rankings, opinions, thoughts, concerns, or any newsworthy ideas.
  13. The NFL has had their "uniform police" for almost three decades now, if not longer, and although they have been somewhat laxed since the NIKE takeover last year ("allowing" teammates in different color shoes,etc), they still have a strong presence in regards to the way the uniforms appear on the field. Although it will likely never happen, I'm wondering what everyone would think if the NCAA adopted a similar sideline presence to make sure everyone who comes out of the locker room has matching socks, shoes, proper/authorized accessories, etc. I know this would take individuality out of the game, but I get irked at seeing little things like one guy wearing knee-high solid white socks while the rest of the team has nearly invisible ankle socks. Thoughts?
  14. This discussion was on a Husker BBS I frequent and I thought it was an interesting water cooler hypothetical: ====================================================== Assuming the FBS playoffs started THIS season instead of 2014, who are the four teams chosen? Assume that the season ended this last week (for now) and it's time for the selection committee to decide. It seems obvious that our 3 undefeated teams make the cut - Alabama, Florida State and Ohio State. But who is #4? There are 6 teams in power conferences with only a single loss: Auburn & Mizzou (SEC), Clemson (ACC), Oklahoma State & Baylor (Big 12) and Michigan State (Big Ten). Plus, there are also two mid-major undefeated teams out there - Northern Illinois and Fresno State. So who is #4?
  15. Hi guys. This is my first thread on these boards so I hope it goes well. I will be posting a few of my yakall concepts that I have made in the past. If an idea that you guys have strikes me as "good" I might use it. Just a note: if you haven't seen the original yakball thread, I suggest you check it out, it will help explain a lot to you. I think that I will start with the first yakball concept that I ever did, Team Finland! So do you like it? The design on the arms is a inverted Finnish flag with some navy detailing. The colors are from the national ice hockey team. So thats really it. Like Raysox said on the original Yakball thread "these could be soccer concepts really" so if you comment thanks a lot! I will try to post another concept tomorrow.
  16. I saw Griffin's concept and was inspired to do this. I think it turned out okay. C&C would be appreciated though.
  17. Any of you members a fan of American football jersey sleeve styles? If so, which do you prefer the best? wide-spreaded mid-sized loose sleeve jerseys (which are common for most quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers, Kirk Cousins, Christian Ponder, Matt Hasselback, Kurt Warner, John Elway, Vinny Testaverde, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Jake Plummer, etc. (NFL) or Zac Taylor, Joey Harrington, Scott Frost (NCAA)), the wide baggy-ish, mid-sized tight sleeve jerseys (which are mostly common to most offensive/defensive skill position players (i.e.: running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, linebackers, defensive backs) and to some quarterbacks like Ken Dorsey or Chris Weinke) or short, tight micro-sleeve jerseys (which are mostly common for specifically offensive/defensive linemen)? Too bad that I couldn't make a poll for you guys to discuss and stuff, but feel free to reply your answers here. In my case, I top-personally like the wide-spreaded loose sleeves and the baggy-like mid-sized tight sleeves. It's just me.
  18. I'm making a Michigan State team on EA Sport Teambuilder. I'm stuck on these jerseys so I made a bunch of them. Here are all my Michigan State Concepts, including blackout, green out, grey alt, freedom, classic, cancer awareness, home, away, and a gold. EX- Name of Jersey- (main color used, secondary color, third color) Home- (Green, White, Grey) Green Out Jersey- (Green) Classic Jersey-(Green, White) Grey Alt- (Grey, Green, White) Gold Alt- (Gold, Green, White, Grey) Green Away- (White, Green, Grey) White Away- (White, Green) Black Out- (Black, Green) Black Out w/ Green- (Black, Green) Black Out w/ gold- (Black, Gold, Green) Freedom/Patriotic- (Red, Blue, White) Breast Cancer Awareness-(Hot Pink, Pink, White) Practice Jersey/Colorful- (Orange, Green)
  19. I'm making a Michigan State team on EA Sport Teambuilder. I'm stuck on these jerseys so I made a bunch of them. Here are all my Michigan State Concepts, including blackout, green out, grey alt, freedom, classic, cancer awareness, home, away, and a gold. EX- Name of Jersey- (main color used, secondary color, third color) Home- (Green, White, Grey) Green Out Jersey- (Green) Classic Jersey-(Green, White) Grey Alt- (Grey, Green, White) Gold Alt- (Gold, Green, White, Grey) Green Away- (White, Green, Grey) White Away- (White, Green) Black Out- (Black, Green) Black Out w/ Green- (Black, Green) Black Out w/ gold- (Black, Gold, Green) Freedom/Patriotic- (Red, Blue, White) Breast Cancer Awareness-(Hot Pink, Pink, White) Practice Jersey/Colorful- (Orange, Green)
  20. Northern Colorado Football. Jersey and pant based off the Maryland Pride uniform. The second uniform is a Southern Cal, Maryland Pride mix. It's pretty hard to be original with these colors and mascot. Comments appreciated.
  21. Based on the official school colors...
  22. Hey guys, I decided to make some NBA courts. I hope you like it, more to follow! Memphis Grizzlies:
  23. College football has started again, and I was reminded again of how LSU's helmets don't match the rest of their logos, graphics, and even colors. I am sure they keep their helmet unchanged because of their tradition, and I am sure their fan base would go apoplectic with even slight modifications to their helmet. I have lived in either Central Ohio or Alabama almost all of my life, so I understand college football fans of historic programs and their value of traditions. That being said, what I do not like is when the athletic department changes logos and graphics without messing with the helmets. I am not really a big fan of LSU's colors and logos, but they should at least have helmets that use fonts, logos, and colors that the school currently uses. Currently, the football helmet doesn't even match the football jerseys. If the script and logo on the helmet are so timeless, they would still be using the logo and font elsewhere. Here is their current design: As I said earlier, my problem is not so much with the actual design (even though I personally am not a fan), it is that it no longer matches what the rest of their athletic department looks like. In fact, the purple on the helmet doesn't match the purple on their jerseys. I think that LSU should keep their helmet design the same to appease the fan base, but they should use the font that they use in their end zones and the school's main tiger logo. So here is my suggestion: I have taken the script from their end zone and changed the tiger decal. In addition I have made their face masks and stripes the official LSU purple so that it matches their jerseys. I think that these would be small enough changes to respect tradition and keep a fan base somewhat mollified, yet give LSU a design that fits with the rest of their look. Personally, I would like for them to have a more major redesign, but I doubt that would happen. (Their white helmets with gold trim from a year or two ago were a nice upgrade.) For fun I decided to do some alternate helmets. This one uses the eye from their midfield. I think it would be used one time a season for a special game. I saw that LSU recently trademarked a new logo. I think that they are mainly using it as a small logo on polo shirts, etc. (I could be wrong), but I like it and put it on a helmet that would be quite different. I also took just the head from the previous logo and tried that. (I was dealing with a low-quality image, so it isn't very crisp.)
  24. So I did this last year, and I really enjoyed the conversation that happened. I was waiting for us to release ours before I started it but here we go again. ACC (4/14) BC Clemson Duke FSU GT Maryland Miami NC St UNC Pitt Cuse #2 Virginia Va Tech Wake Forest Big12 (5/10) Baylor #2 ISU Kansas #2 Kansas St Oklahoma Oklahoma St TCU Texas TxTech West Va Big East (2/10) Cinncy Uconn Houston Louisville Memphis Rutgers SMU Temple UCF #2 USF B1G (4/12) Illinois Indiana Iowa #2 Michigan #2 Michigan State Minnesota Neb Northwestern Ohio State Penn State Purdue Wisconsin Pac12 (2/12) Arizona Arizona State Cal Colorado Oregon Oregon State Stanford Ucla USC Utah Washington Washington St SEC Alabama Arkansas Auburn Florida Georgia Kentucky #2 LSU Ole Miss Miss St Missouri SoCar Tennessee Tx A&M Vandy Independent Notre Dame Army Navy BYU
  25. So i’ve been following this website for quite a long time now and let me say there is some amazing work on here. Ive decided to finally go ahead and throw out some of my conceptual ideas. So I decided to make some HydroChromed helmets since this is the new fad in college football. Let me know what you guys think, all c&c is appreciated. The Arkansas helmet would be HydroChromed with the nice shine, but was hard to present with the real tree camo texture. Also the yellow helmet with the wing is not oregon it is the University of Charleston in WV, there mascot is the golden eagles. It’s a small d2 school that i attended. Texas Hydrochrome OSU Hydrochrome Cincinnati Hydrochrome Charleston Hydrochrome Arkansas Hyrdrochrome