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  1. A new look for the USC Trojans. Based on a Trojan helmet. Let me know what you think! C&C appreciated. 12 34 56
  2. Who's your pick to cut down the nets in Houston? Mine is Kentucky. I think they'll be motivated, well the coaching staff at least, to get over the disappointment of falling short of perfection.
  3. Hey Creamers, Now that the NCAA Tourney is over and everyone has a weeks before the NBA Playoffs start, I think it would be fun to explore which school has the best ALL-TIME roster. Page 2 did Something similar 10 years ago, however my seeding is based on how each school has done in the NCAA tourney since its inception. Before unveil the bracket, here is my methodology to create it: If a team made the tourney, they got 1 point for that year. If a team won the Nat'l Championship, they got 64 points. If they finished in 2nd, they 32 points. Then 16, 8, 4, 2. Play-in game wins didn't count for additional points. I've attached the spreadsheet I used to calculate each school's ranking. Before reviling the 68-team field, here were the last four schools out: Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa State & NYU. As I said before this is a 68-team field, so here is the First Four: West Region: Wichita State v. USC Midwest Region: Missouri v. Western Kentucky South Region: Xavier v. Florida State East Region: Providence v. Boston College Here's the West Region: #1 UCLA v. (Wichita or USC) #8 California v. #9 Stanford #5 Arizona v. #12 UTEP #4 Georgetown v. #13 Bradley #6 Utah v. #11 Holy Cross #3 Michigan v. #14 Oregon State #7 Kansas State v. #10 Oregon #2 Connecticut v. #15 St. Joseph's Here's the Midwest (who would play the West Region winner in the Final Four): #1 Duke v. (Mizzou or Western KY) #8 UNLV v. #9 Notre Dame #5 Arkansas v. #12 Wyoming #4 Oklahoma State v. #13 DePaul #6 Marquette v. #11 West Virginia #3 Michigan State v. #14 Pittsburgh #7 Wisconsin v. #10 Purdue #2 Kansas v. #15 Loyola-Chicago The South Region: #1 Kentucky v. (Xavier or Florida St) #8 Memphis v. #9 Texas #5 Florida v. #12 Butler #4 Cincinnati v. #13 Georgia Tech #6 San Francisco v. #11 LSU #3 Villanova v. #14 Dartmouth #7 Maryland v. #10 Iowa #2 Louisville v. #15 Baylor The East Region: #1 North Carolina v. (Providence or BC) #8 Houston v. #9 St. John's #5 NC State v. #12 Virginia #4 Syracuse v. #13 Wake Forest #6 Oklahoma v. #11 Temple #3 Ohio State v. #14 CCNY #7 Illinois v. #10 LaSalle #2 Indiana v. #15 Dayton --------------- In the next few days, I'm put up a poll or something to determine a champion, but I think this is a good starting Alltime.xlsx
  4. Hello! Tomorrow, at 6:09 ET the Final Four will begin. Me, being the college sports fanatic that I am, decided to take a shot at giving the 4 teams (Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Syracuse) special uniforms. First, here are my predictions on how the 3 games will go. Next, my first actual concept. Credit to SydniT23 for this template. Without further ado, the Villanova Wildcats. I really mainly focused on the sharp shape of their V logo, and on the alternate, I really wanted to see a jersey with their lighter blue color, and if anyone were to wear this in real life, I'm afraid the fans might have to wear sunglasses. Also, feel free to tell me your predictions on the games!
  5. Hey everyone... I have been really busy and haven't been able to finish many of the topics I've started on here. It's kind of too late to finish my bracket topic, so I decided to make a Final Four Poster. This poster includes all four teams and the Final Four logo. On the bottom is a banner that reads "THE ROAD ENDS HERE" (the annual Final Four slogan), in front of this year's final four court colors. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think! (Sorry for the poor quality... it's the best my program can do.)
  6. G'day everyone. With the Frozen Four quickly approaching I thought it would be cool to make a poster for it. The Frozen Four is over shadowed by the Final Four so I decided to give my favourite sport at the Collegiate level some love. Enjoy!
  7. A design of Ryan Switzer I put together. Im adding one with and without text to get feedback on both! I normally use the site to get actual feedback on my designs even though most of the threads are concept uniforms I like to design a little every now and then
  8. Hey guys it's been awhile but I thought I'd share my latest CSUN concept jersey. I wanted to bring back the old N logo and really create a unique and aggressive stripping pattern to personify the Matadors. Also been messing with a new template. Let me know what you think. C&C is always appreciated.
  9. One thing I pride myself in is my ability to pick a bracket. I always have the ability to sniff out that one cinderella team that goes on an upset run. Remember FGCU/Dunk City? I picked them to go to the Sweet 16. Literally. It was because teal was like totes, my fave color, so naturally, I picked them because they wore teal, not because I sniffed them out. But that triggered some sort of upset gene in me to something. UAB over ISU? Picked it. GSU over Baylor? Picked it. So that got me thinking, what MEGA UPSETS have you picked, and not a 9 over an 8, something big!
  10. With NCAA Hockey conference playoffs coming up, I was looking at some of the smaller schools competing for a spot in the national tournament. Suffice to say, there are a lot of logos that aren't very good. One of the ones I noticed most was the Michigan Tech logo. The husky is a strange blob shape with squared edges on the left side, and a mediocre font. A team that is competitive on the national stage deserves a quality logo, so I attempted to make one myself. I attempted to keep some of the main features of the original logo, particularly excluding the eyeball. I also decided to make the logo a bit more streamlined and intense. For a secondary logo, I created a simple letter logo, with the word Tech at the bottom. This creates a simple, yet recognizable letter logo. The script logo remains largely the same, with some tweaks. Finally, the uniforms, which are based on the team's current alternates (they might be their primary uniforms now, though they used to wear the Bruins template). The yellow uniform can act as both a home alternate and road uniform, while the black uniform is used on the road whenever the yellow jersey would clash. Thanks for viewing! C+C is welcomed!
  11. Here's a preview of a bracket that I am working on that will be released tomorrow or Monday after the selections have been made. There may be some final changes, but here's what the bracket will look like (empty now, obviously): I will probably increase the size of this once it is done, but this is for the most part what it will look like. Next, here is an example of what every team will look like once this is filled out. Now, I know UNI probably won't be a 15 seed, but here's an example of what their place on the bracket will look like: What do you guys think? How can I improve on this?
  12. I'm a big college basketball fan and I was pretty bored the other day, so I set up a template to make Conference Championship banners. Since two teams have now won their tournaments, I thought I would share what I've made. I'll probably make these for all of the other conference champions too. Here are Austin Peay and Yale! If anyone has requests for previous years, let me know and I'll try to do those for you. I can probably also make signatures out of them. Let me know what you guys think!
  13. Concept idea for HJC of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I took a celtic pattern and set it in the gold stripe adding the ND seal which is currently worn on their shoulders. The fonts are from the Cinci reds, I thought the style was similar to the style of the ND crest I used. I made my own version of the Under Armour template for SVG Any comments welcome.
  14. Looking through Paint Users Paradise I found a football jersey template I made a few college football concepts. Alabama Simple design for the Tied. Can't change much. Added "Roll Tide" to back collar and sublined Alabama flag to the sleeves. Next up is Bama's runner up!
  15. I have a question: How many NFL teams, with the ever-shrinking sleeve lengths, still have stripes that go all the way around? I can only think of the Panthers, and their stripe is all the way up on the armpit. Furthermore, for those whose stripes used to be complete but are now partial (Steelers, 49ers, Giants off the top of my head), when did they truncate them? Secondly, same question except replace "NFL" with "NCAA."
  16. Possible new Kentucky logo making it's way around the interwebs:
  17. Hello! Recently, I had the idea to redesign the idea to redesign every team in the FCS division of NCAA football. This division consists of 125 teams, and I plan on completing and posting all 125. Also, I will be doing all the designs on the Nike Mach Speed template, even though many of these schools are not actually Nike schools. I will be posting the concepts in alphabetical order, starting with Abilene Christian. Abilene Christian Alabama A&M Alabama State Albany Alcorn State Arkansas Pine Bluff Austin Peay Bethune-Cookman Brown Bryant Bucknell White Numbers Butler Cal Poly Campbell Without further ado, the Abilene Christian Wildcats Home & Away Alternate C&C Appreciated
  18. A writer at Hockey Jersey Concepts a week or so ago posted a pic and asked if people would make concepts for Valpo's new hockey team. the home and road design are the Pittsburgh Penguins 80's and early 90's uniforms with some modifications to the design. Black was replaced by Valpo's brown and the sleeve stripes angled down instead of straight to make a V. The alternate is based off of Boston's Winter Classic design considering the real Valpo uniform looks to be a Bruins template. The templates used here are my own. All logos and wordmarks are from Valparaiso University. Comments welcomed
  19. Concept for East Tenneesse State Buccaneers if they had a hockey program or club Any comments or critiques on the concept and the templates would be appreciated.
  20. My concept for the NCAA inspired fantasy league i am in. I made a Rebirth sports hockey template based off of their own template design jersey and socks I found on their Twitter feed. The pants template I created using an image of an actual pant shell they had made. All logos are from WSU except the altered WU Shock logo where I added the hockey stick and the alternate crest that i put together using Wichita State's Shockers script. The templates including the CCM helmet which I made are all in .svg for Inkscape. Comments welcome
  21. Hey guys and gals, One day I took note of how all of these classic NCAA logos are "serifed". So I thought it would be interesting to go through the gauntlet and make them sans serif. Don't know if this might only be cool to geeks like me who care about serifs in the first place, but hopefully people will find it interesting. I only have 7 done so far, but I'll be adding more daily. Let me know what you think! Edit - Image limit hit. More logos are scattered throughout this thread. Or you can go to my page on Behance to view them all at once:
  22. My take if the EIU had a hockey team or just a club team using the school's new logos and wordmarks that debuted last year. A huge improvement over the ones that they previously had. comments are welcomed as always
  23. Back in 2003 or 2004 I found a t-shirt with the Iowa Hawkeyes mascot holding a mug of beer: In 2006 I sold it on eBay for $40 which was a lot for a t-shirt back then. The other day while browsing around on Pinterest I found an extremely similar t-shirt, and here is the cropped and zoomed-in graphic: Obviously the same artist or t-shirt company made both of these, due to the same font used, the same reclining pose of the mascots, and almost the identical foam on the mugs of beer. My theory about these shirts is a local t-shirt company in Iowa decided to make some easy cash by selling them outside the football stadiums of these two teams, because obviously a university would never approve of and then officially license an image of its mascot holding a beer. HOWEVER, the late 70's and early 80's, the era these shirts are from, were different times. The legal drinking age back then was 18, and drinking was considered an essential part of college life, so much so that the college I went to rented a Coors truck for the day back in 1979 and handed out free beers to students on the green! Something like that would NEVER happen now a days, so if a college would sanction and pay for free beer being handed out to students, who says they couldn't license an image of their mascot holding a beer? It's totally possible. Unlikely, but possible. I just thought it was cool how these two shirts, albeit representing two different schools, obviously used the same template. It makes me very curious if the artist or company that made these also made them for other schools, or possibly pro teams. Has anyone else ever seen these shirts or ones like them before?
  24. So the vote to change the '12 teams for a conference championship' is going to take place on January 15. If the vote does not pass, there is a very good chance that the Big XII expands. Even if it does pass, I'd still like to see the Big XII get back to 12. So my question to everyone is: would you like to see the Big XII expand back to 12, who should they go get, and why? My personal opinion: As much as I'd love to steal other Power 5 teams such as Iowa, Arkansas, or Northwestern, I don't think that any of those schools would leave their conferences for a less-prosperous Big XII. So, I would have to go with Cincinnati and Memphis for the following reasons: The markets in those cities is large and ready for the taking. You can steal the recruiting market from Ohio State with Cincy and from Tennessee and Vandy in Memphis. Breaking into Big 10 and SEC territory with each pickup respectively. Geographical hole-filler between West Virginia and the rest of the conference. Both schools have strong up-and-coming football programs. Incredible basketball history, especially in recent years. The ability to fill the old divisions: North--Iowa State, Kansas, K-State, West Virginia, Memphis, Cincy South--Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech Any other thoughts? Anyone agree? Let me hear your opinions!
  25. So I can't 100% confirm, but today at the Rebel Locker Room (official school store for athletic stuff, game jerseys, helmets, etc.) I came across this hat displayed behind the front desk. When I asked, the worker told me it was the new baseball hat. So take that as what you will, but obviously I had to have it haha. Don't know when or where they would wear it, or what it would be paired with, but I think it's actually a great concept, especially if they are trying to make money. Powder Blue is a cash machine in Oxford. What do yall think?