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  1. What do you think of this logo and uniform tweak
  2. This is an old idea that I've been kicking around forever. I think I did my first Redskin concept adding bright red back when I did these in markers. Anyway, just for fun... I think, given the power, I wouldn't really do this, but I just wanted it out there.
  3. Is it at all feasible that we could see in the next five or so years, in cases where both team's uniforms are distinctly different from each other, Two teams ply in a game both wearing their primary color uniform (i.e not white) like UCLA and USC and many NBA matchups?
  4. I've wanted to do a full NFL uniform redo for a while now, so I figured why not now. Plan is to get them all done in time for the draft. I won't be doing away sets, as my idea is that the NFL could have the last 2 weeks of the year be divisional rounds, and have one be "Past" and one be "Future", and both rounds would be colour vs colour. I'll just be doing the "future" ones at this stage (historical ones I'll do later on), with the idea that Nike ( are given free reign to do what they want with the uniforms. So bear in mind that some of these could get a little crazy...but they won't all be nuts... I'll post full pics as I do them and link them below for future finding. AFC NORTH Bengals - Browns - Ravens - Steelers- SOUTH Colts - Future Jaguars - Future Texans - Future Titans - Future EAST Bills - Dolphins - Jets - Patriots - WEST Broncos - Chargers - Chiefs - Raiders - NFC NORTH Bears - Lions - Packers - Vikings - SOUTH Buccaneers - Falcons - Panthers - Saints - EAST Cowboys - Eagles - Giants - Redskins - WEST Cardinals - Niners - Rams - Seahawks - I was in a bit of an AFC South mood to start this off so here we have the Titans, Texans and Colts. I'm not really going to do these in any particular order, just as the inspiration comes. Titans I wanted to incorporate the Titans alternate sword logo into the uniform and also to do the flame helmet. Texans I incorporated the horns from the logo into the shoulders, put a sublimated star under the number on the front, and incoporated the Texas flag into the pant stripe. Colts This ones a bit of a departure, I originally mocked up this design before last season, back then it was just blue and white though. The silver (yes, silver...not grey) kind of worked its way in after I reworked the horshoe logo and included silver.
  5. I'm part of the community at, updating the classic NES game Tecmo Super Bowl each year (a la Madden). For this year's release we've decided to overhaul nearly all the team logos used throughout the game. I've put together an album here: Obviously, NES hardware limitations restricted the logo designs, but I'd love to hear any opinions. And for the curious, I believe the official Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 game should be released sometime in the preseason.
  6. Really no rules. Pick ONE uniform (can be home, away, alt, throwback, fauxback, and even a past team ie Titans can be Oilers) to be the ONE primary uniform. Fairly simple. Going down the line: Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins What do you guys think?
  7. Just really a bit of a tweak, overall... trying to add some continuity. I matched the pants stripe to the helmet and got rid of the repetitive logos everywhere. Biggest thing, I guess,is the sleeve/shoulder stripes... they fit the current Nike NFL template pretty specifically. I don't think there's anything else out there exactly like this. Let me know what you think.
  8. Here's two Philadelphia Eagle concepts I've had floating around my desktop for a while. Both are all about bringing back that handsome shade of kelly green, and trading that charcoal gray for silver. The first is basically an older look with the new graphics (current helmet wing, sleeve logo, and number font), while the second is a little closer overall to the current look, just with the better colors replacing the current ugly ones. I'm actually not that in love with the number font, but I just don't really have a decent replacement for it here. And a plain block font seemed a little dull. Anyway, tell me what you think... keep the black, or not? (And, yeah, I know... yellow beak, right? Sue me.)
  9. Am I the only one who EXTREMELY hates the Texans' name? I wish Bud Adams hadn't retired the Oilers name so they could use it.
  10. OK - I'm starting a new topic because I've decided on my blog to present sRGB-optimized graphics as a whole rather than a season at a time. And since I'm finding myself jumping from team to league to sport all of the time, instead of posting an entire league for a particular season, I'll just pick a franchise and post everything I have for them. Of course for a lot of these teams, I won't have every logo or mark they've ever used, but I might have a significant collection of them to show. First up in this sort-of-new concept is the Minnesota Wild: I've got the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks pretty much ready to go...let me know what other franchises you'd like to see and I'll try to prioritize them.
  11. Hey - I love Star Trek, the NFL, and Wallpapers, so I thought - why not combine all 3 and see what I can come up with? OK - The premise of these concepts was that I started on the base of a Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform with its quirky parabola design on the uniform front. Based on that, the top section simulates the collar area where the "pips" or rank insignia is normally displayed. The middle section is normally the red/blue/gold of the Trek uniform. In its place, I have substituted NFL team colors (optimized from, thanks to our good friend Colorwerx). And, since every "jersey" needs a logo, I'm going with the NFL Helmet right side logo (so the Steelers logo shows up). Size is 1600x900. Notes: 1. I created the wallpapers in .PNG format, but the original website I uploaded them to originally didn't like that and converted them to .JPG files. So, I had to go in a different direction and find a different host site. I found one, but it is shrinking the images. However, if you follow the links, eventually, you can get to the 1600x900 wallpapers. 2. The font used is based on the Star Trek original series font from the 60's 3. Also, instead of posting all of them at once, I'd like some feedback on whether or not it looks better with or without the Lombardi Trophy as part of the design. Maybe I need to move the trophy to the right? 4. Yeah, I know I'm basically just "combining" already existing elements from various places, but hey, no one else has done this particular design right? 5. Purposely used the optimized colors, and tried to keep it from being too cluttered. First attempt at this kind of project, so some C&C is warranted.... The first two images will only be the Baltimore Raven in Black with and without the Lombardi Trophy. I don't want to start posting the rest until I get some feedback on whether or not to include the trophy. Thanks in advance.
  12. The new wordmark is obviously more simple than the old, so here's a simplified uniform to go with it.
  13. Jason La Canfora, our favorite Draft Twitter Guy Who Ruins Everything, had a pretty good article today regarding the now near-constant rumors circulating that the NFL is blood-drunk on moving a franchise to the UK in the next handful of years, and there's two franchises in Florida that may be the "winner." Meanwhile, also via CBS, this time by the Almost a Great Porno Name NFL reporter Pete Prisco, it's the Bucs who may be the inevitable:
  14. Awhile back, I was working on a logo that, as I drew, began to look like several different things. As a result, when I began working on it in inkscape, I decided to make several different versions of the logo. Each logo I will present is a different animal/being, that is the same base logo as the others. Basically, the frame remains the same throughout, but the details of it change in order to make it a different logo. I liked the results, so I decided to make full team concepts based on each. The first being the New Jersey Devils. My logo takes primary status, moving an updated version of the NJ logo to secondary status. As you can obviously see, green is back in the color scheme as the tertiary color. The uniforms are completely updated. I don't like the current uniforms very much, so going in a different direction was my goal. I didn't want to veer too far off what is currently worn though. The devil head acts as the crest while the secondary is on the shoulders. Both the home and road uniforms have black-green-white-red-white-green-black stripes on the sleeves, hem, collar, and socks. Home numbers are white with green and black outlines, while the road numbers are red with white-green-black outlines. Each set has black pants and socks that match their respective uniforms. Just noticed that the road uniform still has the black helmet which is a mistake. I'll update that at a later time.
  15. Thought up this logo from a statue that I saw at 30th St Station in Philadelphia… I think the statue would be a really cool logo so I drew up a concept with Eagles colors. Unfortunately, I dont really know how to use photoshop or illustrator so all of my logos have to be drawn by hand and quality suffers a little bit(the grey is too close in color to black)... This is my first post so any criticism or feedback is really appreciated.
  16. We are always so critical when it comes how one team looks like another team (justifiably so many times). Whether it be vintage white, lace up sweaters in the NHL, the gray-crowned hats of the 1990s in MLB, the teal invasion of the 1990s, BFBS in the 2000s, the retro movement of the 2010s, or other trends that group together identites instead of separating them, we can talk about them at will for hours. After all, isn't the point of a uniform or logo to be able to identify one team from the other? This is the thread to celebrate how your favorite team is unique from the rest of the league (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, Division 1, Division 2, MLS, etc.). Still, as we are sure to see in this thread, your teams uniqueness might not exactly mean it's a good idea. Rules: 1) Any sport or league is fine. 2) Only include primary logos, alternate logos, and jerseys. Anniversary logos, stadium logos, and other miscellaneous things don't count. 3) It might be an identity trait that no other team in that league shares. Mistakes are fine and everyone is welcome to point them out when they happen, but that's the general rule for this thread. 4) Present and past uniqueness is welcome. However, keep present examples lined up in the same era. For example, the Baltimore Orioles are the only team wearing a white front-paneled cap from 2012 - Present. Obviously there have been white-paneled caps in the past, but for now, the Orioles are the only one. For past examples, keep in mind that the present counts with it. If something unique happened in the past but that characteristic is here in the present, you should not use that as an example. Theres the present, active characteristic, then there is the past. 5) Finally, you can include any characteristic, but please try not to include incredibly obvious example like "The Eagles are the only team in the NFL to have an eagle as a logo". Try to give it a little bit more effort than that. My Examples: Baltimore Orioles: Past: Team with the longest tenured run of not depicting a letter on their primary cap logo. (1964 - 2011) Present: Only team wearing a white front-paneled cap. (2012 - Present) Boston Red Sox: Past: Only team to have a certain color predominately appear on a home jersey, but be completely gone on a road jersey. (Red from 1979 - 1989) Present: Longest tenured active home script depicting the team name. I understand this is a little controversial, but I don't consider the small tweak made in the 1970s to be enough to make the earlier version a different script from the present-day, modern version.(1933 - Present) Chicago White Sox: Past: Only team to ever weart shorts in a major league game (1976) Present: Only team to not sport a color other than black, white, and the tones in-between. (1991 - Present) Cleveland Indians: Present: Only team to sport a cursive script at home and a block script (That's block, not a script with serifs on it) on the road. (2011 - Present) Detroit Tigers: Past: Only team to have a certain color predominately appear on a road jersey, but be completely gone on a home jersey. (Orange from 1972 - Present) Present: Longest tenured home chest script in MLB. (1934 - Present) Houston Astros: Past: Only team to depict a sports venue in their primary or alternate logos. (1965 - 1994) Present: Only team to have block scripts (no serifs) on both the home and road jerseys. (2013 - Present) Kansas City Royals: Past: Only team to wear a colored alternate uniform with a base color that does not appear in the hat at all. (Black, 2006) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Past: Longest tenure of depicting a state in their primary or alternate logos. (California, 1970 - 1992) Present: Only team where a logo appears on an entire uniform four or more times (2012 - Present) Minnesota Twins: Present: Only team with a logo depicting an actual baseball player. (2002 - Present) New York Yankees: Oldest active cap in MLB. (1913 - Present) Longest tenured active road script in MLB. (1973 - Present) Only team to have a primary color appear in their logo, but not appear anywhere on their jerseys. (1947 - Present) New York Mets: Present: Only team to sport a cursive script at home and a serifed script on the road. Miami Marlins: Past: Only team to have a completely teal cap. Present: Only team to have 5 or more colors on a wordmark. Colorado Rockies: Past: Most alternate uniforms for one year (4 in 2005) Oakland Athletics: Present: Only team in MLB to primarily sport the color green in their logos and jerseys. Atlanta Braves: Past & Present: Only team to not have some form of baseball equipment in any of their logos (alternate and primary). There's plenty of examples in every sport. Have fun. Be sure to point out any mistakes I've made. Pictures are encouraged if you want.
  17. With the news that the NFL may lax it's uniform rules a bit to allow more use of third unis and even a possible fourth, I figure many teams may get in on the BFBS or GFGS trend, because, well, Nike is their outfitter right now. Here is a look at how every team would look with their current templates in a black or gray color. I tried to keep to the actual helmets, as I have no idea if a second helmet would be allowed under the new rules or not, but in some designs changes were inevitable to pull the look together. I will present the concept in black or gray (whichever I thought fit the team's scheme better) and then weigh in with a verdict on whether or not the look should ever see the light of day. If you think a scheme would work better with black than gray or vice versa, let me know and I will mock it up for you real quick. First up is the Chiefs: Verdict: If they could go with a black helmet and a red logo, I could see this on an NFL field. The Chiefs do not have an alternate and this could definitely be trotted out for prime time match-ups to get the fan base excited. I personally think this one is one of the better BFBS, as it goes incredibly well with the color scheme. The Raiders will be up in an hour or so, and maybe I will get the Broncos up before the night is done too. What do you think?
  18. So, when the new Viking uniform was released, there was no alternative uniform as part of the package. For the past few years, the Vikings’ alt was the 70’s throwback… I guess they could still use it, but somehow that doesn’t seem likely to me. The new uniform seems to, in my mind, render that throwback sort of extra obsolete. (Not that the new uniform is, in any way, a “throwback”, just that all the language they’ve used to describe it make you feel that they, at least, are thinking of it as a sort of visual heir to that 70’s uniform.) So here are a few possible choices for a new Vikings Alt and/or throwback. First, a throwback to the mid-60’s road uniform… one of my personal all-time favorite uniforms. I’ve tried to translate it onto the modern template as is, “faults” in all. This means mismatched helmet color and weird sock stripes. This is what the Vikings had done with their 70’s alt, and I’m not a fan of the fauxback, or the modern “clean-up” (any more than you have to do to in terms of uniform styles, nameplates, NFL logos and such) in recreating a classic uniform.
  19. I saw a thread on here by Fox and it gave me the idea to give it a try for myself. The colors might be off because I did this on Microsoft Paint and the choice of color isn't the greatest. C&C will be appreciated! Here is the best in my opinion
  20. Here's my chiefs concept/idea. What do you think?
  21. Here is a rough concept for a TB Buccaneers black and gold uniform. This is just a rough design, just inform me if you like the idea or not.
  22. http://s1102.photobu...09983.jpeg.html Blue: AFC East Green: AFC North Orange: AFC South Red: AFC West As you can see (or not cause this is pretty :censored:ty haha), I relocated the Bills to Toronto, the Dolphins to South Beach, The Chargers to Portland, Oregon, and the Jaguars to Los Angeles. I think those cities are more deserving than the ones that have their teams currently and make the divisions make more sense. Update: Here is what I have so far for the Los Angeles Grizzlies! Logo Home
  23. pscf3

    Steelers Refresh

    Sort of a vikings-esque update for the Steelers here. Refined Logo, new font, matte helmet, and shoulder stripes that fit on the sleeve are added. A yellow alternate jersey is added that is similar in style to the throwback worn from 2007-2011. Black pants and and a black-based alternate logo go along with the yellow jersey. Primary Logo- Alternate Logo- Script Logo 1- Script Logo 2- Matte Helmet- Home Jersey- Away Jersey- Alternate Jersey-
  24. So, it seems to be some sort of rite a passage on the CCSLC Concepts board to do a San Diego Charger concept. I’ve done plenty through the years, so I thought I’d post one. Like a lot of you, I’ve tried before to reconcile the navy blue and the powder blue eras, and never been especially happy with the results. Mine looked more or less like the current Charger uniform… an uncomfortable shoehorn of styles in an attempt to please everybody. Finally, I just said screw it… dump the navy altogether… it really isn’t worth it. What I’ve ended up with here is a bit of a new and old blend. Keep the current sleeve treatment and more active pants’ bolts, but otherwise simplify as much as possible. The navy is gone altogether. The main thing that freed me up was to forget about the whole idea of having the bolts be identical. Again, it just wasn’t worth it, having to bend over backward to outline and double outline the bolts just to keep some vague sense of continuity. In the 60’s and70’s uniforms, the bolt would be gold on white or blue, and white on gold, and it still seemed to hang together really well, in my opinion. Anyway, have a look. C and C appreciated.
  25. What's going on everyone? Happy Friday! As you all probably know by now, the mayor of the city of Washington DC would like to the Washington Redskins to change their name, because he finds the name racist towards Indians (it's about time). Although the name has a lot of history to it, I think it would be good for Washington to change their name, one reason being because the name Redskins is a little racist, and another being because they are going into a new era under RGIII. I was planning on making a rebrand, but theres only one problem, I can't think of a name. I narrowed it down to a couple, those few being the Washington Minutemen, Washington Colonials, and Washington Generals. I am open to new names, though. I would like to do something along the lines of old military, though. I have decided on a color scheme, navy blue and gold. I have already created a player model, which is seen below. So, what do you guy's think? What do you think the name should be? What do you think about the uniform? Let me know. (Note: I left the word "Redskins" on the chest of the player model because I don't know the team name yet, I will replace it when the name is decided)