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  1. I love the Bruins current uniforms, but last night, I realized that they need an update. Using some elements from the current uniforms, and some from the past, here is what I came up with. C&C welcome and appreciated
  2. This is my take on a Minnesota throwback jersey C&C is appreciated *Template created by Doug Houvener
  3. Redesign of Calgary Flames jersey, what you guys think.
  4. Hey all. Here is my take on a new home jersey for the Minnesota Wild. I think their current home jersey has too much red, and feels like it classhes with the green, however I did not want to get rid of it all together. I also think that Minnesota's logo is beautiful and should be showcased. So I chose to use that logo instead of the roundel one the team currently uses. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. So I was browsing the site and found the Hurricanes "Canes" wordmark. Like the Sens' old 3rd, I decided to use it in a concept for a new 3rd for the Hurricanes. What do you think? This is my first concept here, so C&C is appreciated!
  6. So I was browsing the site and found the Hurricanes "Canes" wordmark. Like the Sens' old 3rd, I decided to use it in a concept for a new 3rd for the Hurricanes. What do you think? This is my first concept here, so C&C is appreciated!
  7. Today, the Coyotes published an open letter to their fans: I love all the apologies for the terrible promotional lines they've used in the past. But after promising not to throw around empty slogans, they sign off with... another slogan. Whoops.
  8. I sent this one into HJC for the contest, and I figured "Why not post it here?" So here's my Ottawa Senators concept. I know nobody likes the Adidas stripes, but I didn't really notice them at all during the World Cup. They look bad on paper, but in real life I don't think they're all bad. So aside from the Adidas stripes, what do you think?
  9. The Kings miniseries went so well, I'm doing it again, this time with the Penguins! Like last time, I'm taking various styles the Pens have worn in their history, and sort of jumbling up which logos and colors are used, and also giving the Pens a suitable opponent and giving them similar treatment. Here's the itinerary: 60s Night: vs Rangers 70s Night: vs. Barons Blue Jackets 80s Night: vs Capitals 90s Night: vs Sabres 2K Night: vs Senators possible bonus nights: 90s Alt Night (TBD), Pittsburgh Hornets Night (likely vs. Flyers) So without further ado, 60s Night vs. the New York Rangers As is already known, what's old is new again as the Pens return to yellow gold...and here, the Pens' jersey uses the striping from the original set from 1966, only in the current colors. Took a little liberty by using shoulder crests at all...and now to the Broadway Blueshirts, whose set is red-heavy...because I felt like giving you something to complain about Seriously, though, picking a 60s opponent was tricky. I didn't want to dip into the opposite conference if I can help it, I don't want to use a given opponent more than once, and given these are for THIS season, the opponent kinda needs to be a current NHL team, albeit the history being dipped into doesn't necessarily need to be from the NHL (I'm leaning towards Blues and Stars series after this one, and I'm likely gonna dip into the WHA and a southern minor league or two). Far as the 60s go, the only Original 6 teams that look noticeably different from how they do now are the Leafs and Bruins, and not by a whole lot. Hell, I'm mildly surprised I was able to squeeze anything out of the Rangers, given how rarely they've strayed from their diagonal script. Later on, 70s Night vs. the Blue Jackets as the Barons...til then, speak on it.
  10. With the upcoming Adidas NHL takeover, I've decided to create new alternate jerseys for every NHL team. Starting with the Pacific, I'll go division by division, eventually getting to all 30 teams. C&C greatly appreciated! LA Kings Edmonton Oilers San Jose Sharks Calgary Flames Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Vancouver Canucks Minnesota Wild Colorado Avalanche Winnipeg Jets St Louis Blues Nashville Predators Chicago Blackhawks Dallas Stars Florida Panthers Boston Bruins Detroit Red Wings Buffalo Sabres Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens Tampa Bay Lightning Ottawa Senators Columbus Blue Jackets New York Rangers New Jersey Devils New York Islanders Philidelphia Flyers
  11. I'm sure this has been done before. Mods, please merge this with another thread if necessary. I'll start off with the NFL. First I'll give y'all a blank template to copy/paste; then I'll give my own viewpoints. AFC: AFC East: Boston/New England Patriots New York Titans/Jets Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Pirates/Steagles/Card-Pitt/Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South: Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans AFC West: Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos NFC: NFC East: Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Boston Braves/Boston Redskins/Washington Redskins Steagles/Philadelphia Eagles (not counting Frankford Yellow Jackets) NFC North: Decatur Staleys/Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers Portsmouth Spartans/Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings NFC South: Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC West: Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Racine Normals/Racine Street Cardinals/Chicago Cardinals/Card-Pitt/St. Louis Cardinals/Phoenix Cardinals/Arizona Cardinals And...go!
  12. I'll be real with you guys, I've been a bit lacking in inspiration for the last couple months....but I think that'll end here. My own laziness couldn't stop me...and PC issues could only stop me briefly I give you the Isles! The main thing I set out to do here was bring back the four stripes and incorporate them into the sleeve and hem stripes. The alt...I'd initially intended for the Islanders script to be larger. The way I wound up leaving things, though, I felt the stripes superseded any need for a crest. Kinda like the Canucks' flying V.
  13. I had a bit of trouble sleeping a few nights ago, and then the idea for this mini-series came to me: take all of the Kings' old jerseys (with the exception of the first Edge jersey and the Burger King design). Play a little mix-n-match with their crests and colors. Have various opponents play along. End result: I think I have an awesome idea, and I must post. First up: 60s-70s jersey + Gretzky era crest & colors vs. California Golden Seals San Jose Sharks. Yes, I felt it was worth the effort to cannibalize the Seals wordmark to create a Sharks version. Next up: the Flyers ripoffs worn for most of the 80s + 2000s era logos. Since the 70s night slot was taken by the Sharks...guess who's coming in for 80s night? That's right, the Flying V. Funny thing about the Kings jersey, I was strongly considering either the coat of arms or just the lion as the crest, since I'd soured on that particular crown years ago. Settled for the crown on front, and the lion on the breezers. 90s Night will feature the Forum Blue & Gold vs. the Ducks, while 2K Night's itinerary will feature the Burger King vs. the Coyotes. You have been warned
  14. Two years ago, I posted a combination of eras set for the LA Kings. At the time, I thought about doing the same for every team. I revisited my original designs and now have sets for all 30 teams. With each post I will be posting a description of what elements are from which jersey sets. My only rule with these is that no new elements could be added. Things could be mixed together, but you won't see unused colors or striping patterns added. Alternates will be coming later and will be added to each team's main post. Also, special thanks to Steven Grant for the new Combo Template!
  15. I was initially planning to all 30 teams in a throwback-ish series for the NHL's 100th anniversary, but I decided it was too much work and would simplify teams I thought needed it in no particular order. First up... ANAHEIM DUCKS Do I know that the logo used is the Quad City Mallards' logo? Yes. Do I care? That's debatable. The idea behind these was to be as simple as it could get, and that meant to simplify the color scheme and striping to small strokes on the upper arm and waist. More teams coming soon!
  16. These are my ideas for what the Centennial classic jerseys will look like. Toronto: Classic double stripes on sleeves and hem Triple stripes on the socks Vintage tan pants Centennial anniversary patch on shoulder Similar yoke to the one used for the 2014 winter classic Detroit: I liked the color-on-color match-up for the 2014 winter classic, so I used a red jersey. Simple striping pattern reflects older jerseys Old style logo gives jerseys a vintage look I tried to include elements from old Cougars and Falcons jerseys into the striping Arched Nameplate from current jerseys C&C is appreciated!
  17. Just out of curiosity, where do you guys think NHL events should be held in upcoming years? I'm looking for ideas for a future project.
  18. jlnhlfan


    For this series, I'll be doing designs that could have been PR07PTYPES for the RBK Edge redesign in 2007-08. Here's the first batch. From top to bottom: Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals.
  19. Over the past few days, I've been working on this little project. The military style of the new Florida Panthers logos and uniforms inspired me in the design process of all of the aspects of this concept. The badges on the arms, the striping, the numbers on the shoulders, etc. While I do appreciate the military influence the Panthers incorporated, I believe that it makes a ton of sense for the Columbus Blue Jackets to adopt a similar style. So, I came up with a Civil War-eque badge that could serve as a secondary logo for the team. I created a simplified, minimalist cannon logo that is based off of their current alternate, and created incorporated it into a badge that is similar to the ones worn on the sleeves of generals in the Union Army. And with that, I came up with 4 different variations of uniforms that were based off of a previous concept of mine. Option A Option B Option C Option D Which one do you like most? All C&C is welcome.
  20. I got inspired by looking at old (NHL) Pirates jerseys and trying to combine elements from them into a new jersey. C&C is appreciated!
  21. Hey Guys! Since we know the Las Vegas NHL expansion team will have something to do with Knights and Sand, I've decided to make a logo/team that already exists in the league. I don't know how they would get rid of Florida in the real world, but they did in my head. SO Las Vegas took over the Florida Panthers franchise and this is what I came up with. This makes sense, trust me. Since Pittsburgh abandoned Vegas Gold, I thought that would be perfect for Vegas. Basically the Pitt color scheme from a year ago. So! I hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  22. I don't post on here very often anymore, but I recently had a thought that I believed other board members may share. I happen to have more than one favorite team in each sport, and this is primarily because I didn't grow up in just one place. There have been star players who have played for both of my favorite teams, but this doesn't happen often. I'll post those below. My question is, how many other board members also have had star athletes or favorite players whom have donned uniforms of both of your favorite teams? Gary Sheffield - Marlins/Brewers Terrell Buckley - Packers/Dolphins Ray Allen - Bucks/Heat
  23. In a few weeks, the Flyers will unveil their 50th anniversary uniforms. Not much is known about what they will look like, but the team has released two teaser images (that don't exactly show much...) Teaser 1: What we know: -There is a black collar -Jersey looks to be predominantly orange -Not a normal Reebok styled yoke -50th Anniversary logo rests on the right shoulder, other shoulder is logo-less Teaser 2: What we know: -Mostly the same as above, BUT! There is some white on the upper part of the sleeve What could this second teaser mean? Is the jersey going to be predominately white? I hope not. But also, if the Flyers were going to honor their history, wouldn't they want to draw inspiration from a uniform that they have worn in the past? I sure hope so, as they have never worn a white jersey with orange shoulders. The team's uniform history has been relatively stable and simple, plus they currently wear their original threads. Here is my guess for what they are planning on unveiling.... A modern version of their chrome jerseys! Just basing off of the teasers, the body and yoke is orange (with Reebok's over-sized yoke style), with the arms predominately white with the same type of design found on their early 2000's alternate jersey. To go along with the theme of their 50th anniversary, I swapped out the silver for the bronze that is found in their anniversary logo. What do you guys think? Is this anything close to what you imagine them unveiling? C&C always appreciated (also, I'm trying out some new gear templates so let me know what you think of those, too.)
  24. Pretty self-explanatory; I really like how Major League Soccer and Baseball have their league logo in team colors for each club. I never understood why the NHL didn't do this. I simplified the league shield a bit, removing the outermost outline and got rid of the gradients, which looked okay but I never really cared for. I am open to changing colors, and maybe adding the outline back; it just seemed superfluous at the time. I also edited some team colors, such as Buffalo, LA, San Jose, and Tampa. C&C appreciated!