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  1. The oilers already have a "gear" based logo and this is just another fun idea! Hope you like it! C&C Welcome!
  2. I'll just put it bluntly. The current Colorado Avalanche jerseys are aggressively bland. And that's the best thing I can say about em. As I frequently say though, I'd post the originals that should never have been dumped, but that wouldn't be much of a concept. So after taking a bit of a break, I have returned. Home & Away...figured I'd incorporate a Colorado flag-based motif...and these mountains are taken from the state seal. Third...the logical conclusion.
  3. I'm working on another What-If series (it's been a loooooooooong time since I've done one) like my Ottawa Senators and Montreal Maroons series, and I'm at a loss for ideas. I'm all about thorough research and realism, so I want to do this right. So I'm coming for help so I can complete the series before I post. The idea is this: What if more WHA teams joined the NHL in the 1979 merger? Birmingham, Houston, Indianapolis, Cincinnati join the NHL. Birmingham Bulls join the NHL, so the Atlanta Flames last a few years longer with the regional rivalry. Instead of Atlanta moving to Calgary in 1980, the Birmingham Bulls move to Calgary in 1982. Atlanta still doesn't survive, and they move to become the Florida Flames in 1984. That alternate path is done. Houston Aeros join the NHL, see the success that Dallas did but years earlier. However, the Minnesota North Stars wouldn't move to Texas if the Aeros are already there, so in 1993 they move to San Jose to revive the Seals (the Seals WERE merged with the North Stars and technically the Sharks are the descendants of the Seals, so why not make it official?). I'm working on this. Colorado Rockies still move to New Jersey. Winnipeg Jets still move to Phoenix. Quebec Nordiques still move to Colorado. Hartford Whalers still move to Carolina. Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators, and Minnesota Wild still become expansion teams. Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets, San Jose Sharks, Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets 2 never exist. Now, here are the real questions: The Indianapolis Racers survive a very short time before moving to Nashville. I'm all ears for naming suggestions, but a racing theme is something I want to keep. Anybody have info on other possible team names that the Predators rejected? The biggest problem I'm having is this: The Cincinnati Stingers had numerous WHA attendance records and did well. I think they would have survived and taken the Blue Jackets' place. However, they looked exactly like the Bruins did, and with the Bruins losing the argument with Pittsburgh over the Black and Gold color scheme, they won't let it happen again. One of the conditions of Cincinnati joining the league is for a change of color scheme and jerseys. What colors make sense for the Stingers other than black and gold? Any thoughts on if that logo would change much over time? And I have two spots for expansion teams. Would the NHL simply expand to Winnipeg, or should they follow the Thrashers/Jets model? Columbus didn't happen because Cincinnati has a team. Where should that franchise go? I realize there are no concept here, yet. But I am hoping with some ideas, direction, and inspiration, I can make some great ones.
  4. Memorial Patches is one of my favorite parts of the uniform. Early patches were crepes and armbands. In 1973,The Pittsburgh Pirates created the standard when they had a patch commentating Roberto Clemente who died in a plane crash in 1972. Please share your favorite patches!
  5. Hey guys, this was just a fun idea we had. To make an interesting logo for the Nordiques, while making it look modern. The Nordiques always had a light blue, so we went with a dark blue with a Carolina blue accent. Hope you like it! C&C Welcome!
  6. I am starting a thread for logos in sports that are really cool but are not commonly viewed as such. You people can post anything you think belongs here. I will not be posting Basketball but if you want to, That's Fine. (I just don't follow that kind of stuff.
  7. I decided to go and update some defunct team uniforms, just to see what the feedback would be. Up first is the Atlanta Thrashers:
  8. Hey guys, I have been taking somewhat of a break from my third jersey series that I have been working on over the past couple months (mainly bc of school and work), but recently, I decided I wanted to give Illustrator a shot. I've never really used the program much before - really only to draw a couple logos, etc. - so this is my first ever jersey concept done in Illustrator. If I could get some C&C on this and also any helpful tips, it would be much appreciated! Thanks guys, and don't worry, the last three teams in my Third Jersey Series will be finished sometime in the near future!
  9. Hey guys! This is my first post on the forums. I've been making concepts for about four years and thought it was time to throw myself to the sharks! lol... Here, I tried mixing the original Coyotes uniforms with their current set.
  10. This Columbus BlueJacket redesign was inspired by the way teams in the NHL are switching to simple jerseys. Some may say that the Columbus jersey is simple enough now, but i thought i can give it a shot. I kept the same stripes but instead of horizontal the stripes are going vertical. Go easy ha. C&C Welcome! If you like these, go ahead and name other teams that i can make a simple jersey for.
  11. Hey guys I decided to combine two eras of Chicago Blackhawks alternate jerseys and came up with this concept. It combines the stripe pattern of the 2000s alternate and the colours and horizontal stripe behind the logo of the Winter Classic jersey that the Hawks rocked for a few seasons after. This was actually the winning design of 3 that I had made. I uploaded all three onto YouTube and had the viewers vote on the concepts. This won by a landslide. Leave me some feedback for next time, I always appreciate that.
  12. I got bored and decided to do this. I may add a third jersey sometime. Away: Home:
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to the boards, but I've been following for years now. I've made a bunch of NHL jersey concepts thus far and I wanted to share them with all of you. So leave me some feedback on my set of Anaheim Ducks jerseys that I came up with.
  14. So I know JCRGraphix is already doing this, but let's see what other people can come up with.
  15. So a friend of mine asked me if I could help him out by designing a new jersey for his roller hockey team. Although I'm not a big hockey guy, I figured I'd give it a crack. I had complete creative freedom, and the only stipulations were that they didn't want anything traditional looking, and they wanted a pattern of some sort and suggested argyle. Details: - I used Oregons font because I liked the futuristic vibe it put off on the jersey. Much thanks to Conrad for posting it, and all the awesome work he's done! - The logo was previously made. I basically traced it out, and recolored it to fit the palette I went with for the jersey. - Sublimated the argyle pattern on the main panel on the front and back. This also happens to be my first official concept to be posted to these boards. C&C is certainly welcome. Last but not least, I am planning on doing a complete NFL redesign series soon, so stay posted for that!
  16. So I'm working on a Seattle Metropolitans Update. I have an Idea of what I want for the Primary logo ( Below), and I plan to add a secondary and a word mark as well as jerseys! Hope you guys enjoy and Look forward to hearing your thoughts and Opinions. I'm torn between two color schemes as well as which logo to go with, let me know what direction to go and how to improve the logo! Maybe even what you would like to see in the secondary!
  17. Well, hello there! This is my first topic on here, so bear with me. I love sports logos and the logo community. And one of my personal favorite logos is that of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Everybody remembers the purple and teal jerseys and that awesome logo. But since they took down the "mighty" moniker, they rebranded the team and changed the logo and colors. People had mixed opinions on it, as did I. Years went on and I decided to make an updated Ducks logo for fun on the Ducks page. And a lot of people seemed to like it. So, inspired by this, I decided to update my logo. Here we have three different variations on said logo: 1. The original logo I made for the Ducks page. FIND IT HERE: 2. I took the red-orange eyes out and shaded the hockey mask. 3. Basically #2 but with the hockey sticks shaded. I also gave the orange "triangle" a sort of beveled look. Well, enjoy...I guess.
  18. If there are any other teams from any league you would like me to try, post it in the comments and I will try.
  19. Hello all, In this topic I will begin my NHL Alternate Jersey Project. I will create an original alternate jersey for all 30 teams and I will give an explanation for each jersey. After my initial jersey I will go in alphabetical order starting with Anaheim (already in progress) I would love to here your guys ideas and criticisms of my work. Thanks again. -Toast
  20. So a thought has been churning in my head for a while. For instance, let's say Patrick Marleau is hooked on a Breakaway by Wayne Simmons (First player I saw on the game I'm watching) and is awarded a Penalty Shot. Should the team awarded the Penalty Shot have the option to choose Penalty Shot or Power Play? In my opinion I can see an argument for and against the option. My argument against the option: A player, in this case Marleau has been awarded a Penalty Shot, a one-on-one vs the opposing Goalie to give him his scoring chance back. A power play instead of Penalty Shot gives the team possibly more than one scoring chance. My argument for the option: Marleau isn't guaranteed to score on his scoring chance and he guaranteed to score on his Penalty Shot and his team isn't guaranteed to score on the Power Play - so two minutes is better than one-on-one vs the goalie if he's hot or the shooter is cold or not very good at Penalty Shots. I've also heard some fans say that take the Penalty Shot, if player misses his team gets a Power Play. While I've also thought of this, I would say that it gives a player more than the one scoring chance the player got on the breakaway. However, on the flip side a penalty is a penalty, so Simmons hooking is a Penalty regardless of if happened on a breakaway or along the boards among a heap of players. For those wondering the NHL does mention rules that regardless of the result of the Penalty Shot a minor penalty shall not be assessed: 24.6 Results - Should a goal be scored from a penalty shot, a further penalty to the offending player or goalkeeper shall not be applied unless the offense for which the penalty shot was awarded was such as to incur a major, match or misconduct penalty, in which case the penalty prescribed for the particular offense shall be imposed. If the offense for which the penalty shot was awarded was such as to normally incur a minor penalty, then regardless of whether the penalty shot results in a goal or not, no further minor penalty shall be served. The NHL doesn't seem to mention being able to decline a Penalty Shot for a Power Play though. Thoughts on the option? Argue for and/or against like I did, if you want to.
  21. So I'm going to redo the stadium series jerseys in not just a way I want but hopefully the way everyone wants And hopefully with a bit more thought than reebok put in. Up first we've got the Ducks! I decided to go for a modern take on the Mighty Ducks throwback they wore earlier this year seeing as they got all that shinny new equipment for it. And the throwback has been one of the best selling jerseys this year. But still tried to stay with in the Stadium Series boundaries that have been established this year. And Just in case you want to stick with the Duck's current Colors here you go Well that's it For the ducks stay tuned for the others!
  22. This concept came about after a conversation on the possibility of an independent Québec with a friend who is a Montréal native and a strong supporter of Québec sovereignty. Taking a break from the heated discussion regarding the viability of such a nation- My brain took full advantage to jump into "hockey mode" and I posed the question: "What would happen to the Habs if Québec DOES become an independent nation?" Naturally, cheering for a team called "le Club de Hockey Canadien" would seem strange to the population in a newly free Quebec, regardless of the history associated with the franchise. After all: this is a province who has just cut ties with a "country" it has been a part of for the better part of a century and a half, I'm certain a change would be welcomed. Wanting to keep my alteration of such a storied franchise to a minimum, I opted to simply replace the "Canadien" in the existing franchise identity with "Québécois"- a fitting, yet subtle change for the team in the largest city in the new nation. The following logos are quick mock-ups of what I think the best possible course of action would be in the event the aforementioned purely hypothetical situation does come to fruition. Ladies and Gentlemen: le Club de Hockey Québécois. This was my first, very visibly rough draft of what a "half C/ half Q" habs primary logo could be. This one answered the "what If they drop the "C" altogether?" question. And finally: This was the third "compromise" between the two prior mock ups. Let me know what you think. This was all product of a quick brain storm and done (quite quickly and messy, I might add) in the always wonderful MS Paint.
  23. This was made for HJC's "Calgary Flames Redesign Contest" but thought I should post it here as well for some feedback. Thanks.
  24. So Seeing the new Stadium series logos and the NYI jersey that came out today I decided to give the whole league the chromed out look. First division I did was the northeast teams