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  1. So, time to throw my hat back into the concept ring for one short series at least. It involves the outdoor games in the 2015-16 NHL season, as we have no indicator on where any of those games may be. I'm also assuming that the Stadium Series carries on in it's current format. The games are as followed: Winter Classic, January 2nd, 2016. Boston Bruins @ Minnesota Wild, TFC Bank Stadium Stadium Series, January 29th, 2016. Buffalo Sabres @ Columbus Blue Jackets, Ohio Stadium Stadium Series, January 30th, 2016. Edmonton Oilers @ Philadelphia Flyers, Lincoln Financial Field Stadium Series, February 13th, 2016. Chicago Blackhawks @ St. Louis Blues, Busch Stadium (III) Stadium Series, February 20th, 2016. Tampa Bay Lightning @ Carolina Hurricanes, Carter-Finley Stadium Heritage Classic, March 6th, 2016. Montreal Canadiens @ Winnipeg Jets, Investors Group Field Yes, there is a Canadian team in the Stadium Series, I think the Oilers could stand another go at an outdoor game.
  2. I am going to be doing a De-Edging of all 30 teams' primary jerseys. I may include a few specialty jerseys also, we'll see. I won't be doing these in any particular order. Comments and/or criticism are more than welcome! Thanks for viewing this too! The first set of jerseys tonight is the Tampa Bay Lightning. I feel their look now is too simple and copies the Red Wings too much. I also dislike their current logo too, and I think black needs to make more of a presence.
  3. As I figure most of us know, the Flames unveiled a new third jersey so okay it's average. The sunset/mountains/wheat patch, I love. The odd looking 5, yeh it looks weird. The yoke looking like a stereotypical cowboy's shirt, it's alright. The script is decent, but looking at those rejected ideas Icethetics got a shot of, it seems like a missed opportunity. As Mills Lane would say though, let's get it on. Main The simplified burning C caught my eye, and I wanted to see what it'd look like on a uniform. As I like their current number font, I thought it'd be a waste to not use it, though the red jersey uses gold numbers rather than black. I normally don't bother with helmets as far as hockey concepts go, even though I should, but I'm imagining red helmets here. Third Sue me, I liked the boot. Granted, the CALGARY is admittedly a bit messy, but the boot was simple enough to trace. Figured to differentiate this from the main reds, there'd be no black outlining, different pants shell, and obviously different striping. The horseshoe number was the final touch I'd wanted to add, but then came the problem of striping. Some of you may recall how I occasionally bitch about one of my older concepts, a Drummondville Voltigeurs set whose third jersey was said to look like "every other hockey jersey ever," as that was not a compliment, to put it mildly. The striping I went with is based on what I'd used for the Voltigeurs home/away, except the inner stripes on that version were vertical, here they're at a slight angle, somewhat mimicking the "podium stripe" of the late Fleury era. I'm thinking of making at least one more set here, though other than intending to use the regular C if I do so, I make no promises.
  4. I've been working on a new project - generating individual color swatch images for all clubs in the "major" sports leagues - MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. So far, I've gotten the NBA and NHL completed; and have made significant progress on the MLB. These individual images will help with the various color-to-color comparisons we're debating from time to time. For example: As you can see, I list the team name, the color description, and the time-frame used. If a color is an estimate (i.e., not from a confirmed Pantone value), the color description will be followed by an asterisk ('*'). I'll update this thread as I get individual leagues completed.
  5. Hey... I'll admit this, I barely know how the Ducks and Clippers are doing and have only watched a handful of their games. Same with the Steelers. I still consider me a fan of these teams, but I'm not really following them. I think it's because I can't really watch them in Iowa, I only had Sunday Ticket for a season and usually a Bears game would be on because my parents and little brother are Bears fans. The NBA and NHL have something similar, and while I think I would like it, I doubt I'd get it, because it adds alot to the bill. DirectTV gave us the local channels which contain Ducks and Clippers games for awhile, but they stopped carrying it for some reason, which I don't understand. So in short, I'm wondering what I should do. Stop considering me a sports fan? Switch favorite teams? Or should I find a way to watch them legally without paying money, which I think is impossible. Can you guys help me out without bias towards your teams?
  6. This is my concept on what the Lightning should consider for the new alternate jersey. It's a bit of a throwback to the 2004 Stanley Cup team mixed with the new look.
  7. I really like the Canucks' jersey style they have now, but I don't like the whale, non-matching socks, and the font. Here, I am basically taking their current/vintage 70's look, and combining it with today's logos, and a new number font. Home: Away:

    NHL Collegiate

    Flipping threw the channels the other day I happened to find out I got CBS sports and they had college hockey on..Not going to lie I love the simple traditional jerseys that they were sporting. So I started doing the NHL if it ever went with a college hockey style jersey.
  9. Hey guys, right now I plan on working on a two part NHL expansion series including Hamilton, and Quebec. So, I'm stumped on the Hamilton team name. I'd like it to have something to do with steel, considering the fact that Hamilton is the "Steel City". Also, sorry I'm not taking the Tigers name. All suggestions welcome
  10. So I think it's safe to say we've all seen the Islanders Stadium Series jersey, but we haven't seen any of the other teams designs yet. My personal prediction is that the designs will come out before Cyber Monday so we can all purchase the jerseys online. Anyway this is my prediction for the Anaheim Ducks is as follows. Most of the design came from the "hockey bear" t-shirt design but the white shoulder yoke came from the Isles jersey. Also I added a helmet stripe because it felt like a "modern" element Reebok would do. Also I made the pants logo bigger than usual and the main logo chrome to go along with the Isles jersey.
  11. I worked on this concept at the start of the season and never really thought to post it. Of course, this is why Vanek's name and number are featured on the jerseys. The third jersey is getting worn for the first time tomorrow, so in order to keep my sanity as a Sabres fan I decided to show what I think the team should look like. The striping pattern is a fusion of the mismatched striping that used to be on the whites.
  12. In March of 2014, the Ottawa Senators and the Vancouver Canucks will play in the NHL Heritage Classic. So far, nothing about what each team will be wearing has been announced. Here is what I would like to see Ottawa wear. The top concept has a square yoke while the bottom has round. Tell me what you prefer. Probably not the biggest decision but it makes a difference. Loosely based on this. As for the template, it was made by Matthew McElroy and edited by me. The template can be found here: You can find Matthew's stuff here: He makes some sweet hockey concepts over there so definitely check him out if you haven't already.
  13. After following these boards for a few years I finally decided to get in on the action. I am a big fan of stripes and like the Canadiens barberpole jerseys but I can't look at them for more than a few seconds without my eyes hurting. I tried to incorporate the barberpole in a more visually appealing way.
  14. Here's another in my template series. I'm working on a whole set of templates. This is my Reebok Edge hockey template. Right now I'm still refining it, so it's not being released just yet. When it's ready, I'll modify the topic appropriately. So here's what I have so far, and I would like some C&C on it please.
  15. Read this interesting Sports Media Watch tweet: And he released a really interesting article about it that added more detail: I'm curious about your thoughts on this. Is there a remedy for the NBA or MLB to shake things up? Are their salary systems to blame? Or is it "just how it is."
  16. Hello guys! I'm back with my next series of concepts. I'm going to be doing most of the NHL, in no particular order. My apologies if I don't update this regularly, but will school and other activities, it will be hard to add to this on a schedule. 1. Minnesota Wild I'm starting this series with the Minnesota Wild. I think that the new road jersey is a step in the right direction, but some tweaks are needed for that jersey and other major changes are needed to make the rest of the set match. The first big change in this set is that the color forest green is now the primary color. Also, the color wheat has been relegated to the alternate jersey. I think that forest, red, and white look sharpest without wheat. Home Road Alternate
  17. I thought I'd share some of my own color palette proposals for some of the various teams in sports... Arizona Cardinals: Dallas Cowboys: Seattle Seahawks:
  18. Hey guys, considering it's a brand new hockey year, I figured that I'd fix the teams that needed it the most, starting with Ottawa. I know I'm a Leafs fan, but Ottawa's jerseys are just cookie-cutter messes. I decided to go back to the alternate from 2000 as my main inspiration. I loved that sweater, and I miss seeing it on the ice. I tweaked the home to be red, brought back the Peace Tower shoulder patch and made a home jersey to match. The alternate jersey stays the same, as it's a great thowback jersey. What do you guys think about this as a set? I'm open to your suggestions.
  19. I've been wanting to do a NHL redesign for a while, I've finally gotten around to starting one. Anyway, I will try to go in alphabetical order, but if I have a great idea for someone, I won't hesitate to make it. Enjoy. (Also, if you want to, check out my NHL Uniform Matchup Database @ Anaheim Ducks Buffalo Sabres Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Been making a lot of NHL Hockey concepts lately so I thought I would post some here to get some criticism. I try to be original but some teams should never change. If they stink really bad, tell me. Feel free to tell me straight up. Thanks! New Jersey Devils Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes
  21. I saw the NBA and the NFL versions go up, so I figured it was about time. Maybe this could also delve into the Olympic roster predictions? Anyway, here's my two cents (I'm only doing the top 10 in this post) East: Boston Pittsburgh Washington Detroit Ottawa NY Rangers ******************* Toronto Montreal ============ NY Islanders Columbus West: Chicago Los Angeles San Jose St Louis Minnesota Anaheim **************** Vancouver Winnipeg =========== Phoenix Dallas Notes: Boston -Chicago going as the no 1 seeds seems a bit safe, but given the way that the NHL mostly worked last playoffs, I think it actually might happen. I think the Blue Jackets will be better than they had been, but I'd be insane to say that they could keep up their pace in the second half of last season. They're moving into a tough division and Bobrovsky could still fall yet, he did play for the Flyers after all. Homerism for Ottawa? Yes That would set up an Ottawa - Detroit playoff series that I would go to absolutely every game.
  22. So around July I ranked the NHL logos by the ratings they have on the logo page, and since the Ducks changed their logo, I decided to post it to the public. Chicago (8.6) Detroit (8.4) New Jersey (8.4) San Jose (8.2) Buffalo (8.1) St. Louis (7.9) Montreal (7.8) Minnesota (7.8) Anaheim (7.8) Boston (7.7) Edmonton (7.7) Nashville (7.5) Philadelphia (7.4) Calgary (7.4) Florida (7.2) Colorado (7.1) Pittsburgh (7.0) N.Y. Islanders (6.9) Phoenix (6.9) Winnipeg (6.9) N.Y. Rangers (6.8) Dallas (6.8) Toronto (6.6) Vancouver (6.4) Washington (6.4) Ottawa (6.3) Columbus (6.3) Los Angeles (6.0) Carolina (5.9) Tampa Bay (5.0) Ties are decided on by how long the general design has been around. Comments or concerns?
  23. finished another concept today, team name taken from fantasy nhl teams over at icethetics... C&C welcome also considering secondary logo, right now im thinking like an old artillery gun but would welcome suggestions
  24. a fantasy concept i put together for the icehl league over at icethetics... found out about it a little late but none the less thought id have a go more teams to follow.. c&c always welcome