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  1. Hi, I haven't posted any concepts on this forum before so here`s my first crack at it. I simply updated the Buffalo Sabres logo by fine-tuning all of the lines. I know that the actual Sabres sword is more popular and I will get working on that soon. But in the meantime let me know what you think. (I've posted the current Sabres logo for you to compare the difference)
  2. So if the reports are to be believed the NHL is considering expanding by two teams (LOL), with one of those teams being a second team in the Greater Toronto Area (uggggg). We have plenty of threads to discuss the NHL's averse relationship with common sense. I started this thread to discuss what the second Toronto team could be called, what colours they could wear, and even what their uniforms could look like. There was an aborted plan a few years ago to set up a second Toronto team, and that proposal floated the name "Toronto Legacy" and proposed a red, black, and grey colour scheme. Toronto, prior to the establishment of the team that would become the Maple Leafs, had two other pro teams. The Toronto Tecumsehs and the Toronto Blue Shirts. The Blue Shirts, like the Leafs, were blue and white while the Tecumsehs were red and white. So what does everyone think? Are any of these names/colour schemes viable? If not what other names could they use? An idea I came up with was the Toronto Celtics (pronounced keltics). They could go with a green and white scheme that calls back to the St. Pats without pretending to be the St. Pats.
  3. I have been working on a project during my free time on what some NHL teams/markets might have looked like if it weren't for some relocations/foldings that took place between the 70's and 90's. So here is Part I: The Colorado Rockies. The Colorado Rockies were an NHL between 1976 and 1981. They were originally the Kansas City Scouts before moving to Denver in 1976, and then after many seasons of poor attendance, and bad play the team finally packed up and moved to New Jersey. The would become the Devils, and you all know what happened after that. In this project though, the Rockies never make the move to New Jersey, and they are still in Denver to this day. But what would the Rockies look like now? Would they have kept the uniforms unchanged? Who they change colors? Would they get new logos? 1976-1977 When the Rockies moved to Denver from Kansas City, the kept their colors of blue, red and yellow but changed their name and adopted a new logo that was based of the Colorado state flag. Their original uniforms were classic in style and very fitting to the era in which they were created. The white jersey was adorned with yellow/red/yellow sleeve stripes and blue pants. While the blue jersey was adorned with the same yellow/red/yellow stripes and red pants. 1977-1985 After their first season in Colorado, the Rockies decided to make a few changes to their look. The first and most obvious one, being the addition of player's names to the blue jersey. Now both home and away sets had the player's name on the back. The other not so obvious changes were the addition of a yellow/blue/yellow stripe to the bottom of the red pants legs, so that the striping would better match that of the blue pants. And they began to wear white helmets with the white jersey. This look would last them until the 1984-1985 season. 1985-1990 After the 1984-1985 season, the Rockies would make one small tweak to their look, in order to simplify things and also to save an extra penny. They would drop the red pants that were worn with the blue jersey, and start using their blue pants exclusively. 1990-1996 After the 1989-1990 season, the Rockies would make their first drastic uniform change. They would drop their jersey design that they have had since their first season in favor of a more streamlined and modern striping style. The new jerseys feature a white/yellow/red/blue stripe pattern that would hold consistent on both jerseys. The stripes would be adorned on the sleeves, hems and socks of the uniform. They also dropped the striping on the pants and now have solid blue pants with both jerseys. 1996-2007 In 1996, the Rockies would follow the direction of the Sabres, Islanders, and Capitals in completely rebranding themselves with a new logo. This logo was supposed to be a modernization of their old logo. Still based on the Colorado flag, the new logo features a red C outlined in navy blue, with a mountain inside of a yellow circle in the middle of the C. The new logo would also bring about a change in colors. All three colors (red, blue, and yellow) are darkened pretty drastically. Along with the new logo/colors, the team would adopt a new uniform with striping made to reflect mountain peaks. The blue jersey had sleeves adorned with a single red peak stripe outlined by two small yellow and white stripes. The hem would feature this same style but with multiple peaks instead of just one. The white jersey would follow the same style but with blue peak stripes outlined by two small red and yellow stripes. These jerseys would be worn for a total of 11 seasons. 2007-2009 With the introduction of the new Rebook Edge jersey system in the NHL, some looks were unable to be reproduced on the new jersey cuts. One of these designs being the Rockies mountain peak design. Because of this the Rockies are forced to adopt a new uniform. The logos and colors would remain the same. The new uniforms feature stripes that go all along the tops of the sleeves and side panel stripes. The color pattern would follow the same style as the previous set; red/yellow/white on the blue jersey, and blue/yellow/red on the white jersey. 2009-2011 In 2009, the Rockies would adopt the first third uniform in the history of the franchise. Because of all the retro craze going on during this time, the Rockies would adopt a faxback design, complete with lace-up collars, as their third jersey. This jersey was navy blue with a red/white/yellow/white/red sleeve, sock, and hem striping design. 2011-2012 With the large amount of success the third jersey had with fans, in 2011 the Rockies would decide to adopt that jersey as their full time look. They created a new matching white jersey, and retired their previous home/away jerseys. 2012-present In 2012, the Colorado Rockies would pay homage to the original 1976 team with a throwback third jersey. This jersey would feature the same design as the original blue sweater that the team wore in 1976.
  4. The Tampa Bay Lightning have never gotten it right. While their current look is probably the best they've had I feel it's still severely flawed. The look borrows heavily from two Original Six franchises, taking the Maple Leafs' blue and white colour scheme and mixing it with the Red Wings' striping pattern. The black they added at the fanbase's request looks tacked on, and isn't nearly as integrated into the uniforms as it should be. Finally, the logo just doesn't accomplish what it was designed to do. The logo was designed to be iconic. A logo in the style of the Yankees' NY or the Colts' horseshoe. Yet its skewed perspective hampers it, I think. It looks like it was run over by a steamroller. So I started with the logo. Instead of the flawed skewed primary I went with the current alternate mark. Unlike the skewed oval this logo uses a standard lightning bolt in circle design, which I felt made it an instant upgrade. The "TEAM NAME/HOCKEY CLUB" roundel portion was going to be nixed, but I kept it as the Lightning do have a history of including the team name with the primary mark. In fact I tried to make this whole set a celebration of the better parts of the Lightning's uniform and aesthetic history. The Lightning are, under their current ownership, a team trying to establish their own traditions. Like the New Jersey Devils before them they're trying to follow in the footsteps of the classic, established franchises. I tried to take that sentiment and merge it with a look that also respects the Lightning's history prior to the current ownership. The logo's been altered to include black. Black takes up half of the inner circle, and is used to outline all three lightning bolts on the crest. Likewise black's been added to the uniform. I've also changed the shade of blue. They currently use the same shade the Leafs use. I've replaced that with the more electric shade of blue used by the team from 1992-2001. Not only does this help distance the team's look from the Leafs but it also seems more fitting. A team in Florida should embrace colour. While blue and black is a perfect scheme for a team called the Lightning using the Leafs' blue with black was just a bit to dark. The striping pattern is the one used by the Lightning on their home and road sweaters from 1992-2007, sans the contrasting shoulder yokes. It's a simple but unique pattern that both homages the team's past and also helps them establish a traditional look of their own. I used a simple TB monogram as the alternate mark. The alternate serves as a sort of heritage fauxback. The sweater and socks' colours and striping come directly from the team's black set used from 1992-2007. A variation of the logo is used that replaces the black half of the inner circle with silver, a reference to the team's 1992-2007 primary logo which used a silver circle as a central design element. The number font and colouration reflects the style worn by the team when they won the Stanley Cup in 2004. All in all I tried to create a look for the Lighting that reflected the team's desire to follow in the footsteps of established teams, that honoured the team's own history, and that better reflected the team's Sunshine State locale. That's a bit much to try and cram into a single concept, but I think I did an ok job of it. What do you guys think? C&C, as always, is welcome.
  5. I'm entering this concept into the latest SportDrawn contest and would appreciate C/C. I had originally thought of doing the checkerboard design for the sleeve stripe as well, bur realised that because of its similarity to the patch, the patch would completely lose its impact. Thanks!
  6. Bmac

    Bmac Does the NHL

    I've still have a college hockey concept thread going, but I wanted to get some of my other work posted as well. I will attempt to get a concept posted for each NHL team, but we'll see how far this goes. St. Louis Blues Detroit Red Wings
  7. Started getting an idea for the New England Whalers comeback when I heard rumors that the NHL might be in a expansion year next season. The Whalers should be a shoe-in. Being from NH I would love to see them back as the old New England Whalers. Heres my dilemma, I am stumped on my color scheme. With the logo below i started on the old Hartford whalers just wont work. Any Ideas? Also the font and text Whalers are just a place holder.
  8. New here and I'm pretty much geeking out on all the awesomeness. I've seen some logo redesigns, and was wondering if anyone had ever approached a team with their redesign? anyone go there?
  9. Never mind this post. Had to take the concepts down for personal reasons. Sorry folks.
  10. I've decided to throw my rebrand hat in the ring but instead of doing all the teams, I just did all the teams could use a rebrand in my mind, so I have nine jerseys. (Anaheim, Calgary, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Nashville, Philadelphia, Vancouver and Washington) Sadly the only resource I have is MS Paint so please try not to get to hung up on the Paint issues I have (name and number off center, white outline on logo, helmet logo not scaled, etc.) I've started out with my favourite team, the Anaheim Ducks. The jersey is based on the 2003-2006 alternate jersey. C&C welcome
  11. Ok, so I'm sure every Sens fan here, and most moderately inclined NHL fans, has heard about spezza getting back surgery, and will be out for at least two months. Of course, the worst news out of all of this is that he's on my team in my hockey pool. I kid, but this is bad news for Sens nation and the team. Questions come up like: Can Anderson keep up his good play as of late? Will Turris and Michalek produce without him? Can Latendresse step up? Will the poutine lines get any shorter? and will Zibanejad and Condra play well through the stretch? Keep in mind that this is not the only senators woe, with Lundin and Cowen missing from the blue-line. Which was perceived to be one of the leagues weakest, although they are showing otherwise. With especially good play from Methot, Benoit, and Boroweicki. [i know I didn't spell that right] All of those questions headlined above will affect Ottawa's point total as much as a healthy spezza; yes, including the poutine for fan moral. But Spezza keys in on a lot of those (he cooks right?) The sens might also need to shuffle their lines a bit, here's my taking: Greening - Turris - Michalek Alfredsson - O'Brien - Silferberg Condra - Smith - Neil Latendresse - Zibanejad - Regin I predict spezza misses 28 games, coming back on April 2nd against Boston. Ottawa goes 14-10-4 and stays in a playoff spot. What's your take or prediction on this?
  12. PatsFan12

    NHL Concepts

    I'm planning on doing some of the NHL here, maybe all of it. I remember when Anaheim had 2 alternates, so I'm making 4 jerseys for each team, 2 at home, 2 on the road. According to the league, teams can wear alts a maximum of 15 times a season, but I'm upping that to 16, so then the teams can wear each alternate 8 times. Edit: Check post below for concept.
  13. TorinK29

    Sports Tickets

    Ok, so... I'm trying my hand at something new today, after another hiatus of posting concepts. I might get back to my redesign sometime, but I'll probably just start a thread of freelance concepts, I already have a couple lined up. But back to this, I find no interest at this time of posting jerseys, so I'll try to post some tickets of a few teams in a few leagues. I'll try to post a ticket from each of the tagged leagues in my next 4 posts here. I don't expect to start off well, but I'd like to build my craft like I did in jerseys (even if you aren't a fan of my jersey concepts, you'll have to admit they're a heck of a lot better now than they were when I started) http://3.bp.blogspot...tmenjersey1.png (logo credited to Six Zero) So I'll start with my favourite team and a game that I have my sights on going to: I'll let it speak for itself; however, in final editing, I accidentally made all of Kyle Turris vintage white, and I was kind of partial towards it. Should I be? Regular Turris: Semi up turris: C&C?
  14. Again I'll preface by saying I hardly post concepts here anymore, and I'm hesitant to start again. But as long as there is interest I will consider sharing my work. I am currently working on some re-brands for the NHL and kind of wanted to give people a sneak peek at what I'm putting together. I have some new uniforms in the works for the San Jose Sharks, but am also touching up the rest of the identity, including the wordmarks. The current ones aren't good, so I started over. Anyway, I thought I would post what I have done in hopes that someone would leave some feedback. Hopefully I can get the rest of this project posted soon. Stay tuned.
  15. Well, it looks like nobody cares about this enough to make a topic about it, so I will. Who will win? Who will be the underdogs?How will Canada fare?Answer these questions however you want, because it's World Junior Time!
  16. Hey everyone! This is my fictional series where Nike takes over the NHL. I will post every team (Hopefully) one at a time to get suggestions on how to improve them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First team I did was Anaheim. I really wanted to go back to the diagonal stripe, eggplant turquoise style. This is my all time favorite look for the Ducks. Up next will probably be the Bruins. (Sorry Winnipeg fans, I might do this alphabetically.)
  17. Basically north stars colors, modified star template to better match the logo ad black alt based off current uniforms. Let me know what ou think
  18. I have created these nhl hockey jersey templates. There are 3 different collar types and the files are 1240x640 png files. I have PSD files and I am just cleaning them up for distribution, when ready I will distribute. Enjoy!
  19. Due to the cluttering and lack of C&C on my previous redesign I've decided to start a new thread. This will have a slightly different format. I will post all my concepts (including the one's I have already done.) and continue to do that until all 30 teams are finished, and then apply C&C to the concepts at the end? That way, I hope to be able to have continued C&C on my concepts so that the finished one's will be better. Let me know what you think.
  20. Hello everybody, I just wanted to share a concept I made for the Wild a couple of days ago. It is all inspired by the current alternate jersey. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. -Tyler G.
  21. This is my Stars concept I just got done. The striping is based on the old "star" jerseys. Thanks. Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.
  22. Ok I'd like to first off give a huge thanks to Bmac. I had an extremely rough draft thrown together on MS Paint and he cam threw cleaned it up and made it presentable. On to the concept... When I heard of the Islanders plans to move to Brooklyn, I came to the conclusion that they needed an upgrade. A makeover. Here are some of the thoughts that went into the concept: With the Nets moving into Brooklyn and getting a new look, I figured the Islanders deserved to as well. I wanted color. Don't get me wrong I like the Black and White combo for the Nets. I find it crisp and clean. I just didn't think two teams in the same area needed the same scheme (both on rebrands). I disliked the old color combos. The 95-96 "Gorton's Fisherman" logo scheme of Teal/Orange/Navy, just no. Orange and Blue is a good combo, don't get me wrong I'm just tired of seeing it. (See: Oilers, Mets, DET Tigers, Auburn Tigers, CHI Bears, Thunder, Bobcats, Knicks get the point) I love the combo of Blue/Green/Yellow, I find that the colors really POP and they meld together really crisply. As far as a logo I love the shape of Long Island and really wanted to brand the team as the Islanders, hence the island. I'd love to some how incorporate the Brooklyn Bridge in to another logo, but I lack the skill-set to pull this off. I originally did the colored jersey and loved the striping Green/Blue/Yellow/Blue/Green and decided it was too good to mess with and kept it on the white, but for continuity I kept the blue on either side of the striping. The concept: I'd love to hear some feedback on these. Once again a huge thank you to Bmac!
  23. Hello everybody, I've been looking on CCSLC for awhile and I finally have decided to post some of my concepts here. All these redesigns are going on my project's site, Tyler's NHL. (Note: Not all of these are concepts, some are just tweaks or minor fixes. Some have no changes at all.) WESTERN CONFERENCE Calgary Flames - Home/Road Chicago Blackhawks - Home/Road ---> Alternate/Winter Classic Dallas Stars - Home/Road Vancouver Canucks - Home/Road ---> Update EASTERN CONFERENCE Buffalo Sabres - Home/Road New Jersey Devils - Home/Road Comment and tell me what you think! Any C&C is appreciated.