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  1. It's that special time of year for those of us that follow college football outside of the FBS. The NCAA Division 2 and 3 playoff selections will be this evening. FCS has one more week left in it's regular season and will have their playoff selection next Sunday. I personally don't follow NAIA, NCFA (club football) or NJCAA (junior college), but there's usually a couple guys here that do a good job keeping everyone informed on the postseason of those leagues.
  2. Near my hometown there is a junior college in River Grove, Illinois called Triton College. They dont have a hockey program and probably never will considering they dropped their football program decades ago. I got the idea for this concept the other day using their T logo and the Trojan helmet. I made the roundel with some pieces of design from the school's seal with the gear teeth and the leaves or wheat that i used in the striping and the roundel. I made a Gemini Athletic hockey jersey templates and sock templates from Gemini's site. Considering a lot of colleges use Gemini jerseys and socks I figured they would be more likely to use Gemini instead of Reebok or CCM. I think i have the colors correct but due to colorwerx no longer being up I am not sure. The fonts are Houston Astros font for their uniforms and the font on the alt jersey is NW Rangers light. ( I think both are from Fonts by Conrad. I know the Houston one is) Any and all critiques are welcome good or bad. I would lik to hear what you think to improve my designs. (the T logo and trojan helmet in the bottom right corner are the logos from the school. I used them to make vectors for my designs). Triton's seal