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  1. The San Diego Mariners were a WHA hockey team that was around for a few years in the seventies. They collapsed due to unsuccesful ticket sales, but could have possibly been relocated to Florida after being sold to Flyers minority owner Bill Putnam. So what if that deal went through and created the first successful Sunshine State hockey club? This is my preposition for an NHL team known as the Florida Breakers. After the Mariners could no longer be sustained, the Florida Breakers were born, and became the first Florida hockey team since the shortlived Miami Screaming Eagles of the 72/73 WHA season. Hopes were that under the wings of Bill Putnam, this team would turn out better. Potential was evident and although ticket sales were initially rocky, fans of hockey from all over Florida began to join in on the rather successful buzz of the new ocean-themed team. Fans were also fond of the logo which was, although very seventies, rather sharp. It included four shades of aqua blue and an F for Florida made up of the upper two parts of the wave. The unis also had seventies flair (NHL jerseys pictured above) and featured an aquatic font, same as the logo, and a sort of blue gradient featured on the sleeves and waist of both the home and road uniforms. Fan fervor was enough to make the NHL take a chance on the team and give them a spot in the league. This resulted in the logo being given a white outline (As shown on the above blue jersey) and obviously dropping the WHA from the half circle. Let me know what you think of this initial concept and more (fake) history to come! Thanks
  2. This is my idea for what this year's winter classic should look like. St Louis: I edited their sleeve strping from the mid 80's to early 90's and made it extend to the cuff. Chicago: I used sand as the primary jersey colour, gave them a double red-stripe sleeve and hem pattern, and a black yoke C&C is appreciated!
  3. In thinking about "Faces of the Franchise" I've realized that some teams don't have one face of the franchise, but rather many legends that represent the team. So I thought to myself "Wouldn't a sports-themed Mount Rushmore-type list make more sense?". Being a Detroit Tigers fan, this is an especially tough list because they've had so many legends wear the Old English D on the front of their jerseys. But without further ado, here I go. Ty Cobb: An obvious choice, simply one of the best hitters and base runners in league history. Even if he was a great pain, he was also a great baseball player. Hank Greenberg: A unique choice, I know. But he was one of the Tiger's most prolific home run sluggers in their history. It also helps that he was a hero to Detroit's Jewish population at a time when they needed a hero. Al Kaline: A no doubter here. I mean, he is nicknamed Mr. Tiger after all! He spent his entire career with Detroit, and he is known for his class as much as he was for his playing skill he had back in the day. Alan Trammell AND Lou Whitaker: There's no way I could split up one of the best double play combos in history by choosing one over the other. It is almost impossible to not think of one without the other. They spent their entire career together, and during that time they became fan favorites for their amazing defensive plays and for leading Detroit to the 1984 World Series. In compiling this list I made the decision to leave off some players that still meant a lot to the organization (Willie Horton and Kirk Gibson, to name a few). I also decided to stick to players only, which led to Mike Ilitch and Sparky Anderson being left out. I thought about putting Miguel Cabrera on the list, but I'm waiting to see how the rest of his career pans out. So what's your list?
  4. In this thread I will posting NHL concepts in no particular order. The Dallas Stars are probably my favourite identity in the NHL right now, so I didn't want to stray too far away from their current jerseys. For the home jersey, I modified their current home striping pattern and added a white yoke. The only thing i'm not sure about is if the helmet should be black or green. I made the away jersey's striping pattern like the home's, kept the green yoke, but used a black outline on it. Home: Away: C&C is appreciated!
  5. Starting out slowly.. There also doesn't seem to be any decent photos of the Verizon Centre front entrance.
  6. This was submitted to HJC for their 365 Club competition I took part of their jersey's stripe pattern and added white to make it look closer to their away jerseys. Thoughts?
  7. The title says it all. The reason I brought this up is because me & a buddy were discussing ugly uniforms. It made me notice that the State of Colorado has ugly jerseys galore. MLB- The Rockies are a team that all love to hate on here. The too-much black, the vest jersey, everything about the set looks bland and bad. NHL- The Avs wear RBK Edge Piped awfulness and I hate the new C shoulder patch logo. And I don't care, that alternate jersey is bland and needs tweaking. Plus, Navy and Maroon don't work often. NBA- The Nuggets jerseys looked better before the unnecessary wordmark & number colour change they made last year, which I still never got. Why use black numbers? The yellow alternate jersey looked better before they changed the wordmark too to that Rainbow- era wordmark last year too and that jersey was fine and should be the basis for a new set. That sleeved alternate (The White-Gold jersey) is meh. The jersey itself is awful, but the shorts look okay. NFL- I don't care how iconic you think they are, the Broncos look dated. Now that Manning is gone, this should be the time to change and re-modernize one of your much better looking sets. MLS- The Rapids are nothing special & that yellow jersey they wear is ugly. So, just my thoughts. Who do you guys nominate or do you agree with my choice of Colorado?
  8. So, I was trying to come up with a logo for my personal design brand and a got a bit sidetracked by the Caped Crusader, the Sharks new logos, etc. I struggle drawing things free hand, for whatever reason. It's difficult for me to even things up. Plus, I needed to start to learn affinity designer and photo more in depth. I started out creating a spartan helmet, something relatively simple. Then I created a spear to go along with the helmet. Then i started reading about the Las Vegas' NHL franchise again. So I had to try to put together a quick logo concept and home/away jerseys. Feels generic, but at this point that might be what will happen. So here are the Las Vegas Spartans. Since Black Knights is a no-go and the OHL London Knights own Knight in Canada, and Foley has been adamant about having knight or knight/cavalry themed something somewhere, I chose Spartans. I did not look up to see if Spartans would work legally, but Las Vegas Spartans actually doesn't sound too bad. Just a primary logo right now, wasn't sure what to do for a secondary logo or tertiary logo. Might use this in NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K17. I'd use it in NHL 17, but... no logo uploads this year. P.S. If you want to use it 2K16/17 just let me know, I have a few different color combos. Can Change just about anything on it.
  9. The NHL's 2017-18 Las Vegas expansion team will obviously need an AHL expansion team as an affiliate, so I'm curious to see some ideas get thrown around in this thread. Location Nickname Logo Uniforms ***Lets exclude any existing teams from the lower minors, as a possible promotion to AHL***
  10. The NHL Pacific division has a lot of potential for alternate jerseys, but most of them are pretty lackluster. So here I'm setting out to make sure the Pacific's alternates are everything that they should be and hopefully, more. First, the Coyotes. The 'Yotes didn't release an alternate with their new set so I did what I think is a good option. I decided to use their paw alternate and put all the design on the sleeves just like their Home/Away jerseys. C&C more than welcome, and any post will be liked so feel free to let me know what you think. Sharks are up next, thanks!
  11. Over the last couple months, I have played around with creating silhouette wallpapers, mostly for me. One of them was a birthday gift for a family member, but they were mostly just for me. I create them by taking a photo, and tracing the outline, creating a silhouette. I started with just minor details, but for some of them, I went a little far with the detail. I've added quotes to some of them as well, just for the sake of making a cool wallpaper I would use. I decided to share them to see what people think of them. This was the birthday gift for a family member. I took out the name for the sake of privacy. This is the first wallpaper I created. My favourite NHL player as well. I chose this quote from Russell Wilson because I'm a Christian. Like I said before, I created it for my use. This is the captain from my local Junior A hockey team, the Steinbach Pistons. This is also from the Steinbach Pistons. The silhouette is the head coach, Paul Dyck, who is from my hometown. He was drafted into the NHL as well. The motto is what is in their dressing room. This is pretty self explanatory. And the last of these, is one I created for a radio and tv show in Toronto, Leafs Lunch. I made this purely for the sake of experimenting with silhouettes of non-athletes. If people like these, I MIGHT take requests, but I probably won't get to them too quickly. I don't do this for a job, it's just something I do in my spare time. Any C&C is appreciated.
  12. Hey! I did this Minnesota Wild logo after dicking around while thinking of ideas for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I haven't redone it in a proper program to get clean lines+resolution+ratios, so forgive me. Its by no means a final product. The left is the logo, the right is a Legacy logo of sorts, Sunday home game kind of things. Its sorta different than most NHL logos, and I personally think it boarders a bit too much on the graphic design side, but alas! I want to know what you think. Those keen on NHL logo history will obvs know what i'm going for here. I will be posting uniforms and alt logos when I finish them!
  13. Had this concept completed for a while but never added color to it until now due to other concepts I got into. Here's a Whaler to represent the Hartford Whalers. Please don't compare him to the Islanders Fisherman logo (which I happened to love by the way) Also look for the upside down whale tail in the logo on his hat as a nod to the original logo. What do you all think? Comments and critique wanted.
  14. So the trend nowadays is take a logo from the 60's and simplify it, maybe change the colors a little bit. And the Rangers, while being one of the better designed teams, also need a logo update. So without any further ado, I present to you the new-look Rangers! C&C Appreciated!
  15. Hi, this is my first post to the board, please let me know what you think! First up, Anaheim Main Logo: I used the original "Mighty Ducks" logo and used the original teal back while changing the stick color to orange. Alt Logo: I used the Ducks current logo and changed the main color to orange complimented with teal. Home Uniform: This uniform is based off their current 3rd jersey, with changes to the stripes and adding teal instead of tan. Road Uniform: This is the same as the Home only the orange and white are flipped. Alternate Uniform: Similar to the Home and Road Uniforms, this time with a black base.
  16. Was really bored earlier today and wanted to make something. Vertical posters always intrigued me so I played around with a Jack Eichel one and really liked how it turned out. I'm thinking of doing a Buffalo Sabres team one where the players are all montaged into this style. Might update it later. Decided to make two more just to see it as a series of them.
  17. Though I like the new Leafs sweaters, I was a little disappointed that there was no shoulder patch. They could go the easy route of putting their current logo with more veins, or going throwback, but I had an idea to go both routes. This would combine the original Toronto Arenas 'T' and their current leaf design. Clearly Shanahan and Co. want to go back to the club's roots, so this could do the job. This was simply an idea I had. C&C appreciated.
  18. My main questions are: Do I ditch the light blue altogether? Should I keep the shoulders the way they are? Is the logo on the jersey too big?
  19. Buffalo doesn't urgently need a third jersey but I wanted to see what I could come up with. The logo has the stars from the city flag and crossed Sabre swords. From there I made the jersey, I messed around with a few different shades of blue and ended up with the blue they used in the early 80s.
  20. Thaumatrope

    NHL Low-Res

    I put this together a while back and figured you guys would appreciate it. The idea came about as a result of the back and forth regarding the Penguins and whether or not the Bruins "owned" the black and gold color scheme. It got me thinking about what would happen if every team had to be reduced to just two colors, and no combination of colors could be repeated. While I ended up using three different shades of blue, two shades of red, and a combination of both yellow and vegas gold, I'm pretty happy with the results overall. The teams are in alphabetical order, top to bottom, left to right. The one exception is Arizona which I accidentally positioned as Phoenix. Would love some feedback.
  21. Sorry, Accidentally duplicated topic. Does anyone know how to delete topics? Thanks.
  22. This is my first upload here on so I wanted to make something interesting. I think the Oilers throwback colours are great, however, their current logo can get boring. It's tough to see Edmonton keep renewing the same logo on every jersey they have so I decided to make an alternate logo concept. The logo is inspired by their former AHL team the Oklahoma City Barons.
  23. Hey Guys! Today I have a logo design for a hockey team named Scranton Storm. Just a cool logo I wanted to see come to life. Now, if you notice, the lightning bolt looks like an "S," for Scranton. The shield behind the bolt is just to make the logo feel more complete. I have a Home and Away jersey to see how that would look. I hope you guys like this one! Logo: Jersey: C&C Welcome!
  24. I love crossover series and I love hockey jerseys. So I decided to put them together and turn the NBA into NHL uniforms. They are going to be loosely based off of the actual basketball jerseys and some teams will have an alternate. I'm going alphabetically so, naturally, I started with the Hawks. I took a tad bit of creative liberty and made the main jersey red and the alternate black because frankly, imo that's the way it should be. I added the triangle design to the stripe and shoulders and went black, green, and red for the the 3rd jersey. Let me know what you think and some c&c for future jerseys would be much appreciated thanks!