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  1. JJ Anderes

    NHL 2017-18

    This is a series for the 2017-18 season when Adidas takes over the NHL. I've removed the all of the adidas marks from the jersey, as they look much cleaner without them. Anyway, here's the first team... WASHINGTON CAPITALS While the Capitals have had some decent designs in the past, none of them have been perfect. Here's my review for each of them... All photos from '74-'95: Nothing positive about this set. '95-'07: While the color scheme and striping pattern sucked, the eagle logo was amazing. '07-present: The best color scheme by far, and the shoulder logo was pretty sick, but the striping and chest logo are pretty bad. MY DESIGN: C&C is appreciated. Be the first to comment and pick the next team for me to design.
  2. This is a concept for a fictional NHL Team. Figured I place it in Mexico City just cause.... More details on my behance page. Feel free to critique!
  3. After watching the Giants' Color Rush throwbacks and mulling the (hopeful) return of blue and gold for the LA Rams, I got to thinking of the return to old logos. A few come to mind as of the past 15-20 years. And, sure, there are many more that could have been used as an example (ie- Islanders, Sabres, Blue Jays, Hawks, Kings, etc) ... But, what other teams are there in the Big 4 that you would like to see a return to a previous logo as their main logo? Here are a few I'd love to see, but I would love to see what many of you have in mind as well ...
  4. Hello everyone, I have a big project for you that i've been working one for a while. I made concepts for 6 new possible NHL teams. 1. Qu├ębec Nordiques 2. Portlans Mountaineers 3. Hamilton Beasts 4. Seattle Sasquatch 5. Halifax Schooners 6. Las Vegas Silver Bullets (hopefully there isn't any controversy with gun control and all that stuff) I am Willing to do 2 more teams with your suggestions! This is all for fun, just to see what the brands would look like. Here is a teaser of every team, and I'll post them one by one. Which team are you most excited for? I'll post the one with the most buzz first!
  5. I found these old logos i made when i was like 14 i mean they are not great, but for a 14 year old kid using an old ipad they were actually decent. i personally like the first one better. i might redo them. i think the colors of the second one would work better with the first.
  6. We have to dig it deeper about the NHL TV areas. This map will change next year with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights. Canadian blackout areas: British Columbia and Yukon: Vancouver Canucks Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Saskatchewan: Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets Alberta: Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers Manitoba: Winnipeg Jets Northwestern Ontario: Winnipeg Jets and Toronto Maple Leafs Mid-Eastern Ontario, between Belleville and Kingston: Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs Ontario, east of Kingston, Quebec and the Maritimes, between Belleville and Kingston: Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens Central/Southwestern Ontario, West of Belleville: Toronto Maple Leafs American blackout areas Alaska and Washington: Vancouver Canucks Oregon: San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks Eastern/Central Missouri, Central/Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Iowa and Southeast Nebraska: St. Louis Blues Southern California (except Imperial County, San Luis Obispo, Riverside/San Bernardino), Clark County (including Las Vegas Valley): LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks Northeastern Nevada: Colorado Avalanche and San Jose Sharks Riverside/San Bernardino and a little portion of La Paz County: Anaheim Ducks Imperial County, most of Arizona (except a little portion of La Paz County), most of Southern Nevada (except Clark County), most of New Mexico (except Eastern NM) and Utah: Arizona Coyotes Let's the people keep the suggestions/corrections/clarifications coming please.
  7. I figure the NHL will add another Centennial Classic to its schedule in the new year, and when better than on December 19th the centennial anniversary of the first NHL game ever played. I created jerseys and a logo for a hypothetical game between Ottawa and Montreal, which is all but confirmed right now. For the Canadiens, I simply put their original jerseys onto the Adidas cut, while adding TV numbers and modernizing the #OB. For Ottawa, I took a different route, using their Heritage striping as a higher chest stripe, on a white jersey. The logo is the older version of their current O logo. For the logo, I swapped out "TORONTO" obviously for "OTTAWA," then changed the CN Tower i to Parliament Tower. The game would be held at TD Place. C&C Appreciated!
  8. Let me get straight into this. Canada hasn't won a major North American sports league title since the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup against the Los Angeles Kings, 4 games to 1 and the Toronto Blue Jays won the 1993 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, 4 games to 2. Since then, 4 Canadian teams make the Stanley Cup Final only to lose: the Vancouver Canucks (1994, 2011), the Calgary Flames (2004), the Edmonton Oilers (2006) and the Ottawa Senators (2007) and 1 Canadian team did make the MLS Cup only to lose: the Toronto FC (2016). Also we can't forget that two former Canadian NHL teams relocated to the States in 2 consecutive years: the Quebec Nordiques became the Colorado Avalanche in '95, while the original Winnipeg Jets became the Arizona Coyotes in '96. Many NHL fans not only in Canada but also around the world (except the U.S.) thinks it was former Los Angeles Kings defenceman Marty McSorley that put a curse in the Canadian NHL teams after the Habs won the 1993 SCF, while many NHL fans in the U.S. thinks that Canadian teams has a lot of bad luck against the American teams when they compete in the Stanley Cup Final. The Blue Jays only returned to the MLB Postseason 22 years after the last World Series title. They won the American League East Division in 2015 and they won the AL Wild Card berth the following year. In the 2015 ALDS they beat the Texas Rangers, 3 games to 2, while in the ALCS, they were defeated by the eventual World Series champs Kansas City Royals, 4 games to 2. The path was longer in the following year: They won the Wild Card Game against the Baltimore Orioles, 5-2, they won the ALDS against the Texas Rangers once again, but this time they swept that series by 3, but in the ALCS, they were defeated by the eventual American League champs and World Series runners-up the Cleveland Indians. Many Blue Jays fans thinks the 2-year row ALCS losses against the Royals and the Indians thinks it was bad luck and no good playing, while many non-Blue Jays fans thinks the Jays had bad luck against the Royals and the Indians. This year, the Toronto FC surprisingly advanced to the MLS Cup by winning the Eastern Conference title, they dominated the game but however, they did heartbreakingly lose the title to the Seattle Sounders in the penalties, 5 to 4. Many TFC fans thinks the loss was a bad luck and missed opportunity, while Sounders fans thinks TFC had bad luck against a team that has former TFC goalie Stefan Frei, who had a memorable MLS Cup by winning both the title and the Most Valuable Player award. Canada has only one NBA team: the Toronto Raptors, who had won four Atlantic Division titles (2007, 2014, 2015 and 2016) but they were eliminated three times in the first round and one time in the East Final: 2007 and 2014 against the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and 2015 against the Washington Wizards and lost the 2016 Eastern Conference final against the eventual NBA champs Cleveland Cavaliers. Many Raptors fans thinks the team had a lack of luck but non-Raptors fans thinks the Raptors had bad luck against American-based NBA teams in the Playoffs. There are two reasons behind this horrific drought: 1) American Dollar always gets valued than the its Canadian counterpart 2) American teams has more luck than the Canadian teams when we there is a sports league title on the line So, guys, what do you think about this terrible drama involving Canadian-based North American sports league teams?.
  9. I know that there's been a handful of threads like this in the past, but I think it would be really cool if we could eventually come to a consensus of what the ugliest pro sports logos are, with this eventually going over to polls. The goal here is basically just posting in this case NHL logos, the other 3 major sports will come in the future (no offense soccer fans), and voting based on likes for which logo is most hated by the board members (one logo per post). The top ten or so voted ugliest logos will go over to polls where the winner (or I guess loser) will be decided. So, to start things off, in my opinion the ugliest NHL logo ever, the Phoenix Coyotes' Desert Lizard.
  10. Since things are picking up for the NHL with the start of the new season I would start a series that had been in my computer for awhile. For now I am taking a short break from MLB Organizational Tweaks to do these. I am starting with each team in alphabetical order standard uniforms including any regular alternates. I appreciate any comments or criticisms as I will be making changes to concepts. My plan is to make uniforms that would look good on the ice, but also have some personality to them. First tweak is to the NHL logo now in only black and white without silver gradient. Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames (UPDATE) Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings
  11. About a month after I meant to get started on the final leg of the Anniversary saga, here I go...the multi-team North Stars series finally begins, and we kick things off with the 60s. The Wild do battle with the Predators, whose uniform design is based on one of their spiritual ancestors, the Nashville Dixie Flyers Down in Big D, the Stars face off with a foe that can legitimately be the visting team in any decade...yes, it's the 'Nucks again, this time borrowing from their minor league namesakes. For the upcoming 70s post, I'm considering using the Cleveland Monsters instead of the Blue Jackets for the Barons tribute. Very strongly, I might add. I give you an early preview of the disco decade...the Sharks, paying tribute to the California Golden Seals (at home, for once) take on the Avs (in the style of the Nordiques' originals)
  12. Figured I would take a stab at what I think Vegas will unveil as their uniforms based off of some recent Reebok/Adidas trends in hockey. One thing that I STRONGLY considered was adding a gold helmet to go with the home set...I thought that would give the team a unique identity, but eventually decided against it because black fit in better with the entire uniform. C&C always appreciated! If I get some more time, I may come up with an alternate to go along with this set.
  13. The sunny state of Florida is home to numerous athletic clubs. They have nine professional clubs in the Big Four leagues of North America. I noticed that every team has a crappy uniform component. Breaking it down further; In the NFL, we have three teams from different parts of the state. The Miami Dolphins have questionable colour choices (navy?) and a bland uniform for a team called the Dolphins. The Buccaneers have awful numbers, weird colour choices, and an odd combo of stripes and piping. The Jaguars have a strong colour combo but terrible uniforms. In the NBA, we have the Heat and the Magic. The Heat aren't that bad but a couple tweaks could be greatly beneficial. The Magic have gone in the opposite direction of where they should be headed. The NHL provides some of the best uniforms out of the bunch. The Florida redesign was so much better than their last set, but a few tweaks could knock it out of the park. The Lightning have another boring set, despite another inspiring name. The MLB fields two of the last teams. The Marlins have such a great colour combo (minus black) and have so much potential, but it has been wasted. The Rays are close to a homer of a set, but tweaks should fix the problems. My last project ended eight months ago. I haven't made a concept of any kind in over half a year, so bear with me. Let's begin with the Dolphins. I love the throwbacks that the Dolphins have. I think it's a consensus that they should go back to those full time. Here's the full set. The home set features a teal top and white pants with their old logo, because it's great. The road set is a whiteout because I thought it looked good and the colours really stand out. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I loved the Colour Rush jerseys from this year. I used white pants and socks to balance the colours a little better. I have returned at last. Leave C and C!
  14. Welcome to my NHL re-Introduction series! In this series, I re-introduce each NHL team by altering the look that they entered the NHL with. I'll be doing each team in the order they entered the league, starting with the Montreal Canadiens. I've elected to only do teams that currently exist in the NHL today in some way shape or form, so my apologies to fans of former teams like the Quebec Athletic Club. However, every major rebrand and relocation (such as Whalers to Hurricanes, etc.) will get featured. Each concept will be appropriate to its time period, and have a little historical context for fun. C&C is much appreciated! Montreal Canadiens (1917) The Montreal Canadiens enter the NHL as an inaugural team in 1917. With them enters the most iconic uniform in sports. I chose not to change too much. I did flip the blue and white on the striping, and made the hem stripe the same style of the chest stripe. HOME ARENA- Montreal Westmount Arena CURRENT US PRESIDENT- Woodrow Wilson MAJOR EVENT- US declares war on Germany, entering WW1 FAMOUS BIRTH- John F. Kennedy
  15. Anyone want to make a template out of this card design? If so, thanks. Because I need it.
  16. Vancouver Canucks New & Old I really like the Canucks colours, but their logo does not suit them in my opinion. I made some small changes to their current alternate logo and put it on some home and away jerseys Tell me what you think, C&C appreciated
  17. According to various outlets (I believe Icethetics as well as Chris Creamer), the NHL will be ditching all of the currently in use third jerseys once the league's uniforms are taken over by Adidas. So with this in mind, I am dedicating this series to reintroduce the "third" or "alternate" jersey back in to the league. While we don't know the extent to which Adidas will be making changes to each team's uniforms, my goal is to incorporate certain simplistic and templated trends that have been apparent in Reebok's latest unveiled uniforms to make this series realistic without limiting creativity. In addition to most of the alternates that will be unveiled, I will be taking a page out of Nike's "Color Rush" campaign, and introduce "Colorway" uniforms that are meant to bring out each team's unique color identity. Teams Completed ANA (Alt+CW) AZ (Alt+CW) BOS (Alt+CW) BUF (Primary+Alt+CW) CAR (Alt+CW) CGY (Alt+CW) CHI (Alt) COL (Primary+Alt) - Update CBJ (Alt+CW) DAL (Alt+CW) DET (Alt) EDM (Alt+CW) FLA (Alt+CW) LAK (Alt+CW+50th) MIN (Alt+CW) MTL (Alt) - Update NJD (Alt+CW) PHI (Alt+CW+50th) PIT (Alt+CW) NSH (Alt+CW) NYI (Alt+CW) NYR (Alt+CW) OTT (Primary+Alt) SJS (Alt+CW) STL (Alt) TBL (Alt+CW) TOR (Primary+Alt) VAN (Alt+CW) WPG (3Alts, 3CW,) (Update) WSH (Alt+CW) First up: Columbus Blue Jackets C&C is always appreciated. Florida will be posted next!
  18. Introducing the NHL Pastel Series. It's essentially a series where I'll make an alternate jersey for every team in the NHL, but with pastel colors. Some of these are out of the box, some of these are minorly changed versions of current jerseys, but they all use a calmer set of colors. Anaheim Ducks: With the Ducks I went back to their inaugural jerseys. They're not exact, but I think it looks pretty good. That's pretty much all there is to say on it.
  19. Okay, I'm newer to the concept thing so this is my first official concept. With the rumors of Las Vegas' expansion team being named "Desert Knights", I figured to go ahead and give it a shot. I used the what the owner said about "chain pattern" and added that to the jersey. I also used the WCH2016 template. C&C is welcome!
  20. Hello I have been looking at infared41's NFL matchups and they have inspired me to take a shot looking my personal favorites and ones I am not too fond of and yes I know there are only 3 games but I will make the best of it 1. Best Oilers Vs Flames: The Oilers look awesome as always but it is nice to see the Flames go to their classic look and seeing them together makes me wish that they would dump the black and just go old school full time 2. Best. Blackhawks vs Predators: I am not sure if I am in the minority or not but I really like the Preds current look as the yellow does not look ugly or distracting and the template of the jerseys don't really bother me. the Blackhawks in my opinion have the best look in all of the NHL especially their road uniforms Worst. Kings Vs Flyers: well this is the only other game that happened yesterday but I must say that this game looked pretty bad The Flyers look is classic but the Kings forum era unis just do not mesh with the flyers look maybe if the Kings stuck with their normal homes I would say this was on of the better looking games
  21. Check this jersey concept out!
  22. I'm not sure how far I'll go with this but I was in an alternate kind of mood recently, and so I decided to make some alternate hockey jerseys. I intend for them to be kind of out of the box and started out with Detroit. For the Wings I went with a slight nod to the Detroit Falcons with bright striped sleeves. I'd love to get as much feedback as possible on this (these), so feel free to comment. Thx!
  23. I'd meant to start this series last week...some douchebag dumping yard waste behind the garage can be "thanked" for the delay. In any event, the wait is over, and the Blues come marching in. Once again, the Sharks step in to take the Seals' place. Blues' striping style is that of their original white jerseys (but throwing navy in the mix), while the Sharks' striping is from the Seals' second white jersey, complete with shoulder numbers. 70s Night's opponent will be the Blackhawks, WitH A twist you might like.
  24. This was submitted to HJC for their hurricanes competition. I revived the flag striping pattern, and coloured the upper arm. C&C is appreciated!
  25. This is a Nordiques logo that came to me in a day dream, I personally love it. I have made some tweeks, following some recommendations and have given you three different colored combinations. I have lots of hope that the Nordiques return and something like this is what they should look like when they hit the ice at the Centre Videotron in beautiful Quebec City. Please tell me what you think, which colors (jerseys) do you prefer? *plus Bonus alternete jersey Original draw'n by hand, this version was created on sketchbookexpress. Unknown.tiff IMG_8052 copy.TIF IMG_8053.TIF