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  1. NDFreek

    Nike Volunteers

    I got a new computer and lost all progress on my (improving) NFL series. So to kick in the new laptop I'm going back to college ball, because I feel you have more liberties when designing college uniforms. Originally, I was redesigning the SEC as an all Nike conference, but with the amount of TN Nike post, I'd figure I jump on board. Home & Away Pretty basic stuff here for the Vols. They have a pretty classic uniform, so I really don't want to tweak it to much. Biggest addition would be checkerboard sleeves, which I can change in a matter of seconds if they aren't popular. Alternates Here's where the change comes in. Orange pants with orange helmets. Smoke Gray & Throwbacks Damn, this is a lot of uniforms. Anyways, I like the idea of the smoke uniforms, but I think Adidas used to dark of gray. It really wasn't smokey, so I lightened it. Throwbacks are based off these jerseys
  2. Tennessee is switching to Nike this year, and since I downloaded Inkscape and wanted to try it out, I cooked up this: Okay so I'm not exactly learning Inkscape for the first time, I have had some experience with the software before. The images didn't transfer to .png very well so some of these images didn't turn out how they were supposed to. Anyway, Tennessee has a nice look, but I really like the smokey gray color. It works well with the orange, so I moved it into the regulars as a number outline. The double stripe on pants doesn't work for the fact of they are inconsistent and generally don't look good. I also added a matte orange helmet as an alternate, but that's where the transition from svg to png comes in. The dot thing on the helmet was supposed to be the gradient thing that reflects light, but it turned out looking like a shiny helmet reflection. The nameplates are also a problem... but whatever. Enjoy. EDIT: Fixed the image transition problems and added smokey gray helmet
  3. When it comes to sporting equipment, the two everyone goes for is either Nike or Adidas. After hearing news about Tennessee University going to Nike and Arizona State going to Adidas, I wanted to know which is the better brand? I just want to know who you think produces the better equipment. It can range from soccer, american football, basketball, etc. I personally think Adidas is best when it comes to Soccer.
  4. I think everyone is a little disappointed with what Oregon will wear on the biggest stage they have ever played on. The Diamond Quest uniform that they released lacks school colors and is very muted in comparison to some of the better uniform combinations they have worn recently. With Ohio State, the general consensus is that they are downright beautiful, but I think they can be sightly improved. Check out my proposal on how the CFP National Championship Game can be improved aesthetically... For Oregon, I drew inspiration from several different uniforms they have worn in the past 2-3 years. Feathers are prominent (look closely at the numbers!), apple green is a secondary color to yellow, and don't forget the duck logo on the arms! (I don't understand why this could not be a color vs. color game, it would look beautiful on the field). As for Ohio State, nothing much has changed, just a few edits to what they are currently wearing, which in my biased opinion is the sharpest look in all of college football. C&C always welcome, and Go Bucks!
  5. Many know the story of the slanted “MSU” logo that Nike owns, not allowing Mississippi State to use it to this day. A new logo set was created in 2009 and is in use currently. Mississippi State is in a contract with Adidas until 2020, so this is strictly conceptual, but I put this together today to show what Nike might do if it got Mississippi State back. The design is based on the DWS 100 unis from this year, which themselves are based on MSU’s Nike unis of the late 1990s. Black is removed from the uniforms, something I hope happens with the current uniforms. Gray is added in place of it, and as a result, the sleeve stripes mirror Kansas State’s. A similar striping pattern adorns the pants and white helmet. The slanted “MSU” logo is added back to the helmets; three different designs are used. The first is a maroon helmet with a regular, shiny finish and a white facemask. It would be worn only with the maroon jerseys. The second is a maroon helmet with a matte finish and a white facemask. It would be worn only with the white jerseys. The final helmet would be white, with a maroon facemask and maroon double stripe. It would be worn only with the white pants, but with both jerseys. Also posted on
  6. So, I am a CSU student. And I know we are partnered with Under Armour. And I know that CSU's bowl game would never get this kind of attention. However, I started thinking about a world where Nike decided to design a special uniform for the CSU Rams when they take on Utah in the Royal Purple Las Vegas bowl. I also have always loved the idea of the Rams wearing gold helmets and jerseys. So I put myself into the shoes of a Nike designer and created a concept. First off, the helmet has to have a nice shine to it. A matte would never work, but a chrome helmet wouldn't work either so I created something in between. Second off, Nike is known for doing over the top things and putting sublimated deigns onto uniforms (i.e. Oregon's wings on the shoulders of every uniform) so I took that approach. The triangular pattern is supposed to represent the mountains and trees that surround us here in Fort Collins/ the mountain and trees up behind our stadium. Going with an actual mountain range image seemed very anti-nike design so I thought that the idea of a representational pattern seemed better. Finally, I kept the idea of how their current uniform shoulders already look but I added the TV numbers to match the front and back. I also decided that green is a must. I tried the numbers as white with green outline and it felt forced. I also tried white and gold pants and those seemed to clash way too much. I feel as if this way works out the best. Without further adieu...
  7. With the release of Nike's new series of specialty jerseys for the College Football Playoff, most of Buckeye Nation (including myself) are extremely happy with what they have Ohio State wearing for their matchup against Alabama. Even though the current set that they wear is sharp, this seems like the perfect opportunity for both the OSU athletic department and Nike to reintroduce the uniforms that the Buckeyes most recently won a national title in. A traditional look that never gets old. But to keep those who like the look of the "Rivalry Uniforms" happy, I also made some minor tweaks to both sets. I personally like their alternate uniforms, but they shouldn't be worn more than twice a year (night/prime time games). C&C always appreciated, Go Bucks!
  8. This is my first shot at making a template on Photoshop and it's based of a Alabama football promo by Nike. This is what it looks like... You can download it here... Feel free to give me any suggestions and I will try to make the necessary updates.
  9. Here's my start off for this thread starting with old dominion
  10. Had an idea for a slight change in Ole Miss' Road Jerseys as far as the script on the chest. Changing the "Ole Miss" to "Mississippi" since we are the University of Mississippi, and have "Ole Miss" on the Grey jerseys (bring them back). Let me know what you think. FYI: This is not a name conspiracy thing about not liking "Ole Miss" (yes that is now being debated here). Just an idea I thought was cool to embrace being Mississippi.
  11. Here's the first in my template series. It's the standard Nike NFL Elite, version 1. Illustrator CS3 Download Illustrator 10 Download SVG Download PDF Download
  12. The Jets are in desperate need of a spark as a franchise. After 4 straight underwhelming seasons, it seems like they need a new identity. A new uniform is always a good place to start as far as that is concerned. To be fair, I love the current threads. But it may be time for a shakeup in NY. I gave the Jets the full Nike treatment, as would happen in reality. Their main colors are now kelly green and black, and their logo is a mash up of sorts of an old word-mark and the jet plane logo. Be advised that if I were designing them for a perfect world, I might have not gone to somewhat the route I went, but I wanted this to be a realistic "Nikeification" of the franchise I love dear. I hope you guys enjoy. BTW, I'm stuck on a number font to use, so the jerseys currently have no numbers. I would like some C+C to some ideas before I proceed. I don't know if I want to go full on complex with the numbers or keep it kind of simple. HOME: AWAY: ALTERNATE:
  13. Hi guys! I’m exciting to start sharing this personal project with the community. These designs have been in the works since April and I’m finally at the point where I’m happy with all of the work that I’ve done. This is easily the concept that I’ve enjoyed working on the most during my time on these boards so I hope you guys enjoy it. Despite the fact that this concept is “finalized” in my mind I am still very open to critiques and criticism. There are always areas that can be improved and the members of this community tend to have some great ideas, so let me know what you think. Taking inspiration from Nike’s widely praised work for the Ohio State Buckeyes football program in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, the Nike VS. series aims to create modern interpretations of classic and timeless uniforms. These uniforms will be showcased and pitted against each other in some of the country’s most heated rivalry games during the 2014 season. The goal being to draw attention to the long and storied history of each rivalry while acknowledging the modern progression that has occurred. For some schools this will entail a refreshing take on a look they have worn for decades. While for others these uniforms will take their inspiration from teams of the past. Release Schedule Oregon VS Oregon State 7/28 Florida State VS Miami 8/1 Alabama VS LSU 8/4
  14. Finished Teams: Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Oakland Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers St. Louis Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Hey everyone, I'm back to take another stab at my NFL redesign. I have a new template I'll be using, and it seemed appropriate to start a new thread, rather than continue the old one seven pages deep with tons of broken links. Speaking of templates and why it's been a while.. I was not aware that the template I was using last time wasn't up for public use, and I felt pretty foolish for using it as long as I did. I contacted Matt to apologize, and he was really nice about the whole situation. Around that time school was drawing to a close, so I thought it best to shelve the concepts for a while and focus on finals. Now school's out, and I'm incredibly bored. So in between working on other design projects I've been working on concepts again. If you followed my last thread the first few teams will look familiar. This first post will also feature links to all the teams as they're posted so you don't have to dig around as much. I also wanted to thank Matt Willcox for making this template, Bucksfan5 for converting it .psd, and Conrad for the fonts. You all do great work. And a big thank you to everyone who followed my last thread and gave me feedback. I was floored by all the great feedback I got and it was really flattering. I hope I don't disappoint this time around. Okay, that's enough talk. My next post will have the first batch of teams.
  15. Welcome to third and (probably) last part of my "What if..." Nike would sign a collective contract with Serie A, one of the major football leagues of Europe. Here's the link. Thanks & enjoy!
  16. NFC EAST: AFC EAST: Washington Redskins New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles New York Jets New York Giants Buffalo Bills NFC NORTH: AFC NORTH: Green Bay Packers Baltimore Ravens Chicago Bears Pittsburgh Steelers Detroit Lions Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns NFC SOUTH: Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons
  17. After a few months of trolling around for a Nike Basketball Template, I have decided to make my first attempt at developing a template. This comes with a front, back, left and right side views - the side views are situated in the same spot but hidden to reduce clutter. I also added the mesh pattern. Lastly, I was hoping for some more tips and tricks from the pros here. What can I add to make the Template more realistic? Is there anyone that can help clean it up? Without further adieu, after numerous Google searches for tips and tricks, here is the finished product: I do want to give credit to vnardella5 ( for inspiring the template from the Nike catalog.
  18. Alrighty I made these a few weeks ago and totally forgot about them, i tweaked them a little bit before posting but I like what I did with them, I may make this a continuing thing with other schools that are branded by Russell because I am not a big fan of there's. And I will be using other brands like Under Armour and Adidas if I do but for now its just for Georgia Tech. *Football Home Away Alternate Now for these uniforms I wanted them to be bold but not crazy, I love the Mustard Yellow shoulders and sleeves. And for the pants stripes I wanted them to be alittle simple, so i went to the mid 2000's Washington Redskins stripes, and for the sleeves I absolutely had to take advantage of the names "Yellow Jackets" and I had to put honeycomb on the sleeves. *Basketball Home Away Alternate Home Alternate Away (I had to does these, and yeah they look like the ones West Virginia wears but) Now bare with me these were my first time messing with basketball template but I love what I did here, I was going with a simple look mainly because Nike Basketball aren't actually "too" flashy, but like I said with the Football uniforms I had to take advantage of the honeycomb so I actually put it in the mesh and it looks really nice to me. Now I wanted to make a Baseball concept but I couldnt find a good baseball template to use :| , but bare with me I'll try to either find one or just make one because I really want to make some baseball concepts. But give me feedback Id love to see what everyone thinks.
  19. Aloha. ITT i'll post some Nike NBA concepts i'm working on, all done in the distinct nike style. Charlotte Hornets Home : For this one, I wanted to try out a revival of the 90's "Big Logo Shorts". Its a WIP. CC welcome. Please enlarge for detail! Detail:
  20. As many of you may have seen, our very own drdougfresh has recently released his amazing 2014 NCFA Yearbook. I had the pleasure of working with Doug and the rest of the team in directing the Pursuit (Pro Combat) program for the second year in a row. Seeing as this guide is one of the greatest thing to come out of this board (IMO), I want to give it a bit of a bump... you can read the guide in full here, and here. Although this guide is amazing, this thread has to do with the Pursuits! As this guide has mainly been perused by league members, Id like to get the word out about the Pursuit program and get some more feedback from the community on the uniforms! If you're familiar with the Nike Pro Combat series, you should get the idea of whats going on here... The program aims to highlight each team's brand identity and create unique, distinct on-off uniforms based on this info. This year, the Pursuit program featured the following teams: The California A&M Cowboys, Holland Pride, Irvington Horsemen, Redmond Rampage, Rocky Mountain State Gold, Southern Iowa Thunderbirds, and California Long Beach Sea Lions. The 2014 Nike Pursuit project can be viewed here. Let me know what you think! Cal A&M: Holland: Irvington: Redmond: RMSU: Southern Iowa: UCLB:
  21. I've been working on these uniforms as a fun summer project. Hopefully, if the boards like them enough, I'll post ALL 32 NFL teams. Not much to explain other than each jersey design will be with Nike's 51 template that is in use for most teams right now, and I tried to keep consistent with the NFL's rule of only 1 helmet for a design, but still being able to use pants as combinations. As always, I love to hear your C&C! Up first... Chicago Bears : This design doesn't stray too far from their design at the moment but I felt the bears lacked a little consistency in their striping between their road and home uniforms. As for the helmet, in real life it would be the same helmet, just a different striping patterned sticker for the home and away. Also, thoughts on adding an alternate? Color? Next... Denver Broncos: I've already posted this design on the boards, just an updated version and tweaked some areas of design. Again, the striping of the helmet is now transferred to the sleeves and pants of the jerseys to add consistency and maintain some of the original nike design from the initial Broncos rebrand. New York Giants: Again, like the bears, I thought the Giants striping lacked consistency, so I focussed heavily upon that. Also, similar to Ohio States rivalry uniforms I used large helmet and sleeve striping to give the Giants more of a modernized look. White pants are also an option. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I applied Nikes LARGE helmet logo and pewter helmet to the design, but applied a blacked facemask instead of chrome. The frontal design is intended to give the uniform a sails on a pirate ship feel. Eliminated the alarm clock numbers with a more subtle font. Questions or thoughts on if the design needs pants striping?? Alternate jersey??
  22. Looks like Nike borrowed a page from the Adidas college basketball catalogue
  23. When I was younger, I had a fictional university called Southern Michigan University. I created everything from uniforms to stadiums and rosters. Lately, I've been working on a "rebrand" so to speak to try and bring them back... I've had a lot of fun switching them from their Adidas roots to a more modern looking Nike school. This is what I came up with for the new football unis.. Enjoy!
  24. Decided to take a shot at the NFL. No rules about 1 helmet here. Throwback/Fauxback for each team. No particular order. First up, The Miami Dolphins Fauxback
  25. This is a project I started working on a couple weeks ago. I planned on simply redesigning each team's logo, but instead I decided I would just go ahead and redesign each team's uniform as well. Some teams will obviously need more reworking than others, but I will be changing the logo for every NFL team. I will also be completely renaming the Washington Redskins. Each team will have the following: A primary & secondary logo A custom wordmark Anywhere from 3-5 uniforms, with some having a throwback or fauxback, I'll be doing it by division, and the AFC South is first up. The first redesign is for the Tennessee Titans. I think the Titans have one of the most stale brands in the entire NFL. Since they've switched to the Titans nickname, their logo and uniform design have both been basically stagnant. This is probably the main reason why I started with them. So here's my take. Primary Logo: The primary logo is based on the mask/face of a warrior. Working under the "Titans" nickname, I think this was a good representation of the name. Although some may not like the personification of the Titan, I think it came out nice and I couldn't pass up the chance to incorporate the TT into the logo in the warrior's mask. Secondary Logo: The secondary logo is based on a shield, and it moves away from the personification of the primary logo. This is more prominent on the uniforms than the primary. Wordmark: Uniforms: To be honest, I think the Titans have some of the most stale and old uniforms in the NFL, and they're overdue for an update. I brought back a more true-to-history throwback from the Oilers era. As for the primary uniforms, I updated and simplified the look, and implemented the bevel from the word mark and logo for brand consistency. C&C Appreciated Next up: Indianapolis Colts