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  1. Nike has released some interesting stuff these last few years, whats next? Gradient jerseys? Jerseys that glow in the dark? What will Nike do Next? Will it be cool or ugly?
  2. hello there this is my first post so try to toad it easy but C&C is wanted wanted to create high school nike pro combats heres my is Columbus Cardinals if y'all have any request just reply and ill get on it
  3. With Arkansas' newest football unveiling I felt slightly in the minority of being a bit disappointed. While their last set wasn't perfect by any means, I really liked the uniqueness of the "razor-stripe" and thought there was something ownable about it. Much moreso than the "tusk / stadium jaw" insert color insert. Overview of what I did here: Kept razor-stripe on shoulders like their previous set, but kept it one color (i.e. no more grey/black/anthracite), which also means the capped sleeves are gone.Returned to previous wordmarks. IMO the new ones feel over designed. The old ones felt "razory" but still clean.Kept new secondary hog on neck. I think it works well there and is an improvement over the hog/shield from before.Added shoulder numbers, like the previous set had. Without any substantial shoulder / sleeve design, the absence of them feels unfinished to me.Kept new pants stripe. I think this is a certain improvement over the old fill-in-the-blank style one, and compliments the razor-stripe well.Switched the running hog to the other side of the pants so it's running forward and not backward.On white pants/helmet I used the red/black running hog instead of the reversed out red one. I think that if that's your primary logo, that's how it should appear on your uniforms. I did use the white/red version on the red helmet for traditions' sake and whatnot (and because it actually has correct shadows/highlights unlike the reversed version)Changed helmet back bumper to read "Arkansas" instead of "Razorbacks" because it seemed redundant to have "Hogs" on the front and "Razorbacks" on the back.
  4. I had a hockey concept league going, but have had to take an extensive break. I'll dive back into it after I finish up my exams, for now I've done a mock-up of the Browns jersey that was described on a Reddit post: Any suggestions on what route you think the Browns will take? I'm trying to recreate the description, NOT create a concept. I'm going to wait until we have the jersey design down before I start making the other sets
  5. I've seen multiple people use this template but I haven't seen it in SVG yet. So I took the time to recreate it, if there are any problems with it tell me LINK: removed
  6. It's back and better than ever! Back in August, I attempted an Arena Football League Concept series. Unfortunately, I didn't even make it half-way in that thread. Well, consider this the resurrection of that thread. The main thing to remember in this thread is that it's a "what if?" thread. The "What if ?" part is wondering what would have happened if the AFL never went bankrupt following the 2008 season and teams from both the AFL and AF2 never folded, including some teams that never saw the 2000's. Long story short, here is the lineup for the new Arena Football League: Without further ado, one of the current teams in the league, defending Arena Bowl Champions, the Arizona Rattlers: My snake helmet returns as well as new striping on the pants and helmet. C+C appreciated!
  7. I got bored and decided to do this. I may add a third jersey sometime. Away: Home:
  8. I created some concepts for teams in the NFL and would love some feedback. I will start with the AFC East and the Miami Dolphins. The helmets can go with any jersey/pants combo. Dolphins uniforms:
  9. I've been working on a new Nike template for the past couple of weeks and am even using an earlier version for chrisCLEMENT and my concept series. I have been able to get it fairly accurate thanks to a lot of pictures being posted for the Alamo Bowl. I decided to just test it out by doing a mock up of what Oregon is going to wear in their bowl game this year. The template is far from perfect at this point so it would be great if anybody has any suggestions or notices anything that needs to be fixed as more pictures are released. I'm sure I'll notice some things that need to be changed during the game as well.
  10. Here I have a New England Patriots concept. Here are the features of the concept. Kept the helmet the sameBrand new Home and Road jerseys using a new alternate logoAlternate logo with players number under itRoad alternate features white pantsHome alt is a throwbackHome Road Road Alt Home Alt "Throwback"
  11. So this is just a little something I thought of early today and below is a very rough draft of the first team: The Gotham City Dark Knights. This uniform is very simple and clean, like Batman. Just as Batman has no flashy super powers and is more nitty gritty than other heroes, so too is this uniform very simple and it won't blow you away with fancy bells and whistles. So without further ado: Let me know what you think, all types of feedback welcome. Next up is the Metropolis Men of Steel.
  12. Just wondering how it wold be if Nike be the official Sponsor of Major League Soccer. As a Brazilian I'm addicted to the sport and also the jerseys, for me the teams in MLS have amazing kits and you can "play" a lot with some of them. I won't have a solid chronogram or plan, but I decided to start with the Eastern Conference clubs. So it may take that order: Eastern Conference: - Houston Dynamo - NY Red Bulls - Columbus Crew - Montreal Impact - Toronto FC - Chicaco Fire - New England Revolution - Philadelphia Union - Sporting City Kansas - DC United Western Conference: - LA Galaxy - Chivas USA - FC Dallas - Colorado Rapids - Portland Timbers - Seattle Sounders - San Jose Earthquakes - Vancouver Whitecaps - Real Salt Lake
  13. I have been working for a few weeks to figure out how to use Inkscape and how to work with templates and whatnot. I had a lot of trouble with putting logos in, but a helpful fellow by the name of bkknight95 has been sending me some logos to use. (The ones i found on the internet were either not svgs or un-openable in Inkscape) So, i have begun a series of some helmets from the NFL and possibly some time in the future i may even go as far as uniforms. (What's holding me back on that is the template i downloaded freezes up my Inkscape or makes it awfully slow so it's just helmets for the time being) For the bills i wanted to keep the red helmets because i thought they looked neat. I decided to make the line coming across the logo to be white as a bit of a chance from the past. I tried making a white outline to ease the transition between the blue and the red, but it didn't look right in the horn area, so i scrapped it. With the browns helmet there's not a ton you can do, and i wanted to keep the logo-lessness as per tradition. As with any redesign, the inclusion of some new idea was necessary, and i went with a cream colored facemask because somewhere on these forums i saw a brilliant concept for the Browns that included Cream as a major color. From a young age i remember really liking the color of the Cowboys' pants. That shade of metallic blue was incredible and i wanted to make it more prominent in this redesign by adding it to the helmet shell. When the dolphins unveiled their new logo and uniforms i was blown away. They really have a well-designed logo but to me it seemed a little dark so i wanted to brighten up the teal a bit. (after all their jerseys look really bright, but that may just be the lighting in the stadiums) Here's the dilemma: If i make both shades of teal light, the helmet looks way too bright. If i make them both darker, it looks very unexciting and looks too much like the old dolphins' colors. If i make the shades both different, it seems like they are way too far apart. What should i do to get the shades to look pleasing? Jacksonville is in my opinion, my best work by far. Again, i was inspired by someone else on the forums who changed the Jaguars teal to kelly green. I also reverted to this older logo because i think it looks more intimidating. (The presence of too much white on the new one doesn't look great) I think this is much better than the poorly designed gradient helmet they have now. I have a few more to post that i am still tinkering with, stay tuned. Also feel free to make suggestions on changes for the completed designs. I like them all, but if you have a good idea, i'll try to take a look at it in Inkscape and see if the adjustment looks good.
  14. Just thought I would go ahead and post up some uniforms/logos I put together for a friends fantasy collegiate fantasy football team. Not much to say about it, just looking for some comments, critiques, etc!
  15. Yep, nike is taking over the nba, or at least in my mind lol...heres the knicks away uniform. I wanted to keep it colse to what it is now but even more simple, i think they look great in a clean, simple,neat uniform..also, i changed the blue on the logo to a darker blue
  16. So, time to throw my hat back into the concept ring for one short series at least. It involves the outdoor games in the 2015-16 NHL season, as we have no indicator on where any of those games may be. I'm also assuming that the Stadium Series carries on in it's current format. The games are as followed: Winter Classic, January 2nd, 2016. Boston Bruins @ Minnesota Wild, TFC Bank Stadium Stadium Series, January 29th, 2016. Buffalo Sabres @ Columbus Blue Jackets, Ohio Stadium Stadium Series, January 30th, 2016. Edmonton Oilers @ Philadelphia Flyers, Lincoln Financial Field Stadium Series, February 13th, 2016. Chicago Blackhawks @ St. Louis Blues, Busch Stadium (III) Stadium Series, February 20th, 2016. Tampa Bay Lightning @ Carolina Hurricanes, Carter-Finley Stadium Heritage Classic, March 6th, 2016. Montreal Canadiens @ Winnipeg Jets, Investors Group Field Yes, there is a Canadian team in the Stadium Series, I think the Oilers could stand another go at an outdoor game.
  17. I was testing my new template and I came up with this Colorado Rapids concept. A touch of black and a classic cut collar for the home one; The design on the chest reclaims a part of the original logo for the away one. MLS 2013 font by Conrad
  18. Team uniforms in the NFL are, generally speaking, cluttered. Two, sometimes three distinct striping patterns appear on a single uniform. Color palettes are often inconsistent. The oft-heard mantra, black for black's sake. Over the past year I set out to give every NFL team a more cohesive, simplified uniform set. Factors such as history, uniqueness, and brand integration helped to decide which uniform elements were ownable by certain teams and how that could help give them their own distinct look and feel. Below are concepts for all 32 teams and short explanations for certain choices and why they were made. AFC North Cincinnati Bengals | Cleveland Browns | Baltimore Ravens | Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South Indianapolis Colts | Jacksonville Jaguars | Houston Texans | Tennessee Titans AFC East Buffalo Bills | Miami Dolphins | New York Jets | New England Patriots AFC West Denver Broncos | San Diego Chargers | Kansas City Chiefs | Oakland Raiders NFC North Chicago Bears | Detroit Lions | Green Bay Packers | Minnesota Vikings NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Atlanta Falcons | Carolina Panthers | New Orleans Saints NFC East Dallas Cowboys | Philadelphia Eagles | New York Giants | Washington Redskins NFC West Arizona Cardinals | San Francisco 49ers | St. Louis Rams | Seattle Seahawks
  19. I want to start a new project here. I want to create the kits for the 24 possible MLS teams in 2020. My goal is to create a unique identity for each club inside the league. For that I chose Nike as the official kit supplier. Additional note: I'm not that good in creating logos. So the new franchises will actually just have their current logos (a few recoloured) or I will use some concepts from the web and give credits to the creator. The jerseys are the important thing in this project!
  20. Hello, I've been making a few IIHF (random countries pretty much) and decided to do the Netherlands, aka Holland. Well I took inspiration from their other sport teams and used only orange and white. With that comes a major problem, the equipment. Orange: The pants, gloves and helmet would be way too bright, especially with the orange jersey. Black: Though the contrast would contrast would work, the jerseys have no black in them. Now the other sports teams wear white pants to balance the jersey, but white pants with a hockey jersey look horrible! These are the jerseys that I plan to use with the concept are below, thanks for all the help!
  21. I'm taking a break from the 90's remix and I've been working on a new project the last month. Browsing threw hockey logos on this site, I thought I recreate a bit of history and rehash the only second pro league in hockey in North America... The good old WHA. I've worked on 12 teams so far my goal is a even 20 made up of original era teams and a couple from the failed 2005 WHA that never got off the ground. Seeing as Reebok is a NHL staple right now I used the new Nike jersey that's being used for the Olympics as my base But now here's the first team to be announced for my new WHA... The Houston Aeros..
  22. Jake88

    Nike Fishsticks

    So this is my entry into HJC's Fishstick comp. Dylan Wonka also has a concept with this, here. I already sent it in, so naturally no changes will be made. I would, however like to see how it is received by you guys. So comment away! Obviously the 4 stripes on the arm stand for the 4 cup victories, and they kinda replicate the logo.
  23. It seems that every new hockey concept, with a few exceptions, has used the new Nike hockey template being used in these Olympics, even when the concepts are for non-Olympic, and non-Nike teams. I'm wondering, why? The pattern is awful, with the fake laceups, giant shoulders, weird under-arm panels that don't let sleeves stripes connect the whole way around...why has it caught on around here so much?
  24. ***SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATED JERSEYS. 80's colored blue concept on page 2 I know many people hate the Broncos pants and jersey stripes, but I, (being a local) really love their helmet and especially the helmet stripe. I Think their Type and numbering is unique to the NFL so I wanted to create a concept that incorporated the elements from their current design to a more simplistic "Nike-like" design. I also edited the colors to a more matte finish and not as bright orange. Also I still can't decide which color should be the home Orange or Blue. First Up: HOME OPTION 1 Next Up: Away LAST: HOME OPTION 2
  25. Here's my modified Nike Elite football template that people have been requesting. I'm still working on a new template that'll blow this one out of the water, but it's still a WIP so here's this one for now. It's available in .ai (CS3 & 10), .eps, .svg, and .pdf formats. Illustrator CS3: Download Illustrator 10: Download EPS: Download SVG: Download PDF: Download