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  1. Nike has officially unveiled the new uniforms for the Pro Bowl... The Red, white and blue are gone in favor of gray, lime green and highlighter orange. Source: (Yes, I know this is being discussed in the NFL thread, but something this drastic usually warrants a separate thread.)
  2. Hey all! Its been a while since i've posted a concept but I managed to find some free time to sit down and crank some stuff out. So one of my favorite concepts that ive done in the past was my B1G pro combat series where i took all the teams using Nike uniforms and developed one-off pro combat uniforms for them. Now with the recent expansion of the B1G to include Rutgers and Maryland, I thought it might be cool to go back and revisit this idea of redoing the B1G - but in this hypothetical situation Nike has exclusive rights to every school in the conference (however unrealistic ad that might be). The design intent here wasn't necessarily to go crazy and give every school the bat crazy Nike treatment but to develop full-time sets that i think look awesome, relate to and respect the school and its history while providing modern touches and to create uniforms i think Nike would make in the real world. For the teams that are already using Nike, i want to build off of my previous pro combat concepts and try to develop cohesive sets based on the foundation i've already laid. I plan on doing home and away sets for each team and if all goes well possibly do some rivalry sets as well - we'll see. Some C&C is welcomed and appreciated! So far i have completed 7 teams out of 14... Illinois Indiana Iowa (home,road) Maryland Michigan (home,road) Michigan State Minnesota Nebraska Northwestern (home,road) Ohio State Penn State (home,road) Purdue (home,road) Rutgers (home,road) Wisconsin (home,road) Iowa: Home Road Michigan: Home Road Penn State: Home Road Purdue: Home Road
  3. Dunno if I am going to do a series on these or not just trying out my new Nike template I'm working on. It's based off the new U.S.A jerseys and Russian Jerseys (and I'm guessing the rest of the teams too). I'm calling it the Nike 60 template (due to all the pics having the number 60 printed in side them). Will this be the look the NHL goes when the RBK contract is over? with Printed Logos and numbers to lighten it up like San Jose is doing with it's new jersey? Here's my take on the Sens based on the new template.
  4. Dave Ship


    I was asked to prepare few sketches for a job interview at Nike Netherlands about two months ago, but it never taken place though. Just wanted to share them with you now. I'm not looking for anything in particular, they're pretty much useless actually. It was just a creative exercise.
  5. I've wanted to do a full NFL uniform redo for a while now, so I figured why not now. Plan is to get them all done in time for the draft. I won't be doing away sets, as my idea is that the NFL could have the last 2 weeks of the year be divisional rounds, and have one be "Past" and one be "Future", and both rounds would be colour vs colour. I'll just be doing the "future" ones at this stage (historical ones I'll do later on), with the idea that Nike ( are given free reign to do what they want with the uniforms. So bear in mind that some of these could get a little crazy...but they won't all be nuts... I'll post full pics as I do them and link them below for future finding. AFC NORTH Bengals - Browns - Ravens - Steelers- SOUTH Colts - Future Jaguars - Future Texans - Future Titans - Future EAST Bills - Dolphins - Jets - Patriots - WEST Broncos - Chargers - Chiefs - Raiders - NFC NORTH Bears - Lions - Packers - Vikings - SOUTH Buccaneers - Falcons - Panthers - Saints - EAST Cowboys - Eagles - Giants - Redskins - WEST Cardinals - Niners - Rams - Seahawks - I was in a bit of an AFC South mood to start this off so here we have the Titans, Texans and Colts. I'm not really going to do these in any particular order, just as the inspiration comes. Titans I wanted to incorporate the Titans alternate sword logo into the uniform and also to do the flame helmet. Texans I incorporated the horns from the logo into the shoulders, put a sublimated star under the number on the front, and incoporated the Texas flag into the pant stripe. Colts This ones a bit of a departure, I originally mocked up this design before last season, back then it was just blue and white though. The silver (yes, silver...not grey) kind of worked its way in after I reworked the horshoe logo and included silver.
  6. While I like Nike's new, relatively simple, kits for England, I made these parody 'whatmightabeen' Nike England shirts. a vision of a very possible future St. George's Cross infused with Swooshified energy The stodgy Three Lions replaced with three fresh and energetic swooshes Obey the corporate master Some have compared Nike's new England shirts to the US shirts, so why not Americanize the crest? Others have compared the new shirts to West Germany's. While others have complained that the new shirts are too plain. But they could be even plainer.
  7. With the news that the NFL may lax it's uniform rules a bit to allow more use of third unis and even a possible fourth, I figure many teams may get in on the BFBS or GFGS trend, because, well, Nike is their outfitter right now. Here is a look at how every team would look with their current templates in a black or gray color. I tried to keep to the actual helmets, as I have no idea if a second helmet would be allowed under the new rules or not, but in some designs changes were inevitable to pull the look together. I will present the concept in black or gray (whichever I thought fit the team's scheme better) and then weigh in with a verdict on whether or not the look should ever see the light of day. If you think a scheme would work better with black than gray or vice versa, let me know and I will mock it up for you real quick. First up is the Chiefs: Verdict: If they could go with a black helmet and a red logo, I could see this on an NFL field. The Chiefs do not have an alternate and this could definitely be trotted out for prime time match-ups to get the fan base excited. I personally think this one is one of the better BFBS, as it goes incredibly well with the color scheme. The Raiders will be up in an hour or so, and maybe I will get the Broncos up before the night is done too. What do you think?
  8. This is a league I made up back in october in the boredom filled wake of Superstorm Sandy, the uniforms were really crummy so ive been updating them ever since. Any constructive critisim will be taken into play as I further update these uniforms -Grant
  9. For a while now, I have thought the Broncos look was pretty dated. Yet, for all the concepts I had, I could not put together something that trumped their current design. Until last night. I believe I have finally found the perfect balance of retro and modern for this football team. The home uniform is below, and the away and action shots will be up shortly. Enjoy. Quick tidbits: The new orange is the primary color, but I went back to royal blue for the secondary. For the first time in their history, the Broncos would be wearing white helmets in this concept. I went with a gray facemask because a white one would be too much white. The logo is back to the old school D and has been engorged to represent the pride Denver has in it's Broncos. I borrowed the Vikings shoulder stripes without the flair because I thought it looked best of all the other designs I tried. The pants feature a more modern looking stripe with the mane of the horse from the current (but for this concept, past) logo. Feedback welcome.
  10. I absolutely love CSU, but I think their look is tired and dated and they just really need an overhaul to wash away the last few years of forgettable football. This is a early rough draft that draws elements from many previous uniforms worn by the school through out it's history, and I will share more of my research and reasoning for some of the design elements I chose in this uniform when the whole presentation is completed, but for now I was looking for some early feedback. A couple of things to note: The horns on the helmet are placeholders for the real design, did not want to unveil it just yet (though I gotta say the skinny horn look is sorta growing on me) There are no shoulder numbers or truly intricate designs on the uniform yet, nor is there very many theme elements apart from the new wordmark. I'm looking for feed back on the color scheme and the overall basic design of the uniform, as this will be my template going forward for this particular set. Any and all feedback is welcomed, thank you.
  11. Thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. This is mostly what I think Nike could do, with some personal tastes thrown in. I kept the clues we have so far (new helmet, gold wordmark under collar, purple collar) and went with a modernized throwback. Starting from the top, the helmet features a new horn that finally matches the logo. This also solves the Revo Speed issues, as it doesn't cross any air holes. The helmet itself is a semi-matte (like the Seahawks) with a scratch/scuff pattern at the bottom a la Rutgers. The jerseys and pants feature yellow-white/purple-yellow Northwestern stripes with angled cutoffs and the scuff pattern in the center stripe. The numbers and NOB are a custom block font (Nike's new thing), with angles matching the angle of the stripe cutoff (30 degrees if anyone was curious). The numbers also feature the scuff pattern, while the NOB is yellow to match the wordmark on the front of the jersey. Lastly, the viking head remains on the sides of the pants. So, here it is! Home Road Road Alt
  12. Hey Guys. I currently go to NAU and we have the single most boring jerseys right now so I thought I'd throw together a couple other options that I'd like to see on the field. I also like Nike more than our current sponsor Adidas so I went with Nike. Let me Know what you think
  13. I'm painfully new here, so hear me out. While browsing, I've seen multiple concepts for the Jaguar's new unis and, frankly, I've yet to see one I was really into (Too many prints for my taste). However, I decided that I ought not really open my mouth until I put my own contribution on the table, so I bring you 2013 new Jaguars Nike uniforms using HVF's Nike 51 Elite template.Basing off of the new secondary logo's paying tribute to the city's military heritage, I tried to make the unis innovative, but serious Since they were my favorite looks the Jags brought out last season, the home and away will be all-black and all-white respectively. Here is the new home look. I gave them a pretty minimal motif based on thick, adjacent stripes (I know they kind of look like flags for flag football on the pants. Bear with me). While not directly related to the military, their usage seems to make me think of "army" and the like. While it was said they would be mostly black and gold with "little teal," I couldn't help but play with the numbers (I know, they're a bit small) a bit, which came out to be new Nike experimental color-shifting numbers that are consistent with the new team font. On the homers, they shift between teal and grey (a very Nike color) depending on lighting and perspective (think Oregon). The homer's socks complete the all-black look, though added are some gold stripes to cancel the "leotard" look.The cuffs and collar were kept black to keep with the overall seriousness and to avoid the "toilet seat" neck. Also, I kept the all-black helmet with the teal sparkle (no matte, chrome, or any of that ) from the past few years because I still like the idea, though I'd like to see Nike make it better and more visible. And, of course, the bad-ass new shield logo will obligatorily go on the sleeves. [ The aways feature a black-and-white them, if anything, to almost form a concept that the colors belong at home. Not much else to say here except that the numbers now shift between black and grey. (Please excuse the unprofessional splotches. Long story.) Here serves as a bit of a clarification on what the underarm/pants stripes ought to look like from a side view. Since it was confirmed that there will always be a teal uni to be worn as a tradition for one game a year, I mock up an edition with a teal jersey. It is very much like the white unifrom save its teal base (reminiscient of the recent teal unis). Of course, why should Nike stop at recolor? Why not every year rotate in a different or new version of the teal each year. They could introduce new throwbacks or Pro Combats each year.For simplisity's sake, I've started with a throwback. But I couldn't just go the easy way out. No, I threw all the way back. I present to you the Jaguars first throwback: the 1993 Pre-franchise unis that never saw a game (or, as I like to call them, the "Lawsuits"). These come complete with the full 90's look that was proposed then scrapped over controversy with Jaguar motor company over the logo back when Jax was granted a franchise, featuring the Jaguar jumping across the shoulders, silver helmet and pants, and only one colored sleeve cuff. I couldn't necessarily find an aesthetically pleasing way around it without going full-Texan, so, for now, you get toilet seat collar. My condolences go out to those affected. (Reference: http://www.sportslog...vhxgf4q5ts53hvy) If Jaguar still has a problem with it, then the helmet could easily be subbed with the one that GotPixels made that is the same but with the new Jag head logo. C/C is appreciated (though time may restrict me from making small adjustments), though I'd really like to hear if you could really see these on a field, realistically buy one, or if it would even fit better on a different team. Thank you for your kindness.
  14. Interesting short, worth watching. Wish this was a longer video, but there you have it.
  15. I have been working on concepts for over 2 years now and I have always been baffled with how to handle the Jaguars. With the release of the new logo yesterday and the growth in my skills of working my paint program, I decided I would try again. The news release said that the team would be using more gold in their new scheme, so I incorporated that. I don't know how many people like the helmet finish that the Jags have used over the past few years, but I did like them. All I did with the helmet was change the speckle from teal to gold. The rest of the uniform is pretty self explanatory. Let me know what you think. I'm only going to post the Homes for now and I'm open for constructive criticism and modifying the concept a bit. Here it is
  16. crustin

    Saints Concept

    Here is a saints set for you guys! Home Away Home Alt Away Alt Let me know what you think.
  17. As you guys can tell by my profile picture I am a Jets fan. I wanted to make a throwback that I would like to see my team take the field with.
  18. Hey everyone! This is my fictional series where Nike takes over the NHL. I will post every team (Hopefully) one at a time to get suggestions on how to improve them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First team I did was Anaheim. I really wanted to go back to the diagonal stripe, eggplant turquoise style. This is my all time favorite look for the Ducks. Up next will probably be the Bruins. (Sorry Winnipeg fans, I might do this alphabetically.)
  19. Basically blending old (silver helmet and sleeve logo) with new (new logo chest stripe and wing pattern thingie) the silver helmet of old is now matte grey to match the new nike matte style pants. Changed the twelve pattern things on each leg to sox so that each set of pants has 12 rather than 24. All the pants can be worn with all the jerseys. Let me know what you think
  20. Here's all the looks you can choose from: Nike, UA or \\\ and you can select undershirt sleeves and/or high socks. Click the image to download.