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  1. The Philadelphia Eagles have been in "talks" about Kelly green becoming their primary color and a getting a Kelly Green colored uniform but Jeffrie Lurie (eagles owner) ex-wife Cristina Lurie apparently hates the Kelly green look and thinks it should stay in the past. With the Eagles kinda needing a redesign I made a concept on what I think Nike will do based of the other nfl teams that have redesigned under Nike. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Helmet: I changed the wing on the helmet to the back of the bird I have always wanted to see what it would look like and I think it fits with what nike has done before. The helmet has a diagonal wide stripe pattern(?) which kinda serves as the feather pattern that the Seahawks have on their jerseys and helmet. Jersey: The wings are on the shoulders of the jerseys and give the jersey very little empty space on the shoulders which is something nike has had on some of their uniforms (I.E Seahawks to an extent and the Jags) the Stripe pattern is on the sleeves of the jerseys just give it a simple but clean aesthetic. Numbers also have the striping pattern. Pants: I was debating to put the wing on the thighs because I though it would look like too much but decided to go with it anyway. The Stripes go around the back of the pants (which I debated also) and only go up 3/4 way up the pants. This is my first Computer-done concept ever so I hope you enjoy!
  2. In a lucrative deal full of monetary figures and lots of Nikespeak, the NCAA goes full NFL and makes Nike the official uniform provider for all 127 FBS football teams. Ok, the foundation for the topic is set. It's been a while since I've posted a concept and college football is getting closer and closer. Nike has been hit and miss the last few times, though UNC and Michigan State were definite wins. Beginning with the ACC and Boston College Boston College has always been conservative with their uniform look over the years and I saw no reason to change that. -iconic gold helmet now has a triple stripe, maroon facemask. -went with the Flutie-era double stripes on the jerseys. Colored the cap sleeves on the white and gold jerseys. I thought it looked better. -pants have the same triple stripe as the helmet. C and C welcome.
  3. Hey Everybody i was watching a Texas a&m baseball game and we where wearing these jerseys Well it reminded me of the Aggie's Uniforms in the 1980's for football and thought wouldn't it look good if they went back to that. Then i realized that Adidas would likely f that up so i thought maybe A&M should just switch so here is my final product
  4. A design of Ryan Switzer I put together. Im adding one with and without text to get feedback on both! I normally use the site to get actual feedback on my designs even though most of the threads are concept uniforms I like to design a little every now and then
  5. Yes, I am throwing my hat into the ring with some "Color Rush" jerseys of myself. Since St. Louis and Tampa Bay have wrapped up the reveals for 2015, the first of my concepts will be modifying the actual uniforms to fit the "rules" of my series. First and foremost, and I'm sure most of you can agree with me here, I do not like monochrome. Especially from head neck to toe. That being said, I am going to follow a set of guidelines, or "rules," if you will, that cater to generating aesthetically pleasing uniforms full of color. RULES: 1. No white in the uniforms - Yes, I am going to attempt this series completely void of white, with the exceptions of logos and when working with teams that only use one color and white (i.e. Indianapolis and New York Jets). 2. Color from head to toe - This does include the helmet (See Rule #1). This is a concept series, and, therefore, I do not care about the NFL's "one helmet rule." 3. Colors available for use are colors that the team has worn in the past or present - there will be no new colors generated 4. No modifications to existing logos other than color (i.e. St. Louis Rams, as seen in the first concept) - All 32 teams will be using their current logos. -and most importantly- 5. NO MONOCHROME Well, alright, let's get this thing going. NFL COLOR RUSH #1: ST. LOUIS RAMS I saw a Rams concept on these very boards not too long ago that I really liked. I apologize for not remembering who did it, but I remember commenting on it, so, to whoever it is: credit to you, sir for the inspiration. Honestly, I've had this idea floating around for awhile. Initially I wanted to see how the uniform would look with the horns on the sleeves but my fear of Nike's awkward templates and cuts cutting off the horns led me to change my mind. The idea of the uniform is primarily based upon the Los Angeles Rams' uniforms from the 50's and later for the NFL's 75th anniversary in 1994. I utilized the bold single pant stripe from the L.A.'s 1964-72 blue and white uniforms. The numerals are based off of the current St. Louis Rams' numbers; they're modern yet not over-the-top like some number fonts in the NFL. The helmet is basically what the Rams have worn in both L.A. and during their "Greatest Show on Turf" times in St. Louis. The only exception is the shade of blue, which I have changed to match the royal blue used in the logo and on the pants. Thanks for viewing. Tell me what ya think!
  6. US Soccer Copa America When a team is celebrating the anniversary of something they will usually use classic jerseys, just look at the Canadiens 100th, the Ducks' 20th, and so on. For the 100th anniversary of the Copa America, US Soccer did not do this. So I came up with this concept. The home is very clean and a bit similar to the US's 2013 kit, which was a throwback to the US's Original soccer kits in 1930. After seeing the actual away kits that the US will wear which feature red and blue split sleeves and a black base I came up with this more traditional split kit. Ultimately, with US Soccer releasing their newer, cleaner, crisper logo, I think kits like these would be the perfect bring in the new era of US Soccer. Let me know what you guys think, I set up a poll so feel free to vote. I am open to creative criticism so throw any suggestions out there. Please don't bother telling me the font looks bad because I know. I am a bit of a stickler for using the correct font and since I could not find the actual font the US will use this summer to download, I copy and pasted the font from an image and re sized and recolored it. I did do previous US Soccer concepts, the home concept I did can be found here and the away concept I did can be found here
  7. Before we get started, here's some quick guidelines and background: The one helmet rule carries over to an extent. One helmet is used for the home and road uniform. However, an alternate helmet may only be paired with an alternate, throwback, or League-event uniform. I'll show examples later on in the series. Alternate, Throwback, and League-event (such as Color Rush) uniforms will be posted after all teams have been posted. Up to three pairs of pants may be used by each team. Some teams will be using different templates. It's mainly because I created my new Nike Vapor Untouchable template with about 5 teams remaining in my series. Afterwards, I began moving some teams over to the NVU template, but it became such a hassle, so I said screw it. Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Tennessee, Washington, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and San Diego all have this template. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Without further ado, let us begin with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Notes: The biggest changes are the helmet and the numbers. The helmet is a return to the old one that that the team wore before the rebrand because the current is hot garbage. Other than that, a simple switch to a more classic striping pattern replaces... whatever it is they call striping now. Teal is the home color. White and black pants are the main options with teal making an appearance once or twice a year. The pants stripe is the same as the jersey striping and is cut similarly to the current pants striping.
  8. Hey guys, so this is my 2nd thread and my 2nd posting high school redesigns. My other one didn't go well becuase I took on too many projects than I could finish. Learned from that mistake and now have everything finished. This year my old high school will be getting a new turf field which the all powerful Nike has given a lot of money towards. In return, all teams have to have Nike uniforms, backpacks, shoes, socks, undershirts, waterbottles, etc. In getting ready for the Nike Takeover I decided to Nike-fy some of the teams and I have finished football, basketball, baseball, and boys volleyball. I also updated the old logo to a modern looking logo but all that can be read in the Nike Press releases I'm doing. I've also made some promotional posters just to hype everyone up for the Nike Takeover. Hope you guys'll enjoy. OLD LOGO: NEW LOGO: NIKE PRESS RELEASE: "The new era at Appleton North has arrived with a redesigned logo on the iconic "A+N+L+Lightning Bolt" Logo that has been shown throughout the Fox Valley and the State of Wisconsin for 20 years now with teams being successful and many going all the way to State and winning State Championships. The new logo encompasses all the attributes of the old logo but now appears less bulky and more fast as it encompasses the speed of a flash of lightning. This logo will make athletes feel fast while looking down at it on the court, in the stands, or on their jerseys. Athletes will proudly show off this logo as it is the first Nike Redesigned high school logo in the state of Wisconsin. The new font encompasses the strike of a lightning bolt as in the "N" but the sophistication that is Appleton North High School." My Explanation: I added notches on the A and N to make it seem faster and less bulky. The font is Rainbow Warriors Regular which will be the official font. Thanks to Conrad for that. He always does a great job. I'll be posting some promotional posters later on and then jerseys. C&C is appreciated as always and especially on this becuase this is my first time creating a logo. It should've taken me a few hours but took me a few days. Thanks guys.
  9. After the possible US Soccer shirt for the Copa America tournament has been leaked (See Here) I decided to release the conversations that Nike had with US Soccer about their kits for the Copa America. Enjoy: Nike also saw the opportunity to create a brand new USA flag for this summers tournament, and here it is: So the questions are: Was this leaked jersey legitimate? Will we see the USMNT in black this Summer? Will the president agree to the new flag changes? Do you really think this was a serious post about an actual leaked conversation? Are you just realizing this was all a joke? If you answered Yes to the last two questions then I only have one thing to say to you: Really?
  10. Some football concepts , i'll be posting more teams in the next days.
  11. I'm talking about the triple striped socks in the New England Patriots' away uniform. How is it possible that Nike is being forced to include a design element that is essentially an adidas trademark in the Patriots uniforms? The Pats' current away uniforms were designed by adidas in the late 90's and debuted in the year 2000. They feature a signature adidas design element: three stripes on each sock. In case you think this is silly, that nobody can trademark the number of stripes on a sock, adidas markets itself as "the brand with the three stripes" and three stripes, not only on socks, but on t-shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets is an adidas branded design element. It may or may not be an officially registered trademark but adidas has aggressively sued other companies who design clothing that even remotely comes close to looking like their three stripes. So why did Reebok agree to keep making the triple striped socks when they took over the NFL uniform contract from adidas in 2002? Adidas ended up buying Reebok in 2005 so it makes sense that the triple striped socks would stay after that but now that Nike is in control, why are they continuing to make a symbol of a competitor on such a high profile team? Considering how Nike loves to "fix" what isn't broken I'm sure the subject has come up many times. So why do you guys think Nike hasn't changed the design of the away socks by now?
  12. Hey guys, here for your pleasure I have Nike newest uniform template, the Elite Mach Speed set. I made this template to use for some NFL and College Football series and wanted to share with the community as well! Template is for Adobe Illustrator in an .ai file. Also included is a .psd file made directly from this template by Bucks Fan. Thanks for doing that man! Just with some of my other templates, the only thing I ask with this free template is that you mention my name (Trent Daniel or tbdaniel15) when you use this and give me credit for my work. Other than that, enjoy it! I hope it can help some of your projects pop. .psd http://www.mediafire...y_BucksFan5.rar .ai *Note* There are helmet and pant stripes hidden within the layers. Simply pressing alt+opt+3 to reveal these for you to access!
  13. So its been a while since I've been on this site but seeing this today made me want to post something. I was watching the Lions vs Bears game and I noticed that Matt Forte's uniform looked different from the rest of the team. I looked closely when they zoomed in on him and I realized that he didn't have on the Nike Flywire that the teams wears, and the more I looked the more different it seemed to be, first the sweat boxes where different and and second there wasn't as much stitching on the back. It looks like he was wearing the new Nike Vapor uniforms; basically what Oregon unveiled last night. Unfortunately I don't have a good photo of this right now but I will look harder to find better quality shots of it. Matt Forte wasn't the only Bear to wear this uniform either but unfortunately I couldn't remember his name
  14. This is my first ever concept so C&C is appreciated. The high school I coach at has navy blue and vegas gold as their primary colors and the panther logo on the helmet is the school sports logo. I have other sets but thought I would start with these two. I downloaded the template from BucksFan5 a while back and just now got around to using it. Thoughts?
  15. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I last created a topic here in the Concept section. I'm back with my very first custom-made template. The first template I used was OK for a little while, but was dated and took up a bit more space on my CPU than I wanted. The second template was a copy o another, but when I asked the original creator if I could use it, he kindly said no, which I respect. Finally I decided to create my own. Here it is: Here is the reference image: Thoughts on the template?
  16. I finally felt confortable to do some tweaks on NBA, most of them, based on what I like most and some stuff I'm reading all over the forum and the interwebs... So, everyone know that adidas is not renewing its contract with NBA, personally I think Nike will take over and all the teams will use their Hyper Elite gear If you guys already saw some of my concepts (Toronto Raptors specially), be sure that there will be more kits with a 90's to early 2000's approach and I'm sorry about that, I just like that era on sports uniforms. Well, let's start with the Philadelphia 76ers! I'm not a fan of a league having too many teams with the same colors, so if possible, I'll always try to diferentiate them some way. For the Sixers, I tried to make a better look from the kits and identity from Iverson Era, I got really satisfied with this work! C&C is appreciated And now you guys tell, which team should be the next??
  17. I recently did an update/modernization of the Philadelphia Eagles uniforms using the current colors which can be seen here. In the thread I noticed a few people asking for a Kelly Green version or saying that they preferred the Kelly Green over the Midnight Green. Personally I prefer the Midnight Green, I think the Kelly Green should stay in the 70's and doesn't really fit these days unless its as a throwback. The Midnight Green and Black combo not only looks better to me but it also looks a little more intimidating. If you see two guys in a dark alley and one is wearing Kelly Green and Grey and the other is wearing Midnight Green and Black, I'll be more afraid of the guy in Midnight Green. I think that is the type of branding that fits the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles franchise. But that's just my opinion. Either way I think the Kelly green can make a good concept so I threw this together. I tried to give it a classic look while keeping with Nike's mission to make every uniform look cool and new (proof of this mission in Oregon, Jacksonville, and Cleveland). I hope you guys like them, I'm open to any comments or suggestions so fire away.
  18. All concepts will be posted in spoilers to try and reduce the size of each post. Credit to Conrad for the fonts and several others as references for the Template (no, I'm not releasing it). As always, C+C is appreciated. I will have a complete and up-to-date directory for easy access to each team, their original concept, and the link to updates if there are any. Thanks for stopping by! ______________________________________________________ DIRECTORY: H = Home UniformR = Road Uniform (also referred to as "Away Uniform")ALT = Alternate UniformUH = Updated Home UniformUR = Updated Road/Away UniformTH = Throwback Uniform (Only noted as a throwback if it is a second alternate uniform).UU = Unused Options. AMERICAN LEAGUE AL WEST Anaheim Angels: H | R | ALT Houston Astros: H | R | ALT Oakland Athletics: H | R | ALT Seattle Mariners: H | R | UU SEA HELMET EXPERIMENT 10/9 | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Texas Rangers: H | R | ALT AL WEST UPDATES 10-3-15 ---------------- AL EAST Baltimore Orioles: H | R | O's UPDATE 10/9 | ALT Boston Red Sox: H | ROAD | BOSOX UPDATE 10/9 | ALT New York Yankees: H | R | YANKEES UPDATE 10/9 Tampa Bay Rays: H | R | UU TB RAYS OPTIONS 10/9 | ALT | UH | UR Toronto Blue Jays: H | R | ALT | ALTU ---------------- AL CENTRAL Chicago White Sox: H | R | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Cleveland Indians: H | R Detroit Tigers: H | R | UH Kansas City Royals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT Minnesota Twins: H | R | UH | UR ____________________________________________________________________ NATIONAL LEAGUE NL CENTRAL Chicago Cubs: H | R | ALT | UH | UR Cincinnati Reds: H | R | ALT | UUH | UUR Milwaukee Brewers: H | R | ALT | ALTU | UH | UR | UUH1 | UUH2 Pittsburgh Pirates: H | R | UH | UR | ALT St. Louis Cardinals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT NL CENTRAL UPDATES 10/17 NL WEST Arizona Diamondbacks: H | R | ALT | TH Colorado Rockies: H | R | UH | UR Los Angeles Dodgers: H | R | UH | UR San Diego Padres: H | R | UH | UR San Francisco Giants: H | R | UH | UR | UH2 | UR2 | ALT NL EAST Atlanta Braves: H | R Miami Marlins: H | R | ALT New York Mets: H | R Philadelphia Phillies: H | R | UH | UR Washington Nationals: H | R | ALT _____________________________________________________ Anaheim Angels Brought back the halo and put that on the helmet. Simple Navy-White-Navy stripe for the home and replaced the white stripe with red for the roadPrimary logo on the chest.Navy-Red-Navy Stripes for the home pants. Added the logo on the pants above the stripe on the hip.White replaces the red on the stripe for the red pants.Pants are interchangeable, however the navy socks must be worn if they choose to go with red pants. On the fence as to what I should do with the alternate. I can say for certain, though, that it will either be navy (booooo) or a throwback to the Disney era (yaaaay). Suggestions: Include gold into the color scheme... Halo?Add Logo to the helmet a la Oregon's Mirror wings
  19. So, as I was trying to finally find raysox's amazing soccer template (after months and months of searching, I've been on a template revolution lately) I decided to create a template of my own and see how well it would fare in the new template generation. It's a little outdated but I figured it was worth a shot.I tried a smidge of realistic shading on parts, but I don't know much about that so any pointers would be helpful . So here it is! I have Inkscape and Paint versions ready and Photoshop will come later. Paint Version Inkscape Version Enjoy and Happy creating!
  20. After watching our team get stepped on the last two weeks (once in chrome, the next in the regular away uni with gradient numbers) I decided that I'm sick of the uniforms. Terrible font, design, and inspiration. The Home set that I have finished, is reminiscent of the Teddy Bruschi era, mixed with the Nick Foles/Matt Scott era. I thought this brought a nice sense of unity to the cats uniform. Away set coming soon!! And here are the Alternate Red Jersey and Pants. No red helmet! And the White Jersey!! For this concept, The Red pants can only be worn with red jerseys. Cleaner look IMO.
  21. Ever since the Eagles started using the Nike template with the thicker collar, I thought that the jerseys just looked a bit uneven. So by adding the shoulder bit and the (now extinct) side stripe, I thought it would make jersey look a bit more even in terms of colors if that makes sense. As for the font, the font the Eagles use now is a little outdated I guess and I'm not really feeling it anymore, so I changed it to a more modern look. Finally the helmet, I think a gradient helmet can look good if it is done correctly, so I thought I'd try it with this concept and I think it looks really good. Its tasteful and not as crazy as the Jags helmets. I didn't intend this to be a huge redesign, just an update to modernize the Eagles look under Nike. For a Kelly Green concept, you can find it here
  22. Hi guys! I made myself a Nike basketball template and thought I might as well share it with you guys! I don't really know how the whole downloadable template works so I'm just going to post a picture of it and you guys can use it how you please! Plus and example of how it can be used with my old high school team:
  23. UPDATED THE IMAGE URLS, I HOPE EVERYONE CAN SEE MY WORK! Hello there, don't really post much at all on this forum, however this side project seems worthy of a post. Nike-esque, Bright vibrant NFL. To me this is what the perfect modern NFL would look like. Credit to Conrad for some of the fonts, as well as SportsLogosNet for some base logos. Template was my own.