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  1. OREGON FOOTBALL 2016 CONCEPT This is my take on what the progression of Oregon's look could be for the 2016 season if they update to the new Nike template. Other Combos:
  2. MLS REDO BY NIKE Summary of Myself Hey ladies and gentlemen, you might know me in the boards as a soccer (football) enthusiasts. Before I joined I use to watch the boards for over a year, to sum it all up I’ve been designing since I was six, but all was on paper. And when I decided to learn programs like GIMP I got more and more into these programs leading me to start a post were I would take soccer teams and imagine their jerseys as basketball ones. It got a good amount of publicity which I want to thank all who gave feedback. (Please Read This Section) I’m a very big amateur compared to others on these boards when it comes to such programs and even design as a whole, so I get limited fairly easily when it comes to my thoughts, unfortunately. I’ve been off and on the forums for a while now, because of the loads of school work and some problems with wifi. Currently I have many ideas in my head of some topics, such as redoing my whole high school’s sports teams and logos. Also as a kid I had this fictional sport in between futsal and soccer (football) with fictional teams and players and jerseys etc. which I kept going for about three years, which I want to now revive, but with a lot of things on my hands I decided to do something more simple…redoing the MLS. What this is about I don’t want to waste any more of your time, so to put simply, this is a redesign of the current MLS teams. I wanted to do other leagues but I know MLS is a bigger fuss on these boards since most of you are from North America. All I am doing is redoing the MLS jerseys and that’s all. The only twist is Nike is taking over. Adidas has been holding the MLS for quite a while now, and so what if Nike takes over. With this I will also release third/alternate kits because the league is expanding rapidly. These will still be designs from my own head, and also templates from my own head. I’m not trying to recreate how Nike would design MLS’ jerseys, since I find their jobs boring most times. All I’m doing here is replacing Adidas with Nike for some freedom through my work. Thanks and as always I appreciate a lot of feedback and reception, besides it is what drives me to keep doing these. Scheduling Some of you might know from my last topic I'm slower than usual, since I like to take my time and not pressure myself to a point where I will get bored of what I'm doing. Unlike other topics I don't finish the whole series before I post it because that would literally take me over three months to make. Instead I like to do it while I get feedback, this is because my ideas and designs don't come quickly, and because I'm using computer programs rather than sketching. Teams (In Order): Eastern Conference Chicago Fire (Home, Away, Third) Columbus Crew SC D.C. United Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC Orlando City SC Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Western Conference Colorado Rapids FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Sporting Kansas City Vancouver Whitecaps FC So instead of leaving you hanging, which is always a bad thing to do, I’ll present to you the banners that “supposedly” got released to announce Nike is taking over MLS kits and gear. Sorry for the choppiness I would love some feedback on it tell me which you think is better… oh and I will try to release Fire’s home in a few days. Thank you for your time!
  3. NIKE REVEALS CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE UNIFORMS FOR THE 2015 SEASON June 23, 2015 – The Canadian Football League boasts a rich, tradition-laden history with roots over 100 years old, when the inaugural Grey Cup was presented in 1909. However, the CFL is also a forward-thinking league, as shown by its many unique and innovative rules and fast-paced style of play. With this dichotomy in mind, Nike has looked deep into the history and tradition of each team and drawn inspiration from both past and present. As the 2015 CFL season kicks off, Nike is unveiling each team’s new Mach Speed uniforms. The Mach Speed football uniform features an all-new chassis including the latest in lightweight fabric innovation built for maximum speed, ventilation and comfort. The uniform includes three distinct woven mesh fabrics for optimal thermoregulation. Each panel on the jersey and pants matches specifically to the pads underneath in order to promote maximum airflow. In addition to primary home and away uniforms, each team will also have two “Pride” uniforms to be worn during CFL Heritage Month in October. These Pride uniforms take inspiration from each franchise’s history and identity but with a modern twist, creating a unique, 21st century look for each team. BC Lions Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos Hamilton Tiger-Cats Montreal Alouettes Ottawa RedBlacks Saskatchewan Roughriders Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers Nike is the official sideline and on-field provider for the Canadian Football League. Fans will be able to purchase jerseys, official sideline gear and other apparel at, as well as at Nike Stores and other key Nike retailers.* * Not actually, as this is a concept. Please don’t go to Nike demanding CFL gear.
  4. Okay Guys I've Decided to a College football redesign I am going to do every FBS program oh boy so hold on. I am going in this order SEC B10 Pac12 Big 12 ACC C-USA MAC MWC SUNBELT INDP
  5. This is the latest version of a reoccurring concept of mine to "modernize" the Steelers' uniforms. In this version, the helmet is matte and the facemask has been changed to a "steel" color, which is also used on the alternates. On the home jersey, the number font has been changed and the stripes now fit fully on the sleeves. On the away jersey, the entire shoulder cap is turned black to keep the shoulder stripes clean and consistent. I have two alternate ideas, both of which are merely concepts as they would require the NFL to change its rule on alternate helmets. One is a yellow jersey with a yellow helmet and steel sleeve caps and pants. The other is an all-steel alternate. The yellow and steel helmets (which would both be matte) have a chrome logo on the "blank" side.
  6. We saw this coming, but the NBA today said Nike would outfit the NBA over eight years starting in the 2017-18 season. LINK
  7. Those who know me a while know that the company that I like to create for is Nike. Even missing a lot, Nike is still a strong company, and sometimes she does things that please me, as it did with the third Neon shirts last season, for its major European clubs. I got to do a project in behance had a nice rebound, making this style shirts for nine clubs in Latin America. Now I decided to make Nike neon shirts for the twelve teams that will contest the America's Cup which will begin soon in Chile. Some shirts were good, some shirts were horrible, but I tried to close the Nike would, and that my goal, at least I think I did well. See the post on my blog: C&C Please!
  8. Years pass since the founding of several clubs, and some of them have changed a lot since its early years to the present day. The shirts are what most change over time, but ever wondered what it would be the first shirts of each club were made to current standards? That's what I stopped to think, and tried to illustrate here. In this post, two clubs were portrayed: Manchester City and Manchester United. The shirt of the City, was originally made in 1884, at the time the club was still called Gorton, and the United was made in 1878 when the club was called Newton Heath LYR. United have sent a shirt in honor of this for some time, and the City also recently but still with the current shell. My goal was to try to combine fidelity the unique, with the current templates of each club. Do not miss it on my blog: us on Twitter: @EleceAthletic Follow us on Instagram: EleceAthletic
  9. Hello everyone, with all this football talk I've really been itching to do some more football concepts. I started a similar thread a few months ago when I first started getting into design, and now looking at it I've gotten waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better lol. Now unlike my last football thread I will just do whatever teams I feel like so I most likely wont do all of them. So my first concept is a simple one i decided to tweak my favorite school Michigan State Michigan State Now I really like the new additions of Green Pants and the new White Unis, so this is just a small tweak. -Made Monochrome Green and Monochrome White Home and Away -Brought bake there Gold Nike Pro Combat Gold Helmets -I made a Rivalry Home and away for games against Michigan (Yeah I know Miss State already does the same exact thing but I thought it was a cool idea) So this was a very small tweak but there will be more, so stay tuned and C&C!
  10. What's up guys? I started an NFL re-design last summer, and made it through about 3 divisions before I became sidetracked with work, and eventually lost interest. With the recent reveal of the Cleveland Browns 2015 uniforms, I was comparing what they released to my concept from nearly a year prior, and it got me thinking..."I kind of want to start fresh, and give the NFL a make over from my perspective," as many of you have done, or are planning to do. So that's exactly what this is. I will kind of be winging it as far as the order of teams goes, and taking requests along the way. Of course, any constructive criticism is fair game. Thanks for checking out this series, and I hope you enjoy it! Finished Teams: AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals AFC South: Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans Tennessee Titans AFC East: New England Patriots New York Jets Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins AFC West: Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs NFC North: Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions NFC South: Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC East: Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins NFC West: Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams
  11. Barring a Cleveland-esque mega leak, new Colorado football uniforms are to be released this Friday. In the meantime, the Buffs throwing us a few teasers leading up to the big unveiling: Clean road jersey. CHECK. Golden dome. CHECK. Logo unchanged. CHECK. So far so good. No need to hit the panic button quite yet.
  12. Decided to take a stab at modernizing Wisco since they are gonna be moving to a new brand, but I like Nike so I took a shot using Nike. It's just the jerseys for now, but I tried to give them an update while still keeping the traditional look, so there are just subtle updates. C&C welcome. Home Road
  13. I'm leaving the helmet alone because that's about the only thing I don't mind about this year's set. That, and the white jerseys are ok, as well. But since I'm "correcting" an entire set, I might as well add another... HOME AWAY ALT. All in all, I like the idea of using the Frogskin more... but the current uniforms used TOO MUCH of it. It's overkill. So this was basically my idea of taking the now current uniforms and toning the pattern down. Only the shoulders, numbers, and pant stripes (and helmet, which isn't shown) have it while the rest of the uniform looks like it should. Also, I'd rather have the black shirts back instead of the grey Army-esqe camo jersey that's being used.
  14. I have seen plenty of threads where people redesign a league using an new jersey manufacturer. In short, that's what I will be doing. However, instead of going out and designing the best looking jerseys I can for each team, I'm channeling my inner Nike designer and creating jerseys that I BELIEVE Nike would actually make for each NHL team. Which clearly means, some of these uniforms will suck. Some will look amazing. Some teams will fix their brands, others will destroy them. And of course, some teams will remain completely unchanged as they have for the past number of decades. For the sake of this series, I will be treating everything hypothetically, starting with the instructions given to Nike by the NHL: 1. Every team was given a home, away, and alternate jersey. The alternate can be an entirely new design or a throwback jersey. 2. Every team's uniform (MUCH to the disappointment of fans) featured the Nike flywire collar. 3. Nike was to put their swoosh logo on the back of the jerseys to leave room on the front for potential advertisers down the road. (Also disappointing to fans...) and finally, 4. Nike was to not redesign a teams logo or logo set, however, they were given the go ahead to change colours for a handful of teams as well as bring back some retired logos or promote alternate logos to primary marks for a handful of teams as well. To kick off our journey, we start with the Vancouver Canucks. No strangers to redesigning uniforms, the Canucks finally decided it was time to create a lasting brand image. Their Johnny Canuck logo was promoted to the primary crest of the team, and the orca whale was retired. The team made slight modifications to both their home and away jerseys, and retained their popular Vancouver Millionares throwbacks as the alternate, minus a few stripes on the sleeves. Overall the city of Vancouver is ecstatic! The Sedin twins and Kevin Bieksa modeled the new Nike looks in front a crowd at Rogers Arena, and jerseys began flying off the shelves at the team store. The Canucks had finally gotten it right. Our next visit is across the continent in Sunrise Florida. Aaron Ekblad, fresh off winning the Calder (yes, that's my prediction), modeled the new look for the Panthers. What fans were expecting was a return to the traditional, sharp uniforms worn through the 90s and early 2000s, but what fans got was Nike's version of Reebok's already lame template coupled with the resurrection of the logos from Florida's failed third jersey in the early 2010s. Gone is the full bodied Panther, and in is the modernized Panther head. Nike unveiled their first gimmick on these Panther's jerseys: sleeve logos beneath the TV number, a move welcomed by some and cringed at by others. The alternate jersey was instantly nicknamed the "BLA" as many can see why. Overall, the look was welcomed by young Panthers fan poised for a prosperous future, but hated by long time supporters who wanted the team to bring back the "glory day" uniforms. The rest of the league, however, doesn't seem to care what the Panthers are wearing as many anticipate the team relocating in the near future. Our last stop for the day takes us to Pittsburgh. The Penguins took the Nike redesign in stride and once again returned to the city's famous colour scheme of black and yellow (Sport Gold for those of you who think "yellow" isn't an athletic enough name for a colour). A video was released on the team's social media pages of captain Sidney Crosby wearing the new threads. Gone is the templated black and vegas gold, for good. The black jerseys received phenomenal reviews, however the fans were skeptical about the road whites, saying the jersey looked unbalanced. However, on the ice, the Penguins looked sharp, except that is in their yellow alternate jersey. Despised by fans, the team retired it and the end of the season and gave fans (you guys!!!!) the chance to design and submit a new one for the team going forward. Please, let me know what you think of the series so far, and let me know what teams you would like to see next! And feel free to submit some new Pens alternate jerseys as well.
  15. I think a lot of yall will be interested in this, especially in light of Adidas planning to bow out from the NBA. I know as a U-M alum I'd love for Michigan to go back to Nike. I wouldn't mind Under Armour either, but it would be a little weird following the same path as Notre Dame (the only question would be whether it's more weird to join the same manufacturer that Ohio State and Michigan State are with).
  16. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.
  17. I am still kind of new to concept making. I've done a few before but I am not the best. However practice makes slightly better. So here is my first team, Anaheim. I drew inspiration from their original EDGE jerseys but edited it to look better. **UPDATED VERSION ON POST #4** C&C more than welcome
  18. Hello everyone, I am not new to these boards and have had a few series. Yet, those series have gone unfinished, Idk but whenever i start a new topic I complete about 3 concepts and then forget about it completely. I am sorry for clogging the boards with a few unfinished concept series. So for this NFL revival i will focus on completing it 100%. Lets start off with the Cardinals, victims of terrible piping right now I really wanted to take an element from past uniforms and make it new. Also aded the stripes to the helmet, and made the red lighter. The color change was an attempt to make the uniforms and logo seem more bold and aggressive. I also eliminated the monochrome red look... Leave C&C Please!!
  19. My friend was wearing a Adidas Baylor hat today and it got me thinking. I thought Baylor had Nike uniforms and not Adidas . I looked up the uniforms and realized that Baylor had Nike for football and Adidas for basketball last year. Has there been any other colleges that have more than one jersey manufacturer?
  20. Recently, concept helmets made by people across the nation have gained lots of attention on social media and sports sites including ESPN. I personally believed the helmets were sloppy and lacked true effort into designing a helmet that would fit the NFL's strict traditions. I made an effort to modernize NFL teams helmets, without ignoring each teams traditions. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts! AFC WEST: Raiders - Chargers - Chiefs - Broncos -
  21. I always thought it'd be amazing if the Olympic Committee added American Football to the Summer Olympics. There's no doubt that the U.S. would win gold every year. Since it seems like the USA has the best uniforms at the Olympics and other world sporting events, I wondered what our football uniforms would look like. I decided to go a little more simple on the home uniforms, but I kinda wanted to go all out on the road uniforms. I will be starting on red alternate uniforms soon. Please leave feedback. If you have ideas, don't hesitate to let me know. Every suggestion matters. Thank you. Navy (Home) White (Road) Red (Alternate)
  22. I'm a die-hard Packers fan, and I noticed that Green Bay doesn't have that many options for uniforms. I know they want to keep tradition, but I thought it'd be fun to change the colors around on the uniforms. My idea was to categorize them by color, and then each uniform could be mixed and matched with multiple colors. This is my first time on the forums, so I wanted to see what you guys thought. Any feedback would be great. Thanks. Green Uniforms Yellow Uniforms White Uniforms Throwback Uniforms [Actual Uniforms] I originally had a black uniform instead of the throwbacks, but I decided to change it because of the helpful feedback I have been receiving. If you would like to still see them, Click Here.
  23. When I was putting this concept together, I wanted to merge the modern and the classic styles. The helmet, jerseys, and pants all have similar striping. This 5-stripe is 100% Cleveland Browns. I decided to go with the chest striping for a modern twist on a classic. Rather than heavily-outlining the numbers to make them stand out I set them to stop with enough room for numbers. The script logo is one I created out of a downloaded font. I uploaded this a while back so I don't remember the font name. The numbers are obviously from the Minnesota Golden Gophers, but I thought they fit the overall aesthetic. I have a few more concepts and may (since I'm busy with possibility of traveling) look at doing the whole league.
  24. Hello everyone I have some more concepts I'd like to share, very recently Univ of Miami shockingly (just like Arizona State) switched from Nike to Adidas because of money obviously. But earlier Tennessee did the complete opposite by switching from long time supplier Adidas to Nike. So without further ado here are the concepts. Miami *Updated w/ Undershirts I am actually kinda sad to see Miami leave Nike, I actually really liked there uniforms they put out there this year. So with these designs I went wayyyyyyy back to the 80's for these concepts, Basically I went with a retro look for Miami back when they were in their prime with Michael Irvin, Jimmy Johnson and such. I fixed a lot of the striping inconsistancy they had back then, I also kept their current wordmarking and I added as a sublimation there Ibis logo. I also kept their traditional helmet. Tennessee *Updated w/ Undershirt So this may be an unpopular choice but I decided to bring back black for Tennessee, if you ask me Orange/Black looks better than Orange/Grey. Now Tennessee already have some pretty classy unis so I didn't wanna mess with them that much. I didn't add black outlines on the orange unis just because of how clean they look, while on the whites I find that the numbers just don't pop as much as they would with black outlines. And for the black unis, they looked pretty good on the template so I kept them, they looked better than Grey. So tell me what you think?
  25. I was bored today after class & I decided to make a Florida State hockey concept. Unfortunately FSU doesn't have an NCAA sponsored hockey team but we can dream right? Thought it turned out alright. And yes I know they are similar to the football uniforms. I like the idea of an over-arching identity for schools. DISCLAIMER: I don't pay much attention to hockey so I'm not totally sure how people usually view uniforms and what looks good/bad. I just thought these looked nice and figured I'd share. Edits 1/17/15: Shifted sleeve pattern & number down the sleeve, no more shoulder numbers changed logo on black jersey changed pattern colors on white & black jersey added captain's C moved Nike logo to the appropriate side swapped white & garnet jersey (I was informed wearing white at home was common for NCAA teams) debated adding shoudler logo, seemed too busy to me. Home (can't decide between these two): OR Away: Alternate: