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  1. So for a long time now, I have looked through the great ideas a lot of artists have on this forum and I figured it was about time I made something on my own. So here you have it, my attempt at a redesigned logo for the New England Revolution, who are very much overdue for a makeover. And I made some kits as a bonus. A few points about the new logo: The top of the crest is supposed to resemble the hats worn during the American revolutionFive red stripes to honour the original logoA white circle (a representation of a soccer ball) containing six stars to represent all six states that form New EnglandIn the middle is a pine tree, taken from the flag of New England that many fans wave during home gamesHope you like it! Comments & critique appreciated.
  2. Concept to modernize the Bills look.
  3. The Columbus Blue Jackets are one of the few teams that have seen any changes to their main uniforms since the introduction to the Reebok Edge uniform system back in 2007. Ever since the team introduced the cannon roundel as a shoulder/secondary logo on their uniforms this past summer, it seems like the team may be moving away from their current primary mark. This project aims to create a new identity for the team with a nod to the past. The colors remain the same, but a classic, more simple set of stripes (which have been used on the team's socks since its inception) don the primary uniforms. The alternate uniform, which is inspired by work from Anthony Zych (a Blue Jackets inhouse designer known for his creative game day posters) speaks to the city of Columbus and its deep hockey roots, as well as further the team's marketing campaign of "March With Us". I'll go ahead and post the link to my project on Behance, but I will share some of the main highlights on here, too. Here are the main logos used, and the new word marks. And the uniforms. Enjoy, and check out the rest of this project on Behance!
  4. My alma-matter, graduating class of 2014. I'm particularly a Mason basketball fan; my freshmen year witnessed the Men's basketball Cinderella-story trip to the Final Four, in 2006. Unforgettable. The current look, adopted in 2004, is passable for now, but as an ever-growing university presence in America, Mason Nation is certainly due for a refreshed athletic aesthetic. See the link to a PDF below for a full presentation of the rebrand and its elements: On Behance:
  5. Hey folks, I was wondering if you guys would be interesting in holding our own little throwdown and see who comes up with the best toronto maple leafs update(as they recently announced that they would be updating the logo next year). May the best designer win?
  6. Hello all! I am starting an NBA Rebrand Series and hope to do all 30 teams. Here's my first, the Suns. Home: Away: Home Alt: Away Alt:
  7. Hey, so yeah, tried an oilers rebrand a little while ago, people said my idea is :censored:. And maybe it is, But i'd actually like DESIGN feedback, not concept feedback. So with that in mind, critique away. Otherwise, @#$% off.
  8. Here is my Cavs rebrand that I did by creating a new logo and uniforms mixing present day Cavs with old school Cavs. First the Logo: The logo is based somewhat on the very first logo the Cavs used with the Cavalier by replacing that design with the new one made by someone else (credit for the Cavalier concept goes to him), and mixing it in with the current arched Cleveland and Cavaliers wordmark. The roundel pattern is based on the Austin Carr era stripe pattern and I chose to bring back. I also included the city of Cleveland's skyline (found on vector) and added it at the very bottom with a navy background to symbolize the city at night with Est.1970 to show the Cavs year they were established. At the end of the logo is a stripe pattern found on an old cavs sweatshirt that I have from the late 80's early 90's that surround the teams "V hoop" logo and included the teams All for One One For All slogan. Uniforms: All of the uniforms in the set are based off of the Navy blue alternates worn by the Cavs from 2006-2010 but in current wine and gold. Also to note I saw a similar design so I was inspired to give it some tweaks and I think they turned out great. So here they are below. (I used the NBA 2K16 myTeam creator to make the uniforms so sorry for the poor quality, took the pics off of my tv.) So what do you guys think?
  9. Hey guys! Haven't posted here in a while but I just started getting into crest designs rather than uniform concepts, and I thought about sharing this. Its a pretty daunting task and I didn't want to change too much, but I wanted to clean up the crest to the point where it had the charm of the historic ones but the modern touch of the current badge. I'll most likely keep updating this post with other crests and uniform concepts so I dont have to make new threads for each team and all that. Please let me know what you think! One thing I will concede is that the font is a bit crooked and weird and thats just because I had to do it manually, as I didn't have access to my desktop which has a proper program (AI) for that. thanks dudes Other images Weird Collage: Kit sketch example:
  10. The current ‘Wolves branding is a slight fixer-upper of a logo that was originally introduced in 1996. As of late, their aesthetic has gone from a nice mix of green and blue, to looking more and more like the Orlando Magic (especially with their two primarily used wolf-head and howling wolf logos) and in their uniforms, utilizing only black, blue and silver. The current trees look like legos, and the yellow in the eyes are garish. The NBA has an overabundance of blue, and unique color schemes are few and far between. With such a unique name, that suits the area so well, the Wolves owe it to themselves to have a stand-out and cohesive brand. With a young, fresh, unique and star-studded line up including the likes of Karl Anthony-Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine, the Wolves need a brand that reflects this new energy. A full-view PDF presentation with process, uniforms, court, apparel and more below. Short preview images below the link: I realize the color settings turned out a little muted in the PDF. It's never done that to me. Still trying to figure that out.
  11. ctmokla918

    NBA Rebrands

    Hey guys, this is my first topic.. Last night I kept complaining about the Denver Nuggets branding and uniforms so I decided to create a series where I will do the entire NBA. May take a while to get all 30 teams done. Nevertheless I would love your feedback positive and negative. Thanks all! also shout out to @tbdaniel15 for creating the uniform templates I will be using. DENVER NUGGETS
  12. LONG WRITE-UP BELOW: IF YOU WANNA JUST SEE THE UNIS, SCROLL DOWN. I'm gonna let you in on two secrets about myself. #1: I'm obsessed with hockey. #2: I'm obsessed with video games. (I know, so unique, right?) I can still remember the first game I bought for myself. I just got an Xbox on Christmas Day 2002: I was 8. The next day, during the cataclysm of Boxing Day shopping, I smashed my piggy bank and bought the first hockey game I could find. It was a little thing called NHL Hitz 20-03. Chris Pronger was on the front cover, surrounded in flames. I bought it thinking I had just bought a normal hockey game. I was very wrong. In NHL Hitz, the action is 3-on-3. It's fast paced, violent, and incredibly unrealistic: think NBA Jam or NFL Blitz on ice. Games are played for 3 3-minute periods, and there are only two penalties: fighting and goalie interference. If you lose a fight, you're ejected. If you win, you and an opposing player serve concurrent 30-second penalties, and the rest of the players play 2-on-2 for the time. Someone would always score. 2-on-2 tends to work like that. Anyway, the franchise mode for that game enamored me. In it, you pick a small team of players and play against a series of 40 increasingly-difficult opponents for the right to play in the NHL. The mode would work like this: you'd play 4 teams, and if you beat them, you'd play a "boss team". You beat them, you advance to the next round. In later rounds, you'd play against actual NHL teams, but in earlier rounds - and in every boss game - you'd play against some weird and wacky imaginary team in an odd location: there were teams on four continents, in sun and snow, in big bustling cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and New York, and others in places like Victoria, Sarnia, and Montego Bay. Not long ago, I found my copy of the game again, and the obsession continued. But now, I can't help but think the teams, logos, and information is all dated. So I re-did everything. This is a 16-part series, where all the "made-up" teams are made up, dressed down, and made over. New unis and logos are used for all teams; there's even a name change for one team. I used a random name generator to produce new names for players; a random number generator was used to create statistical attributes. Phony histories were made; full 23-man rosters were made out of thin air. A new season will be run to determine who's on top in the newly-established Global Hitz League. A warning before the first team is unveiled: I've gone into quite some detail about these new players, and the unis will not be what can be considered "conventional". These aren't real teams: these will never hit the ice. So, let's break some rules, and have some fun. Without any further babble, here's team one: the #16 ranked Hong Kong Silicon. Home/away/third: For reference, here are the original uniforms from the game. And here is the roster and attributes of the 2016 Hong Kong Silicon. C&C is welcome about...well, everything. If you've got a question about the game, the project itself, or anything else, don't hesitate to ask.
  13. Well, I've attempted to rebrand the Celtics. Yes, the unthinkable. Yes, those Celtics. Link below for a PDF of the full brand, research, elements, and more collateral, including uniforms, court, tickets and other collateral.
  14. As everybody on here probably knows, is holding a contest to see who has the best redesign for the Colorado Avalanche's 20th anniversary in Denver. They're allowing two entries per person, so here are my two entries. Set 1: Set 2 (Update 1.0!): Let me know what you think and what improvements I can make!
  15. ** Scroll down for updates ** Messing around with some roundels because NBA <3's roundels. Thunder need a new logo. Not enough teams embrace orange. And it would be nice to get a little bit of "wild-west" flair. WIP, what do you think so far?
  16. Hello once again, everyone! If you've been on the boards for some time, you may have seen me post concepts like this before. I've done MLB, I did NFL, and recently, I asked on Twitter which one I should tackle next. How it works is: imagine if every team in the league got a rebrand/refresh. New wordmarks, new primary, sometimes, new colors. Sometimes old throwback colors! Who knows?! Traditionally speaking, I have not done uniforms for the rebranding effort - but, if someone wanted to do that, you're more than welcome to. Just be sure to credit me for the work I've done. But without further ado, here's the new look Raptors. __ If you're just joining us, here's what's been up so far: Toronto Raptors (EDITED) Boston Celtics Fauxback Los Angeles Lakers (EDITED) Phoenix Suns (EDITED) Washington Wizards WITH TIMELAPSE VIDEO! (EDITED) Dallas Mavericks Charlotte Hornets (EDITED) Minnesota Timberwolves Orlando Magic Sacramento Kings Denver Nuggets Cleveland Cavaliers Houston Rockets Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks San Antonio Spurs Memphis Grizzlies Indiana Pacers (Edited!) Utah Jazz Los Angeles Clippers Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder (Edited!) Brooklyn Nets (Edited!) Detroit Pistons Portland Trail Blazers Philadelphia Sixers (Edited!) New York Knicks Golden State Warriors Chicago Bulls New Orleans Pelicans Seattle Sonics
  17. Hello all, this is my first post on and I am very excited to finally be able to share my concepts with the people on this site. I look forward to any comments and constructive criticism. The following concept is one that I came up with for the Los Angeles Clippers who as we all know received a downright awful rebrand a few weeks ago. I feel that my design better represents the Clippers motif than the design that was actually chosen. My concept includes a primary logo and a secondary logo... As well as a set of uniforms including a home jersey... A pair of road jerseys... A Back in Blue Alternate... And Finally a newly designed Court. Thank you for viewing my work and I look forward to your thoughts.
  18. A few months ago I did a Phoenix Suns rebrand concept. Over the course of the last twelve or so hours I refined the concept, created some new logos and uniforms and built a template to go with any logo design I do moving forward. So onward to my rebrand proposal for the Phoenix Suns As with last time the Primary logo is a basketball on sunburst. The sun is a giant ball of nuclear energy. That cannot be contained so putting it in a box like Phoenix's current primary seems ridiculous. Purple was a requested add from the last thread and it finds itself on the basketball and lettering to add weight. The orange used is more red than previous to help distinguish from the gold. The last go around the secondary and partial logos were just the primary more and more stripped down. This go round we actually have different marks. The S-Sun will go on the short legs of the uniforms while the PHX-Sun goes on the back of the waistband. The new Script logo I think is my biggest improvement from the previous mark. It was originally much more simple (just Phoenix as written with Suns in Orange with no outline with the Sunball over the O in Phoenix) but I happened on the idea for a thicker outline and spoked edges while designing the jersey wordmarks and carried it back over to the script logo. Uniform designs and wordmarks will go up later but here's the main logo sets for my Suns redesign? How do we feel?
  19. Hi guys. I have been a longtime lurker, and have finally created a concept. Like most people, I did not like where the MLS Rebrand went last year, and have created something that is hopefully better. I haven't made the MLS logo yet, but also had the idea for a word mark logo that could be applied for each team. I have made concepts for some of the teams so far, and I will continue to post the MLS logo. I modeled it after a scarf, since they are so prominent in soccer. This is my first concept, so please bare with me. C&C is greatly appreciated!
  20. With the Avs getting 'New jerseys' at the draft, they missed a golden opportunity to replace the aprons they currently wear. Because of this, I decided to take advantage of the new logo they introduced and make a total makeover for the Avs. Here they are! I decided to keep the logos from the current era, as they're not that bad, but I added a recolored Rockies logo. The jerseys bring a modernized stance on the famous jerseys from the Stanley Cup eras, utilizing the Rocky Mountain imagery in a new way. The 3rd jersey is a way to connect with the previous 3rd jerseys of the organization, while bringing in a throwback-ish feel. Feedback is appreciated! Thanks! Primary Logo: Secondary Logo: Secondary Logo: Home Jersey: Away Jersey: 3rd Jersey:
  21. Hi everybody. I've been slowly working on a rebrand lately of one of my favourite young new franchises at the moment, the timberwolves. I think its finally at a stage to present at least v1 so let me know what works and what should be improved. The main ideas were to make it clean and minimal and a bit more modern than the marks they have now, although I thought of redoing the sort of cool wordmarks they have now I chose to modify a font to create a custom lettering system for this. The colours and jersey follow the bucks a little bit in trying to be more minimal and I thought it was a good direction considering the colour scheme, and maybe using the grey a bit more than they currently do considering its the main association with wolves. Also I focused on a bit more of a geometric look for the primary as I found it hard with the composition of the first wolf I made. I also think I might do a media guide or something with this current branding. Cheers let me know what you think
  22. I just wanted to start a thread for discussion about Atlanta's upcoming rebrand -- as we've got one for the Bucks, Raptors, 76ers, and Clippers, but don't seem to have one for the Hawks. Most of the discussion has been in the general NBA changes thread. It looks like we'll be getting the new look on Wednesday. We've already seen these: No idea how credible this is so take it FWIW:
  23. So here I am again. I don't post very many concepts on here because I can only use .svg templates and they are hard to find but I found some I really like, huge shout out to the now not very active gingerbreadmann for the templates. Anyway, let's get to the actual uniforms: Here is the home: I really like the mountain striping so I tried to make a simpler form of that on the bottom. The CA logo font is Richardson Brand Accelerator and the NOB and numbers are Pointer Sans (a Conrad font, but aren't they all here?). Thanks for reading!
  24. As you may be aware by now, the NLL's Minnesota Swarm, with whom I have held season tickets for the past eight years, have moved south to the Gwinnett Gladiators' arena in metro Atlanta. You'd think that, given such a long-distance relocation to a new market with a quite different local culture, the Swarm would change up their look a bit more than just slapping a different state's name on their pre-existing logo and uniform set. And, naturally, you'd be wrong. (from the team's Facebook page)
  25. During Sunday's Uni Watch post, Paul had his usual uniform tweaks/concepts and one featured a rebranding of the Clippers upcoming reband from Josh Murphy of UX Design. In my opinion, I believe this is infinitely better than what has been leaked. Here's the full rebrand for those that haven't seen it yet.