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  1. So it's been around 2-3 years since I've posted. I began throwing up bad concepts like this one:, and got discouraged and quit making concepts all together. Now I'm taking another shot at concepts. I've recently became fascinated by soccer and really enjoy looking at badges/kits from around the world. I am not much of an MLS fan, but I am excited at all the improvements being made and the popularity spike. The league rebranded last year, along with a few other teams, as most people know, and it actually is looking more like a football league you would find in Europe. One team I feel could use a rebrand is Montreal, so I made them a completely new badge. Actually this is the first logo I have ever made from scratch. In the past I just made tweaks or recolored logos. I kept the blue/black stripes that they have always had, not a bad look and similar to the stripes on Inter's traditional kit. The 4 stars are also found on the current badge and represent the 4 founding communities of Montreal. The centerpiece of my new badge is the fleur-de-lis to represent the French Heritage in Montreal. "Tous pour Gagner" is their motto, which apparently means something like "Everyone for Victory". Decided to keep it and I'm not too disappointed with how it fits at the bottom of the badge. I'd love to get some C&C on this... uniforms may be in the works. Not going to put any out unless I'm really happy with them. I'm using right now, not sure if that is really suitable for making good uniforms, but I'll check it out.
  2. A couple weeks ago I started a redesign for my high school. It didn't go well. I started a new thread to show off my new progress (the old one is on page 5 or 6). I hope you all enjoy! I spent a lot of time doing this. Things to keep in mind; It's not done! I will be updating it based on what you guys think and say and choose as your favourites! I will be doing an alternate uniform for 4 sports (baseball is already up). The leaf logo symbolizes how multicultural my school is, and how different our country, Canada, is as well. The crown is our old logo and I happened to like it, so I included it! The 3 stripes is not Adidas, before you ask, it's a religious meaning referring to the Holy Trinity (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). Read Now in ISSUU! (This was the rough draft, the good one is below) Read the Good Copy Here
  3. So now that my nordiques logo is pretty much finished, I started a new project. The hurricanes have one of the worst logo and uniform in the league. So I gave them a fresh look. Alternate is a CH with flag warning logo. Anyways, thoughts?
  4. Rebranding the Los Angeles Clippers © 2015 by My take on what is currently the latest travesty in the world of professional sports branding. Full PDF on the link page, and link to PDF below:
  5. Decided to try a rebrand for a team not far away from where I live. The Dust Devils are a Single-A Short Season affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. They play in the Northwest League. Current logo: My revision: It's not done yet, but let me what you think. A full logo sheet and uniforms soon to come.
  6. Trying to play with something I always thought would work for the Bolts. I like the secondary they have now, but I just thought this could be a tertiary, or if they ever make the secondary the primary. I tried to do my own bevel...but I kinda got stuck. So I'm providing two examples, one with the unfinished bevel and one without. Its still a work in progress. Let me know what you think, any advice, changes that need to be made. Thanks.
  7. Brand update for the top 15 NCAA Division 1 ice hockey teams. University of North Dakota Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota State Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Miami RedHawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Michigan Tech Huskies Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston University Terriers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Omaha Mavericks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Denver Pioneers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Providence Friars Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Boston College Eagles Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Bowling Green Falcons Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Yale Bulldogs Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch Minnesota Golden Gophers Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch UMass Lowell River Hawks Home & Away // NOB // Centre Ice & Merch
  8. So I decided to re-brand my school logo because currently all they have is a clip art picture and a crappy horseshoe logo. They used to use the broncos logo with different colors, but they were afraid of having a lawsuit. This is my first logo from scratch so bear with me. I can't really get the angle right so I will show what the picture it is based on.Oh, by the way are mascot is the colts.
  9. kewp80

    49ers Rebrand

    So it's been a while since I've posted a sports identity concept and finished this last week so I figured I would share. My main goal for this was to try and modernize their identity while keeping the classic feel they have had for years. I also wanted to get rid of the black in the brand marks since they really have no black in their identity.Another major change is a switch from the scarlet red they use to a warmer vermilion. Which coincidentally while I was doing research I found that Cinnabar (the ore of mercury used to make vermilion dye) is commonly found throughout northern California. On the primary mark the major change is the new typeface that is found throughout this concept. I used the Kimberly font and modified it using the Kansas basketball font for reference to make it a modern western theme. I also ditched the black outline for coherency. The secondary is a take on the shield logo that they used to use in the past. The shape has a double meaning as the shape is meant to resemble the state highway signs, which is turn is shaped like a miners spade. The secondary and word mark is simply a continuation of the new typeface. Not too much change to the uniforms as they have a very nice classic look already IMO. Obviously the red is switched to the new vermilion shade, and the new primary mark on the helmet. Also decided to add the secondary mark on the hip at the last second. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but decided to see what you guys think of it. The major change is the new number font based on the new western typeface. I hope to release the whole set of numbers soon as I'm still working on it. So there you go! What do you guys think of the new font and color changes? Also any other C&C is much appreciated
  10. I decided to take a little brake from my NFL series to try rebranding Air Force. I actually almost joined a few months ago to post an Air Force concept. But before I did, I got some feedback from my brother, who told me that if he had to wear that, he'd quit the team. Quite frankly, I agreed. It was a pixelated mess, and it wasn't anything I thought I should even try posting. Then almost a month ago I cleaned up a couple concepts and decided to join. Now, after seeing BrandMooreArt's concept, I decided to give another shot at Air Force. I made my own logo, made sure it was completely clean, and decided to post it. First are the logos. Primary: Wordmark: Air Force has a mess of an identity. Their primary logo is a generic "AF", the team name is the Falcons, yet they use a lightning bolt on the helmet. This is meant to fix that by eliminating both the falcon and the lightning bolt. The primary mark is based off the roundel of the USAF, and the secondary logo is really there just so I could justify using it on the uniforms . Anyway, here are the uniforms: The uniforms are pretty self explanatory. The helmets feature the logo on one side and the number on the other. The sleeves have the logo on a double stripe. The number font is the "USAF Ararmillo" font I found on, and yes I realize it is the same font BrandMooreArt uses in his concept, but it is an official USAF font (used on their aircraft) and it's the only official USAF font I could find, so I went with it. Then of course, the Thunderbird alternate: This alternate could be considered a Pro Combat. Of course, it based off the Thunderbirds, F-16s that are dressed for an air show. I used the blue-red striping a lot, but my favorite use of it is on the helmet, to resemble the nose of the plane. Then finally, the field: It's a pretty plain field. I didn't want anything drastic, because unless your Boise State or Eastern Washington, the field shouldn't be the center of the show of your home games. That's all I have. It's my first complete rebrand, and I don't feel like I did too bad on it. I didn't go too uncreative, either. If there's anything that bothers you about it, please let me know. But if not, enjoy!
  11. Over a year ago I posted a layout that I did for the Raptors potential redesign. Since then, I have updated many aspects of the scheme, most notably the primary logo. There are many aspects that I feel make a perfect Raptors set for all fans of the team, and I wanted to share that with you again. So without further ado, here it is! My skyline jersey was actually made posted before Dallas introduced theirs. It had "T-DOT" on the front, but I changed it to "TORONTO" because no other jersey in the set had the full city name on it. So, how do you like it??
  12. New on the right. Larger:
  13. Hi guys, I have made this concept for the Jupiter Hammerheads. In the primary logo I wanted to cue that the logo was for a baseball team through the typography rather than putting an actual baseball. I Kept the typography to a classic baseball script. I thought it kept the feeling of fluidity that was present in the shark illustration. I also liked the idea of a cap logo that incorporated both the "J" and the "H" in the same letterform without looking out of place. I also wanted to pay homage to the history of the club so I kept the lighthouse in a secondary logo that can be used for an arm patch. I would love to get feedback thanks.
  14. Here's an idea or rather my attempt at a refresh for the NRL team - Sydney Roosters - I think the current marks are dated and a bit rough to be honest. I thought it would be fun to make up a new set. I've created a chief logo (portrait), wordmark, shoulder/chest badge and landscape lockup. Let me know your thoughts! Cheers
  15. Hello, I am a student at Colorado State University. This is my first time posting a project to receive critique. This is a rebrand for the Washington Redskins. The reason I chose Wolves is because Maryland Native Americans worshipped them and believed they were very spiritual animals. As of now I only have the logo, secondary logo, and type done. Uniforms will be next. I'd appreciate any ideas/comments.
  16. Howdy Guys! I'm working on a new Primary logo for the grand rapids Griffins and I'm sort of stuck so I'm hoping to get past my block with the help of the community. So please comment and help me move this design forward! Version 1: For my first attempt at this logo I came up with this I was really happy with this untill I looked at it more and more. It looks cool and strong and powerful at first but the more and more I looked at it the less and less I though it looked like a Sports Logo and the more I thought it looked like a character from a TV show, just it looked more like a drawing than a Logo. Version 2: For version two I wanted to address the problem areas I had in the first attempt like the Feet and front legs and also make the lines bolder and thicker to give it more of a logo feel and came up with this While I do feel like this version looks more like a logo it lost a lot of the intensity that the first logo had and is just not as impressive all though it is much cleaner and simpler. I'm not saying I don't like this version I'm just not sure where to go from here. Let me know what you think I can do to move this bottom logo from okay/good to great/exceptional. BONUS: I also came up with these along the way. Maybe I can work it into a secondary or something
  17. This is a concept I've been working on rebranding the Tampa Bay Rays as the Tampa Rays. The reason behind the name change is that I've never been too big on naming a team after a body of water/region and I personally think Tampa Rays sounds better. Not too much to say about the logos/unis themselves, I was just really trying to step away from the generic identity the Rays currently use and design something that would be unique in the MLB. I'd love to get everyone's constructive criticism on the design.
  18. Hi guys, well now I am posting the whole project, feel free to give suggestions and feedback Enjoy. So what do you think??
  19. This is a project I started working on a couple weeks ago. I planned on simply redesigning each team's logo, but instead I decided I would just go ahead and redesign each team's uniform as well. Some teams will obviously need more reworking than others, but I will be changing the logo for every NFL team. I will also be completely renaming the Washington Redskins. Each team will have the following: A primary & secondary logo A custom wordmark Anywhere from 3-5 uniforms, with some having a throwback or fauxback, I'll be doing it by division, and the AFC South is first up. The first redesign is for the Tennessee Titans. I think the Titans have one of the most stale brands in the entire NFL. Since they've switched to the Titans nickname, their logo and uniform design have both been basically stagnant. This is probably the main reason why I started with them. So here's my take. Primary Logo: The primary logo is based on the mask/face of a warrior. Working under the "Titans" nickname, I think this was a good representation of the name. Although some may not like the personification of the Titan, I think it came out nice and I couldn't pass up the chance to incorporate the TT into the logo in the warrior's mask. Secondary Logo: The secondary logo is based on a shield, and it moves away from the personification of the primary logo. This is more prominent on the uniforms than the primary. Wordmark: Uniforms: To be honest, I think the Titans have some of the most stale and old uniforms in the NFL, and they're overdue for an update. I brought back a more true-to-history throwback from the Oilers era. As for the primary uniforms, I updated and simplified the look, and implemented the bevel from the word mark and logo for brand consistency. C&C Appreciated Next up: Indianapolis Colts
  20. The city I live in now has five public schools and from the time I moved here the lack of creativity in School logos is amazing. I have been wanting to redesign the schools to hopefully give them a unique design. The schools are Armuchee High School (Indians) and colors Blue and white Model High School (Blue Devils) Blue and White but have added some black recently Peperell High School (Dragons) Black and Gold with Red accents Coosa High School (Eagles) Black and White Rome High School (Wolves) Red, Gold and White As you can see they are all pretty sad. I am opening this to anyone else that would like the suggest ideas or create a concept.
  21. I tried starting a concept league thread, but that didn't work out very well. Instead, I'm going to try and rebrand a minor hockey league I grew up playing in. They have pretty good branding for a minor league, but I want to make them look professional (just for kicks). There are 8 teams (and 2 divisions, but points are based off entire leagues play): Applewood Coyotes Port Credit Storm Lorne Park Ojibwa Cooksville Phantoms Clarkson Hurricanes Credit Valley Wolves Erindale Spitfires Meadowvale Hawks All the teams mascots were originally named after an aboriginal tribe that used to live in that area (the only teams who have kept this identity to this day are the Lorne Park Ojibwa, and the Meadowvale [Mo]Hawks). Each team must wear a different coloured jersey, because their house-league division doesn't have 2 sets of jerseys. (An exception are the Credit Valley Wolves who wear black with red sleeves, and the Meadowvale Hawks who wear black with yellow sleeves). I will showcase all the teams current uniform sets, and some of the older sets they have worn. I'm relying on memory, a couple photos online, and some of my old jerseys.
  22. Last week or so I dropped a Rays concept y'all seemed to like so this week I'd like to post a new set. It's rebranding time for the Houston Rockets! First up the new Primary Logo The main goal here was to put a physical rocket in the logo with the fuselages making an H. The colors are lifted from the classic 1972-1995 Rockets logo and the circle background is a nod to that logo. New partial logo New Jersey Wordmarks Tell me what you think!
  23. Alrighty, so I was thinking of cleaning up the Elite Ice Hockey League in Great Britain in hopes of creating a European Hockey League that would rank 3rd in Pro Hockey leagues. It would feature the Elite Ice Hockey League, Leagues in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Lower Countries and Scandinavia as the KHL basically owns the rest. Country restricted, football style leagues aren't working; KHL got that right. I also wanted to make it somewhat realistic with most of them being owned by NHL teams or at least have agreements to develop players and all that business junk - so if some look too cookie cutter, NHL templates, well it's gonna happen. I was also possibly thinking of an AHL style farm team, development league. I'm just trying to guess what it would look like if hockey was as successful in Western Europe as it is here in North America. But, I won't get ahead of myself; I will start with just the EIHL. Most Fonts were from Conrad at Templates are custom and some from Anyway, I will start with one concept every so often and if a few people think an edit is needed, I will work on that until I am happy with it. I have a few finished already but I don't want to rush it so here goes. I'll start off with Hull Stingrays I wanted a double blue look and I originally was testing out drawing Hockey logos as I completely suck at it. I basically copied the Devil Rays logo but then thought it wasn't right, I need to be more Creative. So I made a basic Stingray design but wanted to keep the Manta Ray to keep it unique and aggressive. I still kept the Devil Rays style logo as a secondary logo because I needed a shoulder patch and was out of idea at the time.
  24. Overview OHL 2014 Outdoor Classic East Belleville Bulls Kingston Frontenacs Oshawa Generals Ottawa 67's Peterborough Petes Central Barrie Colts Mississauga Ice Dogs St. Catharines Hawks North Bay Battalion Sudbury Wolves Midwest Erie Otters Guelph Storm Kitchener Rangers London Nights Owen Sound Attack West Brantford Flyers Plymouth Whalers Sarnia Sting Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds Windsor Spitfires So I'm new to the forum, but long time reader! Always been nervous to post my stuff up, but decided I might as well. I've rebranded every team in the OHL, based on what I think is cool! I'm open for feedback and criticism to make these better. I tried to make the jersey's different so that not all of them look the same, so bare with me if some of them seem out of the box. That's not uncommon for Major Junior concepts anyways. I decided to start simple. Windsor Spitfires The Spits have a pretty cool brand to work with, so it's a shame they just took the Capitals brand and just worked off of that. I decided to input a new colour scheme of baby blue and red. The baby blue comes straight from a Spitfire Fighter Plane, which makes enough sense to me. I changed their primary logo from a cartoonish Spitfire and Capital-esque font to a simplified version of a commemoration logo introduced in 2007. This logo incorporates the plane trail found in a logo they used for 20 years. On the jersey I decided to take the 3 wings from the logo and apply them to the sleeve and waist stripes. The 3 red stripes are a common element on both jerseys and the logo. If anybody is interested in following the thread let me know what team you would like to see me post next!