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  1. Imagine this if you will. It's 2020. The CFL is becoming more and more popular all over Canada, and numbers of fans are increasing. Nike takes over the uniform and apparel contracts from Reebok, and each team gets redesigns. In addition, riding a high Canadian dollar and the building of more high-quality stadia all over Canada, the CFL expands dramatically; from 9 teams to a whopping 16 teams. 7 teams will play in the West, and 9 will play in the East. Here are the first two teams to be redesigned by Nike for the 2020 season; the BC Lions and the expansion Victoria Lumberjacks.
  2. Hi everyone, I decided to do a total rebrand of the Detroit Lions as if "bubbles" and the current branding never existed. I did it more for fun and as a challenge to myself to come up with a full branding system. I warn those who are Lions fans that this doesn't keep much of what is currently in the system or on the uniforms. It definitely has a less traditional feel to it. I mean no disrespect to the current branding or the traditions from which it came from. That being said, let's go into the project. I based my logo concept off of a 70's profile Detroit Lions Logo that I found on this very site, and made an updated version of it. I thought the profile head would look great for the helmets and be able to be used in many different applications. I then thought to do a front view to be able to be used on the uniforms, and additional logos can help merchandising. I based the typography on a black letter style since the tigers use blackletterI then did the unthinkable and darkened the Lions blue and added a surprise color into the uniforms. I felt that the orange could symbolize fire: the fires of industry found in Detroit, the rebirth of a team from the ashes etc. I also thought the new color could help be a driver for new merchandise lines. For the Uniforms I included watermarks on the shoulderpads of tire patterns representing the motor city, and a grid of the city on the silver uniform.I then decided to extend the series to include a stationary system for their corporate offices. I hope yall like them, and I'm open to your feedback. Thanks, enjoy Profile primary Profile full body front facing logo Lions script Lions Helmet Uniform front Uniform front with Lion patch Uniform back Full Uniform full uniform silver Lions Stationary Sorry forgot to say I used templates from Frasier Davidson for the helmet and uniform shot
  3. I do a lot of work for the University of Utah. I've never really liked their logo so I decided to make a new one. What do you think?
  4. Ever since the Peoria Chiefs became affiliated with the Cubs a few years ago, and re-branded to a fire chief instead of a Native American Chief, I have never been a fan of the new look. While It's not a bad look and is a creative take on the name, I have been wanting to see a return to the former Chiefs identity since they became affiliated with the Cardinals again this past season. First, I came up with a primary/cap logo. It is a stylized headdress in the shape of a capital C The alternate logo is an animated cardinal head, wearing feathers, which is heavily based on a logo used by the Chiefs during their most recent affiliation with the St. Louis Cardinals Next is the home and road uniform scripts, which use the Cardinals' font to tie the Chiefs identity to the parent club's. So, what does everyone think? I have a lot of time invested in this concept and I am always willing to make it better. Feel free to offer any C&C or any other input. Once I get all of the bugs worked out I will post the uniforms as the last part of this concept, Thanks.
  5. what do you guys want to see in the upcoming rebrand of the torronto raptors? i want to attempt a new raptors logo and wordmark,but i literally have no idea about the nba or torronto...
  6. So I know for the past while a lot of discussions have been taking place about the Raptors and their branding. More specifically how dramatic of a change this might be. While watching TV I noticed when doing an interview the head of MLSE had mentioned how the Raptors will not only rebrand but consider a name change (though not necessarily as he added shortly after). It also seems there's an urgency as he mentioned the deadline and wanting to meet it and also discussions between them and the NBA. So to boil this down,.. What does this mean for the Raptors? Total redo of the Raptors brand? Huskies or a new name? EDITS: Video :
  7. Just wanted to show off some logos & helmet mockups for my NFL redesign. C&C is always appreciated! Jerseys & more teams to follow!
  8. Hey, I am brand new to this forum even though I have been coming to this site for years. I just figured it was about time I join the forum and share some of the concepts I create. I combine new designs and design elements with old designs and design elements. The first one I will start off with is my concept for the Brooklyn Nets. So far I have created a logo, created a new script logo for the jersey, and then designed one jersey. I used the old concept from the 1997-2012 New Jersey Nets logo where the shield has a ring around the bottom, kind of simulating the rim of a hoop. I then also took and altered the script from their final uniforms and spread it across the shield in place of the boring "Nets" script already being used. I also added a little embossing in order to created a shadowed 3D effect, and some gray in there just so the team has more than 2 colors. However, I really like the simplicity in the script for the name "Brooklyn" so I left that be because the two different scripts, in my opinion, create an image that clashes in a good way and gives it depth. This first jersey concept, started off with the black, current, Nets road jersey. I left it black, replaced the name Brooklyn with the 1997-2012 jersey script, now in White, Black, and Gray/Silver. I then removed the white side panels and replaced them with a checkerboard style look which comes directly from a design quality of their final uniforms used in New Jersey. So this way I brought an old part of the teams heritage back into the uniform but left it with the same sleek style. I also kept the same simplistic number and name font but minimized the size of the number on the front.
  9. Hello Sports Logos World!! I've been surfing this site for years, and I've always had some pretty great ideas for concepts/rebranding/colors/alignment(etc.). I'm an amateur at photoshop, and use the most basic sites for design, and my designs are usually recoloring, and reconfiguring already existing brand fonts/unis/logos(etc.). But I've always enjoyed it, and now want to share my ideas with you good people. I've always hated the 'Wizards' brand, and wish they reverted back to the 'Bullets'. BUT, I understand the type of b.s. that would come of that, especially in the capital... So, why don't we make some concessions and meet in the middle to create a brand identity that relates to the United States Capital, and not with Hogwarts. Actually, this name I came up with has been used before in the ABA, in Brooklyn, NY, from 1941-42. Introducing, the Washington Americans! (I hope this link works) Below is the Primary Wordmark (again, just a reconfigured image from the secondary Wizards logo) Please let me know what you think, and maybe some other ideas for a Washington rebrand that doesn't include "Sea Dogs".
  10. New logo: Old Logo: New logo "in action"
  11. Jer15


    So the company I am currently working for has announced a re-brand to the employees today. Quick blurb on Farrow....known as Russell A Farrow Limited or Farrow Group up until today. We are a family owned business in the customs/logistics world. Our bread and butter is our Customs brokerage division. Anyhow... Here is the logo that was replaced today: The logo is supposed to be a mountain with a road (the "road to the top") in the middle and the red and black represents the 2 sides of the Canada/United States boarder. Currently all our trucks just have the logo on the side of the truck, no real design. Today the new logo was released (we got golf shirts with the logo on it): The logo has changed a read mountain-shaped "F" and the word mark is a grey colour. I will post a better picture of the new logo when it becomes available on our internal website(should be available any minute now). Apparently we are getting new trucks with the red lines down the side and much needed face lift to the uniforms for our warehouse workers (as opposed to the current light blue shirt).
  12. The Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association, several of whose team logos have been more or less universally panned in this forum, has announced a name change to reflect their growing geographical footprint. They are now known as the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League. Here is their new logo (selected in a design contest): For the really curious, the other contest entries can be found on this page. A big upgrade from the old plain black MILA logo with its old plain text font, but I hope it spurs most of the individual teams to redesign their logos too. Most of them are either derivative or just plain ugly, or both.
  13. Well it's been awhile, but I'm finally back with some new material. This Los Angeles Clippers Identity Concept has been in the works for a few months now...between looking for an internship and moving to London for four months to study abroad I haven't had a ton of free time. But that's enough of my personal the concept! I tried to mix the different eras of Clippers basketball. The primary logo is obviously inspired by the team's original logo, back when they were in San Diego. The script is similar to their current one, but a little cleaner and not slanted. The LAC secondary (or tertiary here) remains, but with some tweaks for beater readability. The number and NOB font stays the same. As for the uniforms, I wanted to go for simplicity. A single, thin stripe down the sides, similar to their previous set, that flares out slightly at the ends. The primary logo (sans-script) appears on both sides of the shorts. Now, my big problem is choosing a color scheme. I started out with their current red and blue with a little silver added in for a little extra depth, but then tried out the powder blue and orange color scheme they wore originally. So I'll post both and see what everyone thinks. So, without further adieu... Red/Blue: Logos | Home | Road | Alternate Powder/Orange: Logos | Home | Road | Alternate
  14. I've decided to throw my rebrand hat in the ring but instead of doing all the teams, I just did all the teams could use a rebrand in my mind, so I have nine jerseys. (Anaheim, Calgary, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Nashville, Philadelphia, Vancouver and Washington) Sadly the only resource I have is MS Paint so please try not to get to hung up on the Paint issues I have (name and number off center, white outline on logo, helmet logo not scaled, etc.) I've started out with my favourite team, the Anaheim Ducks. The jersey is based on the 2003-2006 alternate jersey. C&C welcome
  15. I been ekeing out a Clippers concept for a while and found inspiration from their San Diego days. Not to sure about the placement of the word mark though.
  16. Hey guys. I was doodling around in class earlier in the week and it eventually evolved into this. I was wondering what you guys thought, and where I could improve it before I end up putting it into inkscape.